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  1. WOW, what a fantastic story, well done to the lad. Still think he's crap though.
  2. Agree, so does this mean that because it's in the 2018/2019 accounts submitted to the authorities it will be in the same year for FFP for the EFL. Or do we have to change it to the 2019/2020 accounts. We could end up with the Stadium sale in 2018/2019 in one set of accounts and a separate account showing the same Stadium sale in 2019/2020, just for EFL purposes. Surely this is illegal?
  3. Unfortunately that wouldn't work for players already at a Club that's relegated, if you have a salary cap, it can't be for individual players, a salary cap has to be an amount on all players combined, at the moment with the type of contracts that are prevalent in all of football, there is nothing a Club can do to bring the individual wage down, thus not being able to bring the overall costs down, if however there was a stipulation that Clubs relegated, had to conform to a Club wage cap then that would work, but it would take time for this to happen, the end result would be contracts with a clause stating a wage reduction on relegation.
  4. Had my reply to this topic deleted so here is my second attempt without swear words, Steven Fletcher what an absolute ************, "I want to finish my career at Wednesday" , ONLY IF I GET ANOTHER CONTRACT OTHERWISE I'M OFF, SEE YOU LATER. feigned an injury. The bloke turned out to be a fraud.
  5. Wish people would just leave it, he's never gonna play for us ever again, just leave it for goodness sake.
  6. Will Paul Cook accept him back? And is it Paul Cook who's making our signings or has Monk not been told he's history.
  7. Call me a snowflake all you want, but I thought he ment 4th from bottom.
  8. Suppose we just wait now and see what happens, I think you should have put it in capitals, he might miss it.
  9. Not sure who your referring to, Chansiri and friends, or supporters trust?
  10. Have to disagree there matey, some if not all my posts are worse than that, in fact, sat here now doing a bit of flagellation for my dishonest posts, but hey ho, each to their own. 😮
  11. RELAX people, we are in a better position than most Clubs, we have a brilliant leader in Mr Chansiri who is doing a great job, we've got rid of a lot of home boys not fit for the job, we have a Manager who has managed in the Premier League, we are rebuilding a more combative team, we have money to spend, (just bought a Premier league player) everything is rosy in our garden, whats not to like. WAWAW UTO.
  12. I think your missing the point, It wasn't get us promoted straight away, it was a sort of dry run, and know were ready. Hold on its gonna get bumpy.
  13. I've just this minute cancelled ifollow, think I'm gonna hide matchdays, get drunk, then peek at results.
  14. I think this is good news, at least its over, Mr Chansiri will buy the right calibre of players to get us out of any trouble, I have full confidence in Monks ability to bring a good team together, we can all moan about how luck has gone against us with the Wrong decision by a corrupt board but like our Chairman has said, "we have friends", who I am sure will help us in our hour of need. So lets all get behind our Manager and thank our Chairman for leading our Club so well. WAWAW, UTO.
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