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  1. Its an example. However salary caps need to happen right across the football pyramid not just in the EFL. The current situation is designed to perpetuate the rich clubs getting richer with very little trickle down to the lower leagues.
  2. Academy spend should also be controlled, again stopping clubs effectively cheating by hoovering up the best of the young talent. At the risk of ridiculously skewing the debate, I'll throw in the example of Chelsea who for years have had 90 odd pros on their books, half of them nowhere near the first team loaned out to other clubs but all contracted to Chelsea.....how is that fair?
  3. No more madness than the 30k per week that went into Abdi's pocket for absolutely zero return.
  4. More money invested in stadium facilities, community development, cheaper ticket prices, better catering the list of potential benefits goes on and on. Football has needed to have a proper reset for a few years. Now's the time for root and branch reform in the organisation and structure of the game to make it more sustainable going forward.
  5. Just because something has always been that way doesnt make it right. The bodies running football should be duty bound to ensure as level a playing field for their competitions as possible. Salary caps would be one way of ensuring that clubs are not able to simply buy their way to success.
  6. I agree with you. They should also have a fixed salary cap.
  7. Take a punt on Gnanduilliet at Blackpool, out of contract and knows where the onion bag is
  8. Sorry but you are wrong. The principal of teams playing in the same competition on a level playing field means thay they should all operate under exactly the same wage cap fixed for the league that they are playing in. Imagine if Man Utd came down with crowds of 80K per week and they were competing with us on 25k per week they would be able to spend over 3 times as much as us on squad wages. That aint fair and would merely perpetuate the current situation where parachute payments distort competition in the Championship. At the end of the day a league competition should be decided by sporting factors not financial.
  9. Fixed for the league regardless of revenue stream. Only way to make it a fair competition.
  10. Knew where the onion bag was did that lad.
  11. There aren't many eijiots outs there with a spare 150 million quid to spare unfortunately.We are stuck with DC until he either runs out of cash or gets us promoted.
  12. You wont drive him out of the club. Given the size of the losses he is stuck with us & we are stuck with him. The most likely options are: 1 DC keeps funding the club and eventually gets to the Prem somehow. 2 DC keeps funding the club but goes broke meaning that it will be available for somebody to buy out of admin. 3 DC finds a bigger fool with even deeper pockets who is prepared to pay him his asking price. Given the likely asking price I would say that person doesn't exist.
  13. Bless him, he's missing the whoops cabinet at Chapeltown Asda. I get a bit batey if I cant get some cut price sliced chicken.
  14. I sir will have to disagree with you on that. His track record in management is average at very best. Serial underachievers dont suddenly become miracle workers overnight.
  15. The amount of money needlessly spaffed by DC is absolutely frightening. Still its his cash but we have to stand by and watch the car crash. Unfortunately I dont see him learning any lesson's anytime soon. The first step for me would be the appointment of a decent chief executive who knows his onions in and around running a football club properly. DC could then stay in the background providing the funding. Remit for the CEO would be to get promotion to the Prem in 3 years with everything under their control, manager, players, commercial, ticketing etc
  16. Thats because they had (and still have) a manager who knows what he is doing. We have currently got Gary Monk.
  17. Yep, he is trying to subliminally tell us that Wednesday are going to be deducted 24 points.
  18. I would also chuck Sturrock & Megson into a similar category, think that they would have both gone to great things if given time & the backing the above got.
  19. Qpr took our 3 million and went and bought Trevor Sinclair for 600k who was a better player than Sinton. We had a perfectly good keeper in Pressman, there was no need to spend the money on butterfingers Woods. All hindsight I know but this club has a long history of not being very astute in the transfer market.
  20. There are so many times over the last 40 years where the wrong choice has been made by the club: Richards petty sacking of Big Ron Failure to permanently sign Kenwyne Jones Allowing Darko Kovacevic to leave too cheaply Not backing Howard Wilkinson The purchase of Chris Woods Allowing West Ham to nick DiCanio for peanuts Dc's inability to appoint a proper Chief Exec Not selling Hirst to Man U for 5 Million The signing of Francis Jeffers Year after year of rubbish youth development The sacking of Gary Megson Allowing Jamie Vardy to leave. 3m wasted on Andy Sinton The list goes on and on. Obviously these decisions all look bad in hindsight however if even a few of the above had gone the other way then the club would be in an entirely different position today.
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