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  1. 33 year old under a 1 year contract... No one is prepared to pay (after all the clubs covid financial results!) what he is worth to us at this stage in his career.
  2. Sure he was linked with the Flamengo job last summer, has a good season with Braga and now linked with Blackburn.... Suppose there's the 'potential' for getting to the Premiership, but thought he might be in line for a better job abroad than that. Guess it depends what £ they're offering him
  3. I'm not saying theres no one better than Hunt btw, there may well be. And of course when we're talking about goals from crosses, theres the whole other aspect of ones people on the end of them failed to convert, which i imagine is not that easy to work out the stats But in terms of production, I don't see any RB/RWBs who did better in L1 last season unless someones aware of any (again, if there are any im happy to have that as part of the conversation too)
  4. To be fair i dont think Fletcher really needed pace, he has great feet and is very good in the air. Albeit pace is always a bonus. Ironically there's only Paterson who has that presence in the air for us now, definitely one of our weak links against tough sides. Im not advocating we get Fletcher back btw, at 35 i cant imagine injuries arent going to take over, but someone of that mould would do us some good.
  5. Had to laugh saw Forestieri hit a 101st minute winner in malaysia from 25 yards and run into the crowd. Few highlight reels a season nowadays and not a lot else
  6. If a player was going to fake an injury or otherwise to protect himself... Wouldn't he just ring in sick? Or 'fake' that injury on the training ground the day before? Or refuse to play? If you were going to fake it you wouldn't say during a game was the normal place to do so?
  7. Not surprised as we should have got far more out of the first few months of the season, it was very disjointed and Hunt was messed around a bit.
  8. But in Hunt's case, we do know a majority of Hunts assists were crosses to their intended target from watching those games.
  9. From what i can see looking at the statistics, there wasnt a right wing back/ right back who got more assists than Hunt in league one this season with 6? Unless theres anyone im missing.
  10. In all fairness players have only ever spoken about how professional he was, how he looked after himself, set an example and what a leader in the room he was. He more or less carried us for a season up front as well. We massively suffered when he left.
  11. Flint's just started 38 games for Cardiff in the Championship at 32 years old. 6 goals. Dean Lewington has just played 46 out of 46 games for MK Dons (who finished 3rd in League 1) at 37 years old. 0 goals. I don't really think Flint would struggle in league 1 to be honest.
  12. I don't understand people who are saying 'no' at the thoughts of signing Flint and Madine who are established in sides in the Championship. As if they'd drop to L1 to play for us anyway.
  13. What wingback are we getting in League 1 whos better than Jack Hunt though? If there's a wing back whos better than hunt, with pace who puts a ball on a 50p piece available....Hes not signing for us is he.
  14. I think that's a bit of a harsh statement. For instance it'd take a lot for someone alone, in a pair, couple etc to stand up to or report a big group of anti social/abusive morons, probably under the influence of things at the time, right in front of them.
  15. Thing was Hirst wasn't good enough at that time and Cadamarteri...is he good enough right now? Only turned 17 a day ago. Of course if the answer is yes then by all means id want him in the squad...who wouldn't But clearly our aim has to be automatic promotion next season and he's not made a senior appearance yet...big ask on the kid. Dont wanna push them too much too soon either
  16. Quite hilarious that we could be in Round 2 of the Papa Johns Trophy the same day as the World Cup Semi Final. Absolutely ridiculous.
  17. Will Vaulks, would he really join us in L1? Just played 36 games for Cardiff in Champ and is only 28? Pederson has just played 37 for Birmingham in the Championship Reece Burke is a regular for Luton who are in the Championship playoffs Am i missing something with them, why would they come here?!
  18. The very thing people forget isnt it. And even a footballer on massive wages can have a bad day against someone paid less and come up short. Humans not robots.
  19. Anyone notice how the atmosphere was at Sunderland at 0-0? Exactly the same from them It's how it goes when its nervy...players and crowd.
  20. Fair point mate, allowing myself to get drawn in there! Great stat...maybe Dele-Bashiru is the answer!
  21. But when he leaves the pitch at 0-0.... (1ppg) and we then score twice to win (3ppg) that is literally 2 points he didnt help achieve and you're factoring that into his contribution!
  22. Certain Wildsmith wont be here. After the full time whistle, he walked round all the crowd then was hugging the coaching staff one by one looking visibly emotional when most of the players had gone down the tunnel already Like he knew that was the last time he'd be here.
  23. Surely you see the problem with you trying to defend against the facts just presented It's like claiming a cricketer that averages 0 runs a game worked well because their team won each game, when in fact the victory was nothing to do with them.
  24. Slightly concerned at the creativity and ball retention with that as a CM.
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