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  1. Which opposition player ...

    Why've you got tights on? Sean Derry.
  2. Honest opinion on the derby

    Fletcher will edit in.
  3. Caption This

    I'll let Thi into a little secret Carlos, I'm Brian the Blade off Football Heaven. So what, I'm Mark the Peeetsmoore Owl.
  4. Caption This

    I'm telling thi Carlos, no word of a lie. We were all sitting round the Boardroom table eagerly awaiting Sean Bean's bright idea how to tek the club forrad, when he comes up with summat to do with Captain f*ckin Blade!
  5. M5 Shut between 14-15 ...

  6. gutted

    I'm ranting like Kevin and Perry. It's so unfair!
  7. Another successful missile launch.
  8. We will hammer United

    We should not be underestimating their players or performances this season. Wins over Brentford, Barnsley, Derby and Sunderland say they can't be that bad. It's still early in the season, and their enthusiasm is still strong. Give them respect, then let the gloating begin if we beat them.
  9. Wow how desperate are the Blunts to come on and talk 100% about Wednesday? I hope we well and truly stuff 'em next week. Shut the chuffs up for a while.
  10. Message from Keiren Westwood

    Not a mistake, I blame those chuffin' advertising boards.
  11. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    R.I.P Derek, and well done to his neighbour for highlighting his plight in his hour of need. Went to his testimonial in 1967, where Ron Springett played centre forward! with a score of 8-7 to Wednesday.
  12. One complaint

    Said it at every match so far. Get rid of those sodding advertising boards. I feel very strongly about this. It's difficult to follow the ball when they're constantly flashing away. Really spoils the match day experience for me. At least turn the brightness down. I wonder how much money a season these things bring in, because if it's only a few hundred grand then they're not worth it. Send them back to Spurs.
  13. David Jones

    My man of the match tonight.