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  1. Westwood

    Aaaah yes resorting to blind jokes on the first chance. Original. You haven't not watched one of the young goalkeepers and compared command of the area then? Presumably didn't go to Bolton away?
  2. Westwood

    Command of area hahahaha. Probably one of his best assets. Dont know why i responded to you though, clearly a blade.
  3. Almen Abdi

    But if the player wants to stay / play, just keeps getting injured, why would he go 'ah ok then I'll agree a compensation package and leave' ?
  4. Almen Abdi

    Going to be honest, I have to question (as i did at the time) why a player who has come back from an operation, still experiencing pain, training 1 or 2 times out of every 3 days, was then played for a full 90 minutes v Bolton (when he was holding his knee periodically after 35 minutes)and hasnt featured due to injury since.
  5. Almen Abdi

    Easy to slag injured players off, but no matter what your wages are it can't be enjoyable gaining injury after injury. Player of such great ability Seems a shame it just doesn't look like its going to happen for him at SWFC.
  6. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    You mean Bannan (Barry, presumably not Steve Bannon) went to Rhodes and everyone else went to Wallace!
  7. Player ratings

    I rarely post comments like this, but giving David Jones a 1 is an absolute disgrace. Disgusting. Clearly no understanding or appreciation for aspects of the game that don't form part of a highlights package.
  8. Carlos - A question

    Bringing on from the subs bench presumably? You surely wouldn't be suggesting dropping Hooper and Fletcher?

    Don't understand the uproar. £850 is a fair price when there's only 150 available for the limited edition ones. If you don't want to part with that money, as I don't, then wait for the prints! Cant understand why people thought the top end product of the dream scene would be 'affordable for all'. Would be a bit of an issue regarding supply and demand if it was £100-£200.....
  10. Hooper...

    100%. Absolutely vital to how we play.
  11. Sam Winnall

    In all fairness, Winnalls last game against Bolton was probably the worst I've ever seen him play and was inefffective against Sunderland. Not saying he's a bad player at all, but he had a chance to stake a claim and didn't take it. I bet Winnall knew his days were numbered when we signed Rhodes. Only thing that got him game time was Hooper being out for so long.
  12. George Hirst, Joao, or Nuhiu

    For all the people saying 'only way to find out if he's ready for the championship is to get him involved' Do you not think he's trained against our side (the likes of Lees, Loovens etc) and it'll be quite apparent whether he's ready or not? Which is clearly that he isn't. Cambridge and Reading showed that Joao played an u23 game and ran rings round the entire charlton team.

    I think its more of a fact that the owner has a list of players to pursue, of which he was on, then the club was contacted by the agent of Bryson first. The owner will be fully aware of transfer targets and then him/others try and see if it makes financial sense or how possible it is. After all he went to Carlos and asked him if he wanted him as he had become available.
  14. Atmosphere ahead of the Sheffield Derby

    Preston and Bolton away were absolutely horrendous in the stands, it was the fans that shouted abuse at individual players that got me the most, with fans then arguing with each other at both games. Social media is unbearable. But do agree that OT and social media is where the negative people come out more and vent. But its clearly ever rising over the past 9 months.
  15. Atmosphere ahead of the Sheffield Derby

    My thread comments on wanting everyone to be more positive and pull in the same direction rather than be angry and negative. Would hardly see that as a negative thread in the bigger picture.