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  1. Yep, and if the fans at Hillsborough start to get on their backs, where will it all end.
  2. He's got a big arze and farts in a van.
  3. Thats not how its worked out, they take into account what somebody would be willing to pay for a football club, which is totally different to building house's on a plot of land.
  4. I dont want to come across as a glass half filled an all that, but flying taxis only really work in places like Australia, not Fir vale to Northern General.
  5. You seem to know what yur on about, so my why do blackberries cost more than red ones? I just think it's some sort of rip off.
  6. Nothing against the bloke, but let him rot.
  7. Hang on I'll check...............he's asleep do you want me to wake him?
  8. Same here, cant wait to rip the wifes knickers off, the're chafing.
  9. This looks even better when only the eyes are vis.
  10. Really! 12 points deducted, we wont survive, it's all going to bat sh-t. PS. Has this been confirmed by the Club?
  11. That'll be lovely, got any footage of holidays in the South of France, 60's stuff? Cant wait.
  12. The video format, not just audio. PS. I'm easily confused.
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