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  1. Hurry up let's get promoted and them get relegated and show 'em how to do things.
  2. Our most expensive player is on less than minimum wage? Scandalous.
  3. Perhaps he wants to have a head start on rivals?
  4. Or maybe he actually does want what we want - the best for SWFC.
  5. How does Steve Bruce get a holiday if the transfer window is open so early?
  6. Whilst I love that we're connected to someone already. Is a mid-table Bundesliga 2 team that good a source for a player?
  7. Sign Sigur Sigporsson - he's injured at the beginning, but fine later in the season - goes on to be the best player in the world. Also sign Tonton Zola Moukoko - becomes one of the best in the world and not too expensive.
  8. Not that I’m a betting man, but each summer I look at the promotion odds and we’be been consistently low next to how we’d done last season. I wonder how those odds would be different now we have Bruce.
  9. Also the first time I remember us coming out of the blocks quickly for a long while.
  10. Agreed. Problems started in 2017/18. But some other clubs will be having problems starting in 2018/19. Once we do come out of it we'll be ahead of the game!! Got to have a bit of Wednesday optimism here!
  11. There’s going to be a lot of other clubs in the same position as us come this summer. No way we’re going to be odd one out. However, we’ll be two years into P&L, with the other side of the three year calculation in sight. I think Chansiri’s statement was a call for fans to be realistic in their expectations and a call to the Football League that if a chairman can afford it, the new rules are too stringent - especially for those without the luxury of parachute payments.
  12. At least they get to see a more comprehensive picture of the squad
  13. Actually it shows joined-up-thinking as far as I'm concerned. What better than to get a gauge of what's going on from people on the shop floor? I doubt many chairman would be open enough to invite other opinions on the matter.
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