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  1. Just watching on iFollow. Good job they’ve stopped North stand going out via Leppings Lane. If Luton fans leave at 1 every 20 seconds it could take 10 minutes for them all to leave.
  2. Obviously I now live in Turkey and have been able to watch iFollow matches for the last two years. I now need to use my Turkish debit card and address but the iFollow system doesn’t accept my Turkish debit card details. Any other expats having problems? If not can anyone PM me with an iptv provider who covers iFollow.
  3. If I remember right brought in to make Carbonne feel at home. Loved the passion these two brought to the club. Compare how we handled DiCanio incident to how Man Utd handled Cantona. Still makes my blood boil.
  4. That’s different from previous years. Will alter my profile and try again. Suppose it gets around those who are in uk and use a vpn.
  5. I’m living in Turkey and my app says can’t watch because i’m In uk !!!! And no I’m not using a vpn
  6. Tried it on my English phone, Turkish phone, laptop and android device. Have my vpn off. Still don’t get the option to watch it. Last year i watched lots lots of matches so thought I knew what I was doing. Sent at them an email. I know now they are trying to stop UK users accessing the service but a bit counterproductive if you can’t get it when you really are abroad.
  7. Tried it on my laptop and android box and don’t seem to get that option even though i’m In Turkey.
  8. Trying to buy match to watch on iFollow. Last year just went on to match centre and bought it for £5. Can’t find how to do it this year. Don’t want a seasons subscription just to be pay a match at a time. Is this still possible?
  9. I know you don’t get penalties in friendly ‘s but ......
  10. Just had a sneaky bet on Quequi Sanchez Flores being next Newcastle manager. Just hoping it’s not Bruce really.
  11. And don’t forget his single “singing the blues” still got it somewhere
  12. Seen mention of the 1968 5-4 v Man Utd. Greatest game I saw. Best, Law (2) and Charlton scored for Man Utd. Our goals were from Ritchie and Whitham (4). Jack Whitham’s fourth was originally down as an og but given to Whitham later. It was my 14th Birthday. Only downside it wasn’t televised.
  13. Scored 2 in the first match I saw against Chelsea December 1966. We won 6-1. Think McCalliog and Fantham scored as well.
  14. Proud of every one of them tonight. Worked their socks off. Yes there was a difference in class but we knew that. Even the BBC said they couldn’t have done anymore.
  15. Remember Green Un headline from 1966 Semi Final against Chelsea. Simply said “Owls Do It” (if I remember right)
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