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  1. Relegation will cost us more than £1.5m. So no thanks, keep him and try and stay up, he's our captain ffs.
  2. Got a young kid though hasn't he and his family down there. I'd rather spend the time travelling to spend my afternoons/evenings with them than in a flat away from them. Pre-games quite a few of them stay over in hotels/apartments anyway.
  3. Him missing the first 5-10 games of the season for me isnt really that bigger deal when theres 36-41 games left in the season after that. Depends who we could have got in instead of him and whether theyd have made much of a difference in the games Dunkley missed, i'd assume they wouldn't. So i don't have any issue with signing a player recovering from injury, if the only other option was signing a player worse than him. The recruitment team were obviously confident enough in signing him.
  4. A lot of previous seasons i'd agree with clubs spending ££££, i think this year the landscape has changed (in general, with some exceptions). That being said, a 29-32 year old Westwood on his wages might still have be attractive to a club. At 35, with his injury record, lack of recent game time and his performances before he got dropped...i personally think the value for his wages has long since gone and a club isn't going to take that gamble.
  5. In all seriousness how many in the Championship can afford his wages? He's not Premier League standard, that potential option long since sailed. So add in FFP and the current revenue hit from Covid, who's going to go for him? So, Bournemouth (Begovic), Watford (Foster), Stoke (Butland and even hes been dropped), Norwich (Krul), lets be honest he now doesn't get near any them. Any other club is entirely reliant on DC accepting to pay a decent % of his wages. Even then you're reliant on things like - would he want to leave his family or uproot his fami
  6. Don't see what the problem is, even if he misses the first 10 games, its 10 games of a 46 game season. Rather this than spend £5m on someone whos fit (so you get them for the 1st 10 games) but actually might not be any better.
  7. Think Paterson is exactly what we need, a hard working, strong forward who isn't 'nice'
  8. Paterson is exactly the type of player we can do with in games against the likes of Rotherham, Luton and Wycombe.
  9. If im perfectly honest i dont think Adam Reach has ever fit into a Wednesday side/set up, even way back under Carlos in 2016 there were better options in every position for how we played. He was almost the second choice, but we always had injuries so he always played in one of them Great versatility that he can play different roles, but i think its worked against him in a way, because hes never nailed down a role and built on it.
  10. Think he would be a v good addition. We've been a side whos too 'nice' for too long, he would at least add some characteristics were missing.
  11. For context, Brentford have been in the Championship playoffs twice, the same amount of times as us. Not suggesting we're run better, because I dont believe that one bit, but lets stop holding them up as some sort of pinnacle of football evolution. Using their (albeit very financially rewarding methods) they've also achieved absolutely nothing.
  12. He said in his interview with Radio Sheffield when he left that he was one of the bigger earners.
  13. Made it clear in an interview his next move wasnt about money, so playing and living in a warm climate like that? Cant fault him. Sure hes still on enough to live as well!!
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