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  1. Well, we're 17 years into this century . Sad but true.
  2. Right, I've cracked

    Giggs could be fun. But then again he could be Hasselbaink. And that’s not meant to be Cockney Rhyming Slang.
  3. With hindsight I should've decided CC had taken us as far as he could when we played so negatively against Huddersfield in the play-offs. Those two games epitomise everything that is poor about CC. It's such a shame because the last two seasons have been our best during this century.
  4. The thing is, we've been pathetic on the loan department. When CC has had a faster loan winger on the books, he's not played them. With new blood in the management position, who knows what could happen. We need a new direction.
  5. What can we salvage?

    Fulham had a major turnaround last season. We just need to get going. And I can't see that with CC at the moment.
  6. This is how it came out in Google Translate: I need to be more adaptable. I need to try different things. I need to change the formation quickly when I see how the other team is set up - and exploit their weaknesses. I must do this quicker - and well before half time. I could do better.
  7. Well Done Atdhe

    Big Dave is vastly underrated. He doesn’t score goals, but boy does he terrify the opposition, and an excellent counterpoint to a good goal scorer. IMHO we’ve signed too many similar strikers without buying a goal scoring version of Big Dave.
  8. Actually I visited Bayern Munich's stadium on holiday. My kid wanted a Bayern Munich shirt (don't worry, he's solid Wednesday). But they were charging €90 for a kids shirt in their shop. Told my wife they were £35 for a Wednesday one.
  9. Come on Wednesday, get a shot (on or off target!)
  10. If we spend nowt in january.

    Actually that first summer transfer window was way the most exciting I’ve experienced since our glory Premiership days. I blame Pearson for scarpering so quickly, which lead to the demise of our committee.
  11. And Barnsley ahead of us. Meh. Poor Reading though.
  12. Because it benefits him either way. If he signs, goes out on loan and stays - no doubt he'll be pushing for the first team as he'll progress whilst out on loan. If he signs, goes out on loan and leaves - no doubt he'll improve with regular league football - and will be worth more = bigger contract with a Premier League club.
  13. To be honest, the whole Hirst thing disappoints me greatly. Anyone who’s a fan of SWFC will know of the financial misfortune we’ve suffered since leaving the premier league. And even though we now have (at last) a rich chairman, we now also have a very saleable youth player. Whether George and his advisors want to leave or not, they know that he could either stay and make a big difference here, or go and make a tidy sum for the club. And in order to maximise either he needs to go out on loan. And the club’s not going to send him out without securing him for longer than next summer. He should sign, go out on loan, and then stay or be sold at a higher fee. i have no sympathy for him in his current predicament.
  14. Great topic. Abdi's no where near the worst. The lad's got talent, just a lot of bad luck. The worst signing ever was Francis Jeffers for me. He was only a striker when he played for Everton. Everywhere else he could put a shift in. I recognise the Bothroyd ones, but he wasn't ours so doesn't count. But if I was to raise another, it'd be Wim Jonk. I was sure he would be an amazing signing. Turned out he was part of our Premiership relegation squad. And according to Wikipedia he was automatically paid £5k a game whether injured or not.
  15. This is an hilariously bad article from a Villa fan on us: http://www.thevillablogger.com/sheffield-wednesday-is-one-of-those-teams-that-everyone-dislikes/ Titled: Sheffield Wednesday is One Of Those Teams That Everyone Dislikes You know when you’ve got that team that you just don’t like? Well, Sheffield Wednesday is one of those teams for me. Firstly, I’ve never seen such a dump of a city in my whole life; it’s a cold grey concrete jungle of a place even when the sunshine’s, and some of the people there are the most arrogant and self-righteous buffoons you’re ever likely to meet. Look, I’m not a bitter man most of the time, but I once had an incident with a Wednesday fan some years ago, and it’s because of that one dipstick I’m going to bloody well generalise and stick you all in the same boat as that one idiot! It’s because of him I feel like this, so blame him!!! If Villa can get a win tomorrow, and I believe we can, it will put us one point behind those Neanderthals up tut north where it’s dangerous to go out after 4pm. I’ve never wanted to win a match so much!!! Wednesday have always played second fiddle to Sheffield United! They are more evolved than their smelly uneducated neighbours Wednesday!!! If we can just beat them, then we’ll be making one half of their city happy at least. So come on Villa, let’s do this one for the city of Birmingham, West Ham United and more importantly, our great club Aston Villa. UTV