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  1. Thing is he’d have been a success here playing in our current system. We signed him at the wrong time.
  2. I think he’s happy here as I think most of the players in the current squad are. It would be a mistake to let him go.
  3. I take it that it wasn’t your ticket that scooped £188M last week?
  4. Somewhere along the line we have to either recruit or bring through a core group of players like you mentioned at United who can grow with the club and go up through the leagues. I agree that Byers could be one. I wonder if Gregory will stay here long enough to have a similar impact to what Sharp has had across the city. I’m expecting FDB and Adeniran to be more influential next season plus we may start to see the emergence of the likes of Cadamarteri, Davidson, Hall, Ashman, Shipston etc.? Next season is a massive one for Moore in particular because it will set the tone for him to be here long term or not?
  5. No, just an opinion as are most on here as are yours
  6. Do you really think Kamberi and Sow were Moore signings? Seemed a bit left field for me at the time. That said Moore utilised them reasonably enough? If he does get some signings forced on him, I expect him to deal with it better than some of his recent predecessors did.
  7. Without any inside knowledge or anything I’ve always thought that AP is way way more than just an advisor? I mean why would he be a regular at our games if he didn’t have a vested interest in the club? Plus I always remember Bruce’s comment when asked about his involvement ‘He’s part of the fabric of the club’ Said a lot to me that did?
  8. Got away with it as per. 5-1 wouldn’t have flattered Forest.
  9. Got us to 3rd in the championship then proceeded to freeze out 2 of his best players therefore upsetting the atmosphere in the squad and then the decline was a mirror image of a car careering down an hill without brakes. And you wonder why I didn’t rate him. I’m happy with Moore thank you very much
  10. I was hoping and expecting I’d get a response from you Jack . My dislike of Monk is well known and the reason I like Moore is that he’s the total opposite of him. I mean do you really think we’d have scored as many goals at home this season under Monk. FFS Moore even got a 5-0 home win against Cardiff in the championship with players who couldn’t hit a barn door for Monk. No Monk’s a big big reason why Moore inherited the mess he did and the dressing room atmosphere is a total contrast now to what it was under Monk and a big reason that despite the failure to get promoted back to the championship I still totally believe in Moore.
  11. Moore’s is like other managers in our recent history. He divides opinion and however successful or not he proves to be here, he probably always will? I think some regard him as responsible for our relegation? Others think he’s underachieved with what they think was the best squad in the division? I suppose whatever floats your boat? Me? I think he’s taken on the job at one of our lowest points in our history and is trying his best to fix things and ultimately move us forward. He might divide the fans but he certainly doesn’t seem to divide the players and after some recent managerial talents who have occupied the S6 hot seat and who would most likely have an argument in an empty room, I’m happy we’ve got Moore. I think he will give us stability and a platform to eventually move forward but I can’t be bothered to argue the to$$ anymore with some who have already made their mind up and won’t be happy until he leaves.
  12. I always thought missing out on promotion would work in his favour here as I very much doubt we’d have been looking to keep him had we had gone up? That said this level he’s a good player but like with quite a few of our squad how many games is he going to play?
  13. Maybe? I’m not arguing with you. Wilko’s a legend here and rightly so but point I’m trying to make is, he didn’t inherit the respective car crashes that Charlton, Atkinson and most most recently Moore did.
  14. Got to be grey in that second consecutive season in League 1 for a reason
  15. I thought about Wilko but as good as he was I think had Big Jack had not left him the foundations that he had then he may not has been as successful as he was. You could also say the same for Francis with Big Ron, the team was already there for him to take forward.
  16. I think we are now genuinely looking at a 2 division gap between United and us. As disappointing as that would be I would try not to get too disheartened about it. Sheffield football fluctuates like no other city in this country, They will have their moments and we will have ours. 22 years to be out of the Top flight is a very very long time. We have flown for a variety of reasons by the seat of our pants during this time and subsequently tried to tread water and as a result have often found our head below it more often than above it. Every now and then this Club appoints a manager who changes the ethos and as a result the direction of the club. In my lifetime I have seen only 2 managers do this and they are rightly revered on here as a result. Big Jack and Big Ron. They had bumps along the road but the Chairman and the fans stuck with them and the rest as they say is history. Both the Chairman and the fans have to do the same now with our current manager. Step forward Big Daz, your time is now and subsequently our time will eventually come again
  17. I think some are just getting their knickers in a twist as usual. The biggest plus for me is that there seems to be a genuine relationship/connection between the manager/chairman. I think Moore genuinely has Chansiri’s ear and as a result I believe the chairman will listen to what Moore has to say and propose as a result. I think this is encouraging going forward as we might see investment in the general infrastructure of the club including the Academy, Scouting, etc. The crux of it all for me is just trust Moore. He will build and make this club stronger given time. I’m sure Doncaster wouldn’t be where they now are had he stayed. We could easily be a lot worse off if some on here get their wish and he’s sacked? Personally I’ve never had as much confidence and faith in a Wednesday manager since the days of Ron Atkinson and I can’t pay him a bigger compliment than that.
  18. Law of averages suggest it’s going to be Sunderland’s year though the scene could be set for a fairytale ending for Akinfenwa? I think the younger legs and talent Sunderland had particularly in Clarke and Roberts edged the play-off semi-final. I hope we can attract some similar players next season, it could make the difference? Good Luck for the Final.
  19. OK I’ll jump in with 2 feet. I agree with an awful lot of the opening post because it’s mostly if not all spot on. This club 12 months ago was broken. A complete shambles and the connection between the Chairman/Management/Players/Fans was so far apart it was untrue. Now even Moore’s most ardent critics must admit the connection is much much closer and I would say the manager and the captain are a major reason for this and should be applauded as such. Yes, we haven’t got promoted. Yes, mistakes were made but f**k me the style of play and atmosphere around the club is on another planet to what it’s been over the last 5 years. If some fans can’t see that then they deserve everything get the next time we appoint another Monk/Pulis style manager because if Moore gets forced out that’s what’s going to happen.
  20. Getting the balance between short term and long term success is a difficult one to get right. Personally I believe in Moore and I would be quite happy to see him given the necessary time to build the club from top to bottom. That said I fear he won’t get it as the constant criticism he gets from some sections of the fan base will eventually get in the ear of the Chairman sadly resulting in the inevitable.
  21. Somewhere along the line we have to start chancing our arm with our own Academy prospects regardless of the meltdown and constant arguing the subject causes on here.
  22. The time to get Lowe was when Monk got the sack. He was favourite for a time then DC went for Pulis and the rest is history.
  23. I can’t see us being able to pay the compensation fee so I’ll be surprised if we get him but looking at a player in his early twenties might be a sign of where we are going? On the flip side totally expecting us to sign Oliver as I think I read somewhere that DM had a disagreement with the Doncaster board, he wanted Oliver, they didn’t back the deal? Free transfer, striker that knows the league, takes the pressure off Gregory, no brainer for me.
  24. I might be in the minority but I thought he struggled this season. He certainly found goals harder to come by a level lower. If he stays, he’ll be the proverbial squad player where he’s a jack of all trades and sadly master of none. This may sound harsh and probably is but I just don’t see him being any more effective next season than he has been this? Happy to be proved wrong though.
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