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  1. The last time we went straight back up from relegation was in 1990/91, and it's only happened twice since 1960. The fact that we are where we are is a positive - though I do think this is the strongest squad first season after relegation that we've had for 20 years.
  2. So long as they're not Dickie Davies Eyes
  3. And there I was thinking it was this guy!
  4. There’s a joke in there but I don’t want it on my digital footprint! Think chicken
  5. That’s the one. In 99/00 he starts off with a broken leg but when mended is 20 in so many categories
  6. Had the 99/00 edition. Always bought Sigpor Sigporsson and Tonton Moukoko. Played like the OP did but replayed every match until Steven Haslem was rated 8 or better so eventually he played for England.
  7. I can compete on seaside resorts all night. Seaton Carew.
  8. Nah, they’d want somewhere more upmarket like Sutton-on-Sea
  9. We all know they should have gone down instead of us last season. However that would’ve papered over the cracks. We needed the revolution that started over the summer.
  10. If we’d done that wouldn’t we have been on -9pts? (12 puts minus 3pts). In the end we got it reduced to -6pts. Can’t help but think that starting on -12pts had a huge negative effect on the club, managers and players. Took us age to catch up, and every time we did we didn’t pull ahead. Derby are fortunate to have score 7pts already reducing the deficit dramatically without the same pressure.
  11. The flip side is they're at the bottom because they've played us!
  12. Considering where we were even just a few weeks ago, I’m fantastically happy with the squad. We normally flirt with the wrong end of the league first season in League One - don’t think that’ll happen. Anything close to top 6 or even top 2 will be a brilliant achievement from Moore. For the cream on the cake just need a proper already achieving it strike force. But even then, we do have Windass to come back in when fit.
  13. My whelm is approaching that first Chansiri summer of signings - Matias, Wallace, Joao, Forestieri, Bannan, Hunt & Hooper
  14. When I read that I thought blimey we’ve only just signed Jack Hunt and you already want him to go out on loan?!
  15. The Blades are our B team. We moved out of Bramall Lane stadium but our president, Sir Charles Clegg wanted to set up a club to keep the previous stadium a going concern - so he formed Sheffield Utd.
  16. The thing I don’t get is that the meeting was in May - in the middle of his dispute with the EFL about paying wages. Doesn’t speak much of his new-found resolution of honest financial dealings if he was still effectively doing something detrimental to the club.
  17. I had a testemonial when my son was a baby and kicked me in the knackers. Still moaning about it.
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