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  1. Is that Roger Wilde kneeling down in that photo?
  2. It was special when things were good.
  3. M Royds


    I can’t find any pictures of her in the leather skirt. Have google removed then?
  4. M Royds

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    I wonder how’s he getting. Last I read was he had a health scare but that was ages ago.
  5. M Royds

    Bursts of applause

    I though the different clapping was for the commemoration of people age of death.
  6. M Royds

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Who knows? It’s all about opinions. However, you have to ask would Owen and Macca got in the Italian squad?
  7. M Royds

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Carbone world class! He could have been give the chance? you measure these things on the world stage and who are in front of them in National teams. I’ve no doubt had Carbone been English he would have been in the England squad. In the England squad we had players like Anderyon, Merson, Owen, McMenamin. Whereas as for the Italian squad of the time he had the likes of Baggio, Ravanelli, Zola, Del Pierlo, Vieri. Not a chance of shifting those.
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    I suppose my reply was directed to a few comments who make out that his job is centred around social media.
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    He’s a reporter. I’m not sure what role Nixon has to present with?
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    Some player called twitter.
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    How would he have time to do his regular job? clutching at straws.
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    I don’t think you could. Incidently, what job do you do that makes you confident of making that leap up, or down, to the career of a sports journalist?
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    There's an unhealthy Owlstalk tradition to critique journalists, presenters, columnists to one inch of their lives if they say anything in the remotest negative about Wednesday. They go into conspiracy theory mode reminiscent to an Alex Jones cult. I say to those OT nutjob conspiracy therorist members, 'NOT IN MY NAME'
  14. M Royds

    Goal of the Season Competition

    What a well put together compilation. More professional presentation than some of the main stream compilation. I take my hat to you. The goal for for me has to be Forestieri on Saturday. When I saw it my first words were ‘Jesus Christ.’ Not sure why I reacted this way? Maybe because of the determination he felt that the ball belonged to him and no other player had a right to it until he’d finished with it.
  15. It wasn’t the Liverpool fans that lobbed stuff and flares. It was the Man City coach driver who deliberately drove into the bottles, rocks and flares thrown by Chelsea, Man Utd and Everton fans.
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    Keep digging that hole.
  17. Makes you think how all those fans got to Sheffield from their respective city/town with transport/roads being limited at the time.
  18. I think the only way we’ll keep him is if other clubs get put off by his long term lay off because of his injury. He’s worth the entrance fee alone.
  19. My first words were “Jesus Christ” when that went in. Such determination and strength and credit to the ref and linesmans for not giving that s foul.
  20. M Royds

    God I Miss This Team

    I miss that football. Proper blood and thunder.
  21. Word before was that Jos likes his defences tight. Would keep things tight at the back. The eveidence points to the complete opposite. We are leaking goals easily and can get overwhelmed, even with injuries slowly clearing up. I know building a team is a long process but a manger, whose reputation is on solid defending and keeping the opposition in check, it doesn’t seem to be turning out that way. Is Jos able to cut the mustard in the cut and thrust of English football?
  22. M Royds

    Hughton and Jos.

    Why do we grab on to bizarre comparables, (while ignoring other comparables more suitable), to justify an argument?
  23. That jumper worn by Elton Welsby surely there can’t be many Elton’s in the U.K.?