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  1. Season Ticket Renewal

    Season ticket holder for many years , first year of Carlos was a dream, loved every time I came up, cost me about a £100 pounds with fares and food, couldn't make midweek matches as no transport to get back, second year of his tenure was boring, was not going to pay the cost of a Season ticket for this year when I couldn't get to midweek matches, and I thought that if the footy was as boring as the previous year, be better off giving it a miss, I am so glad that I did, watched that snore fest last night, we were lucky, could have had 2 players sent off, passing terrible, tedious. Will not renew until Carlos changes tact, or leaves, would rather the former, but if he wont change then get rid.
  2. You must have nodded off mate, the next 15 was just as bad, wont go into second half because I didn't bother watching.
  3. We've seen enough

    I enjoyed it as well, but it coincided with a little box of prescription drugs, and most things are enjoyable once I delve. PS Did any one else see that clown in defence, or was it just me.
  4. Steady Decline

    Bad pass, agree, however why is he having to come back so deep to get the ball, where was Hooper who normally links up, and the normal sideways passing that we do was there for everyone to see, just poorly executed, who's fault is it, that he has to play this way (nobody up front to pass to) or (told to build up slowly) .It was an individual error, but a team being set up and instructed to play this way has more chance of a pass going astray, if we keep doing this the other teams know that putting pressure on our midfield/ backs is going to pay dividends. We have to stop playing the ball too much, if we see an opening we have to try and exploit, this does not mean hoof, we have to set up differently and have players making incisive runs, through the channels, and in behind, we have to have more to our game than possession, we have the players to frighten teams. Something has to change we are stale.
  5. Carlos told reporters that if we had not conceded the second goal we would have won. now I'm no mathematician but thats pretty obvious.
  6. We've seen enough

    I pretended that I was a neutral, and enjoyed the second half, entertaining. prescription drugs help as well.
  7. Great Point

    Not trying to be funny or anything, but are you being serious or just doing something that I'm not getting, totally confused.
  8. Great Point

    I actually thought Big D was joking.
  9. Great Point

    Taking the wee wee mate love it. Some on here actually believed you, Brilliant.
  10. Don't know why you lot are so miffed at least Levens didn't get sent off.
  11. It may help, when they start to boo the wrong side.