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  1. And that, I think is that for this matter.
  2. Looks like (according to Examiner) Moore has said Hutchinson will play both CB and DM this season and praised his versatility
  3. Well it’s a good club to get a loan move to. Make or break for him probably, but a huge upside if he cracks it there. You just know he will bag v us!
  4. Nice to see us making proactive moves for a change. Darren Moore is clearly having a big influence on the transfer front. Strikers in and loan out some youngsters and it’s been a very good window
  5. I think Westwood and Hutchinson coming back would have improved things… But I think them coming back was far outweighed by losing Iorfa and Luongo. Im convinced had those 2 not got injured and we had brought those 2 back, we would have stayed up.
  6. Dawson also had Iorfa in front of him along with some games from Luongo. Then Iorfas Achilles blew and Luongo did a Luongo.
  7. They beat us in a playoff pen shootout, we serve them out of date cans and give them the sheets in return, it sounds like a fair trade to me
  8. Almen Abdi. He had 1.5 years left on his contract at the time like, but may as well have been an ex player.
  9. Suppose it’s reasonable to point out that we were playing a team from the league above
  10. Thing is he took 6th penalty FOR Hudders v blades in L1 playoffs So I genuinely think it’s that he bottles it on big games
  11. Can’t believe he had the nerve to step up first pen. Suppose being first round of League cup means he didn’t bottle it.
  12. Quite happy with Iorfa Hutchinson and Dunkley as first three options to be honest and sign someone as a bit of a younger gamble to develop behind them
  13. Haha In all seriousness in a back 4, he wouldn’t get in our side ahead of Hunt or Palmer at RB nor Iorfa Hutchinson or Dunkley at CB
  14. I think there’s also a myth that playing against Wigan Ipswich Oxford Sunderland Portsmouth Rotherham etc is beneath them. Even if they’d have stayed, they’d have had to step up. Neither would be a guaranteed starter with our current squad!
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