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  1. Feels like the club are milking fans again though. Oxford is a cat a game and Shrewsbury and Fleetwood were cat b. There was no reason to have four categories when their clearly never going to use them.
  2. Results have turned for the worse since we've had that training gear. They first wore it at Morecambe I think.
  3. Coming up against a team with no keeper shouldn't be a problem even for us
  4. Lee Gregory was in non league until his 20s as well I think. Another example being Grant Holt even if it didn't work out with us still played in PL with Norwich.
  5. Been a poo day all round. Still don't think they will be anywhere near top six though this season.
  6. Next three away games are Ipswich, Wigan and Wimbledon so let's hope for a change of fortunes quickly.
  7. We're six games in with a new squad. It will take time to gel but I'd be disappointed if we didn't finish top six with this squad. Look at how Ipswich and Charlton have started the season. If we're nowhere near by Christmas then I'll start panicking.
  8. I enjoyed the Harry's Heroes programme they have done the past few years. Would be great if they did that again but had the match live on TV this time.
  9. I hadn't realised they signed Bola. That's him we had training with us in pre season isn't it?
  10. I know its only a pizza trophy game but that is pretty humiliating for Donny.
  11. If Shrewsbury is category B then clearly there is no category C or D. If the bundle prices are anything to go by then Accrington, Burton etc will be category B too.
  12. I'm not sure if its been mentioned but apparently Lee Mack has scored the same amount of goals this season as Sheffield United
  13. Didn't realise there were games tonight thought they'd have been playing Thursday or Friday like us. Looks highly unlikely they are calling up replacements anyway. Patterson and O'Donnell are expected to be available for their other qualifying games this week.
  14. Nothing to do with his goal tonight. He was a regular in qualifying for the euros and their squad is now threadbare.
  15. Scotland have no recognised right back in their squad now. Wonder if Palmer will be a late inclusion?
  16. For these reasons alone we should sign him
  17. Completely forgot about deadline day as we sorted out our business at the beginning of the month. Can't see any incomings just one or two loaned out.
  18. Got that wrong think it was Morecambe. There all under 21 internationals though not senior level.
  19. I was wrong about Gillingham. It's Morecambe that have a few under 21 internationals. There game with Charlton was postponed due to Charlton having call ups.
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