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  1. In virtually every big decision during his ownership Chansiri has made the wrong call. I dont expect that to change anytime soon, so you can guarantee what needs to be done wont be done. Moore will remain in post until its way too late and another season will be a write off.
  2. Lump on them then. We always end teams bad runs.
  3. Chansiri put Moore in position, so ultimately he is responsible. The position the club finds itself in at the moment is entirely down to the owners utter incompetence and poor decision making.
  4. Its a terribly long winded way of saying that we have been whank for the last 3 seasons. As long as we have pillocks in key roles then it will continue. Dont invest in bitcoin, just lump on Wednesday to concede in the last 10 minutes.
  5. It all comes down to having competent people in the key roles at the club. From the owner downwards we dont have them. The club is an absolute shambles from top to bottom. Until that changes then we are gojng nowhere fast.
  6. I suppose that its one way to rid ourself of the clueless Thai golden elephant botherer.
  7. A number of things need to happen before we are even in a position to think about top flight football. These are: 1. A competent owner. 2. A competent CEO. 3. A competent manager with a proven track record of success. As these things are not going to transpire for the foreseeable future, we will just have to settle for rattling around in the 2nd & 3rd tiers.
  8. I would just settle for an owner that knows what they are doing rather than a complete nincompoop.
  9. You can argue till you are blue in the face quite frankly. Bruce's track record in his managerial career stands up against all the other incumbents of the S6 hotseat during the Chansiri period. He isnt my cup of tea personally but the fact that he is the only one of our ex managers to be still managing in Englands top flight is a big clue that he's a fairly decent manager.
  10. Probably the best manager that Chansiri has employed at S6.
  11. He would have jumped ship at the next opportunity that came along after the bar codes job. He saw the clusterphook that is the Chansiri regime up close and personal and decided to get the frick as far away from it as possible.
  12. Makes as much sense as one of Darren Moore's interviews. Throw in a few Errms, yeah but no's & pelanty's and you couldn't tell the difference.
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