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  1. As has already been said bringing in the proven striker/s that we require is going to be nigh on impossible while we continue to be under the watchful eye of the EFL. I don’t really know how we’re going to solve this problem. I’m not convinced with either Windass or Paterson TBH. We maybe get a few goals from Shodipo and Green. Wing might do well plus I expect Iorfa and Dunkley to score their fair share this season.
  2. If they keep their squad together with Jokanovic at the helm, top 2 should be very achievable. I’d like to see them struggle but they won’t this season. I think Brewster will smash 20 goals at championship level. McBurnie won’t be far behind.
  3. I get the impression that these type of trials are with an eye on the future as much as the here and now. Basically it’s a close up scouting mission. If an opportunity crops up to sign any of the lads we’ve had in trial in the future, who knows? Decent management if you ask me?
  4. Early days of course. Wing potentially is a game changer as the number 10. We’re not relying on Wildsmith/Dawson anymore which is a positive. Still think we’ll lose one or two before the window shuts. I still think 2 of Bannan /Paterson/Palmer will go.
  5. I get what you mean but if Moore sees Wing as a long term fit and we need to move Paterson out to do it then I think it’ll happen. There’s no way that every move we’re going to make is a Loan and I can’t see us bringing in Byers, Wing and P-F without moving some players out. I see Bannan’s travelling with the squad tonight but out with a back injury? Smokescreen perhaps? Maybe going to Swansea with Byers coming the other way plus cash?
  6. Don’t know. Just a guess but I don’t see it being a problem but we’d probably need our friends at the EFL to ok the deal? As for the it would leave us even shorter up front comments. It would but I don’t see Paterson doing a great deal for us this season or staying beyond it. If we can move him on now and potentially get a useful player in the process, why not?
  7. We must be shifting someone out then. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Wing deal saw Paterson going the other way? Prepares to get shot down in flames
  8. I was looking through the list of players Moore has worked with on Transfer Market. He favours youth simple as that. It looks in the main the vast majority of experienced players he’s worked with he’s inherited from previous regimes at WBA, Doncaster and here obviously. Chansiri is definitely gone down a different route by appointing Moore. I hope it works? I think it has every chance of doing so.
  9. I think most of the senior players should be able to cut it at this level. Dunkley was an absolute beast for Wigan the last time he played in League 1. I think the likes of Palmer and Hutchinson will do well. I tipped us to finish 16th but I was going on the fact the first season at this level always seems to be a struggle but Moore is a better manager than Turner and Irvine and knows the level which they did not. Perhaps that will be key to a better season than many expect?
  10. I saw a post on here the other day suggesting the Academy Lads weren’t currently training at Middlewood Road? Strangely enough on my way home from work going through High Green over the last couple of weeks or so there appears to be what looks like a few academy players milling about with the old Elev8 training gear on. Does anyone know of any training facilities in the area that we could be using? I wonder if we’re doing this to minimise the risk of Covid or it might be part of a more long term approach?
  11. Knill by mouth - a championship operation with Dr Jo.
  12. My apologies. Clubs were never revealed but I’m sure @YesWeCranntweeted that there was championship interest in Adeniran and Moore himself was quoted the other day saying Brown was that keen to join us he waited for the embargo issues to be resolved. It’s hard to argue against that the four signings we’ve made for the senior squad have been mainly down to the persuasive tongue of our current manager. Another reason I believe Moore is the right man for us.
  13. I’m sure Moore said championship clubs were in for Adeniran in particular but I’ll bow to the fact that you know they weren’t because you were one of the those I was expecting a clever reply from
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