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  1. fizz it, I'm in just for the chants alone.
  2. Nicky Weaver was broken when he was still playing let alone now hes retired!
  3. Newcastle press conference he will spin his way using: The fact hes a Geordie Opportunity may never come around again for him Premier league Massive club Wouldn't surprise me if he references his family/parents and ties that in as well to try spin the emotion and get people on side, despite what he's previously said about them. Literally nothing would surprise me.
  4. Hutchinson's issue has never been ability. He's certainly good enough. He's just never available enough
  5. I imagine there would be the compensation for any of Bruce's backroom staff to discuss as well... Chansiri can well and truly dig his heels in!
  6. Don't understand people saying Lees isn't a natural captain so needs replacing Loovens wasn't a Hutchinson type leader, yet numerous players and the likes of CC describe him as the best captain they've ever worked with. Captains come in many different styles Some players will always be leaders on field armband or not, they don't need the armband. Don't think anyone here is really able to offer a decent opinion on what Lees is like as part of the group, how he conducts himself, how others react towards him or what impact he has on the players. Steve Bruce has also mentioned before about how Lees, his terrific attitude, work ethic and how he is around the place. If Bruce decides to sticks with him, then thats good enough for me.
  7. So Bannan is better than fleck after all
  8. It's been reported now he's deciding between contract offers from Huddersfield and us. Can only hope we can compete with their parachute payment boosted offer.
  9. Forestieri would be worth a gamble for any side in the Championship with money to spend. £2m? Seriously? Thats like a free hit in the days where Asombalonga signed for Middlesborough for £15m! Patrick Bamford @ fee rising up to £10m. I think Winnall's stock has fallen quite a bit, he's done nothing since being back. Forestieri has been very up and down (arguably disappointing tbh, but he's not been quite right fitness wise) but at least shown in glimpses (i.e. Norwich) how good he still can be.
  10. Sure it was reported as a 3 1/2 year deal
  11. Tom Lees is club captain, been superb and has been arguably as important.
  12. In a world where Gary Madine goes for £6m, to say Forestieri is worthless is crazy. I’d imagine a side coming down with parachute payments would be all over that if he was being given away, as a cheap gamble
  13. Put that 10x better than I was trying to
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