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  1. Yeah that’s the point. A loan is something that ends. A purchase would stay with us.
  2. The only problem I have with a big loan is that if we were to lose lots of points due to EFL sanctions then it’s money down the drain. Imagine if we have an embargo this summer again, what kind of squad would we have next season? Many senior players’ contracts are up this year. It’s a headache.
  3. This is the problem with The Star. They have too much click bait, you use up your free allocation of pages per week and they expect you to pay.
  4. erm... my reply is to your reply to my post that I voted for Dawson!
  5. Actually no. It’s more that there’s a tendency on here to knock quickly turn on Dawson. I just remember the run we had with Westwood before Dawson came in this time - and although under Jos he was promoted too soon, this time round he’s had a very good run in goal. We shouldn’t be in the business or ruining careers before they have properly started. Dawson could easily be the future of our club, and our problems aren’t caused by goals let in, but an inadequacy to score at the other end. Saying that, GM needs to figure out a solution quick. The core of that defence has been very strong until the last few games. To my mind Börner hasn’t been brought back into the defence quick enough. GM has to do the unpopular thing and drop one of the CDs. All I can go on is that our defence was very strong with Börner and Iorfa together.
  6. Went for Dawson because I don’t think he’s the problem. We’re all too reliant on failing strikers
  7. If only we weren’t under threat of points reduction.
  8. Maybe someone has a better understanding about it than me. But according to the Guardian & BBC we would have posted a £35.4m loss in 2017/18. The sale generated £38m in that year, bringing us to a profit of £2.5m. The previous losses were £20.8m & £9.8m. Where’s all the money been going? Why such a huge incremental increase? I had thought the ground sale was an excellent way to alleviate EFL regulations, but now I’m thinking - what about 2018/19? We can only sell the ground once. How’re we going to cope with subsequent years. This looks very bad from where I’m standing. So bad that the only way out appears to be promotion pdq.
  9. Tell 'em all you had was jam jars to scoop your small child's accident earlier. They won't want to open them.
  10. Winnall has been prolific in the past - which is why we bought him. I wouldn't give up on him too early. Nuhiu is mostly about the other things he brings to the squad. When I've watched him play he struck me as being remarkably skilful for a big lad. I vividly remember him on the touchline, cheek-by-jowl with a defender, who likewise was cheek-by-jowl with a Wednesday play immediately behind him. Nuhiu (who was all of half a metre away from the opposition) chipped the ball over the defender to the Wednesday play half a metre the other side of the defender. It was remarkable. I have a lot of time for him - it's not all about goals for him, but about what he adds to the team. That being said, if you play Nuhiu, you need a good striker for him to play with - as you're effectively sacrificing a striker for someone who adds a lot to the team in between the midfield and striking position. It's a real shame Rhodes is such a luxury. If we didn't hanker after a play-off position, I'd say play him week in week out and hope he gets his form back. But we're not happy unless we're hunting for play-offs minimum. Last night was one game. It was also a game we should've got a penalty in - and the discussion today would've have been different if we had. It's good for Monk to see the bad as well as the good - gives him more insight into how to develop our players. The time to panic is much further into the season then now.
  11. Some of those teams above us are only there because they’ve not played us yet!
  12. I’ll whisper this softly... could it be good that we lost Bruce and ended up with Monk? I’m starting to think he’s a more intelligent manager.
  13. Amazing to think that they’d only seen 5 goals at the riverside all season before today.
  14. Thanks. I didn't know that. Do you know if it's true that most of our players had contracts allowing them to leave for free if we got relegated. I seem to remember we lost 10 our our first 11 that summer.
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