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  1. Live in Sheffield or NYC. Let me think about that for a nanosecond. Best of luck to the lad.
  2. My Whelmometer has had its batteries taken out, put back in the box and been chucked in the back of a cupboard ready to either be regifted to somebody I dont really like at Christmas or to be eventually flogged on ebay. With the current situation / people in charge my whelm is non existent and has been replaced by total and utter apathy.
  3. Please god no. Adthe's like the undead zombie footballer that cant be killed and keeps coming back just when you think you have finally gotten rid. I'm starting to think that somebody has put a curse on Wednesday.
  4. I still live and breathe everything that goes off down at S6. If we lose a match I'm grumpy for days after (been awfully grumpy a lot recently). After whats happened in the last few days I'm actually embarrassed to say I support Sheffield Wednesday. With his sheer bloody incompetence Chansiri has brought a great shame on this grand old club of ours and he wont be getting a penny of my hard earned cash until he has cleared off back to Thailand and away from our club for ever. The only way we can get him out of the club is to deny him funding. The fanbase needs to act to facilitate this. Chansiri isnt Wednesday and whatever state he leaves the club in somebody will come in & pick up the pieces and we will move forward again. As soon as the ticket money & shirt sales dry up he will get the message pretty quickly.
  5. Or Carlost going to his boyhood club Swansea and somehow Alan "look at my coaching badges" Irvine getting the gig at West Brom.
  6. In any properly run football club then Monk should have been gone last Thursday morning and a new man waiting in the wings ready to go with a plan ready to implement for an 8 week transformation of the squad. However we are not a properly run club with the wrong decision made on almost every vital call over the last few years. I despair for where the club is right now and can only see it getting much much worse under the current leadership (both in the boardroom and the dressing room).
  7. Bit of a Maverick by all accounts, looking to make a Great Escape from Old Trafford.
  8. At least they will be able to count the number of points deducted on the fingers of both hands.
  9. Reminds me of the Judean Peoples Front or was it the Popular Front of Judea.
  10. Can we actually see how he performs before we have a jizzfest over this signing please. Our track record of uncovering talent over the last few years has been abysmal at best so I aint holding my breath that we have just signed the next Yaya Toure.
  11. Ich entschuldige mich vorbehaltlos für meinen Schülerfehler
  12. Full weight bell sniff. No thanks.
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