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  1. Same as tonight except swapping wing for adrenian.
  2. Game in hand and 33 to play? Loads of time left, it's a slog in this league injuries alway mean sides have streaks in this league as most have paper thin squads. End of season Ipswich and Wednesday will both be top 6 at least and both will be damn site stronger in 2nd half of the season
  3. View from Cambridge media... "Wednesday dominated proceedings after the restart, with United sitting deep and allowing their hosts to build attacks. Lee Gregory had two efforts, one which was saved by Mitov and the other blocked by Lloyd Jones, shortly after the restart. The U’s were able to produce little in the way of attacks in response"
  4. Even Cambridge media write up on game says same. Trouble is some of our fans think we should be winning 4-0 every game against these sides and our local journalists are in large pot stirrers looking to get a reaction, as for idiot Giddings he just makes himself look stupid when his biased commentary is on ifollow along with the video
  5. Funnily enough my take on game is inline with the neutral (sky&BBC reports) and Cambridge media report on the game.
  6. This is what baffles me. Both the neutral reports and even the report on the game by the Cambridge media agree that wednesday were the better side after their goal and dominated 2nd half, saying draw was least we deserved and their keeper did well to earn them w point. BUT the Sheffield commentary and reporting was that we were well out of it for 80 mins and were lucky to get a draw.
  7. It's very poor though, for those who could only listen on radio he gave a completely distorted picture of the 2nd half, it's his bloody job and he's crap at it.
  8. Think you watched with blackout glasses. Think Dom Howson's take on game was right, Cambridge better in first, wednesday bossed 2nd.
  9. Agree with this, we created enough to win but didn't take chances so get what you deserve. Ipswich and Sunderland both won 4-0 away tonight and didn't have as many chances as we've had. At least last two games we've looked like scoring though.
  10. But they weren't and in last 65 we should have scored 4.
  11. On chances we 100% should have won tonight. Wing and Palmer missed clear cut chances, FDB unlucky not to get a brace. Happens all time when people's view of a game is trained by the start and for 30 mins that was awful, but last hour we were much the more dangerous side
  12. What an absolute load of rubbish, "outplayed us for 80 minutes" what on earth were you watching?
  13. 7 on target, (6 in 2nd half) guys a Muppet. Years up until the wing chance we were garbage after that was all wednesda
  14. Yeah totally undeserved point and didn't create anything apparently....
  15. Bout sums it up, Giddings on commentary got on my nerves tonight, making out like Cambridge looked like scoring every time they went forward when after 25 minutes was all one way traffic other way. That first 25 was a disgrace, after slowly got better, wing chance was a horrible miss
  16. Only change should be wing off adrenian on. Positive note think FDB has been good again
  17. DC is neither the hero he was made out to be in 2016 or the villain some paint him as now. Truth lies in-between, someone who has made good intentioned mistakes that have resulted in club being in worse position than it was when he took over.
  18. It's not a payment for the stadium, this has zero to do with the purchase of the stadium, DC doesn't have to pay 1p for the stadium purchase.
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