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  1. Isn’t Benfica’s Manager our ex assistant?
  2. I guess it’s about opinions but I wouldn’t agree with both going forward as when we lose the ball you’ve got too many bodies committed. I’d much prefer one sitting and picking up the bits where needed if the opposition break.
  3. Yeah I do think the problem is Bannan mainly. In a two man midfield you need one to sit and the other to push forward when we have the ball. Of the two of them you’d expect Hutch to be the one to sit as a DM so whoever plays with him needs to go forward. Unfortunately it’s not in Bannans game to join in with attacks, how often do you see him picking up a loose ball on the edge of the box and having a shot?
  4. IMO we can’t play with a two because when fit the two picked are always Bannan and Hutch and both of them get a nose bleed if they go in the oppositions half. If we are to play a two then Luongo or Lee have to play. I personally think the big problem with playing a 2 is Bannan. No presence, strength or tackling ability. Don’t get me wrong he’s got his strengths however it’s like playing with 1 in midfield.
  5. Hes already said he’s leaving Rio Ave at the end of the season with the hope of coming back to England.
  6. And Gary Monk is now the bookies favourite.
  7. Something looked quite obviously wrong on Saturday especially in that second half. Bannan spent most of the game screaming at players for doing things wrong, there was one instance where he was going mental at Iorfa and Borner. Don’t get me wrong he was captain on Saturday but you can’t go round screaming at everyone when you’re doing naff all yourself. Then you had the KW distribution issue (which happens every game btw). Players looking at each other like there was no game plan whatsoever. However when the chips started going down in the second half, rather than everyone rallying together and putting more effort in, we just completely gave up. Its something that has happened far too often since this group of players came in. Unfortunately LB has his work cut out, he is starting his managerial career and managers with a lot more experience have struggled with the same issue with these players. Saturday reminded me of that 3-0 drubbing at the hands of Burton Albion under LB a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think LB is the man for the job however the experienced players in this squad should be doing far more than they currently are and take more responsibility. I am still fuming with Bannan’s contribution on Saturday and we are 48 hours down the road.
  8. I agree there a few issues at Hillsborough when we play certain teams however you coming on here giving us grief is a bit rich when you look at what goes off at your ground.
  9. It’s full of really good individual granules but put it all together and it just doesn’t work.
  10. Not sure what you’re on about with that point as I haven’t even mentioned Steve Bruce. My thoughts on Bruce are quite clear though, he’s one of the main reasons we are in this mess in the first place.
  11. I wouldn’t expect him to know anything about football, until he bought us he had no experience in it did he? However as someone who has ploughed over £100m into the business you’d think he might employ a few people to help him out.
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