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  1. Yep. Thought we weren’t going to get there for a while but on train now.
  2. Agree with this. When we replaced Jos we could have replaced him with basically anyone and it was better than what we had before. The problem we’ve got here is DC got the perfect man in Bruce, now he’s gone where do you go from here? It ain’t going to be easy. For me I would do my best to get a young up and coming boss, I’d go for Arteta or GVB but would they come? I feel for DC here because he’s got his work cut out and probably can’t win.
  3. He played well for about 70 minutes of his whole time with us. No hardship.
  4. Erm...Is there a subliminal message somewhere?
  5. Hope not, his Schalke team play some of the most boring turgid football I’ve ever seen. He nearly managed to get the relegated last season with a very good team.
  6. Read this earlier on twitter. It does make you think why Bruce seems so desperate to go after reading that. He’d be going there on less money albeit with a decent bonus for keeping them up. He’s got next to no money to spend with a very poor team likely to go down. The fans don’t want him there and will let him know they. The fans are already protesting against Arsenal and Bruce joining them will only make the protests worse. He’s on a hiding to nothing, I just don’t get it.
  7. If he’s not then he needs to get here pretty sharpish.
  8. Dom is there with the team and still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.
  9. Really don’t get this if it’s true. Why waste such a high wage on a player who surely won’t get in the team when Hutch is fit.
  10. The wife’s sister is moving to Freiburg in September for a year for Uni. Is it easy enough to get tickets for the games there as I’ve noticed it’s only a really small stadium? Will probably go over 2/3 times.
  11. If money plays a part then it’s a lot cheaper to fly into Bremen than it is direct to Hamburg. Hotel when we booked was about 75 per night for a double/twin. Cheers for the info on the Hamburg game. Will probably go to that as I’ve done St Pauli but not Hamburg before.
  12. Where you staying? There’s 3 of us staying at the Baseler Hof which is next to the train station. There’s quite a few on my twitter going so I reckon there will be a fair few of us out there.
  13. Correct. PM me if you need any help.
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