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  1. Right, I've cracked

    Pretty damming this thread.
  2. I hate to have been right.
  3. They're playing us and we're great with ending runs.
  4. Norwich not won in 7 games. Should be an absolute banker for a Norwich win today.

    Gary has been a great servant to the club but we should be moving on from him now. I’m quite disappointed that we didn’t go for Big Sam when he said he was willing to drop to the Championship. When CC goes who’s out there who ticks the boxes we need.
  6. Served with a Fletchers loaf and a Reach a snaps.
  7. Dave to the rescue. Don't deserve it though.
  8. This fella can do a job for us.
  9. I think the phrase 'a comedy of errors' is warranted there, ffs
  10. Ipswich just totally controlling the midfield.
  11. 200 MINUTES!!!

    202 minutes and counting
  12. 200 MINUTES!!!

    201 minutes
  13. You put it in your VIP 1867 Chansari Locker.
  14. The good news is that the club are thinking of offering the VIP 1867 Chansari Locker package, maybe located on Penistone Road? Cost £150 a game and big enough for a Ryan Air cabin size case. The Package includes; A key A hook a door two sides a back
  15. Love all the assumption that it's young Hirsty at fault. The guy's a professional and determined. If he's not getting a chance he has every right to love on. Shame, because this guy is a real prospect for the future. Good luck to him.