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  1. The argument that will swing it will be the reduction of premier League to 18 clubs from 20 with a 20 team PL2 below. The big clubs will approve as it will give them less games and more opportunities abroad. Rest I'll like it as more of a safety net in PL2 What's left of EFL will end up being semi professional as TV money will disappear.
  2. Can't believe anyone honestly thinks this was a red card. Can see from that frame that luongo already half way through his attempt to kick the ball so was only a fraction of a second late (ball hasn't even moved more than a couple of yards. Ref had a shocker and clearly motioned the red was for a stamp, which there clearly wasn't
  3. He is an absolute prat who posts half facts and hate the fact outlets like BBC give him an ounce of airtime
  4. Not only that but in both cases they gave approval BEFORE the transactions were completed. You really couldn't make it up, in Derby's case they even asked for the sales price changing to what actually went through.
  5. Apportioned over how many year's? 10? 15? 20? And how account for buy back option?
  6. Agree must know given the quick deadline not many would actually be sold
  7. Sums wrong works out about £13 - £15 per game on kop. Cheaper if don't get promoted in next 5 years
  8. Don't know, more think about it less it makes sense.
  9. If not then other option is DC needs cashflow and is prepared to sacrifice income which would make FFP worse....
  10. Can only see two logical reasons to offer this: 1 we believe it can be allocated in a way to help FFP 2) club and / or DC needs the cashflow If 2 then I'd be worried
  11. As I said initially I think an external advisor has come up with this to find a way to allocate up front. I haven't the foggiest how it works but it's all that makes sense for offering this. I think the end date being out of the sellers control and the right of the purchaser to sell back a few ticket each year are probably key. Probably to do with transfer of risk
  12. Also says an individual is not limited to 1 purchase.......
  13. Why would you wait for promotion to start allocation though? In essence the club is selling the right to a free season ticket until the later of 15 years from purchase or 10 years from the date the club is first promoted to the premier League. You are also giving the purchaser the right to "sell" any of those free tickets back to the club in any year at 1/10 of the purchase cost (less administration charge)
  14. In theory if we didn't go up for 20 years it would be a 30 year season ticket
  15. Problem is the condition of promotion is not when you start to benefit is from next year's ticket, then how do you factor in the right to sell the ticket back to the club in any given year if you choose to? Also your clients would pay for 10 years and get their next 15 years minimum inclded
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