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Sheffield Wednesday -V- Middlesbrough OMDT -

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3 minutes ago, swfc-dan said:

Poor 2nd half, didn't really keep hold of the ball well. Were just holding on, but we managed it.


Important win, and that much better vs Warncock.

To be fair Boro had game postponed on boxing Day whilst we had hard game at Blackburn so would always be fresher. 


Unlucky not to have won last three. 


Would be a massive boost to beat derby and get out of bottom 3 on new year's Day

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1 minute ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

They had TWENTY ONE shots to our five. I don’t remember them having that many! However, that has to change if we are to survive.

Couldn’t believe the stats. Must have included goalkeeper kicking upfield as shots. 

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Just now, Utah Owl said:

Very hard work that Andy! lol

Mate..Honestly..I'm not bothered about Chansiri....I'm not bothered about Pulis....I'm simply bothered about staying in this league and building next season.......I was on me knees in the living room when the whistle went...Thats what this f.ookfest is bringing me to...Its simply about the bloody club...all else can f.ook off on the next Tuna boat

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2 minutes ago, Django said:

Well done lads


Chansiri once again demonstrating that he knows more about football than 99% of our supporters 


But some of us said that Pulis was the wrong appointment when Chansiri signed him.


I’ve just been whooshed haven’t I?



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1 minute ago, bladeshater said:

Been some idiotic post on here in the last few weeks regarding dunkley but the lads proving his worth good signing by monk


It’s that new false leg that’s made all the difference

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