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  1. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Oh I have... When we almost went bust. When we got relegated from the Premiership (as it was at the time), and had to let go of 10 of our first 11 due to a clause in their contract. When Alan Irvine was manager. When Dave Allen was chairman - and he was anti the whole lot of us. There's plenty - and all since 2000. Thing with DC is, he's put a lot of money into the club - saved it in many ways - after carrying the baton after Mandaric. But he hasn't known a lot about how to run a club. Mistakes have been made. I would make mistakes if I were chairman. Lee Strafford loved the club and hoped to turn it around, but couldn't. It's not easy, but it is easier if you have money. Yes I can't say I agree with all the decisions, but he's made more improvements to the club than any chairman this century... (it's not a high hurdle to beat!). At least he's got people around him again now - which he also had at the very beginning. Here's to hope!
  2. Jos out !

    Firstly, our injury list is horrific. Secondly, when Jos came in, we were so happy that a manager would a/ play youth b/ not stick to his favourites c/ use a different system. Thirdly, we collectively groaned about the lack of fitness in the team. That being said, we should have surely got more points than we have - even if we were just to cherry pick the matches we were more likely to win.
  3. Star Wars X - Curse of the Spellcheckers. Worse than Vader you know.
  4. Big this thread is going to be better reading next year... Hopefully
  5. Brilliant thread. 1 How much could we use Winnall now!Obviously not the injured version. 2 How ridiculous it was to play so negatively against Huddersfield - and what an opportunity missed that was. 3 Not signing any of the rumoured defenders when we so desperately needed to. 4 But for me, signing Fletcher and throwing our wage structure out of the window. No problem with affecting the wage structure - but only on up and coming talent, not players that are looking for a long, latter career contract. Not meaning to diss Fletcher per se, but it lead to Jones and Boyd, and caused jealousy in the existing squad.
  6. I voted Clare. Come a long way in February.
  7. We're in good shape

    In Gray's day we could loan outside of the transfer season. Not being able to loan is causing clubs to become bloated so they can survive if injuries happen in numbers like Wednesday currently have.
  8. One question then... if things are so dire, why didn't we listen to bids for Jordan Rhodes? Apparently Sunderland wanted him - even £5m and his wages off the books would have made the figures so much better. Not that I particularly want him out of the club. And I still hope he can get his form back. But I would have thought that FFP trumps everything.
  9. Good on you for figuring that out. You're right. Here's the best resource I could find on the matter: http://www.financialfairplay.co.uk/latest-news/-profit-and-sustainability-ffp-tests-in-championship-2016-17 Seems to me that Villa would be in the same boat if they don't go up. Oh I so hope that happens...
  10. According to the following link, it's up to May 31st 2017: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/huge-wage-bill-helps-double-sheffield-wednesday-s-losses-year-on-year-1-9043589 If by your reading of it, it's even scarier.
  11. I'd love to be corrected but where the error in the maths? £9.6m + £20.7m = £30.3m. You are allowed to lose £39m over three seasons - which leaves £8.7m left. In the following year, the £9.6m drops off, but the £20.7m remains.
  12. Because it'd get lost in the other thread.
  13. So there we have it, £9.6 million loss in 2016 and £20.7 million in 2017... and the accounts are only published up to May 31st 2017. Goodness knows what they are in the current financial year. But with a limit of a total loss of £39 million over 3 years, we've only got £8.7 left to play with - and on May 31st last year we had a wage that would push us way beyond it. How did we get here? Quite possibly - it was that first summer around the time of signing Steven Fletcher. It was a marquee signing at the time but a/ it blew our wage structure and b/ it was a long contract. The problem is, no matter how good he is, he isn't our best player. And that meant that others who had a stronger reason to be considered our best player then had a stronger reason to renegotiate their contract - FF, Lees for example. And quite right too - because we didn't want to lose those players. It also opened up the possibility of signing players like Jones & Boyd, adequate as they are, but I worry about their contracts and we're probably paying them much more than their value to the team. Could this be one of the reasons Jos is bringing on the youngsters? Even if it were possible - and I don't see how we can - we'd have to have a very major clear out in summer to bring ourselves back in line. As supporters, we have to be realistic about our expectations - even accepting that we'll be happy being a safe mid-table club for the next few years. That £20.7 million loss is not going to disappear off FFP for several more years - and we still don't know what 2018's figures will be. There is an alternative - and that's going for it for one season. But that is incredibly risky. To do a Wolves, you have to sign extremely well. And we haven't shown we can do that. We tend to sign Premiership players at the end of their careers on high wages and long contracts. We need to sign the next generation - which makes the Hirst situation even more tragic. In the last transfer window we signed Pelupessy. The fee was appropriate in my opinion - and we don't seem to have thrown money away on that deal. If we were to really go for it we need proper quality younger players, well scouted, and players that really would make a difference. The alternative is a culling of the squad like never before. And how to move players on that other teams are unlikely to want! I suspect we're already planning for FFP and we need to think long-term to sign players that would actually get us through it - not players that will be ready to retire during it!
  14. I'm no accountant, but in 2016 the loan was £17,677,000 payable in a year. In 2017, it was the £37million figure payable in a year. But the blurb underneath suggests there are no terms for repayment or interest for the loan from the shareholder. Would that mean the loan is directly to Mr Chansiri or his group of people - and that it's a paper deficit, not an actual one needing to be paid back in a year. No idea what the net result of it all means though. One thing for sure though, CC has put a lot of money into our club, and I for one am very grateful for that.