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  1. That bench makes me want Winnall back.
  2. Just putting this out there... could it be we're missing Semedo in the dressing room this season?
  3. I would rather wait until (hopefully) we change manager (who hopefully) knows how to integrate JR better into the team. He was brilliant in the past. I hope he can be again. Jeffers was never brilliant. The only team he scored for was Everton - and that was 18 goals in 49 games. From 2001 - 2013 he scored 22 goals in 186 games!! ...an average of 1.7 goals a season. Defender class! How he got a game for England during that 2001-2013 period I don't know. And how he managed to even score in that one game is ridiculous.
  4. Owls and rest of League v bottom 4 Stats

    I’d take winning against bottom teams right now. But memories of games like Burton last season still hold strong.
  5. Owls and rest of League v bottom 4 Stats

    For a long time, we've been very poor against bottom of the league teams. And much better against strong teams. Disappointing but true... cos these are the games we ought to steal a march on our rivals.
  6. Carlos interview

    To be fair (and we're very lucky about this), we're only 4 points off play-offs. Get things on the right track again and there's no way we're too far behind. However, the thing is... I think this season is the weakest there's been for a very long time. And we ought really be storming it.
  7. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    To be honest, why would he swap Palace for SWFC? We've got more chance of being in the Premier League next year.
  8. Catch up Weekend?

    Can we catch the leaders up a bit seeing as this weekend there's: Fulham v Preston (10th vs 6th) Sheffield Utd v Ipswich (3rd v 8th) Wolves v Villa (2nd v 7th)
  9. de Bilde for me. And a strong vote for ex-premiership player Francis Jeffers.
  10. 2 Positions in Jan.....

    Why do we not play Wallace on the left then?
  11. 2 Positions in Jan.....

    I'd go for one only... Left back. The rest can wait till summer - new financial year for the Financial Fair Play. Then we need to sort out the wings - either as getting too old, or as increased competition - and with pace also.
  12. Fessi and Hutch

    Doris is brilliant on the golf course.
  13. There's everything to play for this season. There's no runaway team this year so far. There's only 4 points between 1st and 6th. Looking at the last 2 seasons, it's much more like when Hull went up than Huddersfield. Obviously it's a big shame we didn't beat Utd & Brum. We'd be in third place, 2 points behind the leaders if we had done so. But on current form, it looks like the automatics isn't going to need such a high total number of points. We're on equal points to 2015/16, and one behind 2016/17.
  14. I haven't heard anything

    Carlo Ancellotti’s available now! No time like the present!
  15. When do we write off the season?

    A long time yet. Fulham came from a long way behind last season. But it looking like we need new tactical nouse. Other teams know how to play against us too well now.