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  1. We have signed a load of unknowns mostly unproven in the league we will be playing in. Even if things go well its going to take us a few months for the team / system to click. We are going to be a big scalp for some of the other clubs so for me a top half finish would be an achievement.
  2. The current regime burnt its bridges with a lot of the corporate customers with the stupid pricing for boxes / hospitality. I would imagine that with the effects of the pandemic then lots of companies will be focusing on survival rather than giving their hard earned cash to Mr Chansiri in order to schmooze customers at a League 1 game vs the likes of Morecambe or Fleetwood. I dont expect anything to change in this area until we have a change of leadership at the club.
  3. Used to go to school with both Richard & Helen. Back in the day they pronounced it Berez.
  4. Im sorry, im all for redemption, rehabilitation, forgiveness and all that but the bloke's running of the club has been an absolute clusterphook. Sponkin money like a drunken sailor in a knocking shop, getting the club its first ever points deduction and a resulting needless relegation. He has absolutely no understanding of Sheffield, English football or any business sense whatsoever. Even if we win League 1 ( the 3rd Division ) by 20 points and our under 13s manage to win the Papas got a brand new bag trophy I want the fool out of our club any way any how.
  5. Somebody has hooked Derek up to the mains. Best news of the day.
  6. You are friends with a Leeds fan? Flagellate thy self and say one thousand Hail Mary's.
  7. If you want a club to give you suffering, pain, grief, agony, disappointment, failure and misery then Wednesday is the mast to pin your flag to my friend. Sheffield is the birthplace of modern football, Wednesday are the oldest professional club in the city, Owlstalk is the best website on the internet (not counting the mucky ones). Welcome!
  8. Probably the greatest Barry to ever play for Wednesday.
  9. Ive said it many times on here before and I'll say it again that Im not putting a single penny, not a skerrick, not a bean into SWFC while the incompetent narcissist man baby is in charge of the club. I suspect that there are 1000's more like that as well, so he is going to be operating on vastly reduced turnover regardless of what division we are playing in. Hopefully this will accelerate his departure from the club. Do one DC you absolute muppet.
  10. We should be running out to the theme tune from Only Fools and Horses while Derek in in charge.
  11. Stripes are too thin on the home shirt. Away shirt should be yellow. Its not difficult, the ape creatures of the indus could have come up with something better.
  12. Might as well say Clueless man baby narcissist.
  13. As long as it doesnt have Chansiri emblazoned across the middle Ill be ok with it.
  14. Varadi's 1st spell puts him in the top 5 strikers to have played for Wednesday in last 50 years. That kid knew where the onion bag was and he had the knack of scoring really important goals at critical points in games.
  15. More golden elephants should be bought as a matter of urgency.
  16. Is he on before or after Clinton Baptiste? Asking for a friend.
  17. You are referring to Att and his Instagram account aren't you?
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