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  1. Lets not be shouting that too loudly when we didnt pay wages ourselves! We could very easily go that way....
  2. 1 Panoramic photo on the iPhone would have saved the eyes scrolling through all those pics!!!!!!! But some quality memorabilia there!
  3. Suppose it's in his interest to do well, a bad spell potentially isn't good for his future prospect i suppose. Hopefully he's better than his first spell with us when hes up to speed.
  4. Poster is joining Alan Biggs on the payroll of Paul Cook
  5. January 2029, 38 year old Hourihane joins Ben Marshall and Paul Cook in rumours to join Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Although I dread to think the muscle injuries we will probably get when theyve been training at home for 2 weeks!
  7. I'm pretty sure one thing you can be sure with Chansiri is once you've crossed him, you're pretty much done. Probably more chance of him hiring Fiona Bruce than that snake again.
  8. I think its even worse with the likes of Hirst, who are around the junior England set ups, because they see their mates at England juniors who play for Man U academy, Man City etc and so probably get way above their station, seeing the money some of them will get too. Suppose that's where their parents, staff at their club but also senior pros come in. But ultimately I suppose, it's down to the kid. The fact Hirst and anyone in his camp thought he should be getting minutes ahead of FF, Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes, Nuhiu, Joao and even Winnall at that time is bonkers.
  9. Everyone said that about Thorniley being a cracking signing going to Blackpool and he struggles to even get on their bench
  10. Agreed, some form of continuity is essential for a club because managers come and go. Obviously where things have gone stale, it needs a freshen up, but we can't possibly know where thats the case as fans. Those coaches that are still there from manager to manager are vital in making a transition, they know strengths and weaknesses and can also be impartial about any previous issues between management and players. Also some coaches will have a good positive relationship with some of the players, being a part of that group. Madness to throw that away just f
  11. It's not as straight forward as that, especially when we get limited time on the training ground to work on things from now until the season ends due to fixture congestion.
  12. Depends on how good they are and how adaptable they are. New coaches wouldnt know the players and how they best work, so its swings and roundabouts with regards to learning methods.
  13. Rightly or wrongly, I never want the 'backing of the fans' thing to be a reason the club do something ever again after Jordan Rhodes.
  14. Love how we've paid and got these recruitment advisers such as Erik Alonso on board. Then don't actually have any money to recruit anyone with. UTO
  15. We as fans really have no idea how good the likes of Bullen or Weaver are at their roles, nor any backroom staff to be honest. We don't see them actually perform their job so how can we say with any confidence whether they should be there or not
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