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  1. All thumbs up go to charity.

  2. Steve will get this tweaked, the future looks bright.
  3. The Pulis influence for me was when Odabajo bombed forward, only for Pulis to yell at him to get back. Discipline.
  4. Another one! So Palmer fouled Palmer Their bloke hand balled it Odobajo kicked in the head Paterson fouled Shaw fouled on back post. NO GOAL
  5. Reach MOM, especially having to dash off to the I’m a Celebrity castle afterwards.
  6. So to sum up Palmer fouled Palmer. Odabajo was kicked in the head. Their player handled it. Who’d be a ref!
  7. To be honest in was a melee in their, difficult to see what had actually happened. Never shouted FFS so loud!
  8. Ball came off Paterson’s hand first. Think ref blew for a foul because Paterson had fallen over their player on the ground.
  9. Fox has a good engine, his strength is getting down the left a whipping a decent cross in. As far as defensive qualities, which he is handsomely paid for he is poor. Always tries to jockey the forward to the touch line and is clueless when the forward turns inside, more often than not failing to get a tackle in. Fletcher was a high paid mercenary , often injured and it was unforgivable what happened when he came on against Forest. Good riddance to the pair of them.
  10. Blackwell and Pulis first two on front row.
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