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Community Answers

  1. Exactly we have not conceeded any goals from a set peice in 5 games so far. Think when they looked at Pompey game the pinpointed iorfa as cause and dropped him, result in two clean sheets in league. Never looked in danger tonight from crosses until iorfa came on. We need a new center back to play LCB as Ihiekwe should be on right
  2. It's why I thought Byers was going off as Paterson could slot in more naturally on right hand side of midfield in a 4.
  3. Think I'm more old school and when you're down to 10 if you sit in with two banks of 4 it's really hard to break down and can start to frustrate opponent. Don't like Moore when he has to react to changes in the game tactically.
  4. Paterson was one of our best players in first half hour. Thought iorfa for Byers was 100% the right call but the formation we tried with 10 was shocking. Surely with 10 away from home you'd switch at two banks of 4 and sit in a 4-4-1 cutting off pitch and making it hard to break down could of easily switched to Iorfa Ihiekwe Heneghan Palmer Paterson vaulks bakinson Johnson Gregory
  5. It's garbage isn't it? So often Bannan is the one that set up to he assist, eg the Sunderland 2nd leg, brilliant defence splitting pass to set Johnson free to assist the goal. Bannan carried us into play offs 2nd half of last season
  6. 100% it's this reason vaulks starts at posh for me > Byers,
  7. Couldn't argue with that but really couldn't argue against any combination of 3 in midfield.
  8. Midfield sins getting the praise but your right Gregory was excellent when he came on and made things stick up top. First half they pressed is so well we kept going long and Paterson won nothing. Midfield never had chance, bet likes of FDB would have looked a different animal coming on in 2nnd half fresh against an opponent visibly dropping off in energy levels.
  9. Whoever he picks you could argue that 2-3 others deserved to start instead.
  10. Easier to look good when coming on fresh after am hour against a side who have dropped off tempo and are struggling in heat. Doesn't matter who played in midfield first half way they pressed and how poor we were at back getting out
  11. Didn't he miss a big chunk of pre season? Bit early to start judging players just yet.
  12. Well said and also probably took into account that the likes of bakinson and Byers would have most impact against Charlton side starting to wilt in the heat
  13. Both did well when they came on but you'd have to admit Charlton started to wilt 2nd half considerably from effort they put in first half in that heat, so hard to press in that heat. This 5 sub rule is right up our street with strength we have in midfield, can literally change entire midfield 3 and still have one of best midfields in the league up against a tiring opponent
  14. To be fair think he's been a bit off it all three games so far, but as saying goes form is temporary class is permanent. Funny one today they put so much into pressing us in first half and we couldn't get midfield on the ball, 2nd half bannan looked knackered in the heat, just as their players started to wilt. Byers and bakinson made huge impacts but did come on against a Charlton side who had ran these into the ground for 60 mins. Like few others will still be building up match fitness/sharpness.
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