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  1. marconi

    Potential new signing...

    Bit of a circus.
  2. They should send Naymar to those Thai caves to teach those lads how to dive.
  3. Beats me how all these poor South American countries can take thousands to Russia.
  4. That Uruguay sub, Rodrigues? Looks like he was playing in Concord Park last week.
  5. We should have gone for Marshall when we signed Rhodes. Marshall even made Madine look a decent striker. Norwich are piecing the jigsaw together well. Don't let him go out cheap Wednesday, or that's a promotion place given away.
  6. marconi

    Spot the difference

    Prrrro fit
  7. Not the first time Pearson has upset the applecart.
  8. Getting sick of Clare and Hirst, just f"ck off the pair of you.
  9. marconi

    Mel Sterland in the Star

    Not sure how much Mel had seen us last season, heard he was on the V.I.P team at Elland Road,
  10. marconi

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    She gave out a loud sigh as his loam was released.
  11. marconi

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Jordan Rhodes will end up going to Rangers on loam.
  12. Wouldn't touch him with a barge pole, Fulham were playing on him, weak link, not fit enough.
  13. Went to that one in the Ship Cup about '75 or '76 think we won 2-1 (Peter Feeley springs to mind as one of the scorers. Hot summer's Saturday afternoon game.
  14. Ah teld yu he wud leave meight, and ahl tel yu something else. Yoonited will go up as champions next season.