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  1. I had a really strange dream last night that fans were invited to Hillsborough for a major announcement. 35k turned up and DC got arrested and a new American consortium were announced as owners. They said they were the richest owners of any sports club in the world however they weren’t necessarily willing to invest any money and wanted to run the club on a break even. Then I wake up to this haha.
  2. Get Chansiri to fizz off? Or get him to employ a DOF or give his manager sole responsibility of recruitment.
  3. He’s got us playing the best football we have played for years. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the players to do it. Playing out with Tom Lees is asking for trouble. He needs to get rid of the poo and bring in players who can play football and not “experienced players”. If he’s given the budget I think he’s the best man for the job. Over to Chansiri
  4. From a shirt perspective no. The quality of our shirts at the minute is probably the best we’ve ever had. From a training gear perspective yeah. I’d be some trackies etc if we had Adidas/Nike.
  5. Agreed. But we are talking about DC here.
  6. That’s the Star getting sued and banned from games then.
  7. Can’t blame him for the mess we are in but his subs have got me seriously concerned about his game management
  8. Even when we were out our best years ago under CC, Reach infuriated me with his neshing of everything. Scoring worldies every twenty games is alright but he does absolutely fizz all the rest of the games.
  9. It doesn’t matter how good we play, as soon as we concede or things don’t go our way the players give up. We’ve got no hope. Need to bin the lot off and start again. The main issue is our better are the worst culprits when it comes to attitude and mindset.
  10. It’s not the fact he was poo. You can put up with that. It’s his attitude that is the problem. Telling your own players to “shut your f***** mouth”.
  11. I wish I didn’t have IPTV at one point in the first half. Really wanted to record how lazy he is when giving the ball away.
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