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  1. Not that I’m a betting man, but each summer I look at the promotion odds and we’be been consistently low next to how we’d done last season. I wonder how those odds would be different now we have Bruce.
  2. Also the first time I remember us coming out of the blocks quickly for a long while.
  3. Agreed. Problems started in 2017/18. But some other clubs will be having problems starting in 2018/19. Once we do come out of it we'll be ahead of the game!! Got to have a bit of Wednesday optimism here!
  4. There’s going to be a lot of other clubs in the same position as us come this summer. No way we’re going to be odd one out. However, we’ll be two years into P&L, with the other side of the three year calculation in sight. I think Chansiri’s statement was a call for fans to be realistic in their expectations and a call to the Football League that if a chairman can afford it, the new rules are too stringent - especially for those without the luxury of parachute payments.
  5. At least they get to see a more comprehensive picture of the squad
  6. Actually it shows joined-up-thinking as far as I'm concerned. What better than to get a gauge of what's going on from people on the shop floor? I doubt many chairman would be open enough to invite other opinions on the matter.
  7. Seems like he might have been played to put him in the shop window.
  8. I’ve changed my mind about JL. I’ve been well up for promoting youth, but the run of results we’re in is a imply not good enough. I sympathise that he’s been hampered in investing in players. But his squad choices are simply awful. On a day like today against Rotherham, I looked at the bench and thought that it’s stronger than the first team. I simply don’t understand his reasoning. It doesn’t have consistency or logic to it. Indeed he seems determined to play the least experienced squad. At I now know what I want out of a Wednesday manager - someone who gets the players to attack from the first minute and take the game to the opposition. That was always CC’s fault also. He was the master at turning things around in the second half, but I want Wednesday to play like they want to win the game from the first whistle.
  9. Sergi Canos gaining some votes. Come on guys, keep it going!
  10. Just helps us go under the radar and stop teams sniffing around Penney.
  11. At the beginning of the season I would’ve been totally happy to be mid-table with all the shenanigans that went on over summer. We’re in a great position, far exceeding where I thought we’d be. The fact that not only are we not as far off the pace as I thought we’d be, but also that we could’ve won last night is amazing.
  12. Utd are so annoying. Can’t they follow the script and lose games?
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