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  1. To be fair I'm loving the way we are playing since the Accy game. Must rather play like this and draw a game than play like we did before hand. At least its fun to watch. Play like we have the last 3 games and we will win more than not and it will be entertaining while we do it.
  2. We can't even get warm water in the bogs mate I wouldnt expect the cctv to work
  3. He's a very clever player. Always gets his body between the ball and defenders and looks to let others feed off him or wins a free kick. Far far better than Berahino.
  4. I'm starting to enjoy playing the "what formation are we playing today" game when the team is announced. Baffled again.
  5. Getting pissed in the pub before the match, the rest of the experience is horrendous at present. Away games are a different story some times. I've started watching my non league club alot more. £10 to get in, £2.50 for a Stella which you can drink while you watch the match. Can move around the ground at will and have a laugh with the away fans. Played FCUM yesterday and atmosphere was unbelievable.
  6. Not only is he poo , he doesn't look slightly interested. I don't see what DM is doing on this one.
  7. When Hutch, Luongo, Iorfa, Byers and Windass are back in the team it will make a massive difference. They are 5 massive players to be missing. Especially Hutch and Iorfa, would make us a he'll if a lot stronger at that back and will make winning games easier.
  8. Not sure it'll be in the contract or not because that would cause massive issues but I'm pretty sure players will be told what game time they will get before signing. I'm sure Wing said in an interview when he signed that Moore had told him what part he was going to play in the team, expected tactics and position. For me permanent players are different you've got to earn a start, with loans it's more likely you're going to get a problem if the player isn't playing.
  9. I'd be on the side of the players original club on this one. The only reasons you loan a player out are to develop them with guaranteed game time or to get them off the wabe bill. In the players we have loaned it surely is only the first option. If you were a manager you wouldn't loan your player out if he wasn't going to play, what's the point? I would expect most loan deals have clauses in which state they have got to play so many games or they will be recalled. I don't understand why managers bring in loan players, rave about them, then don't play them. On the agents side of things they won't want their player not playing for obvious reasons. If they are owned by the club club fair enough they've got to earn that start. If they are on loan then it's only natural that the agent will want them recalling to their parent club and sending somewhere else. If we are talking about Theo, I bet he would play every game for 95% of clubs on this division. Why would Wolves let him sit on our bench when he could be playing every week. I know this has changed recently and he has started playing.
  10. They aren't. He's out injured. Just because the club haven't told you doesn't mean it isn't true.
  11. I'm not surprised it's not working out with his attitude/effort issues. I am surprised how poo he is though. Literally useless, don't know what DM sees.
  12. Gone from potentially having an upgrade to potentially having no ground.
  13. Yeah but we've got a sports psychologist doing a fantastic job.
  14. What's annoying is he clearly wanted to play 4231 when you look at his signings. Now when he does play it he puts a striker out there. What was the point in signing wingers.
  15. If it is 433 and Paterson is on the wing then it just proves DM has no clue what to do with the squad. He's got a million winners he's brought in and players a striker out wide. (Yeah I know some one is going to come and defend DM but save your comments).
  16. You just know this is going to 3-5-2 with Johnson at CB and Shodipo at WB. Got a really bad feeling about today.
  17. For me personally it's because he's now started talking utter drivel. Last season he wasn't going to be questioned as it wasn't his squad and the situation he inherited was awful. However he had the summer to rebuild, brought in his own new squad and does g have a clue what to do with it. He's now coming out and defending what he's doing, but it's making him look like a clown. He'd be better off just shutting up rather than chatting rubbish in his interviews.
  18. Jesus Christ, Darren. You do realise we all have eyes don't you?
  19. Here they come the resident defend the club at all costers....
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