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  1. Pulcinella

    If they scrap parachute payments

    I think that’s not quite right. We had players on contracts that meant they could leave for free if we got relegated. It meant 10 out of our first 11 players left for no money. It was our chairman’s fault for signing players on poor contracts. My problem with parachute payments is that I deplore how it helps relegated teams over ours... but I’d love us to be in the position of having parachute payments and take advantage of something we didn’t have last time round!
  2. I was reading Dom Howson's article 'Give credit where credit is due for Owls silver membership scheme' and it struck me... No club does everything perfect all the time. Of course the higher up the leagues the more things clubs do right, but we're a Championship team trying to turn around our club's fortunes with a chairman who is also trying to do the same. This is not a chairman who is in it only for his own gain like we have had in the past. This is a chairman who has invested a lot and is learning. So we've overspent in this latest attempt to get back to the top league. Never mind. Let's regroup, be patient, and above all work together to get this club back to where we all believe it belongs. And for the moment, let's enjoy being in the Championship another year, hopefully nowhere near relegation and let's see what the season brings! We're already above our neighbours!
  3. I hate all these clubs being sponsored by betting, pay day loans etc. I don’t want our club to promote ways for people to get into debt.
  4. I hate the extreme negativity on here - particularly that aimed at DC. Our last two chairmen have turned this club around. One saved us from administration and the other invested so much that we were one game away from promotion. This is the best we’ve experienced this century. People have very short memories or they need to read up on our recent history. So what if we’re now close or over the limit of P&L? That just shows that we’ve given it a good go. What do you expect chairmen to do? Bankrupt themselves? Put SWFC into administration? If we’re playing it careful then so be it. Thank God we have management that are financially astute enough to seek to avoid P&L issues. If we’re over the limit then so be it. But our squad is not that short of our most successful recent squad - particularly if it’s possible to add a couple of loans in defence. If we have to have a few lean years to get us back in a position to have a few good years again, then so be it. I’m sure we would only do it because it is necessary. I have confidence we’re not going to get relegated, so that apart, so long as SUFC don’t get promoted I’m happy to be patient. That being said, I do think CC ballsed it up by not training for fitness enough.
  5. According to Wikipedia, Stoke were set up in 1863, but went through some mergers and name changes. Does that not count? We were The Wednesday after all.
  6. Pulcinella

    Weaver appointed goalkeeper coach

    How many people have clicked this thinking they could see the penalty?
  7. Pulcinella

    Let's back Fernando

    Don't worry guys, the brawl was just a cunning plan to stop other teams from buying him.
  8. Pulcinella

    Steve Bruce

    Exactly. Jos is the right man for the job. To do what he did last season and get youth and previously written off players firing on all cylinders was little short of miraculous. Bruce on the other hand spent more money on wages than any other manager in the league - and failed to get Villa promoted. He should never come into the equation as far as I'm concerned now. He's been at Villa two seasons and got them to 13th in the first season and 4th in the second. Jos is doing just fine.
  9. Pulcinella

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    I'm afraid not. Just stupidity.
  10. Pulcinella

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Brilliant! And there's little me thinking he was a striker!!
  11. Pulcinella

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Has someone edited Egan's Wikipedia page? His goals scored are pathetic. No wait, they're similar on Transfermarkt. Gillingham 10 goals in 81 Brentford 6 goals in 63 Record signing?!!
  12. Pulcinella

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    The missing Gallagher.
  13. Pulcinella

    Fantastic from Tango

    Tango with his top on. Shock horror.
  14. Pulcinella

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Erm... you mis-read it. Jos is getting the best out of players (Nuhiu), including the youth (also).
  15. Pulcinella

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Amazing that we’re now talking of Fletcher being below Nuhiu in the pecking list. It that’s what I like about Jos - that he brings out the best in players including the youth.