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  1. Even the three matches we’ve won could have ended in draws. Not getting carried away yet of making the playoffs. These players were freebies for a reason.
  2. McCalliog seemed to take his ball in after we signed Tommy Craig.
  3. Dennis Woodhead eventually had an office at the very end of the South towards the Kop, if I remember rightly.
  4. Another clean sheet yesterday at Scunthorpe, keep it up lad.
  5. Happy with that, strong bench too for tired legged opposition late second half.
  6. Or Truman kicks the ball and runs past his marker “I’ll si’thi”
  7. Serial caption comment murderer escapes from Rampton” aaarrrgh
  8. Went to Watford on the train when Luther Blissett scored and we were 4-0 down at half time. We were the only Wednesdayites on the train to my knowledge. A couple of Watford fans got on at Bletchley and sat behind us. One asked the other if he thought Wednesday would bring many. No he said. Must have come as a shock to them when car windows were getting put through after the match!
  9. Some well placed studs down his achilles should sort him out.
  10. Glik antagonising, if Walker had pulled his chin, he would have been rolling about if shot by a sniper. Cheats.
  11. Reds Johnson (The Radiator) at the bottom?
  12. Can see all of our three choices coming in this week, but choices will get harder in the next two weeks. Seeing as you and Hootsman have already had Wednesday and Rotherham the title will be all miiiiine mwahaha.
  13. Should have had that loan move years ago instead of being thrown in at the deep end.
  14. Enjoyed that, but needs to put some tea in that empty cup.
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