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  1. On the subs issue, I think managers are too soft. If it was me and a player wasn’t ready to come on I’d put someone else on instead. They’d soon learn their lesson.
  2. Moving him on seems a bit harsh but he did have a poor game today.
  3. What’s the fans feedback on him? I’ll tell you that this feedback is probably nonsense and not based on watching Paul Cook’s football. It actually surprises me the amount of people on here who don’t seem to know anything about football.
  4. What I find strange is that the local journos normally release the travelling squad the night before away games. This time...zilch.
  5. Who do you want? You do realise we are poo , our chairman is a lunatic and we’ve no money to spend?
  6. Yeah just put any by sports channel on and press the red button. There’s games on it now if you want to try it works.
  7. It’s on the BT Sports red button.
  8. Jim’s never watched Paul Cook’s football before has he?
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