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  1. Consilio et Animis - really?

    People called Romanes they go the house?
  2. Rate jos so far?

    Hmmm.....that implies a fair bit of xenophobia in some of the contributors here and I'm not sure thats correct (apart from the occasional knuckle dragger or WUM). As I said in my original post, I just think that the bloke needs a bit of time and patience. Even if Jos was a little green man from Mars and brought success to S6 I think that 99.99% of Owls would be happy with him.
  3. Rate jos so far?

    Ive got to say that I think that he has done reasonably well, given the situation he inherited. Dont get all the negativity towards Jos at the moment. Its not like that we have never been beaten at Millwalll before. The bloke is going to need time and patience in order to get the right players in place and develop us into a promotion candidate again. Can anybody how awful Megson's first few months were and what the following season brought?
  4. Worst man of the match award ever?

    Wonder if Thistle use a Calzoneal marking system? Deep pans on the opposition dough.
  5. Acca for today

    Just got 45-1 on Billy Hills with Bet Boost
  6. Venancio "I love Sheffield and this club"

    Not Scottish or injury prone enough for us.
  7. Attendance - 72,841 at Hillsborough!

    SAG obviously not around in them days then.
  8. Glenn Loovens collects flag from Ken Cooke

    One of the casketeers. How I miss going to the Cutlers Hall for an evening of boardroom entertainment with Bernard, Uncle Dave, Ken Cooke and super Bob's magic calculator.
  9. Where can you see the Wednesday ground from?

    If you go down to the bottom of Herries Road, you cant miss it.
  10. Yes it was here, next door to a shop that used to sell 2nd (nicked) cameras and electrical goods, think it was called Galaxie. Basically the top of the car park at the side of the courthouse.
  11. So sad to see so many pubs gone by the wayside, used to love a night down Shalesmoor followed by a ruby in the Shalimar
  12. Michel Kramer

    Is it Oh brother where art thou?
  13. Does that mean that he is going to be re-opening his toyshop?