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  1. Not that hard. Cheap and guaranteed delivery for 20th June.
  2. You're right my mistake, Jonk only scored 1. My memory's not so good.
  3. I've seen him several times for Hull and Brentford where his game was getting forward more. I think he does have the athleticism and speed to get up and down the pitch. Palmer when he does get forward usually puts a poor ball in, then struggles to get back. Many a time I've seen him trying to chase back to defend and it's like he's running in treacle. He'll give it a go by breaking out into a jog, then realises nope.
  4. Being pessimistic if we carry on in the same form as when we left off, I can't see us winning a home game, maybe a couple of draws Home: Nottm. F West Brom Preston Huddersfield T Middlesbrough Same away, it looks bad. Away: Bristol City Swansea C. QPR Fulham It's frightening that going from looking at a possible automatic promotionspot when 3rd at the start of Boxing Day, in the space of 10 weeks to now worrying about possible relegation.
  5. I would play our 11 best players. If 4-4-2 Westwood Iorfa Lees Boerner Fox Hutchinson Bannan Reach Harris Fletcher Forestieri If 3-5-2 Replace Fox with Luongo Westwood Iorfa Lees Boerner Reach Hutchinson Bannan Luongo Harris Fletcher Forestieri But I do know the team won't be anything like that
  6. I suppose so, though he was nearly 32 when he signed and as you say his last big contract. His first season was reasonable, played in nearly all the games, and we beat Man.Utd, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal and Tottenham. Second season was obviously relegation. Though he was far from the worst player in that team, we De Bilde and Sibon up front. After relegation he played the first 2 games in division 1 then that was it. I cant remember what happened, was he injured or not picked?
  7. I dont know anyone could include Wim Jonk in the 10 worst. He was a good player, you don't play for Ajax, Inter Milan and the Dutch national team if you're not. We signed him when he was nearly 32, so in the twilight of his career. When we were in the 2nd division he was 34. I remember him having a cracking game and scoring 2 v Man. Utd in a 3-1 win at Hillsborough. In fact for a midfielder he had a good scoring record in some of Europes top leagues, averaging a goal every 5 games in his career. I can think of plenty since him who have been worse. Here are 20+ foreign players since Wim Jonk was here who have IMO been worse. There have also been many more who I have left out that only played a few games. Modou Sougou Urby Emanuelson Filipe Melo Marco Matias Juan Cobian Petter Rudi Gilles De Bilde Gerald Siibon Pablo Bonvin Michele Di Piedi Trond Soltvedt Con Blatsis Drissa Diallo Yoann Folly Nsumbu-Ndungu Etienne Esajas Frank Songolo Bartotsz Slusarski Nejc Pecnik Jeremy Helan Sergiu Bus Kamil Zayatte Claude Dielna Marnick Vermijl Joost Van Aken Almen Abdi Atdhe Nuhiu Edit ..I liked Soldvedt, thought he did well for us.
  8. Beat me to it, I'd rather trust Bruce's judgement of a player than Monk's. Bruce wouldnt have brought him here if he was a bad player. TBH I do t think he's been as bad as many make him out to be. OK he had a mare with the penalties at Preston, though for the first their player went down far too easily. Likewise for the one at Derby, I thought the ref got that wrong and he was unlucky Otherwise I think he's done ok and the results when he's played have been generally good.
  9. Palmer was only ever back up to Hunt. I think Carlos realised after that first season that he needed better than Nuhiu and brought Fletcher in to replace him.
  10. I agree we have some good players and should be better than where we are in the table Carlos inherited Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Loovens, Lee, Helan, McGugan, Semedo, Nuhiu, Palmer and others. The first 5 in that list were regular starters and key players under Carlos.
  11. The thing is no manager of any club will ever have an entire squad consisting of players that only they brought in, unless they're at the club for about 10 years.
  12. Really Hutch 'Wednesday's dirtiest ever player'. Anyway I don't think Sam is particularly dirty, just clumsy at times. If you base it on the number of yellow cards received in the last few seasons. Barry 'basher' Bannan makes Sam look like a pussycat.
  13. He had a season of not playing at all, then another season of hardly playing in Belgium, so of course he will be behind in his development. This is his first season with Leicester so not surprising if they wanted him to have a season in their PL2 team. I suspect next season he will be loaned out to an EFL team to gain experience, as they did with Barnes, Chilwell and Choudhury.
  14. As I said in my earlier post, he's doing well in Leicester's U23's/PL2 team. Banging in the goals against other EPL teams development squads. Several man of the match performances, nominated for PL2 player of the month several times. James Scowcroft said recently after Hirst's MOM display in their win at Southampton U23's. “Hirst battled away up there alone all night and scored the all important penalty. He’s been impressive, led the line very well and in and around the box he’s very sharp. When most forwards would look to cross, he’s got that mentality to try and find the bottom corner. Leicester have got a very good no.9 in their ranks in George Hirst.” "Poor advise from his agents and his dad" Hmm... right now they probably think they did the right thing, doing well at a top EPL club or turning out for a struggling championship club's U23's!
  15. Not read the article but he's doing very well at Leicester. He's scoring goals for their U23's playing against teams of a higher quality than he would if he was still playing for our development squad. He's getting lots of plaudits from their coaching staff and is highly thought of there. Will also be on a lot more money than he would be at Wednesday so I don't know how it can be said it's not worked out for him.
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