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  1. Love a large back in stock, washed down with a little Chianti.
  2. Archives show that match was 20th Jan 1961. Pitch looks too grassy for the pitches in January IMO.
  3. The game looking at the grass on the pitch would have been our league match at Fulham 19th Sept 1962. Dixon of Dock Green over and out.
  4. Good chance. Here’s another of the crane at Craven Cottage.
  5. Watched us since ‘66, retired early, my choice. Now have to watch the pennies. Would have snapped their hands off for a discounted season ticket they offered to students that had no real affinity to the club.
  6. Kamberi, Sow, NML, Berahino, Shodipo and Brown says he’s not that good at that either.
  7. Ballboy South Side of Lep was the only one who showed any urgency. So I’m going for Ballboy South Side of Lep for my M.O.M.
  8. NML, Shodipo, Kamberi, Brown and Berahino should be nowhere near the squad next season, all duds.
  9. No complaints, Sunderland wanted it more over two legs. Good luck to them in the final.
  10. Hopefully Palmer has a big part to play tonight at some stage. Deserves it.
  11. Very pleased with that COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZZARDS!!!!
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