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  1. I've never understood why people don't care about these cup games. The cup runs are exciting and the Arsenal game was a pretty special occasion. Of course getting out if this league is a priority but I see no reason why we can't have both.
  2. I'd like the changes to be minimal. Tough game for us and I'd like us to progress.
  3. Being on sky will affect the numbers that travel too. 1500 would be a good effort though.
  4. Looks like their game against Bristol City is also likely to be called off. They've suspended ticket sales.
  5. Good win for you yesterday. Don't think you'll have any trouble staying up this season. Do you have a rough idea how many are travelling down for the game on Wednesday?
  6. Dawson Palmer Heneghan Ihiekwe J. Hunt James Adeniran Byers Bakinson Gregory Paterson Charles Iorfa Galvin Dele-Bashiru Vaulks A. Hunt Sow
  7. Stockdale Palmer Heneghan Ihiekwe J. Hunt Johnson Byers Dele-Bashiru Bannan Windass Smith Dawson Iorfa Famewo James Paterson Vaulks Adeniran 15,647
  8. It should go ahead but then again the Sunderland game last season should've imo. I think they only had one senior international and the other two were playing friendlies for u21s.
  9. 1. Liverpool 2. Man City 3. Man Utd 4. Tottenham 5. Arsenal 6. Chelsea 7. Newcastle 8. West Ham 9. Aston Villa 10. Everton 11. Leicester 12. Crystal Palace 13. Wolves 14. Brighton 15. Nottingham Forest 16. Brentford 17. Southampton 18. Fulham 19. Leeds 20. Bournemouth
  10. I'm sure I read somewhere that a club was going down this route instead of the traditional season ticket but not sure who it was. I think it may have been one of the championship clubs like Reading or Hull.
  11. Yeah should definitely be the same price whether it's Derby or Forest Green. I go to watch Wednesday not the opposition.
  12. Scotland for me. Don't like the format as it is. League should be bigger playing everyone twice rather than 3 or 4 times a season. Last team to win it other than the old firm was nearly 40 years ago before I was even born.
  13. I don't like this talk of moving to a new stadium. With our owner we'd probably relocate to Milton Keynes or somewhere
  14. A goal of that quality deserves more of an eruption than from just five and half fans.
  15. I suppose its what you get used to doing. I carry my wallet with me all the time so it's as easy to tap my card to make a payment as it would be to use a phone/watch.
  16. I was exactly the same. I always preferred to use cash but since the pandemic it's been more convenient to use card so very rarely use cash now.
  17. If you've done your homework on us you will this weekend
  18. If you get any crosses into the box you will get on the scoresheet. As for us hitting 4 I don't see it especially with Gregory now suspended. It will be a close game I would imagine.
  19. I enjoy the contributions from the Sunderland fans. Make a nice change from certain fans of Rotherham and Barnsley who come on here to slag us off.
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