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  1. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    I'm guessing these are lower tier? Upper to released after these sell out? I thought Bolton had decent priced tickets, wasn't expecting it to be that much!
  2. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I'm fine and will be like that until I go to bed Saturday night. The minute I get in bed it's all I'll be able to think about, no chance of any sleep.
  3. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Better than most poster's on here.
  4. Caption This

    "Oi Carlos, United have just lost to Norwich and Wilder is blaming the coach driver"
  5. Caption This

    "No really, your lot at the sty were singing Sheffield Wednesday we're coming for you"
  6. iFollow

    Did they say when they introduced this? I purchased using my uk debit card yesterday and worked fine.
  7. One thing holding us back

    If we had abit of pace in the second half we would have won that 2 or 3-0. The amount of times we broke 2 on 2 then had to turn around because we didn't have the pace cost us.
  8. Van aken

    It says something that he actually outshines Tom Lees.
  9. Westwood

    Looks that way to me too. Already made 3 big errors this season.
  10. It's a shame. At one point we were 2 points off top, 4 points above Boro and above the pigs.
  11. iFollow

    Mine kept cutting out. Whether that's to do with VPN or not I don't know. Also stream quality kept weakening every know and then too.
  12. Quality

    Really surprised me does that. Feels like this happens all too often.
  13. Quality

    Played brilliantly today. Just wish we went to kill the game instead of sitting back! We must have one of the highest rates of going 1 up and not winning.
  14. iFollow

    Aye. Ive managed to sign in today and buy the match pass without any issues! Let's see if it works at 3pm.
  15. iFollow

    I guess there's no point buying the game for tomorrow then if they've clamped down on the ip usage?