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  1. Yep and he said nothing wrong there. Poster made it sound like he threatened to have him out at the training ground. Bannan was actually saying stop posting on his family pics (fair enough) and either message him directly with his views or come speak to him Thought it was a fair response
  2. If results were guaranteed it’d be pretty boring. We know the risks when we buy the tickets and follow them. It’s professional sport and both sides want to win. Only one can. Learn and move on. We once lost 4-0 to Exeter, that turned out alright in the end
  3. Put it this way, Darren Moore isnt going to take any sh** from him and will do his due diligence. Theres also a carrot that says if you dont do well at League 1 Sheff Wed, your next career move (at 28) is a poor one not a better one. Its a big incentive for him to show some promise now as if he ever wants a decent pay day again, he would have to make this move work
  4. I'd like to point out Rhys McCabe was starting in an old firm derby at 18 and getting MoM in comparison. Both older than him and look how it turned out for him. Was always gonna be difficult for McCabe to make it though when he was weighed down with Scott Brown still in his back pocket.
  5. This was a Carlos quote on Hooper: "He was my first choice since the beginning and I'm sure he's happy here," Carvalhal said. "He's scoring goals because he's enjoying the way we're playing. "I'm not worried. We win games without Gary, we win games without Fernando [Forestieri], we win games without [Barry] Bannan. "Of course, if you said to me if I want Hooper, Fernando, Bannan, I'd prefer them all to stay, we'd be stronger. The negotiation part is out of my hands. "I advise my technical team but I'm not involved in negotiations. I don't get involved in money or agents. With this, it's in the hands of the chairman."
  6. It was though. He put the recruitment teams in place and his advisors. CC wanted Keogh and Morrison and specifically said in an interview he wanted a CB with championship experience. Then ended up with Van Aken. Carlos didn’t drive the transfers. Can add Van Aken to Abdi, Jones, Rhodes in signings he didn’t want amongst others (ie Urby)
  7. Harry Kane going the same way as Rooney then with his ability being totally under appreciated by many.
  8. All our problems stem from our owner and his non existent management structure behind the scenes.
  9. And not to mention its blatantly obvious he didn't dictate the signings. So these accusations that he left us with a crocked ageing squad is detracting from the obvious truth. Players like Jones, Abdi, they weren't his signings. Look back, he said in an interview he wanted a championship proven centre half, Morrison and Keogh were the ones. He ended up with Joost Van Aken for £4m! He wanted Guedioura, powerful player, didn't get him. We then sign Abdi. If anything, that recruitment model and approach actually COST HIM and made his job harder.
  10. Yeah to go from talk of the England squad and probably a move to a big club, to injuries wrecking even playing at any standard for a long time is cruel. It’s certainly stopped him reaching anywhere near the level his ability looked like it was taking him.
  11. Fair play to the fella. I mean his comments were genuinely outrageous, that’s not forgotten but a great way to bring a bit of humour to it and raise money for a great cause
  12. I think at his peak he was good enough for the premier and was showing it. Gutted about his knee injuries that seem to have ruined him, not just those and the 2 year or so time out, but the subsequent other injuries that happen as a result. Realistically he’s never going to have a season where he plays 30/40 games.
  13. I think we will do well to extend that streak beyond this saturday, especially if Hutchinson is out.
  14. We tried that with Steve Bruce at a pre-season friendly.
  15. Whilst i would like that.... We've only just managed to pay the players on time for the first month in god knows how long
  16. I’ll go as far as saying if Iorfa doesn’t get injured we stay up regardless of the manager
  17. And then 5 of these pathetic yellows result in a player being suspended, and fans not seeing the best players. But yeh, it’s in the interest of the game apparently. In the Euros, there would have been about 1/2 yellows last night and that’s it. We used to complain about the continent, referees and soft fouls. We’ve become far worse.
  18. I was and still am a huge Westwood fan. I just think as he got older he started to move a bit slower etc and didn’t have it in him to play that style now. Certainly when compared with some of the younger keepers coming through now
  19. And it also highlights, finances/age/injury aside, why Westwood was let go and why it was the right call. Simply cannot play the way Darren Moore wants to unless you have back lines and a GK v competent on the ball. It'll take time to bed in im sure, but I think the big fella knows what hes doing
  20. I have more hope in the fact that Moore says he speaks to Chansiri every day. That shows that Chansiri is still massively involved and therefore likely all decisions taken are pointing to a change in his approach than him losing interest etc. I think that’s a cause for optimism. Many have worked remotely for 18 months and it hasn’t lessened their involvement in their respective business areas, so whilst it’ll have lacked that human element for Chansiri, at least it keeps him Out of the changing room if we lose
  21. I imagine the quarantine requirements etc wouldn’t make a trip to the UK wise for someone if they apparently have a number of business interests and family back in Thailand? Hes obviously changed his approach, maybe putting more onus on the new COO and others which is what has been needed for a while.
  22. Yes agreed it can, but let’s be right, in the main certain players do get targeted more in comparison to others and those players struggle to break away from that irrespective of what they do. There’s always one or two as a scapegoat that get singled out from the off
  23. Spot on. and we also wonder why youngsters find it tough
  24. ‘Isn’t playing well’..I mean to be fair we’ve only played one league game ffs.
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