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Tonights Starting Lineup - Here's how the Owls line up vs Swansea

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Happy Wildsmith has been dropped. Not sure on Patterson though. Had a stinker on Saturday but he’s still a threat. Bannan to play on the wing with Joey and Shaw in the middle? 

or behind the front 2?

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All this says to me is Moore made the same mistake in putting Wildsmith in net as Monk and Jos did. Didn't learn a thing. 


He has to take some blame for that and what happened last week.


Roll on the summer when hopefully (ha) we will have a new number 1. 

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11 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:


Agree with others that it may be more of a flat 5 tonight.



Will be the same formation we’ve been playing but Hutchinson for Urgohide, Pelupessy for Hutchinson and Shaw for Paterson. Which is pretty much as you’ve set out there 

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4 minutes ago, Pulcinella said:

The must-win games were a good few months ago when we played the teams at the bottom and lost


Agree but according to a lot on here it didn't matter when we  lost to them, there were plenty of games left.

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Only surprise for me is Shaw in for Paterson. Just like Saturday and Wildsmith’s selection, nothing will be said if we win but if we lose, Moore’s critics will go to town tonight.

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5 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

Not unhappy with this TBH.


Needed to be stronger in midfield after getting overrun in the second half at QPR.


Good to see Westwood back

We get overrun whoever plays there. Been happening since 2016

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