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  1. Got a feeling today is the second of four defeats in a row unfortunately. Hope im wrong but we don’t seem to be at the races. Our good early form was masked by the poor teams we have been beaten, all three of them will be fighting relegation I suspect.
  2. northeastowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Regarding your first comment grow up. In respect of my first ratings I just don’t get carried away either way. Reach didn’t do anything wrong just didn’t get involved in the right areas. Bannan played well and scored a great goal but didn’t run the game quite enough for me, Ryan Woods for them was better. We played average hence a load of middle of the road ratings.
  3. northeastowl

    Section prices

    Perfect point.
  4. northeastowl

    Section prices

    Bundesliga teams do it. For example sitting in the south lower would have 3/4 prices depending on where in the stand you sit. Two blocks either side of the half way line are really expensive, then further towards the goal line and higher up the stand you go it gets cheaper. A lot lot of people think the Bundesliga is cheap but that’s only if you buy standing tickets or if you sit high in the corners behind the goal. You can easily pay north of 80-90 euro for an average Bundesliga game.
  5. northeastowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 7. Made some great saves, not sure he could have done better with their 2 goals though. Palmer 6 Lees 7 Thorniley 6 Penney 6 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 7.5 Great goal and everything went through him today. Reach 6 Matias 6 Joao 7 Reach 6
  6. northeastowl

    Rowetts right.

    Not only is it brilliant being able to watch a player like Bannan on a match day but more importantly is that he guenuinely seems to love it here. All his interviews are full of comments about how welcome he feels here more than any other club he has been at and how he’d stay here for the rest of his career if he could. Not only does he say these things he backs it up with performances and signing new contracts. His passion today was second to none. He was bollocking players and coaching them at the right times.
  7. northeastowl

    Todays attendance

    I was one who didn’t renew my season ticket after 3 years however have been to more games this season than I did at this point last season and I’m going to the next two. Should have carried on with my season ticket really but hey ho. Me and Hodgy had this conversation in the car on the way home yesterday. There can’t have been more than 1000 tickets paid for yesterday for home fans. Rest of the attendance must have been season tickets and away fans. Like us there seems to be a lot of fans that travel a decent distance to get to games. Wish the people of Sheffield could get to more games but fully understand why they don’t with the ticket prices.
  8. Couldnt agree more. If a player is in an offside position he’s offside simple as that. No confusion.
  9. northeastowl

    Matt Penney

    Yesterday he seemed to have a massive lack of confidence, which is kind of understandable with him only having played a few competitive games. The amount of times he could have overlapped and caused a double up on their full back but didn’t was so frustrating. When he actually started doing it he caused them no end of problems. He just seemed to want to stand still and pass back to bannan all the time. It shows he can do it when he wants to but seems lacking in confidence. However on a more positive note I’ve never see a left back so effective at stopping crosses.
  10. northeastowl

    Having Slept on it...

    He didn’t necessarily do anything wrong he just didn’t do anything. He tries to get involved in the wrong areas running around to much. He’d be better waiting in space and then making runs at the right time. Not good or creative enough to play as a number 10.
  11. northeastowl

    What does this achieve

    It’s just banter...
  12. northeastowl

    Away games are the place to be

    I have mate. I would say VP is worse. It’s lieterally about 4/5 feet wide with toilets opposite the kiosks.
  13. northeastowl

    Away games are the place to be

    Yeah it’s easily the worst/most dangerous away end I’ve been to.
  14. northeastowl

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    I can remember leaving my seat with about a minute of stoppage time to go and walked from Lep end of the north concourse to the kop end watching it on the tv as I walked down. As we we got to the edge of the box I ran up the stairs quickly back into the seats just as Lee controlled and finished it. Place went mental hugging everyone in sight and people running on pitch from corner of the kop. Moments like that make football.
  15. northeastowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It would be the fairest way to do it however people have started buying tickets for games they aren’t even going to go to if tickets are cheap enough. Also there has been a massive increase on people giving their IDs away on Facebook twitter etc to ensure they are getting points. The club would never do it but the only way to stop it is to do what Englandfans do.