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  1. They are considerably older now. No guarantees. If Rhodes can start banging them in again then it's great for us. We get a golden striker back - or a much better transfer fee. They take points off other rivals. Presumably Jordan wouldn't be able to play against us. If he doesn't bang them in, then it's very sad all round.
  2. Pulcinella

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Can we stop this thread. It’s ridiculous that a selfish upstart has a thread competing in length with the official transfer rumours thread. He’s gone. Move on.
  3. Here's a strange thing: Our league start: Wigan Hull Brentford Millwall Ipswich Villa's league start: Hull Wigan Ipswich Brentford Reading Not perfectly symmetrical, but damn near. Even our run in of last 7 games, we share 4 of the same (each other, Leeds, Norwich & Bristol City). Strange.
  4. Here's hoping for a flying start - especially as we had good form at the end of the season. We've not had a great start for a long time - and if we did it'd set us up very nicely.
  5. Full of inaccuracies. You'd wonder whether it's written by a Blade. Stupid. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-have-found-their-level/ Sheffield Wednesday have found their level. Since relegation from the Premier League, the Owls have been relegated three times, promoted twice and made two play-off campaigns. But the Hillsborough outfit have, in the main, been a mediocre side. Take the two play-off campaigns out of the equation in 2015-16 and 2016-17, Wednesday have been a beleaguered middle of the road team. Last season they finished 15th with Atdhe Nuhiu their top scorer with 11 goals. Even with the firepower of a once effervescent Jordan Rhodes unable to hit the heights of days gone by at Huddersfield and Blackburn, they were unable to mount any momentum. The Owls had a change in manager on Christmas Eve no less, when Carlos Carvalhal was dismissed. Jos Luhukay was appointed but only won nine of his games since January 5. His win percentage sits at 37.50% – which is in line with their final league position. Sheffield Wednesday is a proud, historic club, deemed a sleeping giant in England’s second their. But titles and previous glory counts for nothing but status. There is no divine right to be in the Premier League or battling it out for promotion year in, year out. As the saying goes: the table doesn’t lie – you always deserve to be where you are. Having had an average attendance of over 20,000 for 17 of the last 18 seasons this could give fans the right to think they deserve success – but fans don’t play to win the points. The narrative that the more fans you have the more successful you should be is an outdated ideology. Sheffield Wednesday are where they should be due to recruitment and performances on the pitch. You will have your seasons and your moments that you need to grasp when presented to you, and if not, where you are is where you deserve to be. And Wednesday are a side that will ultimately make up the numbers in next season’s Sky Bet Championship.
  6. If Fessi is on his way - and I pray to God that he isn’t as he’s been our best player for 3 seasons - then he better get a very big transfer fee.
  7. By this time next year 6 will be 30+ Hooper, Boyd, Abdi, Matias, Westwood, Jones, Lee And 2 will be closing in on 30 Bannan (29), Hunt (28) Even Liam Palmer will be 27. Wow there's a lot of rebuilding work going to be needed & a lot coming off the wage bill. It may come down to needing a very quiet transfer window this year so we have some funds for rebuilding next year. Ho hum.
  8. Come on guys, let’s cement some new ideas. This is getting boring.
  9. Villa are looking to reduce the wage bill not throw it away on players who are very untested. Should've signed with us instead of allowing his ego get in the way. Just because he had a run of games in Winter - some of which he did okay, and others that showed he's still got much to learn at this level - doesn't make him worthy of a very big contract. 'Fraid this one's run on for so long that he's now damned if he stays and damned if he goes. It's a no-win situation - for him. As for Wednesday, if he doesn't want to play for us then good riddance.
  10. Pulcinella

    We may well be ABDIcated

    To be fair to the lad, my Watford supporting colleague wasn't at all bothered when we signed Forestieri, but thought it was a very good deal for Wednesday when we signed 'The General' Abdi. He'd played 115 games in 4 seasons (including on loan to them) before he was sold to us. Either they knew something we didn't - and our medical staff didn't pick it up, or we were unlucky that a perfectly fit key player for Watford got injured a lot during his time here. Personally, I think he suffered from Carlos syndrome - a perfectly good player that wasn't utilised properly. And his lack of playing contributed to his then frequent injuries.
  11. Pulcinella

    800k for Fred

    If true, then I'm upset with Dom Howson for announcing this today. Keep it quiet man, don't alert other teams to the price.
  12. Pulcinella

    Rate the season

    7. Got rid of a manager who bottled it in the play offs. Started using youth, got bit-part players playing so well you start to question why they’ve been bit-part players. Ended the season well. Optimistic for the future. Sorted out some of the worst things of the club. So overall, happy. Especially considering where we were in December.
  13. That was a great end to the season. Gives me a lot of confidence for the next one. Whilst I love signing new players, the priority has to be Venancio and Nuhiu - two players who couldn’t get a look in 6 months ago. Strange times. if we can get both signed then we’re in the luxury position of being able to think more broadly as to whether or which position to boost. Probably left back. But going into the closed season, this is the strongest I think we’ve been for many a year. And it’s all down to finally having a manager who gets the best out of players we had previously thought not good enough. I’m genuinely excited for next season. And it all because of a great signing we got 6 months ago - Jos.
  14. Pulcinella


    There's no one quite like Rob Staton. Far and away the best local SWFC journalist.