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  1. They had one for a crowd control steward once. He was useless. Told me he wasn’t cut out for the job.
  2. Great post @ChapSmurf best of luck in the future. God bless you.
  3. Watched it in a pub in Easingwold, surprisingly there were a few other Owls in there. Came away drained after that first half onslaught.
  4. Is that Rose West in the blue top? Pre wearing glasses.
  5. Nah, looks like Toms to me, not sure if he was kept on after Len Ashurst left.
  6. TonyToms, Brian Cox, Jimmy Mullen Chris Turner beat me to it Ricky!
  7. Yes I believe the middle letter of the three was W for Sheffield registrations.
  8. I remember a couple of night matches against Sunderland and Carlisle where it snowed and rained heavy. Stewards turned a blind eye as many climbed from the LL triangle into the West Stand. Felt like sanctuary to be out of the wet and into the warm stand. Didn't happen very often though, and there was nowt worse than the first cold wet feeling on your shoulder from a leaking Parka. Wish they’d invented waterproof kaggies back then.
  9. I'm your biggest fan Adam (Reach)
  10. Isn’t Wor’ Jackie’s grand son called Wor’ Jackie? Might need a user name change.
  11. Don’t see a problem to be fair, as long as they have their phones on them at all times with the virus app activated.
  12. As Brian Clough once said, it only takes a second to catch a virus.
  13. What’s to stop a player going down feigning need for hand wash?
  14. Makes sense to have reduced halves, those few minutes could save their lives.
  15. Were you set upon by the Arsenal mob, or did you arrive on the second coach which arrived later?
  16. Wow other than my three mates I've not talked to anyone off that coach! What were your memories? I remember all the glass advertising board glasses getting smashed all the way down the escalator in the underground at Piccadilly, like Christal Nacht.
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