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  1. Zero chance of staying up playing Paterson as lone striker in a 4-2-3-1, his link up / hold up play is awful and is too wasteful in front of goal. May work if 3 in behind can get goals but bannan and Harris aren't going to score many wherever you play them.
  2. Must have watched a different game cause those 11 strangers created enough to win comfortably tonight. Understandable to be upset about an abysmal result but agree with all his comments tonight.
  3. We had by far better chances, look at stats there were three clear cut guilt edge chance's all game and every one fell for us. It's a massive problem, even Saturday at Luton we were so wasteful in first half and should have scored 4 or 5. One thing pulis was right on about is Paterson is not a center forward. A half decent physical center forward would make a massive difference to this side.
  4. System worked ok, created much better chances but finishing was abysmal. If you accept were down then starting to build towards a way of playing is a start for next year.
  5. It's raw Tonight but looking at the game objectively we created more than enough chances to win tonight.
  6. Apart from the fact playing that way created 3 sitters for the 1 up front, if there is any one player to pick out it's Paterson, that chance at the end when penny put it on a plate for him was an abysmal effort
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if reach and windass were on opposite side and feeling Shaw will play deeper and bannan in behind Paterson
  8. Was this the idiot that at start of pandemic when 40,000 had died he compared number to s full Hillsborough?
  9. Sold best player in January window to Preston didn't they?
  10. This. Rhodes has great movement in and around box and brown sort of player to pick a pass
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