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  1. I was at that game as a teenager myself. Normally stood on the Kop but went on the North stand that day as it was obviously going to get 'tasty' on the Kop that day give the Man U fans rep at the time, which it did. That match also turned out to be the first in the run of the final 12 home games of that season in which we didn't win a single one. Later that December we won away at Southampton, which would be the last away victory for almost 2 years. Yes the good old days
  2. I would say yes tomorrow is a must win game. We have to put a stop to the home hoodoo, it can't go on and on. 9 games without a win at home. Sky highlighted it the other night and no doubt opposition managers will to their players. Visiting teams know there are easy pickings to be had at Hillsborough. They know if they score first, they will get something from the game as we can't score more than one goal. This has to change, the longer we go without winning at home the pressure is going to be more and more.
  3. You said it doesn't matter if we don't win on Saturday, we'll just win every game after that. So that means we must win at Rotherham
  4. No but in your scenario if we don't beat Luton, the next game is then a must win game.
  5. It won't be easy. The last time we won 3 in a row was in 2016/17 under Carlos. The last time we won 2 in a row was December last year.
  6. We have to be aiming at around needing 66 points to stay up. -12 = 54 pts. Yes it should be less needed but teams have been relegated with that. Also we want to be safe with a few games to go and not needing wins in the last 2 or 3 matches. That would mean 58 points from the 40 games left. 15 wins, 13 draws, 12 losses. Are we capable of winning 15 more matches? Not unless our home form improves drastically.
  7. Trouble is we need near enough play off form to stay up.
  8. My eyes are just fine thanks. Yes it was bad defending but it was equally bad goalkeeping. Dawson should have been on his toes expecting the opposition getting a header in. He wasn't, he was caught on his heels and reacted very slowly to a header that was not far from him. We'll just have to disagree on this one but IMO he is a weak link.
  9. Watch it again, it wasn't a 'bullet' header. CD's reactions were far too slow, straight at him and he wasn't alert enough.
  10. Exactly, I thought he was poor for the 2nd goal. The ball went in the middle of the goal, almost at Dawson. He did a good impression of a statue and it even looked like he moved his right arm out of the way of the ball.
  11. With the midfield players that were available last night Pelupessy should have started. He's better than Hunt simples. Another bizarre decision by the manager.
  12. Yep it's true. 22nd October 2019 v Stoke, last time been in the lead at half time at home, 1-0. 20 home matches since then.
  13. This.... They were 14th in the League without an away win before last night. We made them look good mainly down to poor team selection and tactics. Yes we had injuries but Monk doesn't help himself.
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