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  1. So's my grandaughter's pet hegehog.
  2. is he the bloke who sells sausage rolls?
  3. as long as I get the posts as well, I'm in.
  4. Not to worry, with your stuff and my ideas WE could make a killing.
  5. Is that the same model as Columbo's, paint it silver, add a USA plate shove it on Ebay, jobs a goodun.
  6. I take it that's plug from the Beano. Ooops miss read.
  7. Yes but the relegated Clubs would have the same cap as the rest they couldn't spend more than us due to the rules. What foreign Country pays more in wages than the Championship (2nd tier football), not many. And if the Players get better offers from a different league, good for him.
  8. Just a thought if I had the money (I don't), could I buy the Club for what Chansiri paid for it, or would there be add-ons?
  9. But is not FFP & P&S just EFL, and other counties have their own rules, once in the Prem, we should then adhere to those rules. I may be wrong but I thought it was up to each country to decide their own rules.
  10. It's done in America to a certain degree in the NFL, so if they can do it with the amount of money they have why cant we?
  11. Mmmmmmmm, no, but go and stand in the corner until you see the folly of your ways. It's what they used to say to me. They have a lot to answer for.
  12. I agree, but something needs to be done, FFP and P&S is not working, as I say in my later post this would not affect an individuals amount they could earn, so no wage cap for the individual which would be against his rights.
  13. We are run separately to the Premiership, Players would have no choice in the matter, as it's not a cap on what an individual can get, if a Player is not offered what he thinks he's worth, then he does not have to sign, simple, the problem he has then is that the rest of the teams in the Championship are in the same boat. So if Players cant get what they want and are not good enough to play in the Premiership, then they can either go abroad, (money better abroad)? or bite the bullet. This will mean players wages will inevitably have to come down, which is the main problem Clubs face. So a Club can spend loads on an individual, or can spread their cash over the whole group, remember each Club has the same limit, so it would be better run Clubs who would benefit.
  14. All this FFP, and P & S stuff could be handled by putting a wage cap on players, not as individual, but as a whole, say 10 million a Season for the whole squad and a transfer cap say at another 10 million, any one breaching would incur a points deduction immediately, and make all transfers transparent to the EFL. This would be simpler, and would stop agents (to a degree), from whooring their players.
  15. George Best, as much an English man as Gerrard would ever be, (scouseshit).
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