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  1. daleblue

    Must read

    Dont tell me it's a cream pie innit.
  2. daleblue

    Must read

    Well I'm loaded so up yours, just cant afford a Season ticket.
  3. daleblue

    Todays training...

    Palmer must have done extra training, he's nearly lapping the last bloke.
  4. daleblue

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    I don't use Shell to fill up, so up yours Doyen.
  5. daleblue

    Pudil receives national call

    Is this where you have to press button A, as opposed to button B, or is it the other way round. Could never work it out.
  6. He talks like my ex missus fanny farts, extremely amusing, but lacking coherence.
  7. Just burn em on a stake. Or just Owls Talk them.
  8. Apart from maybe being goal side.
  9. daleblue

    To the Jos out brigade

    My mate Ted, who lives down the road, aske'd if he they had a spare room so he could open a barbers shop, said he'd be happy to pay rent and he'd give a discount to all the players instead of them being ripped off at Fredricos. No was the answer, THATS WHAT'S happening behind the scenes. A good money saving idea completely rejected by some clown sat in an office. Beggars belief. PS He's never done this sort of work but is willing to give it a go.
  10. daleblue

    To the Jos out brigade

    Without all the sound bites. We are really poor.
  11. All gone quiet on the western front
  12. It's broke, must be using ifollow connections.