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  1. A herd of elephants were heading towards him, so he made a trunk call and reversed charges.
  2. I believe Middlesboroughs ground was financed by Middlesbrough Council? How unfair is that?
  3. Aparantly there was a TV blackout of matches for the start of the 1985 season.
  4. Found it on the archives. 19th October 1985 won 3 2
  5. Volley in to the roof of the net from outside the box.
  6. definitely scored a cracker at Filbert Street, I reckon we did win 3-0 and all goals were scored in front of our large following on their divided Kop.
  7. Didn't go to the match, but can remember the massive rosette on the back of the stage at Bradfield Road club that night.
  8. He looks like Jud from Kes in that suit, "Some bird's gunna get lucky toneet."
  9. When we signed him, the Daily Mirror sports headlines described the wonder kid as Ball, Layne and Kay rolled into one. It was an expensive gamble for a hundred grand. Martin Chivers was the record British signing at 125 grand around that time. I remember the excitement, waiting for a glimpse of our record signing as the teams emerged from the tunnel. It was a night match v Spurs. Tommy had a rasping shot that stung Pat Jennings hands as he pushed it over the bar at the Leppings Lane end. We played Aberdeen at Hillsborough in a pre season friendly, his former club. Gutted when he went to Newcastle for £120k
  10. Chesterfield I think. Good to see him back on the bench.
  11. If I'd contributed to that, I'd be wanting my money back.
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