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  1. The team with Tudgay and Burton was poor - but at least we had actual forwards in the team. Now we only have Rhodes as a recognisable forward and the rest are attacking midfielders and the like. Hard to blame anyone apart from those in charge of recruitment.
  2. Neil you've done the club great service as caretaker manager. Well done and thanks.
  3. I might be wrong but seeing as his biggest problem seems to be confidence, why does he get played into form then dropped abruptly. Multiple managers have done this.
  4. Agreed. And yeah you’re right I was focussing on those because they are too eager to ditch NT so quickly. The man’s got my respect for what he’s done overall. I fear that in the current climate of Wednesday he’s got an uphill battle though. Sadly the culture in chairmanship has been poor since the 90s, and whilst there was moment when DC got early success, his refusal to sell and reinvest has lead us down a dark road. We do need someone with a football brain at the helm of the administration side of the club.
  5. Seriously? If that were true I would’ve jumped on it on page 1 not page 10. I’m only seeking to add a bit of perspective because this thread seems to have turned on Neil Thompson when overall he’s still doing a fantastic job. Negativity should be reserved for the man whose lack of skill at running a football club means we’ve had run ins with authorities on numerous occasions and who really ought to be looking at his own actions not blaming things on others. Of course it’s possible NT has reached the end of his honeymoon period, but I’m not about
  6. Cut him some slack. His overall record is still very good. He’s allowed to not get it right every time. Sometimes I think the doomsters are just waiting for hiccups so they can come out of the woodwork. I would’ve played Rhodes though. Fed up how he gets into a run of form and then gets dropped. It’s as is if people don’t want him to be successful.
  7. What I'd give for a good striker at the moment - even if only available 50% of the time!
  8. All our problems come down to financial mismanagement. Mature players should be sold if decent offers come in e.g. Forestieri etc. Contracts should only be run into the final year if we have no interest in extending them. Youth players of note should be given contracts before other clubs have the opportunity to scout them. A club like ours needs to thrive on wheeling and dealing - meaning we need to sell in order to have funds to buy. We've been worse off than this in the past 20 years, but it's down there with the times when administration was thr
  9. I hate madness, but Madness the band are great - or at least the singles were until the latter ones. And the videos even better.
  10. That's who I was expecting to see when I opened the thread - until I realised it was this rather odd mashup...
  11. Was there with my wife. In the second half, Millwall were playing towards the end where the Wednesday fans were. We all lived and breathed the onslaught that lasted much of that half. Bully was amazing. It was the best game I've ever seen live (followed by the League One Playoff Final).
  12. The problem with Wednesday is down to Not selling players when the opportunity arise, instead increasing player wages of ‘key’ players to bring parity with those who signed on a free for high wages. If we’d sold FF when the opportunity arose and invested the money back in the squad we’d have been in a much better place. That and retaining the better youth players on long contracts at an earlier stage - so that even if they left we’d have a handsome transfer fee for them. The transfer policy is at the heart of much that is wrong with Wednesday.
  13. This is very disappointing. Our most promising youth player for years and we mess up extending his contract. It feels like we hold out to the last minute to sort issues out (paying players, signing players, signing a manager, submitting accounts etc.) only to discover we’re just making things worse. Shaw had the potential to either be an amazing Wednesday player for years or be a very lucrative asset. But our incompetence to do the simple things right is running this club to the ground, sapping all life out of it. I don’t see a way out of it with
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