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  1. daleblue

    Any live stream for tonight

    Said I couldn't watch due to my location, I live in the Midlands, prob too close to the ground.
  2. daleblue

    My epic story

    Did he take his teeth out?
  3. daleblue

    My epic story

    Green-un in vinyl, that may take some doing.
  4. Evening, rogan josh with piklets.
  5. daleblue

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    I dont rate goalies, they dont wear green anymore.
  6. daleblue

    Blame for their goals

    Thats a good line, they should use it in a film or sumat.
  7. daleblue

    Kop children

    Should build a cage where the band are and lock them init, (and the kids) then we can throw stuff atem.
  8. Thats photo shopped, just a normal can that.
  9. daleblue

    Good result..

    It's like when you see a young player for the very first time, it's a coming of age, what a player he is going to be, before the match I was confident of his playing ability, but he had one, if not the best attacker in this league. Well done him.
  10. daleblue

    Good result..

    I would say brilliant result 2 nil down to a side with premier league players sat on bench, we came back well , fought very hard, Penney is showing what an absolute gem he is, and Bannan having a blinder plus a wonder goal, Joa coming back and defending, Atdhe coming on and bossing the ball, it's all looking good.
  11. daleblue

    Ron Atkinson

    F**k me he's got a big nose.
  12. Am I the only one who's come out on top here, I have to get ifollow because of logistics, and now I get rob and john for both home and away games, no going round the grounds for me , ta very much.
  13. daleblue

    What does this achieve

    This. I'm a bit old, never played fifa, so dont get the link.