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  1. Agreed previous managers would have let him play on with injury then be out injured for two months. It's really hard not to like pulis comes across very very well. Can see us scraping odd win and quite a few draws this month and sneaking out of bottom 3 by new year and transfer window opening
  2. Windass will be back up front, Paterson back in midfield with brown and pelupessy
  3. Easy mix up as foul for free kick was given against Harris but Paterson was one booked for kicking ball away afterwards
  4. No was Paterson, Harris commited foul but Paterson booked for kicking ball away afterwards
  5. Yellow for me, but was stupid challenge that gave referee a decision to make. He will learn from it and has probably just lost few weeks wages. Refs send half display stunk of wanting to make up for it through, seen it loads over years when they send player off but have doubts whether correct to do so and then either send one off from other team or make bad calls other way afterwards.
  6. He didn't say it was a red just understands why was given. Silly tackle, Millwall had one sent off Vs us at their place last year that was similar and was harsh on them awswell.
  7. No way a red, was a certain yellow. Was reckless but not dangerous, kept foot low, most refs would look at that replay and say same all day long. Think ref thought he went in hight over the ball which he didn't
  8. 100% he saw the Replay of sending off at half time, knew made mistake and went too much other way 2nd half to compensate.
  9. 100% silly, 100% reckless BUT not dangerous and kept feet low so should be a yellow
  10. Potentially 5 + threats Can see a back 4 of Iorfa flint lees dunkley Then you would have Paterson plus likely a 6ft plus striker signed in January
  11. Disagree, dunkley will be a key player under pulis, strong center half, good in air and has a great scoring record from set pieces. Sounds like he is close now to getting involved. Our threat from set plays will increase exponentially In January with him and iorfa in side along with a couple of additions up front
  12. This. Did similar to Swansea other night. Really need a quick strong forward in January asap
  13. Don't think a corner counts as open play? Worked hard, need a striker and some real pace out wide
  14. There was lots going on in 6 yard box and ref blew whistle long before they scored. Draw fair result
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