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  1. Why do all these rumours start with a mate in the back office?
  2. And that’s how good our summer signings have been. The strength we’ve got in depth is the best I remember for a very long time.
  3. It’s also about gaining momentum. Well done lads, a few more of these please and then some.
  4. It’s too early in the season for knee jerk reactions. If we average 2 wins and 1 loss that’s a better points score than 2 draws and a win
  5. Sorry, why has this thread got 9 pages already? At the stage we’re at, at the stage Sol Campbell is, it’s never going to happen.
  6. Surely this means he's in prime position to be our manager.
  7. Am I the only one who doesn't know how to process being top of the league? It feels so weird, good weird, but still weird. I keep having to check the league table. I don't know what to do without anything to complain about .
  8. Abdi’s a better score in Scrabble
  9. I for one am looking forward to Winnall getting his chance again. Couldn't even get onto the bench - there were so many strikers ahead of him. Give him the chance, I hope he can be a dark horse. He showed ability before we signed him, so why not.
  10. Guys I'm getting a bit fed up of not knowing what this Paxo is. Can anyone spill the beans?
  11. Isn’t Hooper still available? Is this a cunning plan to get rid of Joao and Rhodes and re-sign Hooper on a lower salary? Seem to remember Bruce offering to comment that Hooper was let go because of wages.
  12. 7 of our starting 11 have been around since Carlos’ first season. We’ve a good spine and who knows, this could our season.
  13. I’d love to hear a Brentford fan’s perspective on Odubajo. I thought they were sad to see him go. He’s having a poor run for us at the mo - I hope there’s a lot more in his locker and this run is just a blip.
  14. Why the pessimism? Our performances in the closed season have shown a lot of promise, and the new guys that we've got in add well to our squad. Yes we let go of Hooper & Matias, but Hooper was injured much of the time - and our strikers have been doing fine without him. And as for Matias, he was hot and cold. Come on guys, up the Owls. We're going to storm the league!
  15. I coming round to the opinion that we should just let Lee Bullen have a run at being the manager. He's got Owl blood running through his veins and the passion to do his best for us. Better than appointing someone we don't really want.
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