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  1. Sheffield Wednesday fans of a certain age will look at Terry Curran as their first superstar and icon. I loved the guy. I remember waiting on numerous occasions in the South Stand car park for Terry to pull in in his sponsored white Toyota (I think) to get his autograph. All the kids seemed to flock to him and followed him right to the players entrance. Terry dropped down two divisions to play for his boyhood club, and us fans never forgot that. IMO, he reached his iconic status after his antics on BDM and his outrageous goal at t’lane that sent Barry Davis into raptures. His partnership with Andy Mac was lethal. If you get chance, listen to this long clip that sees Terry talking about his career. His relationships with notable characters in football, his battles with big jack, even though he never fell out with him, and his disdain for Laurie McMenamie. If not, enjoy the photos of a Wednesday legend.
  2. Love this one. I only recognise Pressman.
  3. Another battler, Frank Worthington, with Mick. Franks daughter made the news that her dad had dementia, only for Frank to deny it.
  4. Sorry to quote myself but this picture should be pinned up somewhere of prominence at the Stadium. Perhaps the home dressing room or at the tunnel entrance. It encapsulates an heroic sportsman going on with his sport with courage and bravery. Would love to know which game it was. I may have been there myself. Nothing unusual to Mick as the story of him having stitches on a gash through his torn sock, after a challenge from Souness, has gone down in Wednesday folklore. I also remember a match where Mick got a boot to the head. Got up and carried on. I was open mouthed at the time.
  5. Can’t really argue with that. We do play in different times though, for the better, who knows? The games is faster, now.
  6. I get what you’re saying but Mick Lyons was a player of the time and Hutchinson is a warrior of the present age. it not a fair comparison.
  7. It’s only the echoes of my mind.
  8. Because everybody’s talkin about him. They don’t hear a word he’s saying.
  9. That would be impossible to identify, even with modern tech. I would hazard a guess that’s it not an owl as back then we didn’t have a nickname.
  10. Strange way to be more appealing to the women. "Hi girls, I'm MK Dons, how about it?"
  11. Don't spoil my thread. Go and find a thread more suited to your level. I know there's one on the go about about how great Trump is. There's a good boy.
  12. With Notts County being relegated, I'm guessing we're the third oldest club in the League, behind Stoke and Forest, (unless either of these two have been in administration which would make us the oldest). One for the historians.
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