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  1. Couldn’t believe it when I saw your team. I’d Pele injured? We’re doomed then.
  2. Always thought he was lazy and looked as though he couldn’t care less. Was underwhelmed when he signed for us. But when you saw him play OMG. Quality player in a Quality side. where did it all go wrong. That’s a story in itself.
  3. Some of my best memories are of this league. Boxing Day Massacre, Cup Marathon against Arsenal, Terry Curran, Mel Sterland, Jack Charlton. Some great memories. Having said that I also remember going away to Mansfield etc.
  4. To be fair to Paterson he was left isolated with very little service for most of the game. Liam Shaw just gets better and better.
  5. Thought he booked one of theirs late on. Caprice I think.
  6. As they used to say on South Park “Drugs are Bad” !!!
  7. SWFC breaker of records. Wycombe hadn’t won, Bournemouth hadn’t lost. Until they played us.
  8. Although it was like the Alamo late on I thought we defended higher up the pitch. Thought Liam Shaw is maturing into a top player and Dunkerley is an absolute monster (and noisy)
  9. Couldn’t believe the stats. Must have included goalkeeper kicking upfield as shots.
  10. Boro commentator has just said Dunkerley and Asombalonga are coming together “like two rutting stags”. Great description.
  11. Just seen their sub keeper is Dejan Stovanovic. Only one letter different from our ex player.
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