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  1. Wednesday in debt

    Makes some sense then. Still if DC is as minted as thought then he could have just paid outright?
  2. Wes Foderingham

    Weatwood is in a different league to Foderingham so would be a big step backwards to let KW leave.
  3. Wednesday in debt

    Why would we take a mortgage out against the buildings? DC is supposed to have plenty of cash and this kind of work doesn’t go towards FFP does it? Seems abit strange.
  4. First time post. Bit of info

    He isn’t signing for Benfica... However he may well be playing for Benfica next season .
  5. Nothing wrong with letting the other team dominate possession as long as when we get it we do something with it. Something Carlos’ could have learnt from to be honest. There is no point having 70% possession when you are just passing it about the back four.
  6. His passing and vision is second to none. The only thing I think he has in his locker but doesn’t utilise is his ability to drive the ball and team forward. When you watch him chase back he is deceptively quick but he doesn’t use this going forward. If he did he would bring a new string to our bow.
  7. Wolves ticket details

    Derby dont travel well at all though. Apart from Burton and Forest I’d be surprised if they’ve sold out another away game all season. Never bring many to Hillsborough considering the distance and that they are generally in play positions. We would easily take double to PP than they bring here if we got enough tickets.
  8. Season Ticket question

    It will be a free for all when they go back on sale. But I’m sure if you rang up and bought yours as soon as they go back on sale you’d keep your seats.
  9. First visit to the KFC yday

    If you’ve been what’s it like at the races? Like to go racing and Beverley is one track I haven’t been to. Good place for a few beers before and after?
  10. Form Table - last 29 games.

    The first season under CC no one respected us so we’re coming to Hillsborough expecting to win. That played to our advantage as we were smashing teams on the counter. Towards the end of that season teams were learning to sit back. This carried on for the rest of Carlos’ tenure. I believe teams aren’t respecting us again and are expecting to come here and beat us. Hopefully with teams will continue to do this next season and with all our players back fully fit and a couple of new players and we start beating teams at homw again.
  11. First visit to the KFC yday

    Had one at Hillsborough the other week before going to speedway at Owlerton. Chicken wasn’t too greasy and had a decent coating on. Gravy was of a quality thickness. Customer service was a little lacking however so will give it a solid 7/10 rating.
  12. We’ve got two ways of doing it or should I say DC has two ways of doing it. The first being sticking to FFP or P&S or whatever they want to call it this season. That means selling anyone we can even our better players and replacing them with cheaper alternatives. Going by our accounts last year we are going to break the rules we need to save money this year, we can’t even afford to spend what we let go whether that be in wages or transfer costs. The second option is to say fizz it to FFP and just go for it like Wolves have done. The only difference is because of Mendes, Wolves could attract players/manager that pretty much guarenteed promotion. Could we attract these kind of players? The answer is no in my opinion. Therefore we’d better going for option one however the survey results as others have referred to say DC is going to keep on spending to current levels. That will not only lead to FFP being breached and an embargo put in place but I also believe the current levels of spend won’t get us up.
  13. Hang on...you had to register to attend?