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  1. Got to agree with this. When he has the ball or challenging for it he looks really good but most of the time he looks like he can’t be arsed and doesn’t want to be out there. I was watching some of his off the ball work last night and he didn’t seem up for it.
  2. Erm not many, mainly because we didn’t have any shots.
  3. After listening to Monk’s post match interview this morning I found myself a little confused. He said that he thinks we were off the pace on the first half and the performance wasn’t where he expects it to be. Then he went on to say that we were much better in the second half. In my opinion we were brilliant first half and but for a couple of individual errors we probably deserved to be winning at half time. Second half we huffed and puffed but had literally no quality going forward whatsoever. In the first half you could see what Hunt was trying to do playing qui
  4. I think we will comfortably stay up, without the deduction i think we would have been fighting for the play offs. The squad we have out together isn’t the most talented but it will definitely outwork most teams in this league. How long have we been asking for that?
  5. Wildsmith Harris Palmer Flint JVA Reach Bannan Luongo Windass marriott brown
  6. The ball is in Bannan’s court. If he wants to go he can either try and force it through or he goes for free next summer and he gets a nice signing on fee. If you were Bannan would you rather go to Brentford and fight for promotion or stay here and fight to stay up.
  7. For me he’s either got to sign a new contract or be sold.
  8. We are going to end up in poo creek aren’t we. I thought the bloke was minted, got money that he’s not allowed to spend etc......
  9. That’s because all the players are involved in the first team.
  10. Don’t think it’s about the late accounts because he spoke about that before bringing this up as another issue. ”Theres some new news due about about Wednesday, the only thing I can tell you is l can’t tell you anything about it. In my opinion it’s not good news”. Who knows....
  11. I wonder if football clubs are are now realising they do actually need fans?
  12. For me as I’ve stated previously he’s got to play at LWB. He’s our only natural left footed wing back and gives us the balance we need. Don’t get me wrong Harris is a good player but we lose the balance when Penney isn’t there. Monk can play who he wants at RWB as he has loads of options but please leave LWB alone. Unless you’re going to bring someone new in.
  13. Good luck with that one. I reckon we are the slowest team in the country at taking throw ins.
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