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  1. It does look like his feet have been glued on the wrong way round at times.
  2. It might be clear to most of us and has been for some time but I don't think it is to the manager. It's like he's wearing blinkers.
  3. Well the best we can do now is 8 points. Anything less than 2 wins in the next 2 games and I think it will be time for Moore to collect his P45, if it isn't already.
  4. You're joking surely? Nearly a third of the season gone and Moore still hasn't got a clue what his best starting X1 is.
  5. Plus they lost the bloke that scored 30 goals last season.
  6. I'm not going to listen to it, I'll only smash something in the house if I do.
  7. But why did he not make changes at half time. Just carried on as the first half wasting 15 minutes .
  8. They made 4 subs in the 2nd half, neither got on. I don't think they've played a minute for the first team yet.
  9. Both on the bench in Celtic's Europa League game v Ferencvaros Half time at the moment.
  10. Who knows? It will be... For Courses. With some of this.. In this formation..... Or maybe this.....
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