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  1. WhiteOwl91


    Precisely. The other post also fails to mention that the season before Fletcher dragged us into the playoffs with some huge goals, in the biggest games and finished with a respectable goals per minute ratio, the best at the club that season. This season, Carlos threw his eggs in one basket and played him with an injured knee since August. Hardly a surprise he broke down.
  2. WhiteOwl91


    To be fair Rhodes wasn't even getting a kick for Boro in the prem so he certainly wasn't scoring goals for fun. In fact he hadn't for a good number of months. He only scored 6 in 24 for them
  3. WhiteOwl91

    Westwood interview

    'It will probably be a summer of speculation for a few of us because it's well known that the club is looking to offload some high earners, so we will see what happens'
  4. This isn't SWFC related news though is it.
  5. WhiteOwl91

    Lap of honour

    Jones was there he played football with the kids in the fanzone before the game Only one I didn't spot was hutchinson
  6. WhiteOwl91

    Wes Foderingham

    I can't imagine WF is on an enormous amount less a week than Westwood a week (maybe £10,000 tops?) and he isn't nearly as good. Really hope we keep KW
  7. I understand the point but isnt Adam Reach our second highest big money signing? £5m including addons?
  8. WhiteOwl91

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Well of course, but can't imagine it being any other way.
  9. WhiteOwl91


    So we would have got rid of Hooper (top scorer at the time), Fletcher and Rhodes, FF was long term injured, Winnall out on loan. leaving us with Nuhiu and Joao. ????????? Theres absolutely no way Rangers were going to get Steven Fletcher when hes on about £30-35,000 a week.
  10. WhiteOwl91

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    What have you seen to indicate he's not in Jos's plans for next season? I think Palmer is more likely to get the boot, Hunt has done well.
  11. WhiteOwl91

    Who to move on?

    Two young goalkeepers is a risk IMO if we have immediate ambition of promotion. We would have to sign another GK regardless if he left, probably experienced back up, so you're not gonna save all of KW wages as you'd have to use some on a replacement Likelihood is if KW goes he goes to a top champ side, thus strengthening them and weakening us (in the immediate term) Thats not sensible if you want one of only 3 promotion spots, again, IMO
  12. WhiteOwl91

    Westwood in demand?

    He's still made less mistakes than Wildsmith and that's whilst carrying an injury earlier in the season (broken rib) which accounted for one against United. Thats not criticising Wildsmith, but he's young and is likely to make more errors as he develops
  13. WhiteOwl91

    Westwood in demand?

    Leeds? Jog on. Celtic would be a superb move for him though, given his roots. But really hope we hang on to him.
  14. WhiteOwl91

    Basement Bargains?

    Wouldn't want someone who batters his girlfriend at our club. Rather have Jack Hunt anyway, providing he can get some more consistency free of injury. Left back far more pressing issue
  15. But on the point of suggesting Winnall is better than hooper, that's false Also re injury, whilst Hooper is again injured, Sam Winnall has just done his ACL for a second time. Guarantee Hooper will play more minutes than Winnall over the next 12 months!