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  1. I think it's more of a case that most would just like to see him given a chance or what was the point bringing him here. He hasn't been given one start yet and hardly any time off the bench. I didn't see Saturdays game but many said he did more in his 10 mins than anyone else did all game. Other clubs wanted him and Wolves trusted us with a season of his development, if he goes back to them without even starting a game for us it will be very disappointing and embarrassing for us. Premier League clubs will think twice about loaning their young players to us.
  2. There's a lad at Wolves that's highly thought of there. 19 years old forward, quick and tricky, already played 6 times for the senior Canada team in World Cup qualifiers and the CONCACAF Gold Cup. There will be competition from other clubs wanting to take him on loan, but he might be persuaded to come to us.
  3. You can bet he will be saying that to his players. He'll be telling them they'll be all over the place in the 1st half, let's get at them from the start and they'll crumble.
  4. It's been a sad trait of his that he just gives up when trying to get back and just starts jogging, breaks into an amble then gives up, seen it so many times from him. The one you mention for the Derby goal in the relegation match was unbelievable. Especially when Paterson who was further forward than LP at the time bust a gut to get back, running about 80 yards and getting a challenge in at the edge of our penalty area, while LP was 30 yards away ambling back. Another game that sticks in my mind was a 4-2 defeat at Blackburn a few seasons ago when he did the same for 3 of their goals. Unfortunately it's this and his switching off at times that probably means he's League 1 standard at best.
  5. But at least Charlton have decided to act when it's obvious it's not working. I know a caretaker such as Thompson is not for the long term but I think it would get us going in the right direction again for now. They would start by playing players in their best positions and not coming up with bizarre formations. Last season under Monk/Pulis we won 3 of the first 19 games. Thompson steadied the ship with 6 wins in 13. Then we faltered again under Moore with 3 wins in 14.
  6. You mean the Charlton that we scraped draw at on the opening day and have been garbage since. Then got rid of their manager and went to Sunderland on Saturday and won. Even if there aren't any decent managers available at the moment, I think a caretaker such as Thompson or Bullen could get us playing better than we are now, until we can get a permanent manager in..
  7. I wasn't, he was average at Doncaster and had done nothing of note in his managerial career to suggest he was a good appointment. However I was prepared to give him a chance. Even after only 3 wins in his 14 matches last season which led to relegation. He put together a good squad this season, which should be more than capable of challenging at the top of this league. But here we are 14 games in and only 5 wins, hardly scoring, yet to score more than 2 in a game. The alarm bells were ringing weeks ago with his bizarre tactics and formations. Random team selections, square pegs in round holes and refusing to give players like Corbeanu a chance. We are going backwards and looking worse as time goes on. If we flounder around mid table this season, I can't envisage giving DM another squad rebuild next Summer and more of the same next season.
  8. I agree, we have a good squad that should be one of the best in the division. It's the managers bizarre tactics/formations/team selections that is stifling us.
  9. Iorfa maybe but not Palmer. He's always struggled to get back when we lose the ball upfield. He either doesn't have the energy to track back or can't be arsed. We've seen it so many times.
  10. He's managed us for 28 league games, 14 in the Championship and 14 in League 1. W 8 D10 L10 Win rate 28%.
  11. Thought I'd reassess this thread. As I said the other day it hasn't been good enough so far in this group of 4 games against poor teams and anything less than 6 points from Lincoln and Cheltenham after 2 draws and it's time up for DM. Well I stand by that and we now need a change at the helm. Even a win at Cheltenham won't paper over the cracks. 6 points from these 4 games would be woeful, 4 or 3 points will be a shambles.
  12. If we finish mid table this season, would he deserve another season? Could we put up with Moore's brand of football for another season? We have progressively got worse as the seasons gone on and I wouldn't be unhappy if todays game was is last in charge for us.
  13. Bewildering that we have been poo in an attacking sense this season especially, we're a third way through the season and this lad hasn't started a game yet. Not only that it's embarrasing. Premier League clubs won't be rushing to loan us anyone in January.
  14. If this really is Moore's mindset that forwards have to worry about defending, then we are screwed. This is League 1 FFS, we are not coming up against teams with the likes of frigging Salah and Kane in their attack that we need to worry about. No wonder we are one of the lowest scoring teams in the division. Get some forwards on and let them concentrate their efforts at the top end of the pitch.
  15. Yep... 14th different starting line up and 14 th different formation of the season
  16. I really don't give a flying fizz about possession stats, they mean sweet F.A. The only stat that matters is the number in the 'Won' column.
  17. Yep it would be a nice contribution to the government's coffers.
  18. Yep it's amazing when we are starting a game with 7 defensive players and most of our attacking players can hardly get a look in. I can't understand why we are one of the lowest scoring teams in the division.
  19. Well we're not winning many at the moment, 2 out of the last 9 games. We need to start scoring more goals and it might help in that respect to get more attacking players on the pitch. As for covering back, I'd prefer our attacking players to concentrate on the other end of the field. Palmer doesn't even track back and he's a defender.
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