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  1. Option 2. Nice big wide stripes remind me of one of our Bukkake kits.
  2. Surely one of those two goals warranted goal of the season. The one that won must have been some goal to beat it. That dirty everton shîte that tried to take di cano, bad loser.
  3. Preston are confident!

    It would be very big of you to apologise to the OP.
  4. No. Ashes winner and true leader.
  5. Can we play them every week?
  6. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Doh. Sorry mate.
  7. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Not wanting to detract from Hillsborough being on the list, but as well as Abervan there’s no place Dunblane. Both quite instrumental in policy changes for the betterment of society born from such horrific events. Sheffield gets another shout with the Crucible Theatre under the sports and leisure section. No place for the Anfield Kop or the The Theatre of Dreams, (surprisingly).
  8. Sammy ameobi

    He looked good against us. That’s all.
  9. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Here’s one after the Bolton equaliser.
  10. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    I’ve got a cut out here.
  11. Where is the next win coming from?

    Doncaster next season.
  12. Yorkshire post

    Load of rubbish.
  13. Dross Jos

    You, my friend, are totally without class.
  14. Dross Jos

    I have it on good authority they were Barry chuckle, the late Paul Daniels, Groucho Marx and Oliver Hardy.
  15. Adam Reach

    Reach Should have taken the game by the scruff of the neck today.
  16. Dross Jos

    Why don’t takes you head to a happy clapper thread and let people express their frustration.
  17. Dross Jos

    Awful. Bolton looked slightly better than us. This manager is not the answer.
  18. This post is so embarrassing.
  19. It beggars belief that a defensive manager to produce such a shîte defensive. No excuses.
  20. Awful watch. No idea how to break option down.
  21. Wow. They don’t look like scoring in a month of Sunday’s. Bolton’s free style football looks like Brasilia. Jos effect is Shîte.
  22. There's nothing like a good argument to clear the air.
  23. I'm confused. Didn't we read or heard something about this coach being a defence specialist. Last three games we've shipping in 10 goals.