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  1. 7th place with virtually a brand new team and he finds himself under more pressure than Monk ever did. The Wednesday managers job, the hardest job in football.
  2. It’s a good job we lost a 2 goal lead otherwise we may have been spared this weekly thread.
  3. Apart from Peacock-Farrell and Adeniran, that’s the side I expected. Totally expecting Paterson and Brown to make up 2 of the 3 up front away from home from now on.
  4. Perhaps it was typical that Southgate veers away from his safety first mantra and England put in one of their worst performances for ages. Totally bemused with his decision to take Grealish off. Was the player most likely to make things happen for us on the night. That said Hungary don’t get the penalty and they don’t score. 9/10 referees don’t give that in my opinion. Still think Shaw was unlucky with the decision. Totally expecting Southgate to go with Philips (If fit), Rice and Mount against Albania even though I think Foden should get Mount’s place. Still in our own hands but last night was disappointing.
  5. Shaw’s cleared the ball long before the Hungarian lad put head his down. I think this ref thinks he’s a superstar. All about him, I’m afraid. Poor first half in the main but Grealish the star for me.
  6. We get what we deserve TBH. As a fan base we really are a bunch of t0$$5r$?
  7. Monk’s pointage in 2020 was horrendous. It all stemmed from him freezing out Westwood and Hutchinson ala Jos. It didn’t work for him, it didn’t work for Monk plus his record in the transfer market was utter dogsh!te but according to many on here, he wasn’t responsible for recruitment. Covid, players not getting paid, points deductions. Fair enough but you get his fan boys wax lyrical about his situation at Birmingham. FFS even after a points deduction he still had an head start in the race to stay up. No indication whatsoever that he could do the same here. As bad a manager as I’ve ever seen here and the current incumbent comes no where near to being as Sh!t as Monk in my eyes no matter how much the experts on here try to compare him to Monk, Pulis, Jo’s, Irvine etc.
  8. Just like it was clear to a lot on here that Monk’s tactics weren’t working apart from Monk the Magnificent and posters like yourself who would stick up for him to the bitter end and still do.
  9. I think the interview yesterday was a sign that he’s feeling the pressure of an expectant fan base. This fan base has an habit of wearing a manager down one way or another and it’s harder for managers who care what people think which Moore obviously does. I think it’s becoming clear that he probably signed too many players in the summer but that said he could lose quite a few of his Loan signings in January due to break clauses so his massive recruitment drive could still prove fruitful. From the outside looking in to the experts on here it looks like he doesn’t have a strategy or a plan. I myself felt on seeing the team selection yesterday that there was more than an element of throwing enough sh!t at the wall and sees how much sticks to it. However I maybe doing him a disservice there? After all the plan could be to hang in there until the halfway point and hope the strength in the depth the squad has proving to be definitive in the end? Either way despite the clamour for his head, he’s not going anywhere before Christmas and I hope he can stay the course because we need a manager to finally do this.
  10. Win, lose or draw, there will be plenty p!$$ed off on here
  11. I take your point. I’d like him to succeed as most do. Given the amount of players signed I feel we need to give him more time. I see all this papering over the cracks sh!t but we’re not that far off the pace despite the constant team changes and performances. I still think the likes of Gregory and Berahino will give us an edge come the end of the season. We just have to hang in there.
  12. I always thought scoring goals would be a problem and that’s proven to be the case. In all fairness this was a problem prior to his arrival. As we’re seeing it doesn’t appear to be a problem that he can solve quickly. On the flip side we’re doing ok defensively and we’re having to do. Some have already made their mind up on Moore and want him out which is fair enough. I think we have to give him more time as I don’t see who we could get who would do the job that’s required. I fear this is a long term job for someone and this could still be Moore and there may be more pain before we come out of the other side?
  13. It’s looking more and more obvious to me that for us to move forward as a side, Moore needs to make the big call to drop Bannan and not just for one game. Everyone was creaming themselves when we signed Wing. I thought once Wing was signed, Bannan was on his way as I thought he was his replacement? Neither can play together in the same side. When Wing has been the sole playmaker we’ve arguably done better? Simple Darren, if you want to keep your job you need to drop Bannan.
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