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No pint and pie

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Despite the offer being in the Facebook page, we have been told when we asked for pint and pie for a fiver, that they aren't doing them today



Noooo chansiri and pies out, just gonna have to have a pint instead



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Just me, my mum and son


I have a bad back and can only stand for no longer then 3 mins, so had to pick up tickets,get past covid blockade and get in. So had to do it when it was quiet


So thought I'd get pints, and save the pies on my coat for eating later on


It's a bit like how we will be in ten years when we are in the conference and no fans coming

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I'm not sure if people are being facetious


Despite my back issues and wanting to get in, I especially came early for this offer, and do feel somewhat put out as I checked this on the FB post they did a day or so ago

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