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  1. This is one of the most depressing statements I've ever read on Owlstalk and theres been plenty over the years. From a squad literally bursting with strikers to this! 😞
  2. Good news this. Freshen up the place and bring in some new ideas. Be interesting to hear what this means for Weaver and Bullen now
  3. I think in general i agree with players attending on match days if not selected. A couple of areas maybe i dont though are away games (cost) and depending on a players injury situation, they may need to be at home/training ground doing rehab or resting. I would assume you cant put anything contractual in there for this reason, as some players would almost definitely play on this if they couldn't be bothered to go or had had a fall out. Also i guess one downside would be if the manager had basically told you you weren't in his plans regardless of what happens and can leave, I dont think either party would want the player there and it wouldnt have any benefit of them doing so.
  4. Its probably more accepting that generally players will perform better in positive atmospheres than negative ones, it doesnt help knowing theres going to be abuse at the first sign of a mistake. That's not why we've been terrible, boardroom, manager situation, points deductions, near misses etc are as you've mentioned why we've ended up in this situation. I think its more a case of, the players have to accept as a result of all the above fans are going to be disenfranchised and the fans have to accept that the resulting reactions to that at games and on social media will probably only compound it and certainly wont improve it. Thats the same at any club in our situation and it'll take a lot from the club (i believe this is where it has to start) to turn it round. Ultimately DC and co need to instigate that positive vibe back, which is a big job. People who call players every name under the sun etc though need to have a long hard look at themselves. If you wouldn't say it to someone face to face on your own with them, don't think you can hide behind a screen or shout it from your seat in a stadium.
  5. If they said we couldn’t include the ground sale in that three year period.... then we can include it in the year after....sooo surely we have some more wiggle room now just on -12 (within the parameters!)
  6. Still can't believe Jos played him in CM away to Sheff Utd.
  7. They’ve created themselves a problem leaving it this late. If they relegate us and it causes us problems like DC having enough, they’d basically have blood on their hands for how they’ve handled it. Do they want that? Surely not in the current climate when enough clubs are going to be pushed to their limits to survive
  8. Its too easy to say 'the senior/troublemaking players are gone and its done'. Yes, that's true, but Monk has made the decision to not play them for months and our results following this have been utterly appalling. They may now be gone, but he is accountable for making the decision to get rid of them and oversee the downturn in results. So are we in a better position than we would be had he managed them differently? It's hard to see how we could be in a worse position to be honest. Therefore, unless he's just following orders from above, HIS decisions have resulted in WORSE results on the pitch. Ones that with a points deduction will relegate us. I said at the time, its fine wanting rid of big earners or any so called problem players, but don't relegate us as a result of it. He even covered in an interview around Jan/Feb time saying is now the right time to do this and people may argue its not....well i think its clear it wasnt. I've been fully on board for an end of season clear out and its obvious we need a change of direction, but the summer was the time, not blooming January
  9. We’re not dirty as a side, but overall we just can’t tackle properly (a few exceptions), so give away really naive fouls. Sceptical of Hutchinsons interview, but one thing he said was right which was that we need more players of a tough get stuck in mindset/streetwise at that level.
  10. I imagine the most we could offer would be whatever we just offered Fletcher - that he turned down.
  11. He got injured anyway, so made sense to release and not extend because he wouldn’t have played
  12. Previously when we had 15+ injuries, Reach carried our side through that period. I’d hardly class that as having no fight in him. My question of him has always been can he be a very good player in a very good side, rather than a very good player in a poor one. Not that we will find the answer to the first bit now...
  13. Monk's been fairly clear on the direction he wants to take us in. Younger, fitter and more dynamic players. If he can guide us through this, which from a fans perspective: from being shat on by Bruce, him coming in with all the Hutchinson/Westwood s***, the EFL case period, through losing players like FF, Fletcher and then somehow build the outline of a decent young squad beyond it, then fair play. Here's hoping.
  14. Well at least fans aren't allowed at the ground for DC's sake if this goes belly up. Small wins and that!!
  15. Still loads we don't know about im sure r.e. recruitment. Clearly didn't want Abdi, Rhodes, Van Aken. Those we know of. If only we'd got a deal over the line for Keogh or more so Sean Morrison who he wanted, i think it'd have been much better placed, rather than ending up with Van Aken.
  16. It also would be even weirder him posting those warm up videos on Instagram then not being included an hour later
  17. So typically SWFC that Forestieri has been all over our social media last few weeks, Including pictures yesterday, to then not play.
  18. Went on a 6 month world tour after we released him...Got it in before Covid...some might say hes a genius. And robbed us.
  19. The type of player (or probably more importantly person) you absolutely want to keep in that dressing room.
  20. 100%, especially if you've settled in that area already. To be honest, wonder if some of them wish they'd already signed previous offers before the Coronavirus outbreak....think a lot of clubs including us would have had more financial wiggle room than now and who knows if previous offers can be on the table!
  21. Thats definitely something that was brushed over... Something like that shouldnt happen, a business the size of SWFC, how does it happen? Feels like something has been covered up for sure
  22. So we can afford to get in Wickham, Windass etc on loan... We can afford to block exits for Westwood, Rhodes etc.... But not replace some backroom staff when weve lost Agnew and Clemence....let alone Bruce who would obviously have been on more money than Monk. Doesn't add up, in fact it stinks.
  23. So obviously its his toe which is why he's out... But whats up with Reach's knee as well? He's had strapping on it for well over a year now and continues to play with it. Clearly whatever that underlying issue is its never been fixed.
  24. To be honest i cant disagree with that side of the argument either.
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