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  1. WhiteOwl91

    Bannan should be Captain.

    Also people don't see the off field side of things or consider that for captaincy. A number of players and CC said Loovens was the best captain they've ever worked with, yet a number of fans said he wasn't a leader. Personally i'd trust those who worked with him day to day to pass judgement. Anyone can shout and scream for 90 minutes and fans claim they should be captain, but the players spend a lot more time in the "working environment" in the week and thats what we dont get to see. Its not criticising Bannan, more just stating that Lees obviously ticks a lot of those boxes and is captain on merit.
  2. WhiteOwl91

    Ashley Baker

    Hunt is now in his prime.
  3. WhiteOwl91

    Ashley Baker

    Baker is young though ffs. Palmer is in his prime age wise. Palmer should be better at 6 years his senior! Imagine how good baker can be after 6 years more football?
  4. WhiteOwl91

    U23's away at Leeds today

    Anyone just see Hooper's control and turn that basically left the Leeds lad in a heap?
  5. WhiteOwl91

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Missed the interview so forgive the below.. Presumably as Lee and Hooper both went straight in to the U23's and he's said this about Abdi, does this indicate his 'level' is currently much below theirs? Trying to understand the difference between Lee being accomodated for the U23s in CM but Abdi not being.
  6. WhiteOwl91

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    Van Aken, Winnall. Not sure if any others?
  7. WhiteOwl91

    Am I seeing things....

  8. WhiteOwl91


    For any player, let alone fan favourite to retweet something like that, shocking. Not to mention the fact for 9 months he's been sat in the stands picking up a wage because of injury and not kicked a ball in anger!
  9. WhiteOwl91

    What is George Boyd?

    He was offered a contract extension by Burnley in the Prem, but turned it down for an extra year at us. How can a player go from wanted in the Prem to looking a shell of themselves in the Champ so quickly? Not playing with proper wingers since he joined probably hasn't helped
  10. WhiteOwl91

    Westwood conspiracies

    Would possibly explain when he went absolutely ballistic at us conceding a goal away at villa when we had won 2-1. As in stormed down tunnel
  11. Problem is, he hadn't seen all of the other injured players play before they came back. He still chose Van Aken over Thorniley for example, so i can see why his reasoning doesn't wash with some people. Also when Hooper and Lee come back, I can only assume they will get game time also despite this (they should because they're some of our best players, but for me, so is Westwood) It's clear we viewed him as disposable due to Wildsmith and Dawson (purely to save money r.e. FFP), but now that he doesn't appear to be goign anywhere, it's quite a sad situation. I can only hope come the start of September were not paying Westwood to be sat in the stands. Either Wildsmith or Westwood need to go out on loan for me. If we can't shift Westwood, let Wildsmith go out and get games all season and Westwood be challenging.
  12. WhiteOwl91

    We have a small squad apparently

    He's not going to come out and say he's not happy though, considering we can't sign a replacement due to an embargo. Everyone knows we've wanted to shift players, but the ones we want rid of have no takers. If it was a choice of sell FF or Hunt, yeah i get that. But the sale only highlights our financial situation, because he's the best full back we had when we sold him (not that much of a compliment i know!) If FFP wasn't an issue, i don't believe we would have sold him.
  13. WhiteOwl91

    We have a small squad apparently

    Bristol seemed quite happy to part with £1.6m for him though, can't imagine any of our other full backs going for even half of that. In a world where Gary Madine is going for £6m, selling our best right back for £1.6m is hardly good news, especially as it happened due to financial desperation with a player having 12 months left on his contract, rather than a footballing decision.
  14. If they played more regular games of football, the intensity levels in game would drop. And that's the problem with 25 man squads and rotation now, it means the intensity never drops. Can always replace a player with an athlete at full intensity. You never face a side who are all fatigued these days to make it a level playing field.
  15. But they're cycling against other cyclists who are doing the same. In 90s, players simply weren't as fit as they are now. So when they played 2 games in 2 days, the fitness level of their opposition wasn't streets ahead like it is now (not talking ability here). If we play players at 75% v Brentford, who are at 95% due to two extra days rest...their bodies are having to push way beyond where it can without breaking down.