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  1. I saw it on twitter yesterday. You have to submit your squad of 25 before the start of the season. Westwood wasn’t given a squad number so subsequently he’s not available until January at the earliest. We have places available for free agents so signing Lee Camp remains a possibility?
  2. I bet he’d do a good Al Jolson. I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles ‘Caaaammmmyyyy’
  3. I did 10 minutes. Couldn’t listen to any more. It’s just words. He doesn’t feel it. No emotion, no nothing. He honestly thinks he’s a good manager and doing a good job even though he does concede his record could be better? Well it couldn’t be much f***ing worse. We keep him in charge for the season then Boots at Hillsborough are going to run out of gilettes and I’m not talking about the ones our manger wears on the touchline which are obviously the best a Monk can get?
  4. And a record here that has him up their with Wednesday Managerial greats such as Burtenshaw, Ashurst, Eustace and Lukuhay. His clusterf**k of a decision to go with Dawson and Wildsmith as our first choice keepers will end his proud record of no relegation should he see the season out here?
  5. I know I’m repetitive but your posts in this thread remind me of a Garry Monk Press Conference
  6. Well seeing Monk has to make the decision tomorrow, this was inevitable surely?
  7. Probably the biggest decision Monk has to make tomorrow. Does he show faith in Dawson knowing that those first 10 minutes or so are going to make or break him? Or does he pick Wildsmith who didn’t cover himself in glory post lockdown? Apparently Westwood is sidelined at least until January under new EFL rules regardless of who the manager is? I suspect behind the scenes Monk is pushing strongly to sign Lee Camp but DC hasn’t budged on this yet? If he drops Dawson, it’ll be the third time in three seasons that he’s been dropped due to
  8. I think only Dawson, Borner, Dunkley, FDB, Adedoyin, Windass, Palmer, Luongo and Paterson have contracts beyond this season. And I think I might be right in saying they are all out of contract the following summer? It’s an utter shambles. If ever there was a time to give a manager a blank canvas to re-shape the club, it’s now. I’m fearful that DC will give Monk the time but in truth he’s hardly been backed long term with the signings he’s made so far so there is an argument for saying the juries out on him in the eyes of the Chairman too?
  9. I’d like to see Ryan Lowe get the gig. In every season he’s been in management he has had a team up the right end of the table. He’s managing in League 1 now and Plymouth are up there. He’s under contract so we probably wouldn’t go for him but I believe he would get the time from the fans as well as the Chairman and I genuinely think he will be better for us than Wilder has been for United. I think Cook or Johnson would probably get it but I think Lage would be given serious consideration given his Carlos links and I think the Chairman hankers for those days back so he’d be well in
  10. I know Neil but after this week of all weeks they send in the captain. The club know they’re swimming against the tide with the public. Lose tomorrow and they’ll be drowning unless they ditch the faulty rubber ring that they are using at the moment?
  11. I see they’ve sent him in to battle alongside Monk today in the press conference. You know things are desperate when they send the captain out to face the press. Basically if we don’t win tomorrow after a rallying cry from the club’s 2 senior football figures then what message does that send? As for Bannan the footballer. Ability wise, one of the best players we've had this century but only Carlos got a really good tune out of him consistently. Every other manager has had him standing on the toes of our defenders.
  12. He’s been looking for a chance to put it right or a reaction for the best part of 12 months. He’s lost the fans, He’s lost the players. Basically Chansiri is doing to him what he is doing to Dawson. Flogging a dead horse but Monk has a chance to quit but he’s far too up his own backside to do that? This is going to get toxic and the only thing making it bearable for him is that there is no fans in the ground to tell him how sh!t a manager he is?
  13. I’m totally speculating here but Big Dom hardly misses games yet gets an injury ‘in training’ just around the time Watford were supposedly sniffing? Before the game on Wednesday there are pictures of Dom and Brown training yet neither are in the Matchday 18 yet Lees is deemed fit enough to start after a similar spell out. You can chuck conspiracy theories around as much as you want but something has gone amiss again and is it a coincidence that we’ve lost 3/4 since Monk’s interview with Biggs where he said he flagged up problems that could happen and duly did? Once agai
  14. For some reason this club is a graveyard for managers. Jewell was a good young manager, was never the same after his short spell here. Turner struggled to get jobs after his time here. He went into the administration side of the game. Megson and Jones have hardly worked since leaving here. When Monk’s time here does come to an end, I think he’ll find himself out of work for at least a year maybe two and might end up starting again abroad? His last two jobs have seen 30% win rates. He’s hardly on an upward curve. As for the next boss,
  15. Megson every time. Gets the club. Feels a defeat as much as we do. No going through the motions with Meggo.
  16. He was out in the cold in January and supposedly made available for Loan then he found himself back in favour. A classic example of Monk basically not knowing his ar$e from his elbow?
  17. I’ve said before that when you lose the Wednesday fans, it’s difficult if nigh on impossible to get them back on side. It looks to me that any lasting support he had amongst the fan base has gone. He won’t quit. We know that but it won’t be long before he realises that he’s not wanted and once he realises this, it will be very difficult for him to carry on managing us as everything he does now is scrutinised and ridiculed. When it comes to taking the p!$$, as a fan base we are unforgiving and subsequently one of the few areas where we are Top of the League.
  18. Short term - score a few goals Mid term - win a few games Long term - stay up
  19. Don’t know why but I get the feeling something is happening in the background. Monk’s not a quitter but just something about last night’s post-March reaction hinted about the end of the road here for him? Saying he couldn’t answer questions about his future when in the past he’s been bullish about going nowhere?
  20. There might be nothing in it but nothing has been posted on the club’s official twitter page since last night when the Monk post-match interview was posted. They’re usually on the front foot to lift the mood. Perhaps there are some heated discussions underway today and there might be something to report later? I’m probably clutching at straws?
  21. So let’s assume that Monk stays in charge for Saturday. It’s 2PM and we all look at the starting eleven and the first thing we are looking for is does Dawson start? And straight away at 2PM the tone is set for Saturday’s game. If Dawson starts, the negativity begins, Monk’s a clueless to$$er etc. etc. The first thing Ainsworth does is tell Akinfenwa to knock Dawson about at every opportunity. Balls into the box, shoot on sight, follow it in etc. Dawson starts on Sat and if I was the kitman I’d be putting a packet of pampers at the side of Dawson’s gloves.
  22. Just a correction I think it’s 16 points from 51. I think since lockdown in the championship it’s P17 W4 D4 L9 F17 A27 Pts 16?
  23. My issue with Johnson is he’ll win 5 or 6 on the spin but then go on to lose 5 or 6 and we can’t afford that given our current situation but what he will do is play to Bannan’s and Rhodes strength’s straight away and in 12-18 months time, the likes of FDB, Hunt, Shaw, etc. will be much further on as players than they are now.
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