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  1. Went on a 6 month world tour after we released him...Got it in before Covid...some might say hes a genius. And robbed us.
  2. The type of player (or probably more importantly person) you absolutely want to keep in that dressing room.
  3. 100%, especially if you've settled in that area already. To be honest, wonder if some of them wish they'd already signed previous offers before the Coronavirus outbreak....think a lot of clubs including us would have had more financial wiggle room than now and who knows if previous offers can be on the table!
  4. Thats definitely something that was brushed over... Something like that shouldnt happen, a business the size of SWFC, how does it happen? Feels like something has been covered up for sure
  5. So we can afford to get in Wickham, Windass etc on loan... We can afford to block exits for Westwood, Rhodes etc.... But not replace some backroom staff when weve lost Agnew and Clemence....let alone Bruce who would obviously have been on more money than Monk. Doesn't add up, in fact it stinks.
  6. So obviously its his toe which is why he's out... But whats up with Reach's knee as well? He's had strapping on it for well over a year now and continues to play with it. Clearly whatever that underlying issue is its never been fixed.
  7. To be honest i cant disagree with that side of the argument either.
  8. Sooner or later we have to back a manager over the players. Given whats gone on with Carlos, Bullen and Jos, for me that time is now. Monk has been quite clear about culture and problems, where Jos wasn’t, but obviously the issues are similar. I don’t trust the club to appoint a better manager than Monk, the Bruce one was a one off im sure. Let’s back him until the summer and let him rid the club of its parasites. Only then can we move forward. Must admit though, I’d rather he have kept SH/KW et al on side until we were safe from relegation and then binned them off in the summer. Really difficult to get all those he’s basically said are gonna be off in 3 months to play for him.
  9. Title: Chansiri has sold up. *Opens post up* 'Do you think Chansiri will sell up?'
  10. Weaver Bullen Iorfa Monk Fox Windass Lee Hutchinson Forestieri Fletcher Westwood
  11. Its a good job i read this post AFTER id walked over the South stand bridge.
  12. They'd probably have done a better job in the middle for us than our lot thats for sure.
  13. Just swallow your pride, use them and turn this around, even if you then bin them off in the summer. But don't get us bloody relegated for a matter of principle, that is absolutely unforgivable. Not worth Monk losing his own job over. We all know he needs a major reshape in the summer, but give yourself the best chance of making the summer FFS man.
  14. A number of fans have called for Hutchinson to be captain previously because he shouts and screams a lot and have a go at lees because he doesn’t. Hutchinson has now been bombed out twice by two managers. But obviously a captain is much more than that. None of us know his influence around the dressing room or how he conducts himself etc. To be honest I remember people suggesting Hutchinson when we had Loovens!
  15. Oh yes we all need a good 'GET A REAL JOB!!!' vent at a ref or two!
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