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  1. Pre season in The Yemen?

    Loathed, corrupt, contemptible, violent, despicable, often in breach of human rights. A stain on the human race. Anyway enough about Leeds United.
  2. Nixon

    Definitely one for the Bee Team
  3. So do we all agree..

    I think that the bloke deserves a decent crack at it. Going to be a big summer unpicking some of the mess that Cluelost left behind him. I think that we will see at least a couple of the star names departing to help generate the funds for rebuilding. Expect to see a few signings from Holland / Germany where we all go who the hell is that to create a younger leaner hungrier squad.
  4. What stopped us?

    Liverpool were massively funded by the pools companies during their period of domination. Since the National Lottery came into being they have not won the top flight. The more money you can chuck at your team, the more success you will have.
  5. What stopped us?

    Unfortunately it wont happen, the FA dont have the nads to take on the big boys and kill the goose that laid the golden egg. While ever they have a business model that allows clubs to pay mostly foreign players hundreds of thousands of pounds a week then it aint going to change.
  6. What stopped us?

    Whether we like it or not, Sheffield is very much a second class city. We are held back by our inability to elect anybody else but Labour MP's. If the city was politically more competitive then the other parties would try harder to woo us with big projects and spending promise's but because the Left Wing party is such a shoe in round here then they dont bother as it would be wasted effort. In turn Labour dont need to bother with us as they are more or less guaranteed parlimentary seats round here. Until the political landscape changes then we will be a bit of a back water. That said. Its also very much about money. Its no co-incidence that Liverpool's domination of the English game co-incided with the demise of the pools in favour of the National Lottery. They have not won the top flight since the Lotto's inception and have been replaced by clubs whose owners can fling big bucks at the clubs like Chelsea & Man City for example. I would like to see the FA grow a pair of rounduns and make all English Football truly competitive with limits on spending by division, squad sizes, ticket prices, limit shareholdings etc etc. Until that point then we will have to hope to get lucky in order to have our time in the sun again.
  7. Caption Competition

  8. I agree. Owlstalk should sponsor an annual cake day to celebrate Cakeball. We could send the moist spongy marzipany contents to local care homes for the old and infirm to enjoy with a nice cup of tea before their mid morning nap. It would also provide us with great material for another Cakeball thread every year.
  9. Given our recent track record in kits (their design, manufacture, marketing and cost) I'm bracing myself to be massively underwhelmed.
  10. Mind the Gap 1903 Style

    I see that we didnt qualify for Ye Olde European Continental Champions Cuppe that year. No doubt some fine upstanding chaps from that fine port city of Liverpool got into some fractious dispute on their Charabanc tour of the Low Countries, leading to a ban on all English clubs being imposed by that young upstart Septimus Blatter.
  11. Westwood in demand?

    Everybody has their price. If Soton or anybody else offer daft money then we have to sell to facilitate improvements elsewhere.
  12. #SWFC North Stand back in the day..

    Its a design classic
  13. Basement Bargains?

    Go and get Ben Marshall from Wolves.
  14. Venancio

    The first piece of business I would do this summer is go and bring Ben Marshall back to S6. Wont be wanted by Wolves as they will be in the Prem, and since loaned out has been a key part of Millwalls progress up the table. Knows the club and is has pace to burn. No brainer. Also would be happy with Venancio
  15. Better Coffee?

    Come on Mr Chansiri, give peas a chance!