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  1. Last years holiday period saw us playing quite well and pushing for a play off place. This year sees us in a totally different place.
  2. This games is screaming for Wednesday to use their speed on the flanks. Just seems to be all one way.
  3. Its hard to see how we keep defending like this and not concede.
  4. It’s getting silly now. Targeting another human being directly. Grown ups acting like children. Take their computers away. Social Media is great but gets taken over by gobshites.
  5. Some of the away games in the 80s when Wednesday turned up and they literally took over a town. What a time to be young man.
  6. You’re good at this selling Malarkey. Looks nice that. Not sure of the height but looks like it would make a decent coffee table, when not in use. Myself and Neil were talking about your selling acumen with cars and how you learnt him to drive. He was hoping to sell some car mats he regretted buying.
  7. Great to win but that second half defending was quite woeful.
  8. Sounds an absolutely lovely evening. Finish the point off mate, as you’ve got my imaginative juices going, What would you have to eat and drink and where?
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