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  1. How can a manager take away the spine of the team, create an atmosphere of Suspicion amongst the dressing room and supporters, set up a team that loses, and loses heavily with a team of fairly decent players, and still think he has a future at Sheffield Wednesday. On your bike.
  2. Who the feck is the person that sets out a team like that?
  3. Jack challenging his mum with a header. His mum was a big influence on football in that region.
  4. Some memories of Jacks time with us.
  5. What a guy. Not so much the shirt he’s wearing but the type of break from training Jack partook in.
  6. RIP Jack. You woke up a sleeping giant.
  7. I wouldn’t like to think he’s no relation to that United great.
  8. Is the fish locally caught? A good fish needs crispy batter and the freshest fish possible.
  9. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant if we had secured his services because we were in the running for him at one time.
  10. It’s baffling what’s happening there. My only hope is that Monk brings his old assistant from Brum. He not the best person to be managing Sheffield Wednesday.
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