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Community Answers

  1. It makes zero sense, in players like Iorfa and Palmer we have quick defenders with good recovery pace so are perfect to push on and hold a high back line and press teams yet we sit back and nullify our strengths and accentuate our weaknesses
  2. Point is need to get out of this division asap and not mess around, recruitment has been good and playing basic percentage football should be more than good enough to challenge for top two. It's ok if you a mid table championship club and you have time to develop like Brentford did but where we are style of play is not important it's results full stop
  3. Direct doesn't have to mean long ball, direct pressing football with wingers and two up top is more exciting to watch than center halves messing about with it at the back.
  4. there are 24 teams in league that means at least 48 center backs and a few target man center forwards playing every week so being 10th surely means your one of the top in the league and by swapping him out for a winger severely weakens you when defending set peices?
  5. Exactly, don't really give a damn about whether Johnson gives ",balance" playing it out from the back, manager should be more concerned with playing defenders who can defend, playing one recognised center back by choice is rediculous and asking for trouble especially when defending set peices.
  6. This, Moore gave up on this far too easily, looked solid in first few games just not creating enough, would love to see this with the energy of Adrenian and FDB in there and Johnson / corbeneu wide.
  7. If we play three at back he needs to be the right hand side center back, or should be in a two with dunkley. Don't like him in the center of 3 with no other center half with him (today a full back and a winger)
  8. He looked really dangerous when he first came on and played centrally, Lincoln looked scared to death of him, so............ DM switches him wide couldn't make it up
  9. "Defending set plays, It is an area of the game that we need to address and get better at. We will get better at it. They got the first contact. It is up to me to look at the video and how they got through." Erm Darren you have played ONE center half that may be reason. First thing he should have done when he got the get out of jail free card goal was to bring dunkley on and shore up the back line.
  10. Said same straight after the abomination that was the Oxford performance. 4-4-2 Gregory and Paterson up top play the wingers, hunt, Palmer full backs, play direct and press teams home and away
  11. When he first went to Norwich they played some good stuff and won something like 16 or 17 of his first 25 games.
  12. What's wrong with Sunday morning? Hate watching us at minute, we have a manager whose idea of being positive at home is not playing the decent wingers we have in an attacking set up it's playing a left midfielder at center back
  13. Sums up the manager he cares more about what opposition do than what we should be doing.
  14. Looked dangerous when came on in that role so of course dodgy Darren immediately changed it and shoved him out wide.
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