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  1. When I read that I thought blimey we’ve only just signed Jack Hunt and you already want him to go out on loan?!
  2. The Blades are our B team. We moved out of Bramall Lane stadium but our president, Sir Charles Clegg wanted to set up a club to keep the previous stadium a going concern - so he formed Sheffield Utd.
  3. The thing I don’t get is that the meeting was in May - in the middle of his dispute with the EFL about paying wages. Doesn’t speak much of his new-found resolution of honest financial dealings if he was still effectively doing something detrimental to the club.
  4. I had a testemonial when my son was a baby and kicked me in the knackers. Still moaning about it.
  5. If the release clause is just £1m, I'm surprised there's not been more activity on this before now.
  6. (Her favourite toy is a wooden horse)
  7. Apparently his daughter’s called Helen.
  8. So that’s a winger from the same club that is after Odubajo
  9. I was going to say four go down, but I suppose mathematically 3rd from bottom is actually 4th bottom!
  10. It just looks wrong him wearing green and white horizontal stripes.
  11. In the end margins were very tight. One more goal vs Derby would've made all the difference.
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