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  1. Have lived up there and they take being fanatical about their club to another level...
  2. No way on earth DC will allow SB to leave for 1p less than whatever the value is in his contract. Ashley prob thought he could unsettle Bruce and DC would cave in and settle for less.
  3. Probably way out there but what IF SB has no intention of going to Newcastle and is/will use this to get DC to do things his was i.e lower asking fees for players and let him make some moves in market
  4. Stadium sale reflected in 2018 accounts, share issue has nil effect on p&l likely only will offset director loan
  5. But are still likely to bust the £39m 3 year losses as soon as the 2019 accounts go in. We will have amortised a higher amount of players contacts this period as over 14 months not 12
  6. Basically we are in the more unless we bring in some decent fees in the 2019 accounts
  7. Those players only just left and the accounts are to July 2018, their wages etc will still be in July 2019 accounts ... Worrying for next year!
  8. Will help but don't believe for a minute we can spend without significant sales. Remember FFP over 3 year period, yes made £2m profit in 2018 accounts, but lost £20m in 2017 and likely lost £at least £20m in year to 31/7/2019 so will still be a £38m loss over 3 years
  9. If he is off... Then Chansiri needs to have a word with Cowley brothers when we play Lincoln on Saturday
  10. Basically looks like the ground sell and lease back will take care of the P&S by putting profit through the July 2018 accounts. The share issue is likely to reduce the clubs debt significantly.
  11. Wonder if Sheffield Wednesday holdings have bought the ground.....
  12. The whole story will have been orchestrated by the players agent as part of negotiation with Celtic
  13. Westwood Palmer lees borner New Reach new bannan New Fletcher new
  14. GK Westwood Dawson Wildsmith (make available for loan) Defenders RB - Palmer RB - Baker (make available for loan/transfer) RB/CB - Iorfa CB - Lees CB - Thorinley CB - Van Aken (make available for transfer) LB - Fox (make available for transfer) LB - Penney Midfield MC - Bannan MC - Lee MC - Pelupessy make available for transfer) MC - Hutchinson ML - Reach Attack SC - Fletcher SC - Forestieri make available for transfer) SC - Joao (make available for transfer) SC - Nuhiu SC - Winnall (make available for transfer) SC - Rhodes (make available for transfer)
  15. If João is the main striker next year then forget about challenging for promotion. Simply not consistent enough. Need proper proper pace out wide and a strong center midfielder. Also can see 3-4 of current forwards leaving and a new forward coming in on loan from premier League (hopefully pact to play alongside Fletcher) Hopefully first choice line up will be along lines of: Westwood Palmer lees borner New LB Reach bannan New CM New LM Fletcher New ST
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