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  1. WhiteOwl91

    What’s going to happen...

    Fletcher isn't mediocre. Certainly better value for money out there, but he's been one of the only positive players we have at the moment IMO. Reckon if they'd had Fletcher up top last night they'd have won the game. Annoyingly, i more or less agree with the rest of what you said. FFS.
  2. WhiteOwl91


    Seems anything from 715 was a shambles. Unfortunately when we arrived
  3. WhiteOwl91


    The scenes around Bramall Lane before the game were an absolute blooody disgrace. Worst I’ve ever seen and worse than last year.
  4. WhiteOwl91

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    So what were saying here is...he's actually a genius with words!
  5. WhiteOwl91

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Yes, but i think he's referring to fans in the stadium 76,000 for instance. Language barrier unfortunately!
  6. WhiteOwl91

    Fernando and Marco

    Imagine FF and Hutchinson being named on the bench and the buzz it’d create Even Carlos would Put a player on the bench or starting XI from the wilderness every so often! It might have been highly irresponsible, but at least we had false hope!
  7. WhiteOwl91


    Imagine the boost, at least in the away end, if Jos just picked Hutchinson even for the bench! You know it makes sense Jos!!!!!!
  8. Precisely. And anyone saying that it’s just another stick to beat the club with, or not true, on what planet would any wednesdayite want to basically compliment the lot at the stain? I just would love to know what on earth is happening at our club and how we intend to go forward.
  9. WhiteOwl91

    Jones and Boyd

    A position he hasn’t played in 14 years as a professional.
  10. Heard numerous reports of charity being more or less stopped at SWFC, then found that out myself. Personal experience as well with the ‘other lot’ and their staff was completely the opposite. Dont understand it and cannot defend it.
  11. I wish I could tell you you were over reacting, just being dramatic. But unfortunately you're bang right. FFS.
  12. WhiteOwl91

    My team for Friday

    And now Jos exiles him. Couldn’t write it.
  13. WhiteOwl91

    My team for Friday

    Let’s be honest, at least we’d probably show some fight for ten minutes and at least probably see one of their players end up put in the stand what we absolutely cannot have is a pathetic, soft rollover performance.
  14. WhiteOwl91

    My team for Friday

    I’d have Hutchinson in front of that back 4 and have him just be a brick wall.
  15. WhiteOwl91

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    They clearly felt their voices aren’t being heard. Phone ins, interviews, forums, social media, the pub etc has been hammered by Westwood and Hutch talk for weeks on end. Its come to nothing. Except bemusement. So this was the next logical step wasn’t it? I feel desperately bad for Dawson and that’s why I wouldn’t and didn’t chant that, nor anyone with me. But ffs what an utter disaster this club has allowed to happen.