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  1. Quite difficult when two of your best players can’t play for whatever reason.
  2. Defeat. The way we are playing I can’t see anything else unless we find a performance from somewhere out of the blue.
  3. It’s one thing I always throwback to the fans thy we say we’ve got lots of money just not allowed to spend it. If that was true then we would spend money on improving things we are allowed to like the training facilities.
  4. How many of those did your 10 year season ticket last for?
  5. Yeah I’m serious or I wouldn’t have said it. It’s not the first time these specific players have caused problems with the squad and I’ve had enough of it. Get rid of them ASAP.
  6. You don’t make someone train with the kids and tell them to stay away from the first team because of their age and injury record.
  7. Only rumours but Westwood was apparently pretending to be injured so he didn’t have to go on the bench after being dropped and Hutch had a scrap with Monk before setting off for the Barnsley game (numerous witnesses).
  8. I wouldn’t even have them training with the u23s. Make them train on their own or tell them to stay at home. If Monk doesn’t want them around his first team squad the kids shouldn’t have to put up with them either. Be interesting to hear what Bates has done wrong.
  9. You’ll still get fans blaming the fans though and sticking up for DC.
  10. Yeah possibly, haven’t really heard any team news since the Luton game. I’d put Lee in then. Would play Bannan but he needs to be taught a lesson.
  11. Doesn’t really matter who plays to be honest it’s the tactics and lack of any form of plan that is my biggest issue.
  12. I’d go. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Windass Da Cruz Fessi Harris Wickham
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