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  1. Fair enough but Monk was as responsible as anyone for our relegation last season. Monk’s recruitment can’t hold a candle to Moore’s. I mean bringing in Marriott when he already had a similar player he didn’t use in Rhodes but that’s all in the past now. See where we are at Christmas.
  2. As I said in an earlier post in this thread, we let Moore go then it’s down to DC to make another appointment which is pointless in the grand scheme of things which you obviously agree with? Would Monk have done the job that was required had he been left to do so. We’ll never know. The fact no other club has took a punt on him since he left here suggests there is doubt elsewhere in the game that he would have. If Moore got the push here, I think he would get another League 1 job easily and of course that’s the level we’re now at. I’m not that blind that I can’t see the merits in some of the opinions flying around on here tonight but it is a brand new squad and there are undoubted teething problems which was always possible and in all fairness probable. I think Bannan’s likely absence on Tuesday might be a kick start forward as I think Wing will be given more responsibility and Adeniran is looking an unbelievable acquisition and let’s face it we don’t get him without Moore. Getting more players closer to Gregory is crucial in moving forward so a tweak in formation is required but I do think Moore will sort it out. If he doesn’t then I look forward the ‘I Told You So’s’ coming out in force Something in all fairness I never did with regards to Monk
  3. Totally expected this reply which is fair enough but where as I rate Moore and didn’t rate Monk, you’re obviously the opposite? That said Monk’s man management was complete dogsh!t totally different to Moore’s approach.
  4. We need some stability somehow but we’ll never get it. The constant problem with our club is one we’re stuck with.
  5. Give me tonight’s lotto numbers then, mystic m-egg
  6. If Moore gets the push then this Chairman has to make another managerial appointment. Ask yourself what’s the point? We might as well stick with Moore IMO.
  7. 1-0 up and some posters are as happy as ever on here. Highlights what a thankless task the top job here is.
  8. Mr Biggs has been on this patch for what seems like a lifetime. Obviously has his talents or he wouldn’t have had the long career he has had. In many ways his journalistic style mirrors the team’s that he covers, opinions that will never shock, plays things safe and simple, can be a bit sanctimonious, pompous and adverse to criticism? In summary he’s got his view on how football clubs should be run and that view will never change unlike the game he’s made a living from covering?
  9. Best squad in the League? Not according to Paul Cook, it isn’t
  10. Is playing regularly at Grimsby and that’s what he needs. He won’t get that at Wednesday while Bannan’s here.
  11. 2-0 Wednesday 90/91 season revisited with a similar pink version of the yellow kit we wore back then. Iorfa and Gregory the scorers.
  12. You don’t like to see any club go to the wall but I’d happily make an exception for Middlesbrough.
  13. Won’t happen in the near future but this is inevitable as more and more clubs start or continue to struggle financially.
  14. It started to go rapidly downhill the day that useless tw@t was appointed
  15. If Forestieri, Hooper and Fletcher had played together a full season injury free we would’ve got promoted. Simple as that for me, injuries have f**ked this club over more than most.
  16. Your impression of the great man in the image below needs some work mate?
  17. Expecting the usual reactions to this post like ‘we shouldn’t have broke the rules’ ‘Chansiri’s this, Chansiri’s that’ but we got well and truly shafted by the EFL IMO? All you ever hear is -9points here, -9 points there, even clubs negotiating the extent of their punishments? Yet we get hit with -12 points straight at the start of last season (granted this became -6 on appeal) but to start at a massive advantage right at the start well and truly f**ked us over? Neither Derby or Reading are going to find themselves in that position. I’d like to bet Derby’s possible relegation will only be down to the likely points deduction for entering administration?
  18. I see there are gaps in the fixture schedules this season due to the amount of Cat 2 academies moving up to Cat 1. So I suspect we’ll see more friendlies arranged to keep both the under18/23s active during these breaks. We’ll have a decision to make on what direction academy wise we go soon. I’m pretty sure Moore will want a Cat 1 Academy here, whether the Chairman would want to/can fund it remains to be seen?
  19. For all the criticism Moore is getting on here, he should be praised for managing to get this lad out on Loan. If he wasn’t going to be used in the first team, he should’ve been sent out a year ago, he wasn’t and as a result he’s a year behind in his development. Fair play to Moore for trying to rectify this.
  20. BPF Palmer Dunkley Iorfa Johnson Adeniran Wing Byers Berahino Gregory Shodipo
  21. Read that last paragraph again. I would’ve gone for Lowe ages ago. I’ve said that many times before. But how many time’s including in my latest post have I said Moore can be the right manager for us but not in the least surprised that you picked up on what you did because things areWHATtheyALWAYSseem with you
  22. This season may well be a bit bumpy. In fact the next couple could be. This all follows a period where the club has been on a downward spiral due to having a group of players for a long period of time that basically overstayed their welcome. Just one of those things, it happens. It could’ve and should’ve been avoided but IMO a combination of the Chairman’s wishes/decisions/actions and some very inept managers we now find ourselves where we currently are? Now Moore has come in to try and usher in a new era of playing staff and style while being expected to challenge for promotion straight back to the championship. Has expected the start has been mixed for a variety of reasons but it’s not been a bad start but it hasn’t been a good one. Goalscoring was always going to be a problem. It has been for quite a while. Let’s face it we weren’t free scoring during the heady days under Carlos. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing but we should’ve let Bannan go. He was part of the squad that had been here too long and a big reason why the effectiveness of that squad waned. Everyone on here was creaming themselves over the signing of Wing and understandably so but let’s face it, if you sign him, you’ve got to move Bannan on. The same type of player. You can’t play two similar players of their type in the same formation. Look at Alex Hunt, he’s a talent. He’s now flourishing elsewhere because he’s being allowed to be himself because he’s being allowed to get on the ball and be so. While ever Bannan’s here everything will go through him. Great servant for us but one mistake Moore has made is pandering to him like every manager he’s worked for here has. Very harsh I know but IMO very true? I think Moore will build a good solid base from Top to Bottom. He’s a talented manager. If he doesn’t get the time here, he’ll go on to a be a big success somewhere else and we’ll regret it. And let’s be honest he won’t get it, we’ll make sure of that. Some want him out now. And his lack of understanding of our fan base will be unfortunately be his downfall? Many fans hated Megson’s style of play but he could handle the pressure because he was one of us. He knew what a bunch of miserable, critical, over sensitive bunch of tw@ts we can be but at the same time he also knew what an unstoppable force of nature we can be when we’ve got something to get behind as a collective. I genuinely think Megson should’ve been given longer because in many ways he was a perfect fit for us. If I was Moore one of the first things I’d do is schedule a meeting with Meggo and try to get a feeling and understanding of everything about this club from him. They go back a long way so arranging this shouldn’t be a problem? I’ll continue to back Moore because I think in the long term we’ll be in a better place eventually. That said I think Chansiri missed a trick as if he was ever going to go and take a manager from another club he should’ve gone to Devon and paid the compo for Ryan Lowe. Knows the club, has a passion for the club and as a result would know how to handle the fan base but Darren’s here now and even though it will be a struggle at times I believe he will get it right IF and that’s the big word. IF given time.
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