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  1. Orange box, Max Bygrave, number 80 to Chapeltown not stopping at a request stop.
  2. Was down in the Cotswolds the other day, passed four Charabanc's, drivers all wearing hats, ties, bracers, looked good.
  3. I am not one for shadenfreude, but in this instance I would make an exception.
  4. There you go again, trying to get banned, I've got a warning point, but I'm not going to tell how I got it.
  5. Leicester city tried to sign him, turned down, Belgium club sign him, owners own both clubs, Pearson & Hirst senior connection, yep your right no factual evidence to say any of this is connected.
  6. Roverham owls do this every other Sat, ask Watson.
  7. daleblue

    Carlos is missing us !

    Maybe Student owl has a point, we could sell fruit & veg.
  8. Those strawberries down the allotment aren't mine, their Margaret's.
  9. Of course it is, fill yur boots, nobody else knows what there spouting is correct.
  10. Things just dont happen overnight overweek
  11. Ok, its a tomato then, now don't tell me that's a fruit, you nut. ps, strawberries anyone?
  12. Can't I just buy an orange instead?
  13. daleblue

    Carlos is missing us !

    His did, well err his hair did.
  14. daleblue

    Rhodes to Norwich

    You do realise that's plural.
  15. No compo, more money to give young Mr Hurst as a signing on sweetner, hope it turns sour.