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  1. £40 for a 3 course meal and an evening of football talk, nostalgia, and entertainment. Bargain. I'd go if I still lived in England.
  2. Pleased for Bullen. Great servant to the club. Quite excited by this appointment.
  3. He really upsets you. Maybe you shouldn't bother going to the Paolo evening and try another thread.
  4. M Royds

    Westwood “troll” tweet

    Surely that pathetic Greg tweet didn’t get to him? It was pretty shitty and school playgroundesq. He should just just complain to the beeb as his Twitter photo has him on five live mic. May not get what he wants but will blacken his name a bit.
  5. There’s no agenda, except the agenda to wind people up. No shame in that. He’s of the swine persuasion. We’d do the same. They’re having their time in the sun. One thing is guaranteed, though. The clouds will come for them. It’s the Sheffield way.
  6. M Royds

    Chris Brunt wins lottery

    Well played Brunty for that celebration. The game is about passion and expression of emotion, not the sterility of celebration. Still gutted at the equaliser, though.
  7. Then why accuse him of being a blade?
  8. Suarez was involved with something similar. IIRC, that was dealt in house by the FA. Why different this time?
  9. You could argue that he's not been allowed to play to his potential and he has his bests years to come. Keep him.
  10. Pathetic. Is he definitely a blade or are you being convenient.
  11. Why accuse him of being a blade?
  12. It’s barmy. We have s genuine, top Championship player and people what to ship him out, preferring to rely on Winnal, Dave, etc. Maddness.