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  1. Despite the untold millions pumped into the club by this man, we are still in a worse position than when he took over. That takes a whole new special kind of incompetence to achieve. Wish he would sell up and pheck oft quite frankly.
  2. Its an absolute disgrace that we havn't finished top of any league table in over 60 years.
  3. Wikipedia will give you a warning if you put made up schizz on there.
  4. No excuses for Moore this time round. Best budget in the division. Signed 2 key players from last seasons champs Experienced keeper. Now knows what the league is all about. Bookies favourites. Anything outside the top two and he has to go in my opinion.
  5. Bit sizeist mate........you need to have a long hard look at yourself.
  6. We are signing Julia "a n a l" Varez? Great, we have needed to operate in the hole behind the front two for ages.
  7. Its over, you are never going to have Dave's babies.
  8. That is because I am a smart arse. The Atty fanboys still need to get over their love affair with the big useless lummox.
  9. 1st million pound footballer, scorer of a winning goal in a European Cup Final, 52 England Caps, 5 years in Serie A or Dave. Difficult choice that one.
  10. Both home and away are absolutely bob on! Whoever has picked these has totally nailed it. Well done.....even if its you DC, you have finally got summat right!
  11. Knew where the onion bag was did Shutty.
  12. Sure the Jackson 5 had a song about this... Blame it on the good times Blame it on the wages Blame it on the supporters But dont blame it on Chansiri
  13. We have finally achieved something under Chansiri's management. Well done to all involved. If you are going to be bad at something, be really really bad at it.
  14. Dont forget the one at Liverpool when Grobbelaar passed it to him outside the box. Panda ******** monium in one corner of Anfield.
  15. I like Windass and think that he would tear this league a new one if fully fit for an entire season. However surely DC has learnt to his cost that keeping players to their contracts leads to them becoming festering malcontents if they dont get a move that they are after. Any decent businessman would squeeze the max amount out of the deal ( in this case 1.75 - 2.00 million ) and use the funds to improve the team. Personally, I would flog Windass off and use the funds to go and get Smith & Alfie May.
  16. You are having a giraffe. Wilko's team would absolutely monster the current side.
  17. I cant get Summer nights from Grease out of my head now. Tell me more, tell me more Al Wahda Wahda Wahda oooh
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