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  1. Yeh, and on top of that, I think he may have a drink problem. Just my opinion.
  2. Not all, it was overwhelming how not one of them rated him, as for Lees there was quite a few who said that he was better than a lot of the players Leeds had. So no its not the same.
  3. Just read what their fans thought, keywords. Weak poo Average Not rated Cant get in side Big pile of steaming poo Weak dwarf Dogshite Are they just angry that one of their better players is on his way out, or. There was one or two who thought he was a trier.
  4. Gossip

    But hasn't he done this before, owned by one club, bought by two other clubs, if I remember rightly Chelsea had to pay Manchester utd quite a lot of money in compensation, agent involved with Chelsea, no agent involved with Manure, stunk to high heaven, so it could have legs, but over 30 do we want another oldie.
  5. Todays Referee

    So what your saying is the Ref wasn't there, bit odd.
  6. anyone on I Follow ?

    Having your legs in plaster casts might be the reason. PS. get well soon.
  7. Nixon

    "The magic dragon, lived by the sea", i could go on.
  8. Gossip

    One has smelly breath if that helps.
  9. Gossip

    Can go one further than that, names I was told. 1st Schnell imbiss , supposed to be on fire this lad. 2nd Donner Blitzen, this lad is like lightning. Thank me later poops.
  10. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Leeds 3-1 beat you two. PS wasn't ready to post, slippy fingers.
  11. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Our kitchen was bare, now cooking on gas.
  12. FF will play well today, as always and make things happen, not sure about Rhodes, last chance saloon and all that, I reckon he will be gone at end of Season, cant see him performing 2 games on the trot, too much to ask of him.