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  1. Rangers fans attacking each other. Not a brain cell between them.
  2. And the french really isn’t french, (as in crusty), but like a bread cake that’s been stretched.
  3. So many thoughts about this post.
  4. Why don’t they transplant hair from the pubic area. There’s loads there rather than thinning one area to fill another? makes sense to me.
  5. You a bit out of the loop. It’s STD nowadays.
  6. Just as a point of interest, surely this must be a first that 3 clubs to have been relegated on 40plus points.
  7. Never knew about that bridge or even that there was a station there. That flood must have had some force behind it. The dam seemed to have burst miles away. I think there some sort of memorial in one of the parks.
  8. I used to work down the area, near Tinsley canal basis. Alway had fishermen there, I think they had to purchase their licences from Tinsley Wire. Really accessible place.
  9. No, it’s just a fine programme. Give it a try.
  10. I thought that the Americans had more than a free run to Germany than the Russians. Once all was lost the Germans favoured the Americans sweeping and taking more ground than the Russians. Not sure if I got this right but is this the reason West Germany was bigger that east Germany? Of course, there were towns and districts with committed Nazis made it very difficult for the Americans with battles on every street corner. However, on the eastern side, the Soviets were made to fight for every metre for fear of what the Russians would do to them. If you get c
  11. Maybe. I seem to recall that a lot of the fighting tactics were not much more advance than during the Napoleonic times. Calvary charges to clear the way and infantry walking behind. Go forward to the second world and complete turnaround. The German Army was initially so successful in sweeping Europe by having a small dynamic fighting force that went at a fast pace, often independently, with a common goal of driving forward. And supported by superior air cover. Go forward even more, will warfare needs personnel when a guy in a portacabin in Nevada can bring destruction with
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