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  1. The old bloke with what looked like cerebral palsy in his hand pedal powered trike. He would get pushed back up Herries road by fans after the match.
  2. marconi

    Morgan Fox

    Give the lad a break. He really can't believe people post on owlstalk at this time of the morning.
  3. marconi

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Went on Northbank 3/4 way up in the open air next to the side where the TV cameras were. So much anticipation that day, such a disappointment after. Had a drink after we got back in the Penny Black, and a Blunt was revelling in our defeat. Bitter chuff. Didn't see any trouble on the day, but can remember reading afterwards of heavy handed policing. An elderly Wednesdayite had apparently been arrested for nothing, and thrown face down into a police van.
  4. When I leave you I will leave you in good hands. Yeah sounds like it, looks like he'd have sold to anybody. Or am I missing the point?
  5. marconi

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    I can remember going in The Arsenal Tavern before kick off, with a chorus ringing round the pub "The Wednesday hate f*ckin Arsenal" and thought, I bet this is a first for an away team!
  6. Can just see us now at Stamford Bridge. The laboured lumbering runs from Nuihu The trying to look busy Fletcher with the customary header over the bar. The busy bee Pelupessy failing to put in one challenge all match. The over hit crosses from Palmer The silence from Dawson at the back Fox playing catch up Lees caught in the headlights Fancy our chances.
  7. marconi

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Club Statement SWFC statement.
  8. marconi

    Name the Wednesday player - Part 2

    Dean windass
  9. This is bloody pathetic. Mass clear out wanted starting with Pelupessy, Boyd, Fox.
  10. marconi


    Linesman on South Stand side got most things correct today. Ref not that bad.
  11. From across the city
  12. marconi

    1993: A few questions

    Arsenal's John Jensen kicked anything that was moving. Knocked us out of our stride.
  13. marconi

    Song for Hector

    Hes called Michael Hector he ate Hanibal Lecter na na na na.