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  1. This but replace pelupessy with luongo if luongo anywhere near fit
  2. Exactly there is a resilience issue with the squad which is also evidenced by the shocking record in going behind in games
  3. Can still see us being 3 or less behind derby before last game BUT won't matter will only decide who is 2nd and 3rd bottom when Rotherham pull of a few wins. Derby are in free fall and are going down
  4. Many of them probably already got deals elsewhere lined up, they didn't want to get injured and jeopardize their moves, it's so obvious. Going through motions is the perfect summary of last two games
  5. To be fair QPR have been massively better at home than away this year. Swansea are a good side but there was no (positive) reaction to going behind, players just went through motions and accepted dearest 2nd half
  6. Agree with this. We can forgive an error as they happen but reaction yesterday for last hour was shocking, we should have been fighting and throwing kitchen sink at them 2nd half but zero shots on goal in last hour of the match tells you everything.
  7. We are , Warnock will put final nail in coffin, Bristol and Blackburn will offer nothing as they are done for year, and then Boro will turn us over big style
  8. He left it with his right side you see it better with replay from behind goal
  9. Don't get that was straight at him could have very easily put his boot through it
  10. Bannan played well, he played in reach et all on countless occasions but delivery was then shocking
  11. Watford commentary team ripped him apart on good Friday. "One of best player's for Watford" "don't know which is his good foot, probably neither!" If Westwood was fit should have started
  12. Had awful day today told all mates to get on national winner as Blakemore is on fire after Cheltenham and didn't put bet on after game as was so annoyed with football
  13. It's fine margins at times, probably had more chances today that against Cardiff when scoring 5 and QPR had less chances that Cardiff did in that game, keeper not good enough should have stopped both the first 2 goals (especially 1st the 2nd debatable with deflection)
  14. Another decision wrong, as said all the big calls were incorrect by the officials it's so bad the standard in championship
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