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  1. I think you're right, he was going round in circles (clock-wise), he's turned around.
  2. I could think of a lot worse things to say. It's nice knowing that decent folk still exist. Good on you Josh for not lowering the tone.
  3. I bet you only did scoring on darts night when they had those telephone dials, dint ya.
  4. I've got a remote control jobby, but once it's up in the air you can't tell the difference, and I'd do it for free, not sure about the banner, how big would you want it?
  5. The Elephant in the room is Mr Chansiri, so would it be ok to throw him in the river? Asking for a mate.
  6. I still think it's a bad deal for us, let's hope the clause says it's nullified on demotion.
  7. Well I have and so you don't say you are a Wednesday fan.
  8. Didn't Chansiri slag him off. Can't see anything in this.
  9. My question is how would you know if you live in Sheffield. Honestly I used to tell everyone who I supported, but these last few years have been a disaster, and I suppose age also makes it easier to adopt such a response, as opposed to being ridiculed.
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