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  1. WhiteOwl91

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    To refer to Jack Hunt as dead wood (its been insinuated by saying just hope we can get rid of OTHER deadwood), when he was part of a defence that had a sublime clean sheet record and got us to 2 play offs, is quite frankly a disgrace. Poor signing? Do me a favour.
  2. Don't really think it makes sense to pay £25,000+ a week for an Irish international as 'back up', when you're falling down on FFP! If he stays, he should be number 1.
  3. WhiteOwl91

    Team vs Lincoln

    Hilarious. Westwood looks slimmer then I've ever seen him!
  4. WhiteOwl91

    Team vs Lincoln

    My guess is 2nd half most of the 'first choice' players will come in. Almost having a different half full strength team for each half of the game. All about fitness i assume. Is Abdi even around anymore!?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised for us to go with 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. If we start 5-3-2 it points to us signing a new right back IMO, but i suspect 4 at the back and no new full back ?
  6. He probably won't be able to play until November/December so they'd hardly take that deal
  7. Not even fit to play until November Doubt theyd want to fund his wages and rehab until then, when they can probably sign him in January anyway
  8. WhiteOwl91

    Team for 18/19

    Depends how pre season goes though of course. He's the man in possession for sure but the job of keeping his place started last week. I imagine Fletcher will force his way into the reckoning as well.
  9. WhiteOwl91

    Team for 18/19

    Quite a few were under Carlos though to be fair! Hopefully that'll be better under Jos
  10. WhiteOwl91

    Team for 18/19

    Personally, I've seen enough of both Nuhiu and Hooper over past 3 seasons to know Hooper is in that starting XI. Before his injury he was the leagues top scorer
  11. By that reckoning Madrid should have binned Ronaldo 5 years ago and PSG binned Cavani 3 ago....
  12. As part of that, he was playing (ie. against Sheff Utd) whilst not being fit. People often mention he made mistakes v Utd or should have done better, but fail to mention he had a broken rib. He still has made less mistakes than Wildsmith (who i rate very highly, hes just young and inexperienced)
  13. Would argue Westwood would significantly weaken our playing XI. Yes we have very promising keepers in Wildsmith and Dawson, but not yet at the same level as Westwood IMO. If you have any aspirations of promotion, a point or 2 can stand between promotion or not, and i believe Westwood guarentees you more.
  14. Jack Hunt was injured. In fact he played him when he wasn't totally fit, purely because he was our best right back. Can you imagine Bristol or anyone offering anything close to £1.6m for Palmer and paying him 3x what hes on? And thats only because he has 12 months left on his contract I certainly can't. Surely that makes it clear enough that Hunt is better.
  15. WhiteOwl91

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Love how that website says Rhodes is for sale but not for loan despite the fact that FFP would hammer us with losses for selling him (as rest of fee we paid would be due on sale), hence why we're trying to loan him out!