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  1. Are you suggesting we do this in the stadium before kick off?
  2. Are Peroni and Moretti strikers and are they available?
  3. Doncaster have got sensible match ticket pricing. £22 for seats near the halfway line, £21 everywhere else. No categories, the same for every match. So our fans will pay £21when we go there. They are also doing flexible 10 game and 5 game tickets which can be used at any match. 10 games for £160-£180. 5 games for £85-£95, depending on where you sit. And they don't have to be used at different games, 5 people could use them for one match.
  4. Ipswich are at Hillsborough on 29th January. If it's a freezing cold day and neither team are doing very well. I can't see their being much interest for match day tickets at category A prices from either home or away fans. In our game at Charlton adult tickets for the home fans are £21 for the cheapest seats. I'm not sure if they have to price tickets for the away fans at the same as the cheapest home ones or the equivalent area as home fans i.e. behind the goal. If so that would be £26. Being on Sky will affect the attendance.
  5. This.... Anyone waking up on match day thinking, ah there's a game at Hillsborough today, I'll ring the mates see if they want to go. They all say yeah great how much is it, you say I don't know I'll have to look on the website. Then there will be dithering and some won't be bothered. Just make it £25 in the North/South, £20, every game. No categories nonsense, then everyone knows what it's going to cost to go the match.
  6. Really, what makes the likes of Ipswich such a top attraction that's going to make POTG'ers clamour to see and pay top dollar. Have I missed them signing Messi over the Summer?
  7. Well they are not going the right way about it. I know it's the first home game with fans allowed for well over a year. But many people have got out of the habit of going. It's summer holidays with a lot more attractions vying for the £ in everyone's pocket. I've no idea how many season ticket holders we will have but I'll have a wild guess at around 12K. If so that leaves around 18K seats for home fans to fill. The first game should be all about enticing non season ticket holders to go, getting bums on seats and filling the stadium. We'll see how many Donny fans will turn up at £26 a pop. But even if say there are 8K home fans POTD which is being optomistic, I can see there being about 12K empty seats at least.
  8. It is cat A. So £32 South, £29 North, £26 Kop. I suspect those prices will put a lot off going.
  9. You would think Everton's plan for his development would be for him to step up to a loan in the championship after a season in League one. Logically you would think he would have another season at Blackpool.
  10. Yes Mullin has signed for Wrexham Hollywood. Our options for available strikers are running out fast.
  11. Hannover played their first league game of the season today. Drew 1-1 at Werder Bremen. Their coach wanted him in before the match but says he hopes to bring him by the beginning of next week. Their local press describe the talks as being like a game of poker. Do they realise who they are dealing with?
  12. I'm a POTD'er due to work and will probably be able to get to around 10 matches. I will go whenever I'm not working, it won't matter to me who we are playing. But to be honest if it's going to cost North of 25 quid I might think twice about it.
  13. We don't need frigging categories, It's league 1 FFS. Should be adults £25 in the North or South, £20 on the Kop, every game. Reasonable prices and anyone thinking of POTD knows where they stand (or sit).
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