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  1. Sam Hutchinson

    To be fair we still lost 4-2. We've won 2 in 18. Hardly like we've moved on without him is it. We're shipping a boat load of goals as well.
  2. Sean Clare

    A bit too simplistic to say that, when Butterfield has played over 300 championship games and Clare has 2 starts. Butterfield was once much better than he's shown at us, hence being paid what he is. Same with Rhodes. Im sure if Clare carries on his development like this he will be on more than Butterfield is at his age anyway. It's up to Clare to keep improving and making that place his own now
  3. George Boyd

    Nuhiu messed up for their second with a poor ball to reach
  4. Played v a top side and performed well. Didn't deserve scoreline anyone slagging off our players after That is just wrong
  5. George Boyd

    I don't know how often we've had Wallace at LWB?
  6. George Boyd

    Probably something to do with Nuhiu giving ball away, countering us out of position and him having 2 on 1 against him.
  7. George Boyd

    Except for crossing into Nuhiu for first goal Cross over JT head for Joao to miss header 6 yards out and hit post ?????
  8. George Boyd

    Did well.
  9. in principle thats fine and id prefer the gamble, but if you did that then have 11 u23s (Clare, Thorniley etc) at the managers door demanding similar, and first team players who arent even on that demanding a pay rise and causing unrest, it can cause quite the sh*tstorm.
  10. Forget about the Premier League.

    Hooper on less wages than Rhodes and is still our top scorer still despite injuries (and in my opinion our best player) Rather keep Hooper with Jos clearly trying to fix the fitness side of things, for which i would hope less risk of injury for the likes of Hooper. Rhodes attracted interest in January and almost went, so personally, try shift Rhodes and keep Hooper
  11. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    Still think too many people are casting Westwood off too early If were serious about wanting promotion next season, the margins are extremely small. Wildsmith/Dawson are the future of goalkeeping for this club, no question, but whilst young, mistakes generally happen more regularly. That is more of a problem when trying to get promoted as a point here and there can make the difference. When mid table, less so. Id rather keep him, loan out one of JW/CD so they can have a year of football and develop, making mistakes elsewhere whilst the other is fantastic back up for KW. Then assess where we are end of next season when Westwoods contract is up.
  12. Still find it unbelievable...

    At the start of this season, (or end of last season once Hooper was back) Only Hunt, Wallace, Loovens and Reach were in our first team when all fit. 4/11.
  13. Next season, Jos’s squad

    i counted 33 and thats including players out on loan.