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  1. M Royds

    JOS OUT!

    mmmmm. I wonder what your thoughts are this morning after reading Nixon's tweets.
  2. M Royds


    Absolutely disgusting that they're talking to Bruce about the managers job while a man is still working as a coach. Should have sacked the useless fècker weeks ago.
  3. M Royds

    JOS OUT!

    Seriously, apart from Megson, Keane, Jokanovic, Big Sam, Hughes, Moyes, Bruce, Coleman, Coppell, Cotterill, who is there out there that can do a better job than Jos?
  4. M Royds

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Cameron is a good keeper but this game he's made a basic error on a cross and one of the goals. He is one for the future. However, if Jos continues to play him, will this destroy his confidence and ruin him? The poor lad needs a break, imo.
  5. M Royds

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    The mighty Rotherham, giving Wednesday a football lesson.
  6. M Royds

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    wait for the jos out to start ringing round hillsborough.
  7. M Royds

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Great work Jos. Best manager ever.
  8. M Royds

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    That's Joao dropped to the bench next game, (and I'm not kidding)
  9. M Royds

    Mark Hughes

    He’s a premiership journeyman. He’ll easy get another job in the premiership in a few months, should he go. Somewhere like Cardiff of Huddersfield or even Newcastle if Rafa goes. Hughes is like Big Sam.
  10. M Royds

    Come on then Mr Chansiri

    I said this before. All DC has to do is get that Buddhist monk fella back. Last time he was here we went were on fire.
  11. M Royds


    You say this with such certainty.
  12. M Royds

    Roy Keane

    Can be any worse than what we got.
  13. Why the angst for Bullen at the moment. Read a few of these tonight. Bullen is not running the show. He has his role in the club and he almost certainly has very little to do with the shîtshow we’re seeing.
  14. M Royds

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    Not too sure about this one but did Viv have history with John Fashanu? I seem to recall Viv flattening Fash, and Fash getting stretchered. When he got up the tunnel, he promptly jumped off and said to the stretcher bears, 'cheers lads.'
  15. M Royds

    Jos Out (Again)

    Does Jos really have managerial experience?
  16. M Royds

    Does God hate us?

    Maybe not god but we need is that Buddhist Monk back. When he came last time, Carlos went on a flier.
  17. Tactically clueless. Man management skill hopeless.
  18. M Royds

    Sparks must go.

    Well, part of that’s right we certainly do not have the expansive football. But the second it is 100% misnomer.
  19. M Royds

    Sparks must go.

    Let this sink in. No home win in the league since August. Can we we afford to keep him?
  20. M Royds

    Sparks must go.

    Was DC there to witness that? Jos should do a Yorath and walk.
  21. My eyes bleed when I read this.
  22. Derby should have had another there.