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  1. Commentary is on talkSPORT 2 if bbc do block online.
  2. Live on Sat have now confirmed its being shown as hopefully a stream will appear from somewhere.
  3. How do you watch it on there in UK or no way of doing so?
  4. Every 1st round match was live in tv somewhere in the world however it looks like only the Blackburn game is being shown this time round. Bet365 has the first game but don’t have tonight’s.
  5. northeastowl


    We need a number 10 to play 4231. Two wingers would help help as well. I guess Reach could take 1 spot but Matias ain’t good enough.
  6. northeastowl

    ‘We will just replace him’

    Bannan and Reach were dreadful yesterday there’s no denying that, not only were they dreadful but they didn’t look interested either. On the flip side I’m quite confident if they weren’t in the team this season so far then we’d be in the bottom 3. Reach needs to play out wide as he doesn’t influence the game enough in the middle to play there. He’s not creative enough as a 10 and he doesn’t tackle so he gets a bit lost in there. On Bannan he can only pick out passes from his deep lying position if players are making runs in front of him which doesn’t happen. In the system we play we don’t need Bannan sitting deep we need him driving forward which he doesn’t seem to like doing. Regarding letting them go, if we can get stupid offers for them then yeah let them go and freshen the team up. Nixon seems to think we are after a RB CB and striker. I’d rather a mobile CM and a left back as preference.
  7. northeastowl

    If we sold every single player tonight

    Yeah I agree with this. I don’t mind attritional football when it works and brings results. Do it like Jos though and it wee wees me off. We set up defensively with no intention of attacking and yet we were still getting mullered. My only concern with Bruce is our team needs freshening up and some pace and youth however he tends to prefer his older players.
  8. northeastowl

    If we sold every single player tonight

    I’m sorry but if you’re expecting our football under Bruce to great buzz and excitement you might be waiting a long long time. Dont get me wrong I am happy he is coming in as gaffer as he gets results but it will be by having a strong defensive structure and reliance on nicking wins rather than excitement.
  9. northeastowl

    Why the urgency?

    This is the top and bottom of it for me now. I’ve blamed numerous managers for the short comings of this team, I’ve had enough and I’m now placing the blame firmly on our lazy players.
  10. For me it’s not the thrower that is the root of the problem. It’s our movement off the ball, everyone just stands still until they receive it and then think about moving. It’s like our players think they have a god given right to receive the ball and then get time from the opposition to do what they want. It’s ok when you do it against teams that stand off but when teams press you you’re going to look stupid as happened numerous times yesterday. If we played like we did yesterday against Leeds we would have got absolutely hammered.
  11. northeastowl

    Absolutely nothing going forward today.

    So what you’re saying is they put effort in and we didn’t? You'll obviously disagree but it’s right. We were so lazy as a team today it’s laughable. Doubling up? Chasing every man? That’s effort not skill...unfortunately our players are either not fit enough or are to lazy. Take your pick
  12. northeastowl

    How are we feeling ?

    Let’s be honest I couldn’t give a fizz about Leeds or the pigs. The only thing I care about is us and that performance today was spineless. The only outfield player I was happy with was Hutch. Every other outfield player today should be ashamed with their performance.
  13. northeastowl

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Good luck with that one, most of the players look like they couldn’t give a flying fizz.
  14. northeastowl

    iFollow help

    Yeah working fine today for me.
  15. northeastowl

    Liam Ridgwell

    Oh dear