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  1. Turkey Owl

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Proud of every one of them tonight. Worked their socks off. Yes there was a difference in class but we knew that. Even the BBC said they couldn’t have done anymore.
  2. Remember Green Un headline from 1966 Semi Final against Chelsea. Simply said “Owls Do It” (if I remember right)
  3. Turkey Owl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Watching on iFollow. I see Rotherham are showing their support of the yellow bib protest.
  4. December 66. Played Chelsea who were flying. We won 6-1. I seem to remember John Ritchie had a stormer.
  5. Turkey Owl


    No replays i’m Afraid but first impression was well offside.
  6. Turkey Owl


    Got iFollow on in Turkey. Nice interview with Joao before match and sound is amazing. Well done iFollow I think i’ll Be able to listen to commentary.
  7. Turkey Owl

    The I-Follow Service Thread

    Better service compared to last year when we had no commentary and no score on the screen. If they get the volume of the commentary sorted i’ll Be an happy man.
  8. Turkey Owl

    4 4 F*cking 2

    Watched the World Cup with this bloke. Could do a job for us.
  9. Turkey Owl

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    I am in Turkey and pay with my uk debit card which is registered to my uk address. Watch it on my laptop through google chrome and have no issues. This season son there is some commentary as well. I just have to remember to turn my vpn off otherwise it thinks i’m In the uk.
  10. Turkey Owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    10 years down the line he says “you know I broke into the Sheffield Wednesday first team and then my agent says ‘I can get you a great deal’ ended up going to Swansea and then on loan to Forest Green *sigh* if only I hadn’t listened to that money grabbing c***”
  11. Turkey Owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    Only one question for the lad. WHY?
  12. According to the official app we are playing them tonight at 8pm and it’s on iFollow. Wtf
  13. Best £5 i’ve Spent in ages. Love ifollow.
  14. Turkey Owl


    I’ve got a picture. Mind you I am in Turkey.