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  1. I'm not staying away from any beautiful foreign women, I'm in my 60's it's probably my last chance, bring it on!
  2. Genius, why has nobody in our club thought of this, makes you wonder what Bully has been thinking all this time, need to start asking some searching questions of our back room staff.
  3. I was looking for a gif of those 2 when out looking for the Mayors Chain, up greno woods dogging,. PS I am a detectorist, love the series.
  4. Like to hear him co - commentate on a weekly basis.
  5. Do I submit a form, or just join the queue?
  6. Do I submit a form or just join the queue.
  7. Nervous about this one, hope we don't get bullied by their big blokes, also hope we turn up.
  8. Chelsea asked for a penalty for handball ref declined went to VAR they agreed with ref, no penalty, later on motd it was a conclusive penalty, how ever given that the ref gave us a free kick would make you 100% certain of a penalty, I'm still not sure they would over rule. Just as an after thought it was also said on motd that all the decisions so far with VAR have been to cancel goals not once to go in favour of the attacking side, this was a couple of weeks back so stats could have changed. It's not so much I don't think VAR could and should have given a penalty but the people using it.
  9. Might be because we expect more from those 2, they have it in them to play a lot better where as others are probably playing to the best of their ability, and you can't call em out on that.
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