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  1. It’s a disgrace what footballers earn especially our wage stealers. Compare that to NHS Drs, Nurses, and cleaning staff. An absolute disgrace. There’s going to be a big shake up in the game once all the dust has settled, hopefully.
  2. We might all become Barnsley fans soon if Chansiri continues to run the club into the ground.
  3. It’s amazing how many games he’s available for now on a pay as you play contract.
  4. Put us out of our misery Dejhie, stop the wage payments and wind us up tomorrow.
  5. Send him back to Cyprus take the rest of them out of contract with him. We need to rebuild with players from Moore’s experience in L1. Hope Bannan has a get out clause also.
  6. Not one stand out player, not one. No leaders, no urgency not got a clue. Moore has got his work cut out with these wage stealers.
  7. Knock 5 in Rotherham, show the useless bottlers up. No plan, no threat, powder puff defence.
  8. Pattern set Wildsmith failing to command box, Smith given free headers.
  9. RIP Saint, wouldn’t have put a bet on you going before Greavesy.
  10. Guy on the right looks like a regular round booking offices and working men’s clubs. Not working but always has enough for a bet, pint and a cigarette.
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