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  1. Season Ticket Renewal

    If I had to renew tomorrow there’s no chance I would. Just don’t see the point in forking a grand out a year to go and sit there bored and coming home piseed off.
  2. It’s funny you’ve posted that. After we scored the equaliser the wife turned to me and said are you alright? I was like yeah why what’s up? She said you normally go mental when you score and you’ve just sat there and not flinched. Just fed up with it all. It’s so just flipping boring.
  3. Did we have one in the second half against Villa because I can’t remember one? If not that’s 4 full halves of football now without having a shot on target.
  4. Genuinely laughed at that. Need some humour like that in miserable times like these.
  5. Let's all just wait

    Right let’s accept we ain’t getting in the top two... I’ve got a genuine question for you. Do you believe CC is the right man to guide us to winning the play offs?
  6. Would be a decent stat if you couldn’t draw games.
  7. No Carlos, we really aren’t.
  8. The apparent "booing".

    Exactly what I was talking about with the arguement at half time. Football now for me is not the game I fell in love with going too. It was all about the atmosphere, win lose or draw you had a good time out at the match. You sang pretty much the whole way through and even if the game was poo you generally got 22 players giving it all for the cause of the club. For me I go to football for the atmosphere and the feeling of being in a large crowd roaring your team on. If I just wanted to watch the football then I would stay at home and watch it on tv and get the best view possible. I drive 180 mike round trip to each game on my own and this season I’m wondering why on Earth I’m doing it and have to force myself most of the time, I’ve even not bothered going 3 times this season because of how boring it is. People will say I’m not supporting the team by doing this but I’ve still bought my season ticket so the club have my money no matter what. I have started going to Germany twice a season to take in matches over there because it is just that much better. No team plays defensive football, the atmosphere is amazing, you can have a pint while watching etc. It gives me that feeling that I used to get watching on the kop 20 years ago or going to away games stood on terraces with like minded people. Now all I get when I go to Hillsborough is 85 minutes of silence and fans arguing with each other about who’s support is better, the ones who sit there in silence and won’t have a bad word said about the players or the ones who chant when something good happens but then give the players grief when they are not putting the effort in. As I said in a thread I started after the game Saturday, I can take us playing poo but I can’t put up with players bottling challenge after challenge. It cost me a hell of a lot of money to watch Wednesday through tickets and petrol but I don’t care about that because I do it because I love the club. But if the players arent putting in the required then fans have the choice to either voice their opinion or not bother going. If if there was something we could do about the atmosphere then it would help us no end and even if not we would enjoy our day out more. Unfortunately there are too many people that just aren’t interested and want to sit their in silence and attack people when they stand up or say something they don’t agree with. Its just not a pleasurable experience going to Hillsborough at the moment and I don’t think it will improve any time soon. Sorry for rambling it’s just something I feel very strongly about. The sport I fell in love with is dying if not dead already.
  9. The apparent "booing".

    Didn’t hear any boos on Saturday apart from a few at the final whistle. The crowd on Saturday was just flat as pancake as if the crowd have almost admitted that the football is going to be boring so what’s the point. Where I sit/stand most people were just chatting amongst mates and not even watching the match. The most entertaining thing was an arguement that lasted the whole of half time between fans who were annoyed at the negative football and the fans who dont like people criticising the club in any form. Forgot to add the biggest noise made was when Lee bottled a challenge resulting in them having a one on one with Westwood. Everyone around me went batshit mental.
  10. Interesting stat

    Always one who takes it too far.
  11. Guessing they haven’t been to Hillsborough recently. Id say it’s closer to the worst atmospheres in the country than the best.
  12. The atmosphere at Hillsborough isn’t even hostile in the slightest. Its just silent with bored fans sick of watching boring crap. Yes there were a few groans when players were shirking tackles and when Joao kept kicking the ball out of play but that’s it. A few boos at full time too but not many.
  13. Heart

    Bang on. Yesterday apart from Westwood who can really influence the game, not one player was willing to put his body on the line.
  14. Heart

    Agreed regarding Westwood, always been a bug bear of mine that one. Reach wasnt even the worst culprit today and that says something.
  15. Heart

    I can take us not winning, not playing very well and making mistakes. What I find hard to take is a total lack of heart. The amount of times our players bottled out of 50/50s today took the wee wee. There were players going in half hearted and even players pulling out of challenges. You have to earn the right to play your football lads, you can’t just swan about doing what you want.