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  1. northeastowl

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    I’ve never seen him play so can’t comment myself but I was listening to an interview the the other day (can’t renemebr who with) and they said that Jos rates Hunt really highly.
  2. The only positive tonight is it didn’t cost me anything and I don’t have a two hour drive to get home.
  3. northeastowl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Don’t know why people are surprised. It was obvious for 12 months if not longer he was going abroad to avoid clubs having to pay for him.
  4. northeastowl

    If you absolutely had to....

    Bannan. FF with the possible exception of Joao is the only player we’ve got that can produce a match winner moment out of nothing. Bannan although important to our midfield would be easier to replace.
  5. And not many clubs get fans to complete surveys to find out how much they want them to spend on the squad and then charge season ticket prices depending on the results.
  6. From what I’ve read there is truth in the Leeds interest. Leeds’chairman is involved with an agency and said agency have Venancio on their books.
  7. northeastowl

    Joost Van Aken

    I hope he records his drive back to Sheffield like Lachman did.
  8. northeastowl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    My one recollection of him was him bottling a tackle in the first two minutes at Boro away and them scoring in that attack.
  9. They certainly didn’t look it or play like it.
  10. northeastowl

    Mason Mount

    He won’t be any good for our team mate, he can cross a ball.
  11. northeastowl

    Ladbrokes Play on the Pitch Competition

    Yes mate. Well mine was anyway.
  12. Just won a place to play at Hillsborough on Saturday through the Ladbrokes competition. Was anyone else successful?
  13. northeastowl

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Isn’t this common knowledge already?
  14. northeastowl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    It’s a tough one for me. He is one player of many who have suffered abuse this season. Now he’s turned his form around if he’s got better offers in the table he could easily turn round and stick the middle finger up at the haters and move on. Ill be the first to admit I didn’t and probably still don’t think he’s good enough to be a regular starter for a promotion challenging team even with his upturn in form this season. Still with that in mind he doesn’t deserve the abuse he receives at times. The only players who deserve abuse who those who clearly don’t put the required effort in, Bothroyd I’m looking in your direction. Nuhiu fights for everything, if only the likes of Butterfield and Fox could do similar you might have a couple of decent footballers there.
  15. I genuinely think if we add some pace to the solidity Jos has brought then we will be nailed on play offs again next year. Without that pace it’s going to be tough.