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  1. I don't think that would be the case. Last year's summer recruitment suffered from being under the shadow of a 12 point deduction My trust in Darren Moore is greater than Garry Monk on the recruitment side of things. He'll also know hungry, talented league one players eager to step up - so recruiting from lower leagues would be less of a risk. But we'll know a lot more about what league we may be playing in after tomorrow.
  2. Let's wait until tonight at least and see how Rotherham do against Brentford who are now playing for position in the play-offs.
  3. Same position as we were in this morning. It’s frustrating though that when we do get a chance to get ahead we don’t take them. We now only have one match to outdo Derby in before we face them. And have to reply on Rotherham consistently losing.
  4. DC relegated us with the dodgy dealing -12pts start, which caused an unbalanced summer recruitment (who’d want to join a team on -12pts), followed by a succession of managerial appointments (who’d want to stick around with a club starting on negative points, unbalanced squad and no backing in the transfer market).
  5. It’s the defeats earlier in the season those around us that grates. But whilst there’s hope there’s hope.
  6. It would be a crappy way to stay up. Should be staying up because we're good enough - not like this - not that I think it'll happen anyway (the staying up in any shape or form).
  7. The must-win games were a good few months ago when we played the teams at the bottom and lost
  8. We’re missing Jordan Rhodes’s old man imho
  9. Was GuruJuan PC Guru?

    I first came to this site after the demise of Owlszone.

    1. SiJ


      I believe so. 


      Very sad news. 

    2. Pulcinella


      Yes it is sad news. I always suspected they were one and the same but never investigated.

  10. Well done. You pranked me. Should’ve realised when I saw it was in The Guardian. I’m sure there’s a Utd fan on staff there... all their Wednesday articles are negative.
  11. September 1995 QPR vs Wednesday 0-3 (Wednesday win) Mark Bright scored 2. Got to see the glorious Des Walker. Shame I never got to see the Waddle.
  12. If we had appointed Moore straight after Monk we may have had an outside chance.
  13. It is so sad that for such a long time we haven’t played to Rhodes’ strengths. We’d be in such a different position if we had.
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