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  1. Went camping in the eighties in Derbyshire, the day of Ian Snodin's wedding. A group of contractors who were from the Snodin family who couldn't make it to the wedding asked us if we wanted to join them in a Snodin wedding? We joined them for many drinks that night, and staggered back to the tent. Wife over did it on Stella's and threw up in the tent in the middle of the night!
  2. If he's turned down an offer during shutdown, then withdraw the offer and wish him all the best elsewhere.
  3. Agree with the Sunderland vote. Plymouth fans were good too for the night match at Hillsborough.
  4. August 71 Rotherham in League Cup on Tivoli End.
  5. Yes, remember that too. Thought he was playing well up to being subbed. Glad Carlton took him off. :)
  6. I expected this to be about the Spanish Inquisition.
  7. Mark Pangolin and his son Alex Oxlade Pangolin.
  8. That’s Bannans, it’s got cornervirus.
  9. Saw Pelupessey and Da Cruz and my heart sank.
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