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  1. Song for tomorrow

    I've got a c0ck as big as this, I've got a c0ck as big as this. It's bigger than Romadu Lakaku's I've got a c0ck as big as this.
  2. Song for tomorrow

    Don't you ever, don't you ever Start knocking Wednesday telling us you're better. Prince bog roll, Prince bog roll Sheff United's nothing to be scared of.
  3. Pudil

  4. Pigs

  5. Keiron Lee has grown a beard.
  6. Penalty taker?

    Fourth official Frank Nbumbu Nsungu.
  7. I was watching this match in a bar in Swanage. Large tv was on the wall. Just me and the wife were paying any attention to it. When Tudgay scored, he ran up to the camera and revealed a T shirt with the words for you Danny. As we were sat directly under the tv, and loudly cheering, it seemed as if Tudgay was looking directly at us. One of the locals asked if I was Danny!
  8. Spot the ball

    The Judges decision is final.
  9. sun was in keepers eyes. So Lees opted to kick to kop.
  10. Which opposition player ...

    Why've you got tights on? Sean Derry.
  11. Honest opinion on the derby

    Fletcher will edit in.
  12. Caption This

    I'll let Thi into a little secret Carlos, I'm Brian the Blade off Football Heaven. So what, I'm Mark the Peeetsmoore Owl.
  13. Caption This

    I'm telling thi Carlos, no word of a lie. We were all sitting round the Boardroom table eagerly awaiting Sean Bean's bright idea how to tek the club forrad, when he comes up with summat to do with Captain f*ckin Blade!
  14. M5 Shut between 14-15 ...