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  1. You see that mate, it’s an opinion nothing more. Personally I don’t really care if he’s successful or not anymore but when you consider his recent record that reads 3 wins in our last 17 games then you’d think he’d have more important things to do than block his critics on twitter?
  2. TBH I can't be ar$ed to argue the point anymore about anything Wednesday related as you just get jumped on by some because you don't share the view they do. Their view might be right but TBH I'm not that bothered if I'm right or not. I enjoy this site very much but it's getting too serious for me at the minute. With regards to your point I would've picked Brennan. No crowds, so no extra pressure. Knows the position better than Odubajo and is an unknown quantity. Sadly defensively Odubajo is, as we saw again last night. You never know how young players are going to do until you give then an opportunity and who knows Brennan might've got a few defensive blocks perhaps better than the one Our Manager got on me today?
  3. You do make me laugh. That Jim gif was hardly spreading hate? Football is as we keep saying is all about opinions as my tweet this morning was, an opinion on how I would describe his time here so far. Our manager understandably disagreed with it, maybe because the paint was red and not blue? Who knows? You obviously believe Monk is the right man for the job? I don’t and today’s events have convinced me even more of that? But we’ll agree to disagree 😀
  4. I don’t know why I followed him in the first place? I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve looked on his page. At the end of the day the bottom line is there wouldn’t be so much negativity that surrounds the club if we were doing better and whether he realises it or not, one of the reasons we aren’t doing so well is his management. If he was that good we’d still be in the Top 6? Answer me this is there any difference to how Lukuhay managed us and how Monk is managing us now and for some reason some on here and with all due respect, yourself as well think he’s above the type of criticism he’s getting? FFS I’d have loved to seen the betting patterns on Wednesday conceding a penalty once Odubajo was named as part of the back 3? He makes the same selection mistakes time after time. We’ve won 3 of 17 games in the second half of the season, losing 10. If that makes him the new messiah at Sheffield Wednesday then I’m sorry, I just don’t see it and if Monk thinks he’s above criticism for a record like that then he’s in the wrong profession?
  5. I might even tweet an apology m’lud but he won’t see it 🤣
  6. True but I’m not an experienced football manager where receiving criticism rightly or wrongly is part of the job. For context if I had described his time charge with this gif, would he still have blocked me? I think we all know the answer to that one?
  7. Is it any different to some of the posts on here? I’ve not even tweeted it directly to him. He’s obviously come across it due to the swfc # If he’s so sensitive to something as flippant as that tweet as all I’m describing IMO is how well his time has gone at swfc and in all honesty it hasn’t gone well, has it? Let’s face it far worse is posted on twitter so you can perhaps understand more why some players got frozen out? So now you know why I’ll never be a Monk fan. Sorry Boss.
  8. He’s blocked me on twitter for posting that paint falling over Jim gif that I said describes his time so far as swfc manager. Here’s your evidence
  9. No worries boss. Believe it or not I’m not angry. Got a few things going on in my life as we all have. I’ve got a decent sense of humour, it helps me through. A lot of my posts aren’t serious but it doesn’t stop some from taking it that way, which I apologise in advance for. If someone said to me what I’ve said about Monk, it wouldn’t bother me. I wouldn’t pull them up on it. It’s an opinion, that’s all it is. I might be proved right, I more than likely will be proved wrong and if he remains in the job long term, I hope I am proved wrong but when you’re as sensitive to criticism as the current manager seems to be then I very much doubt he will succeed here?
  10. WIFM? If he succeeds and the majority of fans are happy, fair enough, I’m happy for them. I’m just saying he’ll never get any praise from me. That’s my view, I’m entitled to it as you are yours.
  11. How many people on here agree would agree with the following gif describing Monk’s time in charge here so far? Well Monk doesn’t? 🤣
  12. Just want him gone. Even if he turns it around which is doubtful, he’ll never get any praise from me. When you’re as sensitive to criticism as he obviously is, you’re not going to succeed here?
  13. Thing is we all saw Odubajo in the starting 11 as a centre-back and we all knew what was going to happen. You know what’s going to happen if Dawson starts in goal. You know what’s going to happen when the likes of Pelupessy and Reach start in central midfield. Point I’m trying to make is that we are just fans but Monk is the professional. Yet we wouldn’t continually make the same mistakes that he does time after time, enforced or not? You see you can argue until the cows come home about playing kids but look at Brennan last night. Orthodox centre-back, just signed a new contract so we must see something in him at a time when a lot of under-23s/under-18s have been released. Yet our so called professional manager goes with a wing-back at centre-back who has more penalties against his name than a careless driver? And before someone turns around and says we can’t play the kids. When do we? When crowds are back? FFS if we can’t play them now, we never will? Monk is a so called experienced championship manager yet has managed this club as though he is fresh out of Timbuktu? Not the man for this job, never has been, never will be? Get shut now as regardless of a points deduction, we are in serious sh!t with this clown in charge?
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