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  1. Born on this day

    R.I.P Prendo. Died on this day Freddie Mercury 26 years ago.
  2. Best thing about Carlos

    His new hairstyle pass back and sides.
  3. Caption Competition

    players enter the cattle brothel.
  4. Great Point

    Slept on it and I'm still seething at that performance, lethargic Loovens, cautious Lees, wasteful Hunt, lightweight Reach, predictable Wallace, disapointing Rhodes. Carlos has sucked the life out of this team. Premiership? We're having a laugh.
  5. Great Point

    I know what he looks like, and I'm taking my bobaar gun into the riverside next time.
  6. Great Point

    How long until the bed wetters become realists? Carlos out.
  7. Drop Loovens, sets the pattern for the game, no forward passes, slow and lethargic, rubs off on the rest of the team.
  8. You know what? That goal could be a blessing in disguise to get rid of Carlos.
  9. same linesman that awarded Middlesbrough a penalty against Leeds.
  10. Put Van aken on for Loovens, ref will have reviewed that tackle and may have it in for him second half. Put Palmer on for Hunt offers far more. Lee for Butterfield. believe you me!
  11. Square ball Loovens is not helping.
  12. This is worse than Saturday. Absolutely dire.