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  1. hasthagotanycheese

    My epic story

    Did you stick your tongue in the hole?
  2. hasthagotanycheese

    Carlos Carvalhal says he's back on the market

    Found out 17 times in 19 seasons. Thats quite some record there fella, hop on your Besiktas Morphocycle and do one back to Portugal please.
  3. hasthagotanycheese

    Man city v Sheffield Wednesday 1984

    Thought that I'd seen it on youtube somewhere:
  4. hasthagotanycheese

    Man city v Sheffield Wednesday 1984

    Went straight over Alex William's head into the top corner. I was there that day and my abiding memory is being stood behind the Kippax after the match and lumps of concrete raining down from the Citeh fans over the wall. How nobody got seriously hurt is beyond me.
  5. hasthagotanycheese

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    My forgotten 11 (in no particular order) Colin Walker, O Neill Donaldson, Tony Simmons, Adem Poric, John Lowey, Iain Hesford, Paul Shirtliff, Gavin Oliver, Charlie Williamson, Gordon Simmonite, Trevor Matthewson.
  6. Whens it going to be available on wax cylinder or as a shellac 78?
  7. hasthagotanycheese

    Hector Signs

    Nope, he is actually signing (the language for deaf puppets). This sign means "Boom! signed for Wednesday"
  8. hasthagotanycheese

    Hector Signs

  9. hasthagotanycheese


    What, the musical? How did he get tickets? its the hottest show on the West End right now.
  10. hasthagotanycheese

    Forestieri incident at Mansfield

    Because its like the old empty barn.
  11. hasthagotanycheese

    Forestieri warm up watch.

    Scoff the curry then straight back to Spooneys for more lager............simples.
  12. hasthagotanycheese

    Tonight’s line up

    You dont get irony do you hunny bunny?
  13. hasthagotanycheese

    Tonight’s line up

  14. hasthagotanycheese

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Long may this continue, if you are not pulling your weight you dont start.
  15. Has anybody seen the team yet? Will it be another monstrosity, an abomination, a dogs egg, a cats cutlet of a line up or will "the tache' " mix it up again?