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  1. Beautiful. All three of them. The collars are great. Well done Macron. Well done Wednesday.
  2. Another decent series on bbc iPlayer. Ghis tis focusing on the war behind closed doors. Heavily focusing on Stalin. Alway thought he was an animal. Up there with Hitler in how evil a man could be. Proper cold psychopath. My God, the Poles did suffer. My take from this programme was the Soviets were as bad if not worse than the Germans. The incident of the massacre of the Polish offices by Stalin and the almost unified cover up is breathtaking. Poor Poland. Let down by everybody.
  3. Thats really bad. What’s the matter with us as football fans.
  4. Everybody who drink drive aren’t necessarily going to end up being involved in an RTA but still doesn’t make right. Coke is illegal. Mix coke with alcohol and you have POTENTIALLY an unhealthy and dangerous consequence, not just for the user but the people round him. Each drug amplifiers the other. If people have to use, better they use one or the other. https://www.healthline.com/health/cocaine-and-alcohol#alcohol-effects
  5. you must have used. That’s where that video you make reference to originated from. The fella twitching at the end this video is pretty shocking.
  6. Some horrific scene on video. There’s even videos of people drinking and openly sniffing coke. For those that may be interested, taking coke and alcohol together causes the liver to produce an enzyme called ‘cocaethylene’ which can have a devastating impact on the self and the others around them. If people insist on using, only use one or the other. We’re a nation that large swathes of the population feel a sense of self entitlement to do what we want with consequences not even given a second thought. The war time rhetoric is regularly cranked up as well as a nation that throws all its inhibitions in the bin when drinking as much ‘as you can’ mode. Where does that come from? Saying that, we have more good, decent people, in this country, who help those disenfranchised and left behind, whether it’s the NHS, charity and the ordinary fella just trying to help.
  7. I liked Rice’s gutsy performance before he was taken off. He did quite well in breaking up that Italian counter play. Looking back at the game, I think it was Rice, maybe Walker, that did Chiesa. Maybe lucky that he wasn’t sent of. Rice would have got the MOM for me, had he stayed on, instead it rightly went to one of the old men.
  8. Bad luck England. Shame on the guys giving racist stick to our players.
  9. Lovey touch to form a guard of honour. Stolen from Rugby but still a lovey touch.
  10. Ah feck. Gutted. If we’re honest, the best side in the tournament won it. Anyway.
  11. Just to get you in the mood for the truly global sporting event, take a butchers at this. Almost an anthem for tournaments. Gives me the goosebumps.
  12. A serious message to England.
  13. Ken’s little dig and the hanger one.
  14. Tango makes it in meme heaven.
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