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  1. He will be back when we are in championship
  2. There is going to be a big golden elephant installed
  3. Going to buy a grandstand one for me and young 'un (10year old) not bad for £20 quid for pair of us per match
  4. The light at the end of the tunnel is s big sodding Train heading straight for us!
  5. Problem is at some stage we will need to accept that 10,000 - 20,000 per year will die from covid for years to come it's not been like flu previously but vaccine will turn it into similar to flu so people will die from or with this for many many years to come.
  6. It's quite common for companies holding property to have to obtain a valuation for the accounts but can't honestly see how the ACV status makes any material difference to said valuation. And any loss would not be game over for the company as it's only a paper loss on a revaluation reserve so doesn't need funding in anyway. Regarding the ability of SWFC to pay the rent the more pertinent question is the ability of Sheffield 3 to pay the c£6m annual payment for the purchase.
  7. Got to remember though that swfc LTD also owe chansiri over £63 million through his directors loan account what's to stop him finding a away to write £52.5 million of that off against the amount he owes swfc ltd through Sheffield 3 limited.
  8. Utter rubbish matte. The lease in place and rental income supports the value for Sheffield 3 limited.
  9. When Sheffield Wednesday limited owned Hillsborough and chansiri bought Sheffield Wednesday limited there would have been no sale of the asset in those terms. Hillsborough owned by Swfc limited before and after. Same with Sheffield 3 limited, chansiri sells off his shares in that company then ground still owned by same entity but has new owner. The ACV status is a waste of time and money in my opinion but does look good on paper if you were promoting the trust.
  10. Really in what world would a community group raise the funds needed to buy the ground? It's already been separated from the club so can only see a sale coming if someone were to buy out chansiri and wanted to put the ground back into the club. Chansiri could just sell Sheffield limited without any 6 Month period being triggered?
  11. When I read about it thought it seemed a pointless excercise really, looks good on paper , but really achieves bigger all imo, which is why I voted against it when trust had the vote.
  12. Hopefully the silence is due to new investment of some sort because if it is then that positive. Whenever these things are leaked before they are final it's Always bad news.
  13. Personally not a fan of how it's worded or a fan of some of the statements the trust have made or if they have gone far enough trying to get "positive" engagement with the club. However, also aware it's easier to be critical of what people actually do that it is to do yourself! Joined trust month's ago as even in better times believe the fans having a unified voice is a positive development. Don't think having fan ownership Bor fans on board is the answer but the system Liverpool have introduced having a supporters board that the LFC supporters trust will ru
  14. The EFL test would have been completed before the sale announced. All for conspiracy theories but without being part of the official group structure TUG would in no way be able to use swfc losses against their profits to save thai tax.
  15. By taking out massive loan's and highly leveraged their future income. Don't see Ashley being interested in us, would be nice though do rate him to at least make the club a proper business
  16. That was squashed almost immediately. Probably lost in translation or a misunderstanding
  17. Not buying it but to run it, the Brentford guy has had to put over £100m into club to get it in position it's in.. Buying the club is a drop in Ocean to what's required to be then invested.
  18. 100% swfc are in no way shape or form part of the Thai union group of companies
  19. Ok find a swfc fan with a spare £100+ million to put into club. BIG difference between being owned by fans in general and being owned by a mega rich individual who is a fan.
  20. Fan owned? They are owner by Matthew Benham. Whilst a good strategy has got them promoted the £100m Bentham has invested into the club may have had s little to do with it also...
  21. When did the almighty Brentford make a big profit? They lost £10m plus in 2020 and only really made a profit in 2019 due to a land sale
  22. Readings results had very little to do with covid
  23. It is clear why but there will be plenty of championship clubs following suit without doubt. Some of the losses in past 3 years are staggering for example stoke just posted a £90m loss, reading have lost £90m in 3 years to June 2020 (where is their points deduction?) List will continue to grow.
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