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  1. I've tried buying one of those back to front caps but I can only find the front facing one's, is it an age thing? Am I looking in the right shops?
  2. It's when both the Big Hand and Small Hand point towards 12, err, upwards.
  3. So apart from that Faith bloke, which WELL KNOWN MANAGER is out there. Does any one know?
  4. Billy Connolly, "Football violence will never end, so long as the're sh*t*ng in our shoes, and we're pis**ng in their Bovril.
  5. This might be because Derby were Conducting a proper dialogue with Chelsea, who were prepared to pay the asking price, we are in talks with a bloke who has shown in the past treats everybody like sh*te, including his own work force, what makes you think this is any thing like the movement of Lampard.
  6. Mercenary would be the true definition of mersonary.
  7. Your thinking of the Wright brothers.
  8. Can't comment as I was overseas during his sojourn.
  9. I'm still trying to get over big Jack leaving.
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