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  1. Devils advocate. Why does a player have written into a contract that after reaching a certain number of games it triggers an extra term of contract? is it not in the Clubs interest to do so if they want the player to extend? is it not in the Players interest to do so if they want to extend? is it not fair for both parties to bear in mind what they want at the end of the normal length of contract. is it also fair to say that one of the parties involved decided to use the agreement to their advantage? I for the life of me cannot see a problem, both parties signed the agreement. In fact the Club lost out because they could not use a player on their books because they did not want to extend.
  2. Really pleased so far, getting rid of who are not in his plans, let the Manager manage, then blame him when it goes tuts up.
  3. Actually it's my way of having a bit of fun winding others up. Childish, I do find some cringe worthy comments and the idolisation some posters have, it's my way of bringing others down to earth and saying not everyone believes in the second coming. At times I get frustrated like all others and without doubt go well over the top with some remarks. But I have always known of his abilities but is he right for the club?
  4. To be honest that's why I say I'm at odds, I do believe that he is one if not the best footballer at our club, but this has a negative effect on a lot of games, we have not the personalities around him to allow for such a player, and in a lot, not all, but a lot of games if a team nullify him then that is our game plan out of the window, and that is the problem I have with him, everything seems and does goes through him, other players hide and when under pressure find an easy route out and give the ball to Barry who is nearly always available. This is my problem with him, and I think it will be a problem next Season as well, we have not the finances to build around him with players who can take the game to the opposition, it would in my opinion be better that he was not a player for us so we had a better chance of building a team that was a team, rather than the dependence on one individual.
  5. Nope, I may be a lot of things but this I am not, it's what I really believe and no I am not drinking.
  6. I know there's more than enough threads on Barry Bannan, but I would like to add my two penneth. As most know I am one of his severest detractors, but I would just like to give my utmost respect to a true gentleman. I have just watched his post match interview, and I am truly at odds, he comes across as one of the most genuine players I have ever heard after a match, he truly believes in this club, and is a most remarkable and honest person, his disappointment at not getting us to the final and promotion was there for every one to see. I salute you Mr Bannan, a true Gentleman. And long live your involvement with this club.
  7. will be an easy win tonight, then onto Wembley, didn't fancy MK Dons, so everything falling nicely into place. Got my beers and poppadoms, all set for a lovely evening of footy.
  8. Better than, "there's a hole in my bucket ".
  9. Don't you think your obsession with me is borderline mental health issue?
  10. Players should look happy, doesn't really matter what scores are, our Barry has already said we are gonna get promoted, so every one relax, Barry says we're gonna get promoted. So in essence doesn't matter what the other sides do we are already promoted. I mean only an idiot would say such a thing without knowing full well what the outcome would be. At least we'll be in the Championship next Season. Well done Barry.
  11. What happened to "Tar and Feathering", bring back the good old days.
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