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  1. I grew up in the 60s and even then it wasn't right to get bladdered, whilst driving and if you did then that's more fool you.
  2. Last time he sat down and talked about it, left with dregs, hoping that tone sorts him out and gets players in early doors, no more faffing about.
  3. Exactly, get rid, why can't others see this.
  4. A+ for me, organisation is brilliant, cant fault the bloke. And this is coming from someone who gives a C for for Lord Snooty's Matchday thread.
  5. Brilliant clearance, you could see it was his intention to put it over the bar, his foot was at the right angle for deflection his eyes were on the crossbar, and he had his finger pointing upwards, brilliant.
  6. He also said that he was going to bring Lorfa on with instructions on how he wanted us to set up (I did see Lorfa looking at a spreadsheet), he then decided to wait until halftime so he could brief everyone, was this a mistake? Should he have brought him on and then at half time instruct the others exactly what he wanted? At least he has a plan, did he execute his plan at the right time?
  7. And that my friend is why I laughed. Seen it all before, fed up of feeling sick to the stomach every time the oppo get's possession.
  8. I think Lees gave away 2 free kicks just outside our box, silly, both of them.
  9. I think as pazowl55 said, Bannon was or looked injured, but even with that, he still made the right decisions.
  10. Well said, those were my feelings last night when sometimes you just have to have a little humility.
  11. Couldn't agree more, but got to the stage last night where laughing was my only outlet.
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