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We would be MUCH better without Bannan

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Just now, daleblue said:

So you give the team as a whole time to gel, but only give one match to see if we can play better without shorty.


So with respect to people with a different opinion to yours lets give  6 games to see if we gel better.


Would this not be fairer?




I think giving any side five or six games would be wise


With or without Barry 

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1 minute ago, TrickyTrev said:

Yeah, he really made a mess of that corner to Berahino in the Shrewsbury match.

One or two successful corners out of how many? How many free kicks do we score from?


Love Bazzas commitment and energy but we need a new dead ball expert.

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If you are reading this Barry I still love you, and no doubt a few thousand other Wednesday fans out there do too, you have shown loyalty and commitment to this club, the trouble is you are light years ahead of your team mates, and they don't know where to run when you have the ball, it's not your fault at all, you keep playing your game and then maybe the wassocks who pick and choose the team around you will get it right one day, so in the meantime you carry on as you are and don't listen to these numpties on here, they are eternal moaners, ONE BARRY BANNAN THERE'S ONLY ONE BARRY BANNAN, 

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Not a Bannan hater by any stretch, the bloke has been a fantastic servant to the club and was part of a decent Championship midfield 5 years ago when he had players like Wallace, Hutch, Lee and Nando around him. The fact that we are still playing him in League 1 whilst paying him top end Championship money when he is in the twighlight of his career and his style of play and lack of physicality is completely ill suited to the place we find ourselves in shows how poorly run we are as a club.

A properly operated business would have seen Bazza's demise coming years ago, sold him off whilst he was still worth a few bob and reinvested the funds in a younger more energetic upgrade.

I suppose when you have a complete incompetent owning the club, a former Coca Cola salesman as COO and a manager with no promotions on his CV then we shouldnt expect anything else really should we?

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