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  1. It's been like that ever since parachute payments began. On average 2 of the 3 promoted teams every season have been in receipt of the payments. This season is no different, definitely 2, maybe all 3.
  2. It's possible but will need completely knocking down and starting from scratch. Might as well just build a new stadium in a new location with proper access to and around the stadium.
  3. Don't know how much the land cost. It stands on 7.7 acres, which they bought in 2013. I'm sure a brownfield site in Sheffield would be considerably cheaper. I believe their stadium capacity can be increased to 25K. We only need 25-30K capacity. I was at Brentford's stadium last week and it was impressive and had a great atmosphere. When it was built they used 50% less concrete and 30% less steel than originally planned for due to advancements in building technology. They have a rainwater harvesting facility and a solar power plant that provides a lot of their power. The stadium has a very low carbon footprint.
  4. Yes it's possible but is it financially viable compared to relocating to a brand new purpose built stadium. I think any ideas of buying up half of Vere Road and houses on Leppings Lane is a non starter. The problem with the Kop is access and egress is within a few feet of a main dual carriageway. We could even demolish the current stands and build a smaller, more efficient and modern stadium on the current footprint. We don't need a huge half empty stadium. 25-30K capacity will do but there needs to be room for expansion for when we get to the PL.
  5. £500 - £750 Million? Brentford's new stadium cost £71 Million and that's at London prices.
  6. Yeah and I bet there aren't many of their fans wishing they still had the old WHL stadium
  7. They bought up several streets with dozens of houses that they knocked down (a process that took years). To give them the land to build a completely new main stand. The Centenary stand is still hemmed in by terraces houses. They are currently extending the Anfield Road stand by building on the road that runs behind it. Imagine the outcry if Leppings Lane was lost by building a new West stand on it. The area is still a dump with poor access and no parking. I think originally Liverpool ideally wanted to move to a brand new stadium. They had planning permission and support from the council to build a new one on Stanley Park but changed their minds. Here is an old article about their situation. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/may/07/liverpool-new-stadium-city-fans
  8. I agree. I have been going to Hillsborough for 50 years now and have always loved it. It holds many memories, good and bad, but it's got to the state now we're it's not fit for purpose. To bring it up to modern standards and keeping it there would cost fortunes. Along with access issues (getting to, inside and outside the stadium) and the legacy of the disaster. I do believe it's time to move to a new stadium and a new future. A stadium along the lines of MK's, with a 30K capacity and the scope to extend if we get to the PL. A stadium with easy access and parking. With opportunities to bring in other commercial income such as concerts, exhibitions etc. A stadium that can be used by the community. It doesn't have to be a boring identikit stadium like Derby, Stoke, Southampton. A bit of imagination could create something different and unique.
  9. Maybe next time spend a few quid on a bit of tarpaulin for a roof so they can perform if it's raining.
  10. When Hutch went off we looked more fragile at the back. I think if he had been still on they wouldn't have scored that. I would have replaced Hutch with Dunkley, centre half for centre half, plus he would have given us a threat at set pieces.
  11. I agree that for any chance of automatic promotion we would definitely need more wins away than we had this season. Also it will be a tall order to match this season's home record again, so more away wins would be needed. Wigan won 14 away, Rotherham 12 and MK 13, compared to our 8.
  12. You could say the difference between the teams was one defensive error, but we simply didn't create enough chances over both legs. You can't expect to win if you score only 1 goal in the tie. 4 attempts on target in 2 games just wasn't good enough.
  13. Dean went with Stewart and actually did a good job of blocking him off. Palmer just didn't react to Roberts run.
  14. I expected Dunkley to replace Hutch and felt it would have been a more 'like for like' replacement. Plus he would have given us a threat in the air from free kicks and corners. We never looked like scoring from corners.
  15. There was 10 mins added time due to injuries, mainly the ones to Hutch and Wright. In added time there were 4 substitutions which is another 2 mins to add on, plus the ref was entitled to have added extra as Clarke deliberately took about 2 minutes to amble off the pitch. He could have added more for their timewasting and excessive goal celebrations. I think he should have added at least another 5 minutes to the 10 mins of added time.
  16. Apart from the strange team selections at times and his inability to make substitutions that improves the situation in matches. What concerns me the most about DM is he seems to get out thought by experienced managers such as Neil, Ainsworth and Robinson.
  17. At every throw in they had last night it took an age to get the ball back in to play and wasting time was obviously part of their game plan. A yellow card or two early on would have put a stop to it but the referee was too weak and let them get away with it.
  18. Berahino on the whole has been pants. I don't think he is up to the rough and tumble of league 1 and wouldn't offer him a deal. We need a younger speedy forward with the ability to take defenders on and go past them.
  19. What makes you think NML would have put a decent ball in. He wasted other opportunities with poor attempts to get the ball in to the box.
  20. Not quite, Sunderland have scored more at home than us. 49 to our 48. Despite that we need to score at least 2 and they have only conceded 2 in their last 7 away games. We created nothing against them and need to up our game big time on Monday. It's not impossible but we haven't done ourselves any favours with that lacklustre display.
  21. It's amazing that so many think we will easily beat them on Monday. They are unbeaten in 14, haven't lost away in the last 3 months, in which they've conceded just 2 goals in 7 away games.
  22. It is an advantage playing the 2nd leg at home but the general idea is not to lose the first leg.
  23. The team winning 1-0 at half time favourites to go through...who'd have thought it.
  24. We are going to have to be at our best and need to up our game from tonight. They are unbeaten in 14 and haven't lost away for 3 months. Won't be easy.
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