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  1. Good job we had a few there roaring us on, or it could have been a cricket score for the opposition.
  2. Can't hear Wednesday fans, can somebody text a message to them?
  3. NobJol must have passed away. RIP NobJol
  4. See that steaming pile of brown dogturd? Yes I have observed the smelly item and see the two flies feeding from It? That is you Steve Bruce and your two assistants.
  5. Agree. If we get another Doyen linked waster that's me done.
  6. The OP was correct in the title but posted the wrong picture n
  7. Huddersfield fans hate Bruce with a vengeance.
  8. Would you not get on his back, if he continually picked players that were not not good enough like Jos did, whilst better players sat in the stands?
  9. Couldn't have been a Wednesdayite or he would have smacked him.
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