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  1. Easier to not do this and make the thread about having digs at Moore. I despair at times.
  2. The twist our rivals get into when they hear the word massive is always hilarious.
  3. Brown, Green and Wing with Paterson as sole striker certainly wasn't our strongest side surely. Did we go with that for other games?
  4. Absolutely heartbreaking and shows how cruel live can be. I can't imagine the pain and sadness this is causing. Thoughts to Paul and his family at this difficult time.
  5. 3pm Premier League games are becoming less and less frequent. A real drawback to being in the PL. Not that we will have to worry bout that.
  6. Whats your point? There is no rivalry and deep down you know it. On this forum we have an annual thread on our actual rivals.
  7. How many of their players have we signed recently? How many meltdowns did their fans have? You are the one that pretends its a rivalry. Sitting in a pub with no mates before an away game and starting a thread about playing us. Inflatable pigs in your end.
  8. You are condoing the aggression back.
  9. Exactly. He also mighn't drink so wants to get a buzz another way. The amount of people who don't drink is increasing.
  10. They currently have them because of higher league position and recent PL season. They did hit 13k crowds back in noughties and they dipped again when they went to League One. We hit higher crowds under Carlos cause a higher league position.
  11. Their crowds are factored on league position. They rightly drop when they have leaner seasons.
  12. I know people who went as kids but are rare visitors now. The only guarentee for bigger crowds is success. You stated its guarenteed income for 60 years which is not true. Factor in loss of income from adults using kids tickets. Is it 50 quid for a kids ticket? Nope so you can bring one for less. Keep kids prices low but we need some income from them. I don't see much wrong with our kids prices.
  13. I'm 107 years old and started supporting us when I was 4. For the second question you can google it but it varies from region to region. Some people may get hooked but others won't. Even those who become hooked mighn't get into way of going regular for a number of reasons. There are more options for things to do on a weekend and highlights readily available as well. Or people move away etc. The fact is of you give someone a free seat its not guarenteed income for 60 years.
  14. Yep guarenteed support for 60 years. Dead on. I'm not against offers to get in more fans but thats a ridiculous statement.
  15. How are MK getting on? You just slag off every player we sign for some weird reason. Trot off to your MK forum to big up your team.
  16. Gi'over with the moaning. A good chance to test the squad early in the season and a good tie. Would you rather have some League Two team. I'd be pretty happy to get one over them.
  17. Fixtures will be moved so they don't clash with England games.
  18. They really are a bitter little club. Absolute state of it.
  19. First Game- Peterborough away Boxing Day- Bolton home Last Day- Ipswich away
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