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  1. Too much money for us, would have been lunacy in the predicament we are in with FFP.
  2. I mooned at the opposition, got sent off, they scored 2 more, we lost, got dogs abuse.
  3. Yep, good luck with that, I can only see it working if it's a Premier league ruling that all players must have written into their contracts that on relegation their wages would have to come into line with the wage cap ruling in the Championship. Otherwise Clubs would have to not use those players and then try to sell them, prob at a loss.
  4. But you cant exclude a player that you have bought just because you are relegated, this would be more harmful to the club not being able to play one of their (best) top players because of relegation.
  5. My point is that if we could some how instate a wage cap, the teams coming down would break the amount straight away, there would have to be a mechanism for this to be resolved, and that would have to be agreed by the Premiership sides, it could be written into any contract that on relegation the wages would have to come in line, how they could do this I'm not sure, but something has to be done.
  6. Yep, backhanders all over the place, but it would work, only problem is the teams getting relegated from the Prem.
  7. For individuals, yes, but not against the Law if a company decides that is their top line.
  8. I agree about wage cap of some sort, it's the clubs relegated from the Premiership who will be the problem, they already have players over the amount what the cap would be, how can we accommodate this, and would they be willing to even if they could sell these players off to come into line, there would have to be an agreement with the Premier league, and that I don't think would be forthcoming.
  9. I don't think anyone owes us, we owe lots, so for me the fairest thing is for whats owed to be written off.
  10. They must have had voice coaches on pathe, Mr Cholmondley - warner.
  11. It's the players wages which are at least bringing clubs into dispute with FFP, and at most destroying them, there has to be a mechanism which confronts this head on, FFP does not do this. There should be a cap on what wages can be paid in the entirety of a football club, and that includes bonuses. This would also put every club on a level playing field which for the likes of the big six would be a non starter, this would need to be addressed, money allowance could be worked out on the previous season's league position, 1-6 get a certain amount 6-10 a lesser amount of above 10-20 a lesser amount of above This would make clubs more sustainable and give them scope to spend money on fans, infrastructure, and local issues. Clubs would become more of a community benefit, and once again the working mans sport.
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