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  1. They have a plan which includes good recruitment. As many in the game will tell you recruitment is key. I’m struggling to see what Downes and Hughes bring to the table TBH? One of the first things I’d do if I was Moore would be to bin them off as he’s recruited better particularly at Doncaster than either of these two have since their arrival here.
  2. If Moore doesn’t succeed here it won’t be down to him. It’ll be down to a combination of the Chairman, his advisor and the fan base. This kid is the real deal and if all three of the above don’t back him properly and fairly then this club is well and truly f***ed.
  3. I don’t think Bullen has any input with regards to youth player contracts? I think that’s the Dynamic Duos remit?
  4. Expecting him to leave. You can’t blame him with some of the offers he might be getting. TBF I do think there will be more of an emphasis on youth under Moore as he and his backroom staff all have a background in youth development but O think his arrival has come too late to avoid the loss of Urgohide and some of the other youngsters.
  5. I genuinely think he’ll do a good job here. Totally expecting recruitment and playing style to be totally different under Moore.
  6. We go down then even some in contract will move on. I think Bannan’s decision to extend his contract was a token gesture on the proviso he can leave if we’re relegated? The likes of Luongo, Borner and Iorfa would attract interest from elsewhere. Even some clubs in the championship would still come in for Paterson. Come the start of next season our starting eleven in League one will look very different to the starting eleven on the opening day of this season.
  7. I don’t think he’ll change much TBH. Also he’s not exactly spoilt for choice with options. I think he’ll make one change in the back four. Urgohide for Penney with Palmer switching to LB. I think the only change he’ll make further forward is Brown for either Windass or Reach. I’d like to see Rhodes start but Paterson despite his misses was getting on the end of things, so I can see him persevering with him.
  8. I did at the time. You’ve got to admit history repeated itself under Monk. That said the squad strength wasn’t as much there under GM as it was under JL. The summer window was truly a shocker. Not keeping Lee and Nuhiu was a total joke if we weren’t going to properly replace them. We haven’t replaced Fletcher and Fox either.
  9. It didn’t work for Jos, Jack so why on earth did Monk think it would work for him? Freezing Hutchinson out was a play out of the Jos Handbook, wasn’t it?
  10. You telling me DC selected the Ernie and Bert of the goalkeeping world?
  11. He’s the one who thought Wildsmith and Dawson were good enough goalkeepers for us this season and last for that matter. A decision as responsible for our impending relegation as anything.
  12. Besides my post has got bundled in this Monk thread. That’s nothing to do with me. My thread was titled ‘Blessing in Disguise’ which is the term you would probably use to describe Monk’s time here?
  13. That’s the big question. I personally don’t believe he’d have come in, had he not been given certain assurances and TBH this appointment doesn’t seem to have AP’s influence so I live in hope.
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