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  1. Two games in away from home against a solid championship side and a play-off contender. A 1-0 defeat having played most of the game with 10 men and a 1-1 draw. That’s what you get with Pulis. Competitiveness and solidity. Scoring goals is a concern but we’re in games. See how we go at home now. Can we score in the first half of games at S6? Something we couldn’t do under Monk. I think in two months time things will look better. Long way to go of course but I think we have the right man in charge for the situation we’re in.
  2. With that f***ing points deduction and the marvellous management spell of Monk, we’re in a season long relegation battle.
  3. Listening to the radio. Someone ought to tell that to$$er Giddings that there are two Palmer’s on the pitch
  4. Ayew and Palmer, substitutes we can only dream of making at the moment.
  5. Against Wycombe. Keeping Luongo fit and available is crucial as we look more organised when he’s in the team.
  6. Consistency in team selection is what Pulis brings to the table but I still think Van Aken is a car crash waiting to happen. Why on Earth we weren’t in the market in the summer for a left-back/wing-back is beyond me.
  7. For some reason Westwood doesn’t have the 100% heartfelt support of the fan base he once had. I felt that he needed to keep a clean sheet on Saturday to justify his selection and keep his critics at bay. He didn’t and to compound matters his mistake led to Preston’s match winning goal. He needs a faultless performance more than ever tonight but whether he produces it or not, TP has backed himself into a bit of a corner by recalling him straight away and will probably have to stick with him come what may. One thing is for certain there is some real work
  8. Without stating the bleeding obvious we need a goalscorer. This lad might give us something a little different to what we already have. I suspect a contract until the end of the season wouldn’t represent too much of a risk? Plus I don’t think Marriott’s coming back?
  9. I’d love him to prove me wrong but if TP persists with the one up front then I very much doubt Rhodes will cut it in this role. While Windass is suspended the only player I can see cutting it is Paterson but as we know TP doesn’t see him as a forward. I’ll be amazed if we don’t shuffle the forward pack in January if not before?
  10. We need a left-back and maybe two strikers. We’ll probably have to move some players out. Given the contract situation with the vast majority of players I think this is a certainty?
  11. We’ve been disagreeing about things for ages particularly over the last 12 months. That said depending on which side of the fence you’re on, one view is deemed as disagreeing and another is regarded as out and out wrong, just as you were when you suggested Westwood was finished here
  12. I’d put Penney in for Van Aken. It makes me shudder that he still gets anywhere near the team. He’s utter dogsh!te. Pulis needs a left-back in January. I think Harris will come in for Odubajo eventually but obviously he’s still suspended for Wednesday night. Odubajo is another player I’d bin off ASAP. As for Windass’ replacement, there’s only Rhodes who can come in. It’s an utter disgrace the lack of options we have upfront. Totally expecting the side to look totally different in twelve months time. Hopefully we’ll still be a championship side then?
  13. Must win game for them at West Brom now. If they have 2 points or less on the board from the first 30 then it’s going to be a big task to turn it around? Scoring goals has been a problem for them for some time but they’re now conceding goals which they didn’t last season. Paying £18m for a keeper that got relegated last season was just bizarre.
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