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  1. This is infinitely worse than what USA does with NFL, NBA. Their systems are set up that way. Colleges etc. This is an absolute car crash of a proposal to the systems that we have.
  2. Pudils also coming back to Sheffield and looking for a club BAND BACK
  3. Yep, injuries ruined his time with us. Wasnt referring to value, just his ability. Playing him when he was in our managers words ‘high risk’ for injury as he literally said at the time, then he goes out for months on end a game or two later with a hip injury was madness. Essentially finished him.
  4. Rotherham pretty good at bouncing back to be fair. Derby like us might find this a shock. Would be interesting to see how the Eric Alonso takeover fared with a relegation.
  5. Was one of those players where even if he’d done nothing for ages, you always had that hope that on that day he’d come up with something special. Like you always had a chance in any given game Fair enough he stopped doing that very often, but like Norwich away, there was always that chance. Isn’t a single player now that carries that trait.
  6. Like Sean Clare going to Aston Villa.
  7. Do love looking back on old posts with the benefit of hindsight Remember I had one lauding the signing of Almen Abdi. FFS
  8. One of his best assets being his blistering pace. I can imagine him utilising that at 37 for us...
  9. I posted a stat the other day that showed at Dawson and Wildsmiths age Westwood played 46,44,41 games in consecutive seasons. My point was obviously that people are slagging off a 36yo for poor injury record (understandable) yet the bit I don’t get is they give 2 25 year olds a pass on it when they’re actually more injury prone relative to their age!
  10. Because we had Dom Iorfa when Dawson was in net. And partly Massimo Luongo in front of him.
  12. If the subs are that bad just leave Rhodes on and hope he gets a chance late on ffs
  13. All this says to me is Moore made the same mistake in putting Wildsmith in net as Monk and Jos did. Didn't learn a thing. He has to take some blame for that and what happened last week. Roll on the summer when hopefully (ha) we will have a new number 1.
  14. Precisely. This is elite level sport it’s not amateur level, the standards are high and it’s cut throat. It’s literally people’s jobs that are at stake and next career steps on the line, and that goal all but confirmed where it’s heading. I’m not surprised he had a pop!
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