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  1. James Nesbit, Mackenzie Crook, Jack Black & former Chancellor Norman Lamont........WAWAW?
  2. Your honour Mr Harris rebuffs claims that he ever did two little boys on his wobble board while they took turns to play on his digeridoo. The case for the defence rests.
  3. Andy Pearce. Thumping header in front of them lot on the Lep to make it 3-1......................Legend. Dogger rest of the time with us.
  4. Download the Mobdro ap and click on the link for Sky Sports Football, simples. You may find that it wont let you download and you need to change your change your settings to allow non Playstore aps.
  5. Get your tin hat ready. The cult are coming to get you for a ritual sacrifice in the name of the Megsiah
  6. You forgot Barry Bananatree Jordan Rhododendron Atree Nuhiu
  7. If we are using dining analogies, then surely Dave Jones should be merely turning up to serve the Cheese & Biscuits (delicious though they were) after the whole event was planned, organised, delivered by the Megsiah only for him to fall out with the Restaurant owner just after the Beef Wellington main course was served?
  8. I feel aroused & slightly radiant at this news. Those group sessions of Megsonian chant at midnight in Greno Woods have finally paid off. The footballing gods are listening to us! Long live the cult, long live the Megsiah. Forty sheets is a bit steep though, have they been priced up by DC?
  9. Trust me a run of defeats or bad results and we are here always watching always just under the surface waiting waiting waiting waiting for the Ginger Messiah's return. And lo, they did hear at the the back of the Kop a vesper like wind which blew down from Greno Woods whispering the timeless warcry of "gerrit int box tha flamin pillock". He shall return one day and the kingdom of Megson will reign over Hillsborough for all eternity.
  10. Looks like something out of a mosque. Does it say Peace be on all followers of the prophet?
  11. Keep egg chasing away from Hillsborough please. Both codes of Rugby are frankly unwatchable.........I would sooner stick pins in my eyes. They are more than welcome to it at The Stain
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