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  1. Sky are owned by Comcast the 2nd largest broadcasting and cable TV company in the world and the largest cable TV company in the U.S. It wouldn't be a surprise if they wanted a piece of the action.
  2. These clubs can't afford to pay the huge wages, they are all massively in debt. That's why they have come up with this to bring in more money. The thing is though it's being funded by bankers JP Morgan through a £4.3 Billion loan, which will be yet more debt to be paid.
  3. Nothing to do with the ESL story but I was passing Rotherham's ground yesterday and Birmingham fans had put banners up on the railings at the entrance that were slagging off their Chinese owner. They were professionally printed and looked good. fair play to them for travelling to Rotherham to make their feelings known (unless they lived locally).
  4. The top division managed well enough without Man. City plenty of seasons in the 80's and 90's, even in 2001. Also Chelsea in the 80's spent a lot of time out of it.
  5. Then sign for a club that's in a UEFA sanctioned league i.e. the EPL.
  6. I don't know, if Sky and BT don't get involved with the breakaway league, domestic Football will still be their No.1 sport and they will want to broadcast whatever remains of the PL and EFL. Obviously they are not going to pay the mega money as previously but it will still be substantial amounts. I can imagine such as Amazon being major players in broadcasting the ESL.
  7. Their current plans for the ESL are for 2 divisions of 10 and the top 3 in each going through to the knockout stage along with 2 more via play offs. Even if a team goes all the way to the final they will play 20 games. Teams who fail to finish in the top 5, will only play 16 games. Without League football as well I can't see that being viable. They would need a rethink if the clubs are kicked out of their domestic leagues.
  8. The PL is a private company owned by all 20 clubs. I believe any proposals or rule changes need 70% of the clubs agree to be passed, which is 14 clubs. So in theory the 14 other clubs could vote the 'greedy' 6 out and replace them with other clubs but I could see massive legal battles ensuing. from the 6. Maybe it could see the PL disbanded and we see the 14 remaining clubs join up again with the EFL to reform the league again into a strong national league with 4 divisions as before. I'm would be for that, a strong competitive and financially more even EFL as it was pre
  9. So did I in the 70's and 80's, don't ever remember us purposely putting away fans there. Mind you in those days there was no segregation, away fans went where they wanted, including the home end if brave enough.
  10. Sadly I think for a lot of these players the prospect of becoming billionaires with just one ESL contract will trump playing for their countries.
  11. It was clear from the replay Lansbury didn't touch it.
  12. We were dead and buried weeks ago. Today's draw hasn't killed us.
  13. Exactly in a great performance v Cardiff, Rhodes, Patterson part of the scorers that did the damage. Then Paterson is dropped, now Rhodes. Why not go with the best team that last did the business?
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