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  1. Would also be tempted to take a look at Blackpools Armand Gnanduillet. Averaged a goal every other game since 2018 and a bit of a beast at 6ft4. Every year we should take a punt on a lower league player, sooner or later one would pay off.
  2. I didnt Wont pay exorbitant pay on the gate prices. Wont drink Elev8 or take D Taxis Wont buy 20 year season tickets on a promise Have no faith in DC or Monk to get it right any time soon As a club we are up schizzle creek all down to the folly of one man.
  3. Why get a Megson type? Why just not just get Gary Megson himself and have that shower of schizz in Greno Woods first thing tomorrow morning.
  4. Yes he was utter bobbins, bloody Butterfingers cost us the cup in 93. Pressman was a far better keeper.
  5. Soft lad.................He clearly means Ken Mounkou, him and Terry are like two peas in a pod.
  6. Wonder if there's a chance to sign him permanently. Bet he would cost millions. Gets coat and makes rapid exit.
  7. Guess DC has decided to Elev8 this. poo or bust
  8. Blunts will be wanting one next. Well screw your lofty Premier League position, we've got a sparkly festive Wednesday winter wonderland tunnel!
  9. Patrick Moore never once spoke about us when he was on The Sky At Night. It was all comets, galaxies, asteroids and squinting to get a glimpse of Uranus. I once wrote a strongly worded letter to Barry Took on Points of View about this but it wasnt read out.
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