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  1. northeastowl

    This Weekend

    Off to Courteeners in Leeds tomorrow night. Quit sunday league this week as don’t enjoy playing anymore.
  2. northeastowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    DC happily tells everyone he signed Rhodes because the fans wanted him. Well time to deliver again big man.
  3. northeastowl

    Reach song

    Shame Leeds have copied it already.
  4. Protest properly like they do in Germany for example. The fans didn’t agree with the league starting to play games on Monday nights. So pretty much fans of every club staged a protest. Most teams ultras completely boycotted a game on a said weekend. The league then agreed to reduce the amount of games that would be played on a Monday. For example do you think DC would continue with our pricing policy if en masse we all boycotted? Only my opinion of course. We just seem to happy to moan about things but then lie there getting out tummies tickled. I’d say I’m part of the problem, when DC first announced our prices I wrote to the club to complain. I only get to about 10-12 games a season because of where I live and my job. What did I do? Bought a season ticket even though I wouldn’t get to half the games....
  5. Completely agree. However there’s only one group of people that can try and force change and that’s supporters. Unfortunately as much as people moan they’re not willing to do anything about it.
  6. northeastowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Let’s be right we’re all buzzing with a point but that performance was dog poo.
  7. Got a strange feeling we are going to go a couple of goals up early on and then spend the rest of the game desperately trying to hang on.
  8. northeastowl

    Name That Tune

    Just reminds me of the second half of the mind the gap season derby game at Hillsborough.
  9. northeastowl

    home tickets

    At those prices in our current situation we’ll be lucky to get 200 tickets sold.
  10. northeastowl

    Interesting stat & shocking

    Completely agree.
  11. northeastowl

    Interesting stat & shocking

    Hamburg v St Pauli was on tele last month, 0-0 and one of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen. I went over to watch Koln last month whilst they were top of the league at home against bottom of the league, got beat 2-1. The quality in that league is pretty shocking to be honest but that’s what it’s it so close and interesting.
  12. northeastowl

    Interesting stat & shocking

    Wish I could plus this 100 times.
  13. northeastowl

    Interesting stat & shocking

    You only have to go and look and the Bundesliga.2 table now to see what kind of league it is. The team top of the league has a goal difference of +1.
  14. northeastowl

    U23s v Burnley (h)

  15. Let’s be right, if he told me it was raining outside I’d go and check.