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  1. Jacks interview at the end, ”Terry Curren galloped away like a Red India.”
  2. Is that taken from a weekly journal called the football handbook?
  3. I remember that photo of Terry and Michael Palin together.
  4. Let it go. Forgiveness is cathartic. Remember how good he made you feel. Remember the good time.
  5. Crikey. If he’s like that in the dressing room and on the training pitch, no wonder we’re shît.
  6. Can't argue with that. Just trying to prove the point that that we're not a 100% basket case. If we survive, the prospect changes.
  7. It means we're a Championship club, potentially one season away from the premiership, with a big fan base, large ground, tradition and history oozing out of every pore and much much more. To some football people we are an attractive prospect to manage. Granted, we won't get a Pep and so on but there are ambitious people who would relish a crack with us.
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