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  1. I find it absolutely unbelievable that it's come to this with Almen Abdi. Turning out in a game like that from where he was 2-3 years ago in the prem. Would love to understand whats truly gone on there. His next move in the summer will tell a lot, going to guess he either goes abroad to a low level or retires.
  2. Hooper hasn’t really been a crock anywhere else except here Fletcher hasn’t either. He’s only had 2 seasons where he’s played less than 34/35 games, and in those two he’s played more than 20!
  3. Bruce mentioned the chairman’s passion and vision for the club as well though. Takes more than just the fan base, he won’t want any more ‘failures’ on his CV, albeit I still think it’s harsh to call his time at Villa that like many of them do
  4. It was more than a sensible appointment. DC has persuaded the manager with one of the best Championship CVs to come to a club with a transfer embargo looming. Cracking work and i don't think just 'any' owner would have got that over the line.
  5. In fairness to Fletcher he had one bad knee injury last season that should have been addresssed far sooner. He was run into the ground under Carlos, playing whilst barely training, rather than getting it sorted. (Same as Hunt, FF) Since then his fitness has been fine.
  6. Just having him on the pitch creates space for others because their team are so bothered about marking him and not letting him play.
  7. Bristol believed that he was, as did Palace before us. He’s injured at the minute and has been for a while, plus already has 4 assists this season. He got more than one assist for us as well, Rhodes at Hull and Fletcher at Rotherham is two straight off the top of my head.
  8. Jack Hunt was definitely better than Palmer IMO. You wouldn’t have got anyone paying us £1.6m for Palmer like they did with Hunt Palmer is having a good spell though, long may it continue.
  9. And to just shut the game down with a 3 goal cushion. Made sense to me. We’d lost a little control of the game so why not just take the 3 points
  10. In all fairness we spent 18 months with people banging on about George Hirst, some even phoning radio sheffield saying he deserved a shot over Hooper etc. Im not ready for that again yet!!
  11. You do realise we were directly into the sun second half and they filled the box with bodies, Westwood kept us in the game twice in the first half. Dont disagree with much else. Fox first half made some crucial interceptions, but that’s about it. Maybe time for the new lads to have a crack hopefully Fletcher every time for me over Joao.
  12. You lost all credibility for me when you mentioned Westwood after today. Hes 11th in the list I want out after that performance. The outfield lot were pathetic.
  13. He is as well. Just a shame hes really not good enough to start so we don't see the benefit.
  14. Quite an important point that. If our finishing had been even slightly better, we should have beaten Ipswich by 3 or 4 and Reading by a couple as well
  15. But i guarantee if we'd won 2-0, people would have given the defence 8/9s, yet they might have had zero input to the goals. If our defence/GK has a clean sheet, especially away from home, 7/8+ seems reasonable to me The fact we didnt score is down to the 6 infront for me and their scores should be reflective.
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