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  1. Payments due in 2020-21 season Huddersfield £35M Cardiff £35M Stoke £15.5M Swansea £15.5M And Bournemouth, Norwich, Watford £43M each.
  2. It was the originally built by the The Sheffield, Ashton under Lyne and Manchester Railway with a station at Bridgehouses. This became the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway in 1847 and the new Victoria station and Wicker viaduct was finished in 1851. It's only occasionally used for freight traffic to and from the steelworks at Stocksbridge.
  3. Managed in Premier League - 1 decent season, sacked 3 months into following season after 1 win in 11. Managed in Europe - Laudrup got Swansea into Europa League. Monk managed them for 2 matches, lost both and knocked out. Managed to save a team from getting relegated despite a 9 point deduction. - Really are clutching at straws with this one. The 9 point deduction was meaningless because the bottom 3 teams were so far adrift it didn't matter. Birmingham were never in danger and finished 17th despite after the points deduction Monk only motivating them to win 2 of their last 12 matches. He didn't 'save them'. They would have finished 15th without the deduction. Since that first season in 2014-15 with Swansea and finishing 8th which yes was a good season, his managerial career has definitely year on year taken a downward path.
  4. Winning a single game on it's own is a success but if that game is the only win in 12 matches at home that is failure.
  5. Yeah they blew it by failing to get 2 points from the last 2 games at Stoke away and Barnsley at home.
  6. Seen this on the club's site. A certificate of 1929 showing the change of company name from the then equivalent of the government's companies house. Although as shown by the photos in my previous post, we were known as Sheffield Wednesday for a long time before then and even had it painted on the roof of the stand at the Olive Grove ground.
  7. And since parachute payments began, it's averaged out at 2 teams out of the 3 promoted teams every season were getting the payments.
  8. Yep and some including the PL say parachute payments doesn't make a difference. Facts are since they started on average 2 of the 3 promoted teams were getting them.
  9. Yep the owners putting them into administration 3 weeks afters buying them, nothing at all fishy there.
  10. I really do think if we'd have picked up enough points after the restart to avoid relegation with the points deduction, they would have applied it this season and not deferred it.
  11. Again - Should we be paying half a million pounds in wages to a player who is only useful for 10-15 minutes a game now and again?
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