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  1. Moore seems to be struggling to manage this football club.
  2. Alan Partridge. Bouncing back.
  3. He really must be close to collecting his P45. Since he came we have gone backwards, which seems to be gathering pace. Sleep walking to relegation.
  4. It’s worrying how rudderless we seem to be. A side that bereft of a plan, playing pattern and bottle. We’re a side that looks like we’re making up the numbers for Oxford to have gentle kick about.
  5. Why the f was that woke comment about? Dullard on display.
  6. That’s always an option. How long did he have last season. Do you add that into the mix or is the slate wiped clean at the beginning of this season?
  7. I’m sorry you feel that way. Can I put you down for Moore to be given the rest of the season?
  8. Nice bloke, though. Moore that is and not Ryan Lowe.
  9. If my aunty had spherical objects she’d be my uncle.
  10. Moore, that is, and not we but Chansari? Good start but disappointing football, which has got progressively worse. Team not fluid or strong. Old timer Hutch holding it together. Players who have potential but a desperately lacking. This question needs to be discussed.
  11. Brilliant what Scotland are doing. There drug deaths is off the scale. However, it’s still not enough. We should be going full on Portugal model. Owen Jones makes some good points. There’s some balance in this short clip.
  12. Schumacher on Netflix. Brilliant. Tugs on the heart strings. Made in the similar lines as The docufilm Senna. Poor bloke achieved so much and didn’t have time to enjoy his family. A true sporting great. enjoy.
  13. It’s turning pear shaped.
  14. Perhaps he doesn’t give a shiny turd whether you believe him.
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