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  1. I guess it depends how you read into it. For me Monk was making a point about him not wanting to play. If he wasn’t bothered he would have just said he was injured and not mention the fact there was nothing medically wrong with him. Interpretation.
  2. Monk saying there is nothing medically wrong with him.
  3. I’m really confused. I guess it’s got to be 442 with Reach at left back or 352 with Odubajo at centre half. Damn, Odubajo is dangerous at the best of times never mind at centre half.
  4. No red button games for the rest of the season.
  5. I would say lb/lwb and a rwb will be up there on our most important signings if Monk wants to play 532. In saying that it depends what league we will be in or what our ambitions are. L1 or happy with consolidation in the championship due to financial restraints then Penney and Odubajo/Harris would suffice.
  6. My sisters wedding day that. I can remember us all checking the scores on our phone in disbelief we’d gone 3-0 inside about 20 minutes.
  7. Looks I’m in the minority in wanting him to stay. He’s the only player we have who is worth the money to pay and watch.
  8. Is it legal not to give a refund? Disgraceful way to treat fans when players are earning what they do and that is paid for by the fans.
  9. He’s apparently been offered a deal that will quadruple his salary by Galatasary and that’s why he won’t play.
  10. Howson tweeted last night saying Hidalgo will be involved in the first team after impressing since going back to training.
  11. Yeah on the office side of things it was quite clear he has either been told he’s not allowed to say owt or he’s keeping his options open of coming back by not upsetting DC.
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