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  1. If it means getting rid of the diving in the box, the blood curdling screams and rolling around when tackled, or showing the imaginary red card to the ref to get a sending off, give me an enthusiastic home grown player anytime.
  2. How many more Fodens or Mounts are there out there that are being stifled out by foreign mercenaries?
  3. I’ve got a better proposal for reform. Sack off all the foreign mercenaries and promote home grown players from the academies.
  4. So the six will be allowed to compete in the Prem and domestic cup matches also?
  5. What’s happening to the game and league structure I idolised from the sixties? The game for the working class bloke.
  6. Three bookable tackles from Ampadu, not one yellow card shown.
  7. Voted for Kachunga as MOM. Seen as there’s no option for all useless vote.
  8. Message to any of the team Reading this FOOOORRK OFF YOU USELESS SPINELESS OVERPAID WASTERS.
  9. Giddings saying “the multi coloured Bentley” wonder if it was a two seater?
  10. Hardly heard Pelupessey’s name mentioned. No surprises there.
  11. It’s Giddings, I thought Lansbury was still on. Useless commentator
  12. Double jeopardy didn’t apply when Lees was sent off at Rotherham. Daft rule.
  13. Hutchinson needs to be switched to centre half before he gets sent off. Liability two reckless tackles in ten mins.
  14. For me, it was Blackpool before their new stand was built. Couldn’t get a ticket and watched from across the road in front of a new Premier Inn that was yet to open. Builders took pity and loaned a pair of step ladders which were shared between a a hundred or so fans. Vantage point also from the top of a large billboard. Could only see the crossbar at our end, and could just see Richard Woods’ goal scored at the other.
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