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  1. and more than likely the young 15 yr old who came on as a sub and looked a class above. Frustrating how this all pans out.
  2. Sounds like something that goes on in an Italian brothel.
  3. Muslim woman left due to ill health.
  4. Yes no.17 need to get him snapped up asap. One for the future.
  5. Forgot how good Peter Storey was, until I stumbled upon this match the other day. If you’ve got a spare 90 mins it’s a brilliant watch. Leg breaking tackle flying in left right and centre, with only three bookings in the first half! Norman Hunter was an animal, and also my man of the match.
  6. Paul Walker with the false excitement of two goals against his team.
  7. Can see him going to Rotherham now, they’ve got nowt to lose but his wages.
  8. Luther Blissett Les Ferdinand Malcolm McDonald Ian Rush George Best Jimmy Greaves
  9. It was Richie Partridge who ran at their defence with pace, had a shot and Brunt knocked in the goal from close range. Dean Ashton should have had a hat trick on any other day. A classic smash and grab game for us. It’s amazing how you remember the past, but can’t remember much of last season!
  10. Saw him make his debut for us when we won 1-0 at Norwich. Didn’t contribute much. Cant remember any of his other games.
  11. Just watching the second one now. It’s a choker. Got to admit I’d fallen for the press and police story, and feel ashamed of my blinkered thinking for all those years after. Maythe families get the compensation they fully deserve. RIP the 96
  12. Helicopter just flown over Sheffield. It’s a sign I tell thee.
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