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  1. I think the only way we’ll keep him is if other clubs get put off by his long term lay off because of his injury. He’s worth the entrance fee alone.
  2. My first words were “Jesus Christ” when that went in. Such determination and strength and credit to the ref and linesmans for not giving that s foul.
  3. God I Miss This Team

    I miss that football. Proper blood and thunder.
  4. Hughton and Jos.

    Why do we grab on to bizarre comparables, (while ignoring other comparables more suitable), to justify an argument?
  5. That jumper worn by Elton Welsby surely there can’t be many Elton’s in the U.K.?
  6. He’s a Trolling WUM. Made some outrageous comments in other sections and admitted to WUMMING. Take a chill pill and ignore.
  7. 1-0, 2-1 defeats with an understrength I can understand but for a defensive style manager, when we lose we get well and truly walloped. I do appreciate, he needs time to change the football philosophy but It’s both worrying and suspect in the manner we lose.
  8. So we’re leaking goal because Jos is lonely living in a travel tavern?
  9. Word before was that Jos likes his defences tight. Would keep things tight at the back. The eveidence points to the complete opposite. We are leaking goals easily and can get overwhelmed, even with injuries slowly clearing up. I know building a team is a long process but a manger, whose reputation is on solid defending and keeping the opposition in check, it doesn’t seem to be turning out that way. Is Jos able to cut the mustard in the cut and thrust of English football?
  10. Brian Hornsby

    IIRC, he’s involved in Arsenal’s backroom staff.
  11. Brian Hornsby

    Would love to see a picture of what he’s like today.
  12. Article on Big Dave

    Let's keep calling him Dave. It’s football banter, (that’s been gradually eroded to fit in with the corporate image taking over) and it’s Sheffield (Northern) humour. Long may it live. Dave will get used to it.
  13. Unbiased Press?

    Quite a classless post, brought up to score points out of those girls misery. Cop on mate.