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  1. Highlights

    Fox really is slow, must have been some fiddle when we signed him. We should have an internal inquiry of our scouting system because something is not quite right.
  2. http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/millwall/11259774/millwall-2-1-sheff-wed
  3. One I heard was who holds an FA Cup winners medal, a Lonsdale belt, and a Wimbledon tennis runners up medal? answer : Pawnbroker down on Attercliffe Common.
  4. Youngsters

    Very impressed with Clare. Got pace too, something we have been badly lacking. Get him signed up on a five year contract, he's the future.
  5. Derby tho

    W*nker w*anker what's the score?
  6. Bloody idiots

    Washed down with a little ciante. ch,che,che che.
  7. Me too, the wall section collapsed early on after one of our efforts on goal. Remember after the match as there was a mass charge in the dark across the cricket pitch.
  8. Disrespectful of Hecky to move on the anniversary of Taylor and Jones death.
  9. Wednesday U23 beat pigs 2-0

    Looks like Ched played for them too. What was it they were complaining about when we played Joao?
  10. history question

    Got two Blades players on these, but they are the cinnace piggy cards.
  11. The regular callers are addicted. 2-1 Ken phoning in now from his sick bed.
  12. Fear not, I'm sure Jos will have lined up some Dutch or German replacements on loan. Better value for money than the inflated British market, if Pelupessy is anything to go by. Just need to ship out some deadwood from the wage bill.
  13. Weren't Sunderland supposed to be £160 million pounds in debt at the start of the season? Can't see them offering good money.
  14. Highlights