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  1. Other clubs have some self-righteous tw@ts for fans. Yes, by all means kicks us in the b@lls for breaking the rules but we all know they’ll be singing a f**king different tune should they find themselves on the other side of the fence?
  2. What you’ve also got to take into account with the IC players is the vast majority are OOC in a years time so do you negotiate new deals now which is unlikely or do you look to sell. This is a reason why I feel Palmer and Paterson could leave. I know Windass has an option for an extra year but if clubs come in offering anything upwards of £1.5M, he’ll be off. I’d include both Luongo and Iorfa in possible departures but they would have to prove their fitness first and January is when they would be more likely to leave? As for Bannan I just think half the championshi
  3. The formation Moore prefers to play. Not many of the current players fitted smoothly into this formation hence Moore switching to 352 4 or 5 games into his reign. The likelihood is he’ll have to recruit maybe a new team to fit this formation style. I've tried to select a team out of IC players who may fit into it with a bit of work over pre-season but I’ve placed question marks next to players that I don’t think will be here come the end of the summer transfer window. Wildsmith Palmer? Dunkley Hutchinson G
  4. Only if he moves to a league 1 club. Rochdale got relegated.
  5. The big decision for me is the keeper situation. If Dawson and Wildsmith struggle to command their area in the championship then they will struggle even more at League 1 level where it’s more an up and at em style. I still very much believe that those two playing a lot of games this season contributed to us going down as it always was going to. Look at previous seasons when either play a lot of football, the defensive record goes off a cliff. Ideally DM needs to sign a new keeper because both of them are mentally shot and so are some of the defenders at having to play i
  6. I could see us selling players for really the first time under DC. I expect offers to come in for Bannan, Windass, Paterson and Palmer. Possibly there may be interest in Borner, Luongo and Iorfa. The latter 2 would probably have to prove their fitness first? Not expecting many if any of the OOC senior players to re-sign. It’s anyone’s guess as to how we’ll line up first game in August but totally expecting us to play 4231 next season.
  7. Whatever sort of statement he put out was always going to be a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t sort of thing. As statements go it’s a decent one but that very much depends if you’re willing to give him a chance to change or you want him to sell ASAP. FWIW I thought the signs of change started to show once he went out and paid compensation for an already employed manager. Also the type/profile of manager is different to recent managers as in someone who likes to play passing football and work with and improve players particularly younger players.
  8. I am aware of that. My take is he sacked him before the transfer window opened so he didn’t have to back him during it. He did indeed struggle but I suspect he would’ve turned it around had he got his own players in?
  9. A scary article that I suspect paints a very clear picture of the way things really are? He either needs to change the way he operates or sell the club? It’s that simple for me.
  10. We’ll struggle to recover from this relegation. In the past the fans have been up for the fight. I suspect we aren’t this time. The only way the cloud will lift is if we see some genuine change that offers some hope for the future. Monk promised a young hungry team, yet it’ll be Moore who ends up delivering it.
  11. I can’t disagree with a lot of that. Thing is it all depends on how the Chairman responds. I wouldn’t be surprised if we continue to get radio silence from him?
  12. You could argue with some justification that it started to go wrong when we failed to sell the stadium properly? That saddled us with a points deduction that we were in truth never going to overcome once the Chairman decided to start the season with a manager who was hopelessly out of his depth the season before. Once he decided rather belatedly to make the change he then preceded to the point of the season where it really fell apart. It wasn’t appointing Tony Pulis it was his failure to properly back him. Pulis knew like most of us that the race had been ru
  13. What is it with 3-3 draws at Pride Park ending in relegation?
  14. We’ve got to do something we haven’t done all season. Wouldn’t now be the time to do but are we expecting it? Noooooooooooo!
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