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  1. I seem to remember Luongo wasn’t that impressive early on.
  2. Come on guys, why are we even discussing replacing Moore after the first loss in the season?! And one which turned on us going down to 10 men! Yes I don’t agree with those substitutions (I would have sacrificed a striker and kept bodies in midfield and defence) Yes I wouldn’t then have thrown on a striker for a defender - that was super weird. But come on - DM got us to 4th last year and we only went out to the team who won the playoffs. Before yesterday we were second in the league - and without Reece’s appalling tackle we were heading to maintain that position or even gain first place. Now’s the time to regroup - look at reinforcements - and enjoy the ride.
  3. DM didn’t have a great game tonight. He’ll have other games when he does well though. I hope he realises he underperformed and bounce back on Saturday.
  4. When you lose a defender, you’re drawing and have two ‘strikers’ on the field, it’s a striker you need to sacrifice - and that should’ve been Paterson. I can’t see why you’d weaken the midfield to strengthen the defence. I can see why you’d shift to a 4 4 1 to playe to Iorfa’s strengths.
  5. Need a few signings to make this squad zing. Preferably two strong defenders. A strong pacy winger - should’ve kept NML, unless the issue was he was on too much money. The icing on the cake would be an additional striker - but that’s probably the position we need least.
  6. Well I enjoyed being second in the league for as long as it lasted. Still have the feeling this season’s going to go along the lines of the famous Gary Megson/Dave Jones one.
  7. Was Ihiekwe injured? Or was it about protecting him seeing as he’s on a yellow?
  8. It’s the Wednesday way to keep us humble when we start to get confident of success.
  9. Always going to lose some games, but really felt we had the makings of a win tonight. Shame the plan’s gone belly up.
  10. Ipswich winning. Time for the super subs and let ‘em have it!
  11. Have to admit that eas a red card to me. Manager’s prerogative to sub whomever he sees fit. That being said, can understand Byers not understanding the decision and being vocal that it should’ve been someone else. Hope they quickly make up afterwards. Possibly swayed by Vaulks and Bakinson being the supposedly more defensive I don’t know.
  12. I’m excited about this one. Hope I’m feeling the same at the end of the match.
  13. It’s a sign of how strong our midfield is this year that such a thing could be suggested about the guy who at times carried us last year.
  14. Not slow. Just don’t want another season of signing a player who may or may not be fit for much of the season.
  15. Wickham was good for us first time round. Means nothing when someone returns having played little in the meantime. Here's hoping our scouts are good.
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