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  1. They are just agents with their own agendas and have never played or coached in the game professionally.
  2. Chansiri really ought to do himself a favour, ditch all these shady advisors and appoint a DOF to look after all football matters. Someone experienced in British football to work with the new manager/coach. Mr Chansiri should then take a back seat and leave the running of the club to people who know how to do it.
  3. I've lost count now and Moore won't be the last. There's going to be a lot of people losing their cash and some happy bookies when/if this is finally done.
  4. It was always a fantastic sight walking down Herries Road for a night match, seeing that sign and the floodlights. It gave you a great feeling and a special atmosphere. I have some photos somewhere I took at night, I'll try and dig them out.
  5. Draw would have been the best result for us. We need to finish above Rotherham.
  6. I thought the EU settlement scheme only applied to EU, EEA or Swiss citizens. I could be wrong but think a non EU citizen would have to apply for a work visa.
  7. This... Someone like Cook or Bruce will know more about football than Chansiri, Paxo, Alonso and all the rest of his 'advisors' put together.
  8. Exactly.... Israel and Greece are football backwaters. Equivalent to being successful in the Welsh League or Irish league.
  9. Yep we need some one that knows the EFL. We've got 23 cup finals coming up to save our place in the championship and to bring in a foreign manager who doesn't know anything about us or our players would be foolish. He could take many games to settle in and implement his ideas. We also need someone to identify players we could sign from leagues 1 and 2 either in this window or in the summer when we rebuild. IMO Cook is the safest bet for us.
  10. I believe that if clubs have an option to recall a player who's out on a season loan in January, they have until the 14th January to decide to do that.
  11. Here he is then, our new manager, available and can start tomorrow. .
  12. Even though he's now 35, I'd swap Wallace for Kachunga right now.
  13. I'd be surprised if Chelsea chose to send him to us, seeing as we're not giving Izzy Brown any game time.
  14. There aren't going to be any fans allowed this season and with other income streams decimated, how many championship clubs can go on for the next 5 months paying hundreds of thousands of pounds a week in players wages along with the other costs of running a football club, without any income? There are going to be a lot more clubs in financial trouble before long.
  15. He started the first two games of the season, at Cardiff and Watford at home. 4 points sand no goals conceded, then he was binned.
  16. He brought in Ivan Toney on loan to Wigan from Nrwcastke 3 years ago He must have seen some potential there.
  17. This... I want the new manager to be able to have an input into transfers, incoming and outgoing. We need to be sourcing players from Leagues 1 and 2, an area we have totally neglected under Mr C's ownership. There are some good players in the lower leagues and other clubs i.e. Peterborough and Brentford, have a lot of success in finding gems that are then sold on for big money further down the line. In that respect I would prefer someone like Cook who knows the EFL and can identify such players rather than the likes of Paixao bringing in random foreign pla
  18. Palmer may be physically stronger be he can't get up and down the wing. If he goes on a run forward he struggles to get back, doesn't seem to have the stamina
  19. Slim pickings out there. None of the foreign names mentioned so far are particularly appealing. I think I'd rather go British in Cook or McCarthy. Or we could just stay with Thompson/Bullen until the end of the season and hopefully get the 8 more wins and 8 draws probably needed to stay up. Then look again in the Summer when there might be better available.
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