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  1. That'be hughy green then. I'll take money, thanks very much.
  2. Think it's more like 17.5 days, could be mistaken though.
  3. Fibber, pants on fire anol that.
  4. No mate, this is proper propaganda, the stuff used during the cold war, this is real, get yur tommy gun out, an fight these no gooders, time for liberation and unity.
  5. It's all a load of poo, trying to hide our indifference to EFL sanctions and the signing of elite professionals, see (Brody) an excercise in self indulgence, it's all, look at me, stuff, get to grips, this is propaganda to save face.
  6. It wasn't specialisation, it was a degree which on the face of it was worthless, if he had done the other without the degree he would have got the job, just insane that you do a degree at Loughborough only to find its worthless.
  7. Atdhe fell down a really deep hole, never to be seen again, so can people please stop posting abart him, ta.
  8. When my Son applied for a trainers position with the Council they told him the qualification was good but he needed to complete a different qualification another 4 year, to be qualified, his certification was useless. Cant remember what the other qualification was, might have been some sort of NVQ, not sure.
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