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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Chansiri, here's hoping one of your gifts is a half decent Chief Executive who knows football inside out.
  2. Time to move on, we need better than the big lummox.
  3. Cant believe that Kenny Brannigan isnt getting more recognition for being utterly gash.
  4. Mark Cooper, son of Terry.....gone on to an absolute stellar managerial career.
  5. Only problem with this is that none of these are ginger and are called Gary Megson
  6. What was the lad from Swindon that was being touted when Cluelost got the job, whats he doing now? A paper round probably
  7. One third rate manager gives another third rate manager his backing. #Mediocremanagerssticktogether. I dont see any ringing endorsements from Big Ron or Jack Charlton
  8. I think that argument would be irrelevant as any pitch based clanger would be insignificant compared to Chansiri's decision to completely ignore / circumvent FFP rule. Any relegation would be totally the responsibility of the chairman.
  9. Atherton was a good solid top flight defender. A much better player than that noggin Nolan on the other flank.
  10. In other news, Prince Andrew threatens defamation lawsuit against The Athletic after being compared to Dejphon Chansiri.
  11. Inevitable that at least one player at one club will test positive. This will lead to the group self isolating for 14 days, therefore ensuring further group training isnt possible and therefore the club is unable to prepare as thoroughly as clubs that they may face after restart meaning that the integrity of the competition will be compromised. This will in turn lead to clubs going down the legal route if things go against them and the whole restart idea will collapse like a pack of cards. Void and restart when safe is the only sensible solution.
  12. Just a matter of time before same happens in England. Greed is the only thing delaying it.
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