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  1. You would think so yes. As I say it’s only my take on the wording of the efl statement. To me it reads that they are unhappy with how we’ve put it in the books not how much we’ve sold it for.
  2. No. The way I’m reading it (might be wrong) is that we sold our stadium in 2019 but put it in the 2018 account so in other words falsified the books. That’s just my take on it though.
  3. Going to get the book thrown at us good and proper here.
  4. They didn’t sell their stadium after the accounts year finished.
  5. I agree with the ticket prices being absolutely ridiculous and fair play to anyone that pays for potd tickets (Im included in this). However the prices don’t have much correlation to the atmosphere in my opinion it’s just that the fans can’t be arsed anymore unless it’s a big game and unfortunately we don’t have many of them anymore with most away teams bringing a couple of hundred who are situated about 300 miles from home fans. Us as fans need to do more and give the team something to feed off. Away from home we are pretty special but at home no one seems arsed. The few who do try to get the atmosphere going give up pretty sharpish when no one joins in. I had my season ticket on the North but have more changed to buying potd tickets on the kop as it makes it slightly more affordable. The atmosphere was alright for most games on the North but the kop is such a soulless place most games. There’s about 50 or so at the back who try but no one joins in. The atmosphere of going to a game in real life was so exciting growing up, now it’s just going to watch the game so may as well stay at home and watch on tv or the pub which a lot of people have started doing.
  6. My point was Joeys corners yesterday were worse than Potters.
  7. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to let him take our corners today. Didn’t beat the first man all day, reminded me of the old crab at his peak. If I have to watch him take another corner in my lifetime I’m going to gauge my eyes out. Rant over.
  8. I agree with the OP on this. Although the didn’t do anything spectacular he did look back to his old self buzzing around the pitch being a pest and winning us clever fouls. There have been plenty of times when he looks completely disinterested but today definitely wasn’t one of them.
  9. If true then that’s stupid. I’m guessing a lot of people would take up this offer to by their kids kits for Christmas. If you then can’t use the vouchers next year to get them another one then what’s the point?
  10. Does anyone know if he played in the apparent behind closed doors game on Tuesday?
  11. Yeah you have to be subscribed to Sky. Either through Sky direct or Virgin Media.
  12. Red button won’t work until 5 minutes before kick off. Go on channel 503 then press the red button.
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