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  1. In another thread there’s a comment that Big Ron was a genius for putting on an extra attacking player if a man got sent off. Doesn’t seem fair if DM isn’t given the same benefit of the doubt. I’d rather see how we are at half-time before judging too much.
  2. Maybe it’s down to the realities of living under EFL rules
  3. Oh Oh! I checked the urban dictionary definition for 'Goak'. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=goak
  4. I thought the same. He’d be worth his salt as a goalkeeping coach for us.
  5. Owls try out a new formation. Two keepers instead of one.
  6. Anyone have an idea how long before Windass is back?
  7. He left to go to his boyhood club. If I were in a position like that, and I thought I could improve Wednesday, I'd definitely do the same.
  8. The last time we went straight back up from relegation was in 1990/91, and it's only happened twice since 1960. The fact that we are where we are is a positive - though I do think this is the strongest squad first season after relegation that we've had for 20 years.
  9. So long as they're not Dickie Davies Eyes
  10. And there I was thinking it was this guy!
  11. There’s a joke in there but I don’t want it on my digital footprint! Think chicken
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