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  1. Patrick Moore never once spoke about us when he was on The Sky At Night. It was all comets, galaxies, asteroids and squinting to get a glimpse of Uranus. I once wrote a strongly worded letter to Barry Took on Points of View about this but it wasnt read out.
  2. Lets just sit tight. Team seems to be ticking along nicely no reason to rock the boat, you never know somebody quite good could drop right into our lap. Keep the options open for the moment.
  3. The manager is the most important employee at any football club. Get the right one in place and the team will fly.
  4. I think I know just the bloke.......The Bishop of Liverpool.
  5. Only like when Big Ron came back with Villa.........we lost
  6. Im going out tonight to get absolutely mortally drunk on these two: Let the good times roll!
  7. Hmmm wonder if this has got anything to do with the soft umbongo?
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