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Sheffield Wednesday -V- Middlesbrough OMDT -

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You're a true fan and a fine gentleman Snoots.

The way I'm feeling right now i don't think I would be arsed to put down all that bang on content.

I'm gonna see who we attract as our next manager before I can even be bothered to swear!


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3 minutes ago, Spondon Owl said:

Hoping for a win. A surprise win on the back of the team being given some freedom to play. Come on Wednesday for ******** sake..



Kind of blindly hoping for the same.

The players reaction will be intersting tonight.

No fight and a hammering will clearly send a message to Chansiri.

Freedom and a will to attack will be putting two fingers up at the previous managers.

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5 minutes ago, Sheff74 said:

The club is  a shambles.


The team aren't very good at football.


Things can't get any worse, surely...?



Warnock....."hold my beer lads"


Irony being that he'd have come here and got us up those 5 years ago.

Funny old symmetry to football.

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May be a slight problem with changing facilities for the away team this evening ....

Along with some "money"

Another delivery arrived late last night 

The shop is fully stocked....

Baseball caps millions of em .....


Win or lose we follow the Blues & Jack n Meg.


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The stench of demotion hangs over us like flies round a rotten corpse. 

Defeat today, defeat tomorrow and defeat after defeat until our record low second half of season points total sees us sink into the third tier where we will remain forevermore. 

or we’ll win. I dunno. It’s Wednesday innit. Owt can happen. 

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Thanks Milord. I imagine that last night's shenanigans put paid to the original OMDT you had probably worked hard over. 


We are a mess. Messier than the love child of Lionel Messi and Mr Messy. 


God only knows what to expect tonight. 

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Of all the managers you'd want to face after a year a complete foookups, Warnock would be least likely if wanna come up against now 

No matter what team we have or how good we are, Warnock 9.5/10 times gets a result against us 


Sadly can't see the trend ending tonight 

0-2 boro


Warnock and Gibson celebrating at full time, while Dc just shrugs his shoulders

 Makes me feel sick 

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Boro could provide a few for a Christmas Selection Box lX


Fry’s Chocolate Cream

Bola Maltesers

Chuba Smarties 


Gallows humour.


Hope to see a 352 or a 442 tonight. One upfront clearly doesn’t work. 

Has the red button disappeared? No games on Sky button?

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