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  1. hasthagotanycheese

    The City Is Theirs

    No it isnt and it never will be. Remember they were only created so that Bramall Lane had regular usage after we moved to Olive Grove. They use our old ground, they use our old nickname. They are like the snotty nosed little brother that wears your tatty old hand me downs with a massive inferiority complex. We have been in existence longer, won more trophies, get bigger support, played in Europe, have a bigger ground, have never been in the 4th Division. They are coming up to the 100th anniversary of not having put a single major prize in their trophy cabinet. How can this city be theirs? Wilder is doing a cracking job at the moment with his collection of league 1 players and has pulled together a competitive championship team at a fraction of the cost of our collection of expensive crocks, so they are clearly in the ascendancy. However things can change round rapidly in football..........form is temporary, class is permanent.
  2. hasthagotanycheese

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    More pensive than nervous.
  3. hasthagotanycheese

    When is enough - enough?

    When we appointed David Pleat. That was me done.
  4. hasthagotanycheese

    Chansiri kicking off

    who is going to buy?
  5. hasthagotanycheese

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Come in Ginger Mourinho
  6. hasthagotanycheese

    Atmosphere today

    78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide
  7. hasthagotanycheese

    Penney Signs New Deal

    The deal will only be small change compared to the big earners.
  8. hasthagotanycheese

    Where is Fernando?

    Get your stab vest on if you are visiting that place. It is well naughty when the whoops are getting reduced after 630 in the evening. If you can get past the granny's and the gangs of Roma then you might get yourself a bargain.
  9. hasthagotanycheese

    The money we've spent!

    At least they will wipe down nice and easily. Just a bit of warm water & soap and any nasty residue's will be gone.
  10. hasthagotanycheese

    The pressure is on...

    Its already the fans fault
  11. hasthagotanycheese

    If the Chairman agreed.

    The chairman spent 40 million quid to buy us and has probably poured in at least similar amount funding the team since then. Is there anybody out there who would want to spend that kind of dosh on a poor championship team like us, probably not. So we are basically stuck with DC.
  12. hasthagotanycheese

    This is how we line up

  13. hasthagotanycheese

    Fernando injured

    Funny that, he was out jogging round Thorncliffe Estate yesterday.
  14. hasthagotanycheese


    80 to 20 percent is pretty close actually, we are clearly a deeply split fanbase. I am going to moan until we get another vote and suggest that only London Owls opinions are taken into account. Obviously every one of the 80 % is either stupid, an ill educated bigot or dont know what they are voting for. Going to tweet Nick Clegg and Gina Miller to get this whole thing re-run when the majority of the 80 % have died off.
  15. hasthagotanycheese

    Doing it the right way

    Any more puns like that and I'm going to call the Coppers.