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  1. Always makes me laugh.
  2. "Steve, Steve, steven steve steven,, Steven steve steve steve, STEVE STEVE steve, oh f*****off.
  3. daleblue

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Exactly, his agent told me, "slow burner", "needs an 8 year contract to show his best".
  4. We did have a kid named Hirst, whatever happened to him.
  5. daleblue

    Stop the blame game.

    Well if I can't blame them I blame you, sort yourself out.
  6. daleblue


    Yes he is, but that just shows how bad the others are.
  7. I always dread us having a throw-in especially in our own half, we contrive to give the ball away in most cases, more so with throw-ins, my question to the team would be "why don't you set up defensively, as you know we'll lose the ball". It seems to surprise them, as if it never happened before . Like to see the stats on this compared to other teams.
  8. I did, and miss controlled in the same sentence.
  9. Could you just f****ing leave it, your boring.
  10. daleblue


    Excellent post, I too watch individuals from time to time, gives you so much more of an understanding. I said that Stevie May was crap and for ages got vilified on here by people saying things like, "we don't play to his strengths", then when it finally dawns, it's a "new all along" crap. surprised you weren't negged, maybe it's dawned.
  11. daleblue

    On Telly If ....

    That's because the older you get the more yur sack drops, so that uncomfortable feeling is your sat on your nuts.
  12. Dont forget number 1, this is how many balls Hitler had, remember singing it as a lad.
  13. daleblue

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Your mum's got heppers. Ooooh nasty.