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  1. It's going to be poor, we are playing league 1 football. We are playing the likes of Fleetwood, Cheltenham etc. Doesn't exactly the heart racing. This year on the most part the football has been exciting, imagine what it would have been like if we struggled this year.
  2. Agree with this especially the last part. The football often ruins the day out but that's because we care. I've been watching a lot of non league football this season and the best thing about it is after the full time whistle you go back to the pub and you don't really care what's just happened so you're in a great mood no matter what. When the owls lose you're pissed off, but that's because we care, not because we hate the club. Emotions run high especially after a game. I'm sure any genuine owls who slate the club have a real reason to do so, oh and that we are from Yorkshire so are born miserable and negative.
  3. For once our fans need to lose this attitude and just go mental for 90 minutes. Get behind them no matter how it's going, rather than expecting the players to wake the crowd up.
  4. This. If the game was the other way round I would see that as opportunity missed a would be fearing the worst. I think we will win the match by 1 as a minimum on Monday, more than confident we will make it through All 4 sides of the ground screaming us on will be the difference. Get one and I reckon they will crumble.
  5. Was a good atmosphere. I was on the half way line so bang in the middle of the two fans. Sunderland were loud and it was good to see the whole ground getting involved in the chanting not just a section of fans. Our fans were great first half but understandably quiet second half. Hillsborough will be better on Monday though I'll guarantee that.
  6. For me being 1-0 down is a fantastic result. Especially how things were looking just after half time, could easily have been 3-0 down and almost game over. The last 20 minutes Sunland were knackered which gives us hope for Monday. I think we will win, but it might go down to ET and even pens.
  7. It's not efl guidelines. People just make poo up and it spreads.
  8. No idea if true or mate as was on twitter Saturday night, but someone posted he had broken his leg.
  9. Had a chat and picture with him in Hamburg when over for the pre season tour a few years ago when Bruce buggered off to Newcastle. Really sound bloke who genuinely loves the club, don't get many players like that nowadays.
  10. Now it's clear why our home atmospheres are so bad after reading this thread.
  11. Cvnts. Was looking forward to both of these and now will be neither.
  12. Category A. £27 for the cheapest ticket. That's just too expensive for a midweek league 1 fixture. As someone else has posted above you can easily watch all the games from the comfort of your home for £50-£60 a season.
  13. Why would anyone feel the need to throw anything at an official? It might not be green street but its pathetic.
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