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  1. Stoke City away, the start of our recent demise. The writing was on the wall that day, we were kidding ourselves we were a promotion chasing team.
  2. Flat capped 90 year old OCS member windmills in directors box.
  3. Smith is the new Lee Chapman signing we’ve been crying out for, for years. Just need a new Brian Marwood and Zico Sterland to support him.
  4. Well done to DM and DC. Sorry to have doubted you last season. Should be a cracking season coming up, great great signings.
  5. First time I heard that was from the Aberdeen fans when we played them in a friendly at Hillsborough after we bought Tommy Craig from them.
  6. Or some chopped up bodies blocking the drainage.
  7. Sounds like a schoolboy international. Well done to all those involved.
  8. Can’t be any worse or ineffective than Kamberi.
  9. Good news. Well done to Bailey and his dad. Deserves some game time to reward his loyalty now.
  10. How log before Pickford gets closed down from a back pass? Sterling is shot.
  11. Carlos takes hammer to trophy ”You know what is this, a trophy.” Smashes trophy with hammer ”What is this now? It’s still a trophy”
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