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  1. You can't blame Monk for all the injuries to defence. Teams lose games. Just bad that Wednesday seem to make it a habit of losing games you'd chalk in as a win.
  2. I keep clicking on this thread to see if the deal really is done.
  3. Relegation might be the least of our worries. Survival of the club may be greater.
  4. Maybe we should increase it to a Fox's Chocolatey Viennese Sandwich.
  5. I'm surprised we haven't dipped our feet into the loan market more than we have so far this year.
  6. Totally didn't know this - would've changed my experience of Saint and Greavsie if I'd known!
  7. I voted yes, but the issue is wages. £3m would be a steal, but if it lead to a wage war within the club again then it's a problem.
  8. I'd rather DC than the clowns that bought Wigan. Need to pray that whoever eventually supersedes DC is not a rip-off merchant. Football has become a playground for the ultra-rich who like a bet.
  9. I can't find evidence for this, but every year I get disappointed by Four Four Two's prediction for us. I reckon they've got a Blade on their panel or something.
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