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  1. I think if buy them online now you can collect them tomorrow night at Bolton. I’m doing the same, just messaged the ticket office now to confirm this.
  2. No.10 looks a decent prospect, big, strong, quick and quite technical.
  3. You can’t underestimate how important tomorrow nights game is. Lose and it’s most likely season over which to be fair is what we all expected in January time anyway. However if we win tomorrow we are then 4 off the play offs but more important just think about how much confidence that will give the players. Momentum is massively hard to stop once it gets going and the good thing for us is no one around us has any momentum at the minute, everyone is doing their best to throw it away.
  4. Won’t matter, there won’t be any piggies left in the ground when Fletcher puts in his third on the 80th minute.
  5. Stop singing 32 year olds and the number of injuries might reduce. Abdi and Boyd have had about 27 injuries between the two of them.
  6. I’ll be having a few quid on that. Brentford are shockingly bad away from home.
  7. We went 451 in my opinion. Iorfa replaced Palmer at right back. Reach went to attacking cm and Palmer went rm.
  8. I’d ask him if he had Bruce’s number and spend the half hour on the phone to him.
  9. I didn’t notice him all game, that for me means he was great and just got on with his job without making it all about him.
  10. He’s been great since Jos left. I was adamant he needed replacing however based on his performances since Christmas time I’m more than happy with him as our right back.
  11. Fantastic performance all round apart from maybe going too negative for the last 20 minutes but it worked to be fair. Lazaar man of the match for me especially to say it was his debut, didn’t put a foot wrong. Westwood 7 Palmer 7 Lees 7 Hector 8 Lazaar 9 Reach 8 Aarons 7 Bannan 7 Hutchinson 8 Joao 6 Fletcher 7
  12. We need more than a big shake up. We have too many players that are happy picking up their wages and don’t want to put any effort in. We need to clear the decks and start again. However I’m worried that an embargo is going to stop this happening and we are going to end up in the massive poo this summer. Hope I’m wrong and we can give Bruce the money he needs to sort this poo out.
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