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  1. P 14 W 1 D 5 L 8 Scored: 6 Conceded: 23 2020 home record
  2. Shocking. Somebody ring Monk a taxi. He’s not the right bloke for this club of these circumstances we find ourselves in.
  3. We’re only 12 points off a play off place.
  4. What terrible luck for the young fella.
  5. Interesting posts. I’m not sure of these things but surely for infection to get in, the break has to be a compound type fracture, where the bone breaks through the skin, for infection to get in? Im assuming both yours and Dooleys breaks were these type.
  6. I would never find that. It was ages ago and will be buried somewhere in this site. There was talk of a Monetary near the ground in days gone by. Hence the name Leppi gs Lane which was built by the monks to cross the Don. However, here’s an artist’s impression of the monk ghost on Stocksbridge Bypass.
  7. I remember that picture taken on a time lapse Camera of the Heat lamps, in the early hours, which showed the ghostly image of a monk walking round the pitch.
  8. Who defended the infamous Charles Peace.
  9. How can a manager take away the spine of the team, create an atmosphere of Suspicion amongst the dressing room and supporters, set up a team that loses, and loses heavily with a team of fairly decent players, and still think he has a future at Sheffield Wednesday. On your bike.
  10. Who the feck is the person that sets out a team like that?
  11. Jack challenging his mum with a header. His mum was a big influence on football in that region.
  12. Some memories of Jacks time with us.
  13. What a guy. Not so much the shirt he’s wearing but the type of break from training Jack partook in.
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