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  1. The only thing more ridiculous than this thread is the people agreeing with it. Absolutely staggering.
  2. player ratings

    Westwood 6/7 Hunt 5 Lees 3 Loovens 5 Fox 6 Wallace 5 Butterfield 5 Bannan 7 - MOM Reach 6 Hooper 6 Rhodes 4 Nuhiu the saviour!
  3. Back to Centre Halfs

    Is the football boring me? Yes But not as much as the amount of moaning our fan base is doing.
  4. Sky go

  5. Reference the last point, of course the limited edition canvas was expensive, there was only 150 of them! If it was affordable to everyone, firstly any decent artist wouldn't have agreed to do it and everyone would be disappointed as they'd have not nearly enough paintings for everyone wanting one !
  6. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    In all fairness I'd rather be happy than bitter and twisted. And just because someone offers a different opinion it doesn't automatically make them a 'happy clapper'. It's become like brexit, no middle ground or reasoned debate allowed. You're either this or that, right or an idiot.
  7. Is George Boyd still alive?

    He had an operation on his shoulder, it was fractured, he then felt more pain, and had to have a second operation on it about 4/5 weeks ago I think? So that's why it's now a long term thing, an extra operation.
  8. Is it that bad?

    Do you honestly believe that a section of fans aren't totally overreacting, abusing players and families online, swearing next to kids in the family stand, fighting with other fans, criticising every single aspect of the club and so on? That is far beyond being disgruntled at prices and performances. Being annoyed at that is fine, the above is not. Its erratic, poisonous and helps absolutely no one, least of all themselves and also the club.
  9. Is it that bad?

    Look I don't disagree, I also believe we should be getting more from this squad than we are. I just think some people need to not let it make their whole lives negative and bitter. It's a hobby, we all love SWFC and sometimes have to just take a step back because we can't control it at the end of the day. If we could, then it might be a different way of dealing with it.
  10. Is it that bad?

    No it's not that bad. The negative disease has spread amongst fans, coupled with the modern day sense of entitlement which has made everyone impatient. It isn't that bad, im not going to let it ruin my weekend, or life as some people are. Im still going to appreciate I go to hillsborough to watch Hooper, Bannan and co rather than the dross of the past 17 years. Am I a happy clapper? No. But I'm not letting it rule my life or turn me into a negative, moaning person which feeds onto the next person and so on. Getting irate or bitter, over something you can't control, serves no purpose in the grand scheme of your life. Albeit the derby was an exception to the above, and do think we should be improving on where we are. WAWAW.
  11. Done with it all

    I really wouldn't call ola tidman and Kim Olsen pride and hope.
  12. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    Most of the replies do state it's not going to happen and unrealistic though to be fair!
  13. In all fairness Lee absolutely should have had a penalty at Bolton and Fletcher should at Derby
  14. E-cash

    I imagine its the same reason why a lot of work places have a similar system, where you top up your ID card and use that in the cafe/restaurant area. But i'd like to understand why they do! Is this perhaps a more profitable way of doing it? Hope people forget they have money on their card? Minimum amount for loading (i.e. £10) so it entices people to spend more?