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  1. Armand Gnanduillet. Out of contract in Turkey in the summer, 6ft 3, 28 yrs old & knows where the onion bag is. Perfect for us.
  2. There is a spare slot up in Greno Woods between the Cult of Megson & The Pulis Out Brigade's meeting times. Why not start a Big Dave Appreciation Society?
  3. Still driving round Bay City with Starsky in the Gran Torino last time I checked.
  4. FFS, let it go. Nuhiu was (& is) bobar. Thats why he is now playing in Cyprus. He never was " on fire" for us. If he was that special why did the big money move to Real or Barca never materialise?
  5. No goals in eight games in the hotbed of soccer that is Cypriot football for the Kosovan striking phenomenon.
  6. Sorry, when was this time when Nuhiu was on fire of which you mention? I dont remember any time when he was metaphorically on fire knocking goals in for fun. Are you referring to a time when the Kosovan lummox was actually stood to close to a candle and became "on fire"? How is he doing in Cyprus anyway?
  7. Snodin's highlighted mullet & tache combo just screams the mid 80's at you doesnt it.
  8. Agreed. Keep all decision making with the ref, use VAR only for appeals. Allow each team one appeal per half, appeal upheld then you retain it. Appeal rejected then no more appeals.
  9. Is it only me that thinks that it is grossly unfair to allow some clubs to have a limited number of fans back while others can have none? Surely that gives those clubs a small advantage.
  10. Agreed, thats just after a few days of TP at the club. We looked structured, organised, challenged for every 50/50 ball. Im confident if Pulis can keep the levels of application going together with an increased threat up front then we should be ok this season. It wont be pretty but it will be effective.
  11. Nearly signed for them lot from S2 as a 16 year old. Something he never managed to live down.
  12. I never knew we had players called Sitting & Standing. Cant find any references to them in our records. One for Dunsby to resolve.
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