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  1. Puts to bed the myth that we are intimidated playing infront of our own fans, because without any fans we have been even worse.
  2. Need a new No1. Wildsmith a deputy in L1 (and deputy only). Dawson should be moved on.
  3. The fact that Monk was not sacked at the end of last season means that the buck for this schizzshow falls fairly and squarely with Dejphon Chansiri.
  4. No hate here either. No individual has ever spent more money on trying to make the club successful. I just wish he would see sense and get an experienced CEO to run the club on a professional and sustainable basis without all the batschizz craziness.
  5. Search youtube for Predator The Musical.....why are you shaving when you dont have a beard?
  6. Whatever next....Mick Prendergast with The Grumbleweeds or Peter Rodrigues with Showaddywaddy?
  7. I would imagine that he might have spoken to his old boss at WBA.
  8. Chansiri is to football club owners what Donald Trump is to presidents.
  9. Would you buy a used car off Dodgy Dejphon? You can tell that he's lying because you can see his lips moving.
  10. Good luck Darren. You are going to need it with the shyte spineless bottlers you have as a squad and the crackpot narcissist running the club from the other side of the world. I hope you have negotiated full control of transfers and will get your old boss from West Brom involved in some capacity.
  11. Based on that the wages of the squad as a whole must be in the ballpark of half a million pounds a week or 26 million for the year. Just let that sink in when you see the performances and points return for the last 14 months. Something is very rotten at our club indeed. If DC hasnt already run out of money then he must be fairly close to it. Full scale reset required.
  12. Well said Kivo. The campaign to get shut of the hapless Dej Boy needs to start getting organised now ready for when fans are allowed back. It needs to be coordinated and well publicised so that the whole of the football world can see what a shambles the bloke has made of our club. We need fans on the pitch halting games, pieces in national newspapers etc etc to make it so toxic that the bloke has no choice to skulk of back to Thailand from whence he came. We need to cut the cancer out of our club as soon as possible.
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