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  1. hasthagotanycheese

    Ryan Green

    Is that near Devonshire Green?
  2. hasthagotanycheese

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Thats obviously why they want to buy him.
  3. hasthagotanycheese

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    5 Million for Martyn Waghorn. And we thought that we had our leg lifted for Reach.
  4. hasthagotanycheese

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    Thirty nine sheets to sit on the kop is taking the pish. 59/99 quid for replica shirts which cant be bought is a frikkin liberty. Have a word with yourself Mr Chansiri, this is Sheffield not Knightsbridge.
  5. This is what he meant.........
  6. I wouldnt go and watch him if was playing at the end of our road.
  7. hasthagotanycheese

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    The FA are the governing body of football in this country, they could choose to implement whatever they wanted on the Premier League. The Prem might not like it, but the FA could do it if they really wanted. Failing that, the Government could do something like impose a transfer tax on clubs. It could be done if the will was there.
  8. hasthagotanycheese

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

  9. hasthagotanycheese

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Nope. Sell an asset that cost 700 million to build for 600 million 15 years ago in one of the worlds most expensive cities? That owner of the Jaguars would be having the FA's pants down at that price. As another responder said the game at the top level is awash with cash, the FA should grow a pair and stop the ridiculous transfer fees and the players needlessly earning in excess of 100 grand a week. A fraction of the amount spent on transfers and top wages filtered down to grass roots coaching & facilities would make an enormous difference. If the FA were to sell Wembley, a large proportion of the funds raised would have to go back to repay loans and public grants that they were given.
  10. We should only consider offers north of 7 Million. If its from them Leeds or Derby then the bidding starts at 8. Blunts have just flogged Brookes for 12, so the idea that they havnt got any money is pish quite frankly.
  11. hasthagotanycheese

    This is such a strange photo

    Somebody likes Pulp........
  12. hasthagotanycheese

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    What a full weight bell sniff that geezer is.
  13. hasthagotanycheese

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    Waste of time. Much easier to charge folk 39 quid to sit on the kop for 2nd division football or charge the fans 99 pounds for a replica shirt.
  14. There will be another dancing show in a few months, there wont be another winnable world cup quarter final for bloody years. Its a no brainer, watch the match.
  15. hasthagotanycheese

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Let me tell you in all seriousness that if you never post on Owlstalk again, you will definitely become a multi millionaire.