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  1. Speedy recovery Colin. Rivalries aside, hope it’s not too serious. Wrong age group if so.
  2. The fancy dress of the policeman was funny. Went on pitch, rumour that Chelsea had lost at Grimsby was circulating, but turned out to be false. Went on the train, and set off back to the station. Saw a Wednesdayite with blood on hIs face, he told us not to go up there as they were throwing bricks. Spent the next ten minutes trying to cadge a lift on any coach to Newport to no avail. Then a passing taxi came to our rescue. Drove us back to the station, past a large mob of home supporters. Great day out though.
  3. Pride of the Wednesday Fully restored could be worth £950 well that’s how they do it on Salvage Hunters.
  4. I remember the programme, can’t remember much of the game. Front of programme said something like under floodlight from Hillsborough.
  5. Not the first time Giddings has said lever arched. Thought that was a folder.
  6. Liked the look of Charles Hagen against Leicester. Yes he should have scored, but I believe his strength is in one on one situations. Hoping he is the hidden gem we have been craving. Good luck Charles.
  7. So did Forestieri, more interested in winning free kicks than scoring goals. Hope he signs for Watford, spent force.
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