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  1. M Royds

    Andy McCulloch

    Tough player. Like a striker version of Mick Lyons. Him and TC were the perfect compliment for each other.
  2. M Royds

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Got to be worth a shot. If if he sticks with sparks then that speaks loudly of the clubs ambition.
  3. Where's this 15 point deduction rumour come from?
  4. How do you expect fans on a forum to answer that? You and I don't know the details of his contract.? It's not alway the case that a contract has to be paid in full. There may be many clauses. If DC has the pocket, get the Fulham Manager, Mick, or many other choices.
  5. M Royds


    Bitter and twisted. Enjoy your team and their performance. Colin could have a relationship with us fans based on banter and clever put downs. This fella is just classes and unprofessional.
  6. M Royds

    Man of the match

  7. M Royds

    Man of the match

    It should go to Dawson for first clean sheet and penalty save but my choice was Fletcher. Put himself about and he was like having an extra defender.
  8. Grateful for the point and the clean sheet but embarrassing to be bossed like that.
  9. I'm not sure which fits better, Custer's last stand or the Alamo?
  10. They're being realistic. We were generally OK against Leeds. Looking at that first half just goes to show how far we've gone backwards.
  11. We are so bad. Second to the ball, inviting pressure on to us, and slow. It's like a cup game and we're the minos holding on.
  12. M Royds

    Poppy badge with owl

    It degrades the meaning of it.