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  1. Shows you how crap the rest of the team are, when Fox ups his game a little and becomes one of the better players.
  2. The meltdown on here if we signed him would be of Biblical proportions. Chapter and verse.
  3. Won me £25 in the first goal scorer bet.
  4. The truncheon for it’s size can be a very effective weapon in the police’s armoury.
  5. Mr Sheffield Wednesday. Now if ever there’s a grave worth maintaining it’s this one. Nice work Kivo BTW.
  6. Fair enough, but to criticise fans for being negative after the second half of the season they served up, is a bit rich. Harris wants to thank his lucky stars, he’s not a front line NHS worker or a steelworker laid off with mouth’s to feed and mortgage to pay.
  7. For 10k a week, I’d let them criticise me all they wanted.
  8. Team of bottlers in don’t upset us shocker.
  9. Liam Shaw has made more tackles than Pelupessey.
  10. Kalile sounds like Chris Turner. Good call btw.
  11. Might as well relegate us now, that’s what we deserve. Chansiri, Monk, and the deadwood that’s been around for to many seasons. What a load of crap.
  12. An unfit Kieran Lee will always be twice the player Pelupessey will ever be. God help us next season.
  13. I've shrunk Odabajo's head for giving penalties away, who's next?
  14. The scouting system, and those that sway the purchasing of some of these lower league failures. I’m no expert but it’s easy to spot talent in the non Premier leagues that would jump at the chance to come here. Sluga from Luton in the net for next season please.
  15. Squad appraisal. Where do you see yourselves in five years time? trolleys Tesco
  16. So bleeding obvious that was going low, being to near for an up and over. Useless [email protected] jump.
  17. Also picking Peluchuffinpessy. L1 here we come.
  18. Went to the 4-0 drubbing at Watford, think Luther Blissett had scored at least three of them maybe all four, and all before half time. One of the funniest chants that match was when Elton John was making a presentation before kick off. He'd just had his wig/hair transplants. Wednesdayites singing "We've got more hair than you, Elton John, Elton John."
  19. It's amazing how time plays tricks with your memory, I bow to yours. What I can remember is having a drink in the Fortyfoot before the match, thinking £5 on the Kop is a lot of money straight after Xmas, should I save it, go home and watch Zulu on TV instead. Glad I decided to go to the game. Jan Simonson ran us ragged in the first half.
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