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  1. He’d become our best player by an absolute mile. Wages would be an issue mind.
  2. Quite a lot of people on twitter claiming this. Not a reliable source but we will see.
  3. Couldn’t really care, just ignored it and carried on as normal. Not sure why anyone is really bothered by it, life is too short.
  4. I know confidence can play wonders on a players performance but I honestly just think he hasn’t got it anymore. At first when we signed him I thought he was really clever buying fouls all the time by going down when anyone went near him however I know think he does it because he knows he can’t get away from any defender no matter how slow they are. As you say Fletcher and Hooper aren’t pacey however they can put themselves about , hold the ball up well and can run quick enough to get into space when they’ve got the ball. Rhodes either falls over or gets caught by defenders even with a decent head start, the poor lad literally can’t run anymore. When I say modern football I just mean the style of play. Gone are the days mostly where you could have a goal hanger who just stood in the box waiting for chances. Especially us as we just ain’t good enough to have a player who offers nothing other than he might finish the odd chance. Football is all about opinions, everyone is entitled to them and having an opinion doesn’t make me right. It’s just my opinion that he ain’t effective enough. Drop him to league 1 and I think you might make a player of him again.
  5. No he’s too pedestrian for modern football. I’d do my best to loan him out again. If it fit in with P&S I’d let him go permanently.
  6. This could get messy. P&S does need sorting out once and for all though, the way it currently works isn’t sustainable. We are going to get to a point where every club is affected by it or clubs stop spending and the product will fade.
  7. I might feel different to other fans but I am absolutely sick of players neshing out of tackles/headers etc. Bannan is one of the main culprits of this. It’s been going on since the Carlos days and I’ve had enough of it now. I can be sure SB won’t settle for it either.
  8. “We” go to watch Benfica every week, it’s just someone blagging a freebie.
  9. Anyone got the red button working? Can’t find it on any of the channels?
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