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  1. Our league record without him is P5 - W1, D2, L2. Not really a glowing endorsement that we’re better with him out of the side, especially having failed to beat Wimbledon and Cambridge
  2. Where does Uroghide fit in? In a back 4, is he a better centre half than Iorfa or Hutchinson? He isn’t IMO. In a CB 2 against someone like Sam Vokes at this level he’s just not big enough, that’s why I referenced Dunkley. Is he a better right back in a back 4 than Hunt? Not for me. My point is he’s best as a CB on the outside of a 3, because he’s not the biggest/strongest in a 2, and in a 3 his mobility can be used better.
  3. I don’t think Shaw gets ahead of any of our CMs when fit. Except FDB I would have said a few weeks ago. Uroghide needs a back 5, he’s not better than Iorfa, Hutchinson, Dunkley (in a 442) and certainly isn’t a better right back than Hunt at the moment. Maybe he will be in time, but I don’t see barring injuries how they’d have got game time Tbh
  4. Sure I remember a few stir ups with Liam Shaw in games around that time last season, Hutchinson and Patterson had two mad ones at him I recall due to on the pitch stuff? Then Shaw got dropped out the squad Uroghide i don't remember any of the same issues that came up, but then he hadn't already agreed to go elsewhere To be honest I don't think they were worth the squad having massive problems with it, would Shaw be getting game time in our current squad with the players we signed for CM? I honestly don't think so. Moore hasn't worked out how to play what we have, and he really needs to, but for me, Shaw wouldn't be in ahead of Bannan, Wing, Adeniran, Byers or Luongo when fit. Even Hutchinson but i'd have SH at CB every day of the week. Admittedly if we kept Shaw one of them might not have come through the door, but I think he only featured like he did last season because we were completely threadbare. Suppose it got him a 4 year deal at £5k a week or whatever, so sure hes not complaining at the £1m guarantee he has!
  5. Time and time again people do this. Hear about an ex player scoring a goal or something and then jump on the bandwagon that they're tearing it up, despite not watching any of their games and seeing 99.9999% of their game time. In those highlights v Accrington he misplaced a lazy pass and didnt close a cross down resulting in conceding 1 and almost another, which is exactly what i remember from him. He just wasn't good enough. I don't like Palmer at left back but he's a far better option at left back than Penney was. Admittedly i'd like us to have a decent left footed left back!
  6. Bad run...Colin, Big Mick, Ryan Lowe, Paul Cook etc, Repeat.
  7. Think it’s more a dig at Monk and the fact the owner allowed monk to do it when he was essentially a bad start away from being sacked
  8. To be honest calling out Monk and Jos is hardly uncalled for and something most would agree with
  9. Kieran Lee deserved a better exit than he got that’s for sure
  10. He’s chopping and changing formations and players because he has absolutely no idea what to do with them all. Quite simple for me, stop messing around with it all the time
  11. I don’t understand a ridiculously high percentage of the things Darren Moore does. to the point where I don’t even have a single idea why he makes the decisions he does.
  12. It’s ok in theory saying that but Hunt Brennan Waldock etc looked for non league loan moves, they’re a fair way away from competing at the top of league one which is our aspiration this season. If we did that, any injuries to senior players and those lads would have been lambs to the slaughter. We just need to give the signings time to gel.
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