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  1. Depends on the reason. Find it cringey when folk follow Old Firm teams cause Rangers are a proper "British team" or Celtic cause they are "Irish".
  2. They aren't, you are just so sensitive to someone maybe being left wing. I mean Linekar doesnt talk about politics on MOTD does he? He can express his opinions on social media can't he? Like you are free to do. And I have no idea why you are rambling about Labour. You seem very triggered. Why not discuss Labour in the politics section? Im sure someone will discuss it with you.
  3. Are they not allowed an opinion? And they arent drilling anything into you are they?
  4. The comment was tongue in cheek after misery of another defeat. Although Moore has a better squad than those 2 managers, could see Moore really struggling with the sides they had. Not saying Irvine or Turner would have current team any higher!
  5. Who knows. But Moore is useless... worst manager in our history. I guess we go again according to attention seekers backing him?
  6. Good to see. More of the same this week with Windass to come as a sub.
  7. But the idea they were malicuous, made it up on purpose, clickbait, no one will read their articles again etc is the sort of sh*t , they arent credible journos I'm calling out.
  8. What his editor says is between them and Im sure he will know the full story of what happened.
  9. Lol of course you did. You can stop embarassing yourself now.
  10. He just offered to sort me out. Does he do this often?
  11. I think its a case of just moving on tbh and I doubt he passed off incorrect information is any malicuous way. We all make honest mistakes in our jobs.
  12. Why do I need to pm you? All a bit weird. You are the one who got really angry at the article, Im defending a local journo from unfair abuse.
  13. Can't leave me in suspense? Why do I need to move quickly?
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