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  1. I like their left sided player. Think he’s called Manning Givesitawayto !!
  2. So many memories. Built a team of absolutely legendary characters. RIP Big Fella
  3. Remember going to a match in that division (it was called Division 3 in those days). We played a certain Sheffield United and had rather a good time along with 49,000 others. Also remember being in that division and playing a certain Arsenal in the FA Cup. Went to 4 of the 5 matches. Not all doom and gloom in the lower reaches.
  4. Loved it when he scored and first thing he did was get all the players round and presumably was saying let’s hold this. Great leadership
  5. At least it’s 6pm here for normal kick off so I don’t feel guilty at drowning my sorrows.
  6. As my Missus said just before I threw my dinner at the wall ......., It’s only a game
  7. Couldn’t fault that. Great read (apart from kick off time). Thanks for entertaining us all during 2019.
  8. Remember when they came to ours earlier in the season and after the match they were disgusted that they couldn’t beat a team who were just physical and played the long ball
  9. Can I just say that Cameron Dawson’s distribution is refreshing. Nice to see an alternative to big hoof upfield.
  10. Just seen the post from the guy whose birthday it is. Today is my 45th Wedding Anniversary and on our wedding day we beat York City 3-0. Sounds like an omen.
  11. Remember going there in the 79/80 season (I think it was). Towards the end of the season and we were both in top 3. Tuesday night game in the rain. Seem to remember we won 2-1 with Spider-Man (Mellor) getting the winner. Great night.
  12. I like Westwood but watching it last night I can only recall once when he rolled it out to one of our players. The rest of the time it was a big kick upfield where there is a good chance of losing possession. When we build from the back we are often effective so can’t understand this obsession with long kicks.
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