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  1. "And here's mi penny black, it's not a real one, but mi dad says when I grow up I can get one then, this one is my favo",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Nut crunch now, It's all the rage.
  3. Is it though, we give away fouls, especially in areas we dont want, so are we soft? Or are we a hard team giving away fouls? Answer, we are soft as shiite and have to bring players down to combat our crapness at tackling, ie, Reach.
  4. But some are in negotiation with the Club, Dawson? Where as others might well know that that's not going to happen for them. Players will know if they are getting a contract, even if nothing has been said.
  5. I was just wondering if yesterdays performance was linked to a few players being told that their contracts are not going to be renewed, I know it's a tenuous link, but it was the effort that the players didn't put in which was galling, just looking for an answer. On a Post Card please no more than 30 words please include self addressed envelope to, What the f****s going on, c/o Sheffield Wednesday day dreaming into mid table obscurity, Sheffield 6.
  6. I vote big dave every time, saves having to think about it, and why dont we have a vote for worst player, my vote will be the same.
  7. 2 votes one by me for the worst footballers in Sheffield Wednesday history.
  8. I drive for a living, getting from where you live up to Sheffield is far easier than where A12 lives.
  9. I always believe we will get promoted at the start of every season, and to back it up I always bet on us to go up, £900 if we do.
  10. My mum used to pack jam sarnies, plus a paper cone bag with a no10 innit, she knew I dint like mi dads park drive.
  11. Dont want to come across as a know all, but, your gonna miss the kick-off
  12. They say he can go, we want, he wants, just about the money,or it would be done already.
  13. Leeds after Che Adams, but Southampton Manager reluctant to let go.
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