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  1. Be interested to know how many have July year ends? I believe most clubs accounts have a may year end and are filed by February. Our year end is July so filing deadline at end of April, I'm sure a lot of companies with deadlines last month would have used the extension to be able to concentrate with more important issues of coping with a pandemic and sudden closure of an economy
  2. Salary cap is fantastic Idea but cannot work when you have parachute payments involved.
  3. Load of rubbish how does he know the specifics all conjecture. Could argue Derby's trick on changing player amortization policy is every bit as sly as any trick we did with the ground sale timing.
  4. Not popular opinion but selling club not the only answer, he has the money required but needs to put a structure in club and ditch the "advisors" they are the ones leeching off the club
  5. Damning thing for me is I couldn't honestly say what formation or style of play monk is aiming at? Compare to the other Gary at Millwall, who has turned them around, organised the team, found a formation that works and could end up getting them in play offs. Seems stupid though monk has not been able to bring his own team in coaching wise,
  6. They are if we win the arbitration as that will have massive impact on derby case where they are defending initially along same lines
  7. They are waiting to see what Steve Gibson wants them to do
  8. 100% but never at full back or in a 3 man defence
  9. Only had half chances to be fair. City started with play acting as half went on
  10. Tonight is an away they will have 70-80% possession
  11. Gone with pace to try and break if get chance, not going to have a lot of possession. Also fletch not fully fit
  12. How do you make that out, playing 4-5-1 was obvious way to go, only suprise is keeper at da Cruz rather than Fletcher (obviously not fit enough to start)
  13. Big issue is the home form. I firmly believe the attitude towards team would be much more positive if our home Vs away form was flipped this season. At home atrocious, one of lowest scorer's in league, went several games without a goal recently never mind a win Away from home highest scoring team in league with a number of impressive results. But majority turning up at Hillsborough would understandably be fed up with what they have paid to see this year. May get a tonking tonight but I have to be there as would regret missing it live if we pulled off an upset
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