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  1. That Noise

    noise stopped for a second, then restarted, you could hear the collective groan. Then a sound as if a sniper had taken out the speaker, load cheer
  2. Sean Clare future in doubt

    There are players like Chris Marsden, who tore up his contract when he couldn't carry on anymore so as not to be a drain on the club. Then there are players like Sean Clare who show no loyalty or gratefulness to the club who have invested in his career. Good riddance.
  3. Kid-friendly songs

    Whooooooooooooooooah BLASTOFF
  4. Gypsys will pinch em
  5. who attended this game

    reckon number 4 is Colin Prophet
  6. Alan Warboys also in that pic. I went to that match too, a friendly organised after we had signed Tommy Craig from them for £100,000 if memory serves me right.
  7. Yes remember the Chelsea game coinciding with the Grand National, there was a multi horse pile up at Canal Turn, and the hundred to one outsider Foinaven came through to win.
  8. 41,000 according to the archive site. Think there's a youtube footage of this match too.
  9. Also remember the year before when we lost 3-0 and spent most of the second half ribbing Sean Derry "Why've you got tights on?"
  10. Yes at the Kop end just after half time. JJ then scored a cracker when we were down to ten men. Leeds hadn't scored a league goal for ages, so when Bullen's own goal went in the y were singing "Sign him up"
  11. Optical Illusion

    Curren holding up Tango's severed arm.
  12. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Must have missed them, probably due to those fecking illuminated advertising boards.
  13. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Left Nuhiu on for too long today, not won a ball in the air all match, and for a bloke his size it's shocking.
  14. Missed this match, but went to the 5-4 match. Also went to the earlier game, a night match on 10th April 67 ended 2-2 sat in upper tier of the Lep. If memory serves me right Ritchie equalised just before half time with a header at the Leppings Lane end, off the underside of the bar. Fantham got a late second half equaliser at the Kop end. Also remember Best weaving his way through our defence, slid the ball past Ron Springett, and Don Megson coming from nowhere to kick the ball off the line. First time I'd witnessed crowd trouble at that match too. Loads of Man U fans on kop, kicking off at half time, with Wednesday fans spilling onto the pitch to get away.