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  1. I think Iorfa, Borner and Bannan will start. I could see us going with a stronger looking bench than last week with Lees, Windass, Rhodes, Luongo and Brown on it?
  2. I wonder if he’s being fast tracked because we might not be getting as many forward options in as expected?
  3. Seems more than plausible to me. It might explain why Monk has tried to bring in younger players?
  4. Type of signing I'd like to see us do more often. It remains to be seen if the signing of FDB is more of an exception rather than the rule? Ibe and Duncan could be shrewd bits of business for Derby?
  5. Come on Neil, WISPA to us what went off at Christmas. It might explain why life wasn't a PICNIC for us in the second half of the season. It might BOOST Monk's standing in the eyes of some of his critics including myself and prove that he's not a bit of a FLAKE?
  6. I think it's only a matter of time before Rhodes is on the bench regularly. There are 2 or 3 players Monk is having to use through necessity rather than choice IMO?
  7. What really happened last Christmas then?
  8. It’s not as if I haven’t said I’ll never be a Monk fan before. There’s been Wednesday players I’ve never been a fan of but it hasn’t stopped me appreciating them at times. What’s the difference with the Manager? You don’t have to be 100% behind someone to appreciate them and what they do?
  9. I don’t have to be a Monk Fan to say if I think he’s doing a good job or not and as I’ve said before I will praise him if I think he deserves it?
  10. The points deduction is an obvious difference and I guess the budget is a fraction now of what it was but were the so called difficult players any more difficult for JL than they have allegedly been for GM?
  11. I’ll never be a Monk fan. Most on here know that. That won’t stop me from praising him if I think he’s doing a good job. He keeps us up this season then he’s done the job that needs to be done first and foremost. We’ve had a solid start but there is a long long way to go. If come the end of November we’re in a better position than we are now, I’ll praise him. I’m not disputing that JL was a disastrous appointment but you can’t say at this juncture that there is a massive difference between the job JL did and the job GM is currently doing. Their championship records apart from a +6 in GS and GA in JL’s record are exactly the same. They both have frozen out Westwood and Hutchinson and blooded young players though I would say Monk’s approach with the kids has been more measured and as a result will arguably prove to be more fruitful for us?
  12. Fair question. I’m just asking a poster if they were as supportive of Jos as he obviously is of Monk? When you bear in mind their records on and off the field here are like a mirror image, it’s a more than fair question. I wanted Jos Out as a lot did and I’ve been consistent in wanting Monk Out. Apart from the points deduction which granted isn’t Monk’s fault what is the infinite difference between Monk and Lukuhay and why does Monk deserve the backing he’s getting which Lukuhay obviously didn’t get?
  13. Were you supporting Mr Lukuhay in the same way as you are Monk given that JL was arguably doing the same things on and off the pitch that our current managerial god is? Or did you want him out like most of us at the time?
  14. It's simple. Hutchinson's departure from S6 and him catching the last train to Pafos fuels more fire to the daydream believers that are the Monkettes?
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