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  1. Puddle

    For people who went to the match, apart from his failure to pick up the goalscorer, (which could happen to anyone), how did he perform today.
  2. To be honest we did not play well in the second half, cant see it as being a tactical error, taking Hooper and Bannon off, they were tired, so it must be down to Cardiff upping their game which happens.
  3. She must be broadminded.
  4. Put a fast/tricky winger up against Puddle and you know that he is gonna feign injury when hes getting his arrsee wiped.
  5. Was thinking the same, hope we dont need Dave.
  6. Especially when you consider who they are being replaced by, there is a reason why puddle hasn't been in the starting line up of late.
  7. You can borrow my builders if you like, have a phone number but nobody's answering.
  8. Totally agree about him left isolated, he needs Fletch and Hooper, Hooper because of the link, maybe now that Lee is back thats not a problem, but like you say he cant be left up top on his own, if Fletch comes off then who holds the ball up for him? I just cant see Hooper doing it.
  9. Rhodes needs someone to hold the ball upfront, Hooper plays the link, you need a n other for him to feed off. (Otherwise Wasted)
  10. Not sure about that, if you add Joa into that it could work.
  11. Thought Boyd was injured?
  12. iFollow is crud

    After reading on here about Colins press conference, I decided to go onto Cardiff's site and watch it, only to be informed that I cant sign in, and that I would have to take out another subscription to watch premium content, what a load of booolux.