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  1. He touched the ref, yes he shouldn't have done but his little push didn't warrant Alcock's comedic pantomime fall and Di Canio's subsequent treatment by the club. Richards worried about harming his chances of getting a job with the F.A. banished him from the club during his ban. He wasn't even allowed to train at Middlewood to keep his fitness up.
  2. This...he was a great entertainer, the best at it i've seen in my time watching Wednesday. You always went to matches wondering what magic he would produce next. He was the sort of player that you thought it was worth paying the entrance money to see along with Carbone and Waddle.
  3. From what I've seen most of these allegations have seen to come from you in your numerous posts about him in recent weeks. And all with zero concrete evidence to prove them, just hearsay and stuff made up. I'll repeat what BIG D said, what are these so called 'antics', you are claiming?
  4. I suppose it's a case of one step at a time and a learning curve for the clubs. When it's shown that 1,000 spectators can be accommodated safely, the next game could be 2,000, then 5,000 and so on, building up to the third of capacity which I think will be the maximum allowed for a while.
  5. Holiday camps aren't much fun I can tell you. Step out of line and those redcoats can be really nasty
  6. Yeah I suppose with just 1 win in the last 12 at home it's not particularly advantageous for us 😃 I do think we have to start making steps to get fans back safely and soon. If we don't a lot of EFL clubs will go to the wall.
  7. I gather the EFL are allowing 'pilot' games with a max of 1000 spectators from next weekend. Clubs have to put in a request to the EFL by today, for games this weekend. I wonder if Wednesday will apply for the Watford game to be a pilot. Even 1,000 fans will be better than an empty stadium and give us a bit of a home advantage.
  8. IMO you need a balanced midfield of different talants, especially in the championship. A ball winner, a playmaker and a 'water carrier' as Didier Deschamps put it.
  9. Now now are you being sarcastic ? 😁 Because whenever I saw Braithwaite play he was pants.
  10. Saw him a few times for WBA last season, admittedly mostly coming off the bench. He looked rubbish, slow and didn't look like he could be arsed. He was good for Cardiff but I wouldn't want to risk paying a decent fee for him. Saying that I thought the other Danish striker Braithwaite was poor for Middlesbrough, then he ends up at Barcelona.
  11. There were videos on SWFC's website of him at training 2 weeks before his contract finished and he putting himself about and making tackles. He wasn't shirking even though he knew he would be off as Monk hadn't offered him a new contract and he wouldn't be playing him in the 2 games he was eligible for no matter what.
  12. Still playing in Italy's Serie A with Brecia.
  13. Who knows what happened between Winnall and FF. When were the other times he's been fighting in training? Yes he was wrong for refusing to travel to Norwich 4 years ago but he apologised at the time and we move on. As Monk didn't offer him a new contract, he wouldn't have played him in those 2 games before the end of his contract even if fit. He barely played him pre lockdown anyway.
  14. Ha ha ....if you really think that if a player's negotiations with clubs about potential contracts aren't known about on forums or in the press for that matter, then they aren't happening. Then I'm sorry it's you that's being silly.
  15. He said himself at the start of last season that he was over his injury problems and 100% fit. As for the 'disruptive influence', please expand.
  16. We started the game without a forward. There are plenty I would have dropped anyone apart from Dawson to have had FF in the team. As for the team that finished the game FDB, Reach, Windass. The manager is even talking about playing Reach as a striker FFS. As I said FF would walk into this team.
  17. FF was our top scorer in 15/16 and 16/17. He was injured for over 6 months in 17/18 and came back for the last 8 games, scoring 5 goals. In 18/19 he was injured and suspended for spells, yet still played in most of Bruces's matches. Last season he was over his injuries and fully fit but had the alledged racism suspension in August. Monk wouldn't play him despite being fit, starting him in only 7 games, including the debacle at Luton where he played him at wing back. I can remember the home game v Birmingham last October when we were dire and in the second half the fans were chanting his name for him to be brought on. Monk gave in and he changed the game when he came on. The thing is FF would walk into our side right now, with a manager who new what he was doing that is.
  18. Hutch is an angel next to that thug Bannan with his 23 yellow cards in the last 2 seasons, yet nobody goes on about BB being a 'liability'.
  19. I was in Kingston last year and passed through Trench Town and Tivoli Gardens and tbh felt safe during the day, Parts of Downtown run down and sketchy. Certainly to be avoided when dark. Also frequently used Mountain View Avenue and Hope Road. Later found out that the foreign office advise not to travel in these areas and even the police avoid. Saying that I've felt more nervous going through Spital Hill 😃
  20. Yes I was replying to cowl who said Hutchinson had injury problems. I pointed out that in the calendar year from Jos leaving to being frozen out by Monk he played just about every match.
  21. In the calendar year from Jos leaving in late December 2018 to late December 2019, Hutchinson played 42 league games, almost every match. At the beginning of last season Forestieri was fully fit for the first time in a while. He played at the start of the season under Bullen then he had the suspension, but even after that Monk wouldn't play him. He started only 7 games all season under Monk even though fit.
  22. Considering we've achieved 12 points from our last 15 matches, a vast improvement is needed if we don't want to be well adrift of the second from bottom team with a 3rd of the season gone.
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