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  1. Rate jos so far?

    5/10 from me. Has done a steady job with what he has available. Team line ups are questionable to say the least. Just got to pray his negativity is because of what he has at his disposal rather than that be his standard way of playing. I can remember listening to a few interviews from German football experts telling us to expect defensive football though.
  2. As long as they don’t sell us Butterfield they can have him for £5m.
  3. Am I right in looking at that if I buy a two year season ticket I’d save a tenner?
  4. FA Cup Replays on TV

    As far as im aware BT and BBC have the rights to show one replay each and BT have first pick.
  5. Instead of whinging about having to have a replay...how about set your team up to try and win the match in the first place. Don’t play a weakened team and don’t play careful tactics if you don’t want a replay. If you don’t want to be in the competition then put the kids out and get knocked out.

    For me it means that ticket prices are going up and investment will stay as it is! We don’t actually spend that much on transfer fees but pay high wages. No one will take our players wages off us so we keep the same squad but season ticket prices go up.
  7. We’ve not really got much else to play for this season. Tuesdays victory sends us on our way to safety so go for it on Saturday. Same team bar Clare and play with the same tempo and fight and we have a chance.
  8. Any ideas what this is

    Someone put this on twitter yesterday. Said it was a charity match played at Hillsborough.
  9. Joao absolutely fantastic tonight and deserved his two goals so I have given him my man of the match. Honourable mention to Reach who was as reliable and good as ever.
  10. Lucas Joao

    He’s been unplayable first half. Shame we can’t get Rhodes to do anything.
  11. You honestly cannot judge the new gaffer until he’s got a proper squad of players to choose from. All he’s done so far is pick what he can, the only negative point so far is he negative he lines the team up, but realistically what other option does he really have. Carlos by his own admission had lost the faith of the reserve players so had to go. I personally think he should have gone after Huddersfield by that’s another story.
  12. Better not have been fake, I sent them my bank account details and blood type like they asked.
  13. Fourteen shots on goal yesterday

    Agree with this. Listened to Spurs v Arsenal yesterday and then watched the highlights on match of the day. Was like it was two different games.
  14. What can we do

    Its quite hard staying positive after watching the right winger walk past fox all game and Butterfield giving the ball away for the 15th time. I get where you’re coming from totally, it’s just easier said than done. The saving grace would be if all 11 players were giving it their all getting stuck in but I honestly don’t believe they all are.
  15. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Dont hold your breath mate. I emailed a complaint to the club and it took them 4 months to reply. Oh and when they did reply it didn’t even acknowledge the complaint.