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  1. Correct. The criticism from Boro fans was always his inability to run and tackle. Brilliant on the ball/set pieces but not so much the effort side of things. The funniest thing is, his set pieces are second to none, but Bannan won’t let him take anything.
  2. I’ve been banging on about this for years. The players mentalities are weak as ********. It’s clear as day this season alone that as soon as we concede a goal we just give up and don’t have a clue what to do. Morecombe, Plymouth and yesterday, as soon as they score the players just look completely clueless as to what to do next.
  3. He hasn’t got the legs or desire to play in central midfield. He either plays as a 10 or we shouldn’t play him at all. The issue with playing him as a 10 is he won’t get the ball as Bannan always wants to play the Hollywood ball over the top or out wide.
  4. Having watched him play for boro loads and loads of times I can tell you he’s a number 10. The central role in a 3 behind the striker is perfect for him. Play him in centre mid and it won’t work. He hasn’t got the legs
  5. BPF 6 - Not much to do but at fault for their goal. Hunt 4 - Absolutely dreadful on the ball. Either have it away or turned around and passed backwards. Iorfa 5 - Poor game today. Dunkley 3 - This bloke really can’t play football, he makes Tom Lees look cool calm and collected. Palmer 6 - Played well first half, not so in the second half. Needs to play right back or not at all as he’s got no left fault and affects is going forward. Aderinan 5 - Poor game today. Hutchinson 6 - Was going he would shore up the midfield but didn’t really do it. Berahino 7 - Decent first 20 minutes. Got his goal, should have got a second. Tired. Bannan 4 - missed the penalty that probably would have won us the game, couldn’t even get it on target. His free kicks and corners were poo all game too. Needs dragging off the set pieces for the next match. Shodipo 7 - Our brightest spark. Had his full back on toast most of the game but tired out second half. MoM. Gregory 5. Didn’t really do owt. What the **** DM was doing putting Kamberi on the wing? Absolutely baffling. On the whole today was the day we needed to right our wrongs and it went to poo. The players mentality is all wrong. From condensing the equaliser every single one of them lost their heads and played poo for the rest of the match.
  6. Putting Kamberi on the wing….. DM is seriously making me wonder about his tactics now.
  7. I presume the data isn’t going to be openly available but I’d love to know the running distance and sprint stats for our players compared to Plymouth on Saturday. Especially for midfielders.
  8. The players are telling us they’re a title winning team, nothing to do with my opinion. You’re not a title winning team unless you’re willing to work as hard as the opposition, on Saturday we didn’t. We have a massive squad of very good league 1 level players. Will DM be able to get them to gel into a team is the question. It’s early days but he’s struggling so far.
  9. Bielsa at Leeds is still abit old school when it comes to this. He prefers a small squad to play with knowing that all the players know their job and doesn’t leave room for unhappy players who won’t play. Will only sign players if they are better than they have in the current position. He also doesn’t change his starting XI unless he has too.
  10. Good effort for him to extend twice in one day. Im a-bit old for that now.
  11. It’s the players who need to stop believing in their own hype. They're the ones coming out in interviews saying we are going to win the league and when we click we will batter teams. Unfortunately lads when you can’t be arsed to put the effort in and have the right mental attitude then you won’t achieve anything. I know they might argue it’s a one off but title winning teams don’t do that. They don’t go to mid table teams and get spanked 3-0 with little effort/fight. And in saying effort/fight i don’t mean the type like Hutchinson who gets a yellow but smashing someone 5 seconds after the whistle has gone because he’s lost his head.
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