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  1. Berahino’s release has surprised me. He was heavily criticised in that first half of the season but he turned it around in the second half of the season and I believe he would’ve been a force for us next season. He may still be but sadly elsewhere.
  2. Giving Dawson a chance as No 1 is too much of a gamble. He hasn’t got the temperament to be first choice here. Once he drops that first b*ll**k and he will, the crowd will be on his back straight away and that’ll be him done. Wildsmith is too far behind the game to be a better choice either. Moore needs to pull off a similar loan to BPF. He got it right in this dept. before. He has to again or else we won’t be where most on here will expect us to be.
  3. I would be surprised if we veer away from 352 but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we could go 4231? As like last summer he has a big decision to make on the goalkeeper. He needs to recruit at least 2 new centre-backs but I could see Palmer as a regular fixture in the back 3. If Luongo goes as expected then he needs a good defensive midfielder but this area of the pitch is in general good to go. 2 new centre forwards are needed. One target man to take the pressure off Gregory and a mobile goalscoring option to replace Berahino. Interesting summer ahead.
  4. I think you’ve just answered why he probably failed here? Obsession. No, like Wilson, we’re still paying the price for their respective times in charge IMO? I try not to pay too much attention to finances as we cannot do too much about that?
  5. Hutchinson - can only think age and injuries have counted against him. Dunkley - injuries plus being uncomfortable when in possession. The right call. Berahino - genuinely surprised. Wildsmith - surprised at this offer. If he wants play regular football. He has to move. NML - will have better offers. Luongo - see above. Hunt - The only player I expect to re-sign.
  6. I’m not particularly bothered about getting promotion next season even though it would be great. I’m more bothered about getting the platform/infrastructure in place so the next time we get promoted we have more chance of genuinely progressing to the premier league eventually. If the last 22 years has taught us anything, we don’t do this, we don’t move forward. Oh and by the way Jack, no ones’s beating on the door of your Messiah, Mr Monk. Is it 18 months out of front line management now?
  7. The chairman has been asked this question many many times but continues to give the same answer. The question will never ever change and neither will the answer. The reason AP is given an hard time by some on here is that he’s perceived to be a reason why we have declined over the last 5 years or so? Because the answer given by the Chairman is relatively vague, you can’t really know for sure how influential he has been in our demise? All we know about him for certain is that he’s Portuguese, a football agent and a friend and advisor to the Chairman. Everything else is pure speculation. My own theory which of course is speculation in itself is that given the amount of time he spends at the club suggests he has a strong connection to it regardless of his relationship with the Chairman? As some have have already speculated in this thread and this what I have personally thought is that he probably has some sort of investment in the club? But we’ll probably never ever know so we probably should just see how things progress from here? One thing I’m particularly confident about is while we have Moore as manager we will move forward as a club.
  8. With this speculation and the potential departures of Hunt and Berahino being announced probably today then it looks like we might see more movement than we might have expected?
  9. No disrespect to Wycombe but big clubs who find themselves in hard times usually come again. There are several examples of this over the years. So IMO it’s Sunderland’s turn to rise again but it’ll be a close game.
  10. Like I said it takes time. He was never going to sort everything out in 12 months. If he’s still making the same mistakes next season then your argument for change might be stronger than it is at the moment?
  11. Personality and style of play would be 2 reasons to start with. There is a togetherness at S6 that hasn’t been there since the aforementioned Carlos day’s and a common denominator of this is the attractive style of play that we haven’t seen since Carlos’ first season. Yes I’m not blind that there wasn’t mistakes made but he was never going to rectify all the problems we had and there were a lot of them within 12 months.
  12. I’m interested to see how we go this summer. Some will disagree but I thought last summer’s recruitment was arguably our best since the first summer window under Chansiri. It all went awry after hence this summer being a crucial one in order to push forward rather than fall backwards again.
  13. This type of link is probably one of the clearest indications yet that our recruitment strategy is changing?
  14. Pitch invasions at this stage of the season have become commonplace ever since the fences came down. We’ve seen a few at Hillsborough over the years. I don’t necessarily see a problem with it but recent events are going to get scrutinised by the authorities and that’s to be expected. Thing is history has an habit of repeating itself and you could be forgiven if like me you were around in the 1980s and see and hear things happening now that are almost identical to how it was back then. A divisive PM, Jobs/Money issues, Wars. I could go on. I’ve been listening to quite a bit of 80s music and the lyrics are as profound today as to when they were first written and sung. Bananarama’s ‘Rough Justice’ and the Jam’s ‘Who’s the 5 O’Clock Hero’ are good examples. Anyway as back then, things are likely to get worse before they get better?
  15. Whether DC backs or sacks Moore, he’s not going to please the entire fan base. We’re impossible to please anyway. It’s a fan base full of ‘knowalls’ ‘happy clappers’ and argumentative tw@t’s. With a mixture like that the Chairman is on an hiding to nothing whatever he decides to do? We haven’t had stability in the managerial chair since Laws and his longish stint in charge was largely down to the uncertainty in the board room. Once that was sorted he soon lost his job. I think DC needs to give Moore the next 2 seasons at least to build some sort of infrastructure from the bottom up. This rip it up and start again mentality we’ve had for a large part of this century has to end soon or we’ll continue to meander in the footballing wilderness. Surely that’s something we can all agree on but I won’t hold my breath
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