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  1. It is easier to go cashless but what happens to the young kid that's save his coins to spend at the ground. Have those days gone?
  2. Having had chance to calm down and reflect on the match as a whole, we were quite good. We forced them back on their back foot, we had positive possession, Bannon was superb. Got hit on the sucker punch. Lots of positives to take from this match for the future.
  3. Players have been complaining about fans running on the pitch because they don’t really know their intentions. They really shouldn't do it, as we saw with the Grealish incident. The fan that slid on his knees in front of the North Stand was hugged by a Villa Defender moments before. One week, the Villa players show solidarity in condemning fans running on the pitch. Another week, their hugging fans who run on the pitch. Doesn't really set a good example.
  4. Absolutely everything going through Bannon. What would we do without him?
  5. Feel for the Bolton Fans. I remember when we were close to being liquidated. Not a nice feeling.
  6. How can this be roughly the same side that earlier this season were looking over their shoulder at relegation? Remarkable.
  7. If your watching from IPTV then it in the EFL section. Channel 1230. My display actually says Ifollow 05 Millwall V Preston, but it's our match. First half was excellent quality.
  8. Good solid performance since that the horror show we had at t'lane when we celebrated the nil nil like a great victory. we have come a long way from that match since the hopeless job has gone. Hector called as man of the match on sky. Right call. Palmer needs a shout as he just gets better and better under Bruce.
  9. You were on that Burnley end? Long time ago, seem to remember that end looked choka from where I was standing on the kop. Wuite impressed with the amount they bought. Found the first game, a 1-1 draw at Turf Moor. Nothing of the replay. Big Jack was the manager in 1983.
  10. Burnley brought thousands in the Quarterfinals of the FA Cup. We won 5-0. Completely filled that away end, when it was standing.
  11. Well, you’ve certainly got an obsession with him.
  12. You come with the same nonsense, time after time after time. You nailed your colours to the mast, so when there’s a Nixon thread, you post about him being wrong, when secretly, you’re intrigued as much as we are at what he says. You’re like a moth attracted to the light when you see a Nixon thread. Keep posting as you do amuse me.
  13. That’s it. Don’t remember much except that dive, the hot evening weather and the crush in that alley towards the away end.
  14. Not sure if this is the case but didn’t we lose to a Tony Towner penalty sometime in the 80s? I was definitely there because Towner dived right in front of where I was standing. I think wilko was the manager, or could have it been Jack?
  15. What a humdinkum of post. Do you look back on your life like that? “Wedding night was good, got aroused a bit. However, most of my life was a pet and a cuddle. Most of my sex life was boring and staid. The amount of times I tried and got the knock back from the misses was about 150 time. However, most of us remember the 10 times I got my end away and was like a stallion between the sheets.”
  16. Some bitter and twisted comments on here. Benny was simply irresistible on that pitch. He was an artist and like any artist they have can have fragile temperaments. I enjoyed him him and his talent.
  17. Westwood is not only our Buffon, but he looks a bit like Buffon. There has been a lot said about modern footballers losing that connection with the fan on the terraces. As we see with players like Westwood, that connection remains.
  18. You’ve obviously got a different IPTV than me.
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