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  1. Don’t deserve this. They’ve played but the defensive have been wanting.
  2. All a great place for a pre-match pint and a bag of pork scratchings.
  3. The Cult of Wallace

    Love Wallace. Need a player like that who can needle and upset the balance of the opposition. Also, love his comedic value, like the note grabbing incident against Huddersfield.
  4. Owlstalk at its best when they critique pundits.
  5. Joao and carlos

    Why are there so many f**king unfunny comedians on this thread. It’s a disgrace.
  6. Joao and carlos

    I missed it. What happened?
  7. The defence have been outstanding and deserves 10/10. However, formation invites sides to sit on top of us.
  8. That's supporting a football team for you.
  9. A lot of hatred for Carlos and I hope he’s not given an abusive welcome on his return. Carlos did Out stay his usefulness and the fault does not lie on him not being dismissed after the Huddersfield shambles. That’s not his fault but the club for not moving him on I hape our fans can demonstrate a bit of class upon his return and show people we’re a great set of fans. Stay classy.
  10. I'm genuinely struggling to see what you appear to be seeing?
  11. Mel Sterland

    Mick Lyons for us but who’s the other player? Looks like Kenny Burns for forest?
  12. Maguire gets told

    Wow. Creepy. Stalking someone in their downtime.
  13. I’m the early stages of the cup the numbered system would be better but in later rounds I like the idea of the team names being pulled out of the bag.
  14. Flags at front of kop

    A bit like trying to manufacture an atmosphere.
  15. Characters like Warnock are great for football. Proper pantomime villain, to us, and unfortunately a dying breed.