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  1. (Police Spokesman) "it is the most expensive university match in England to police", "but with the help of sag we where able to allow both sets of supporters to attend" "albeit in reduced numbers", " we also have a special unit of baton wielding police at a moments notice to curb any over zealous youths" . "We hope every one enjoys themselves tonight".
  2. Love international break, so much time to work out all the permutations to our Wembley final. Like waiting for Christmas Day as a kid.
  3. Love the highlights showing footage from the body cams, hope we see more of this.
  4. Thats because of his size, makes it difficult to see him over the grass from first 2 tiers.
  5. I'd like to keep the topic on trumping if thats alright, or fannyfarts, thats also a favourite.
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