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  1. Haven’t seen the match, but what position did Hutchinson play in the end?
  2. More pics please. Looks a beautiful day up there. Covid captive till next weekend so more pics would be appreciated.
  3. This exactly. They will get that list and not have a clue who's playing where. Dare I say: " a shrewd move". Come on you blue and white wizards time to tame these pesky shrews.!!
  4. Think BPF has too much pride in his work to make a mistake like last week, so I’m going for a clean sheet. Just a question of how many we can get at the other end…hope it’s a few.
  5. If tha slid 10 yards tha’d time to make thi’sen a padded jock strap before tha collided wi’ t’post…what were tha messin abaht at?
  6. Thank the Lord for this match and Snoots’ match day thread…all three of us in our house have COVID . Not allowed out till next Saturday and feeling rough as rats. Come on Bandalf and the wizards in blue and white cast a spell on the Shrews and cheer me up with a resounding victory. T’wizzzaaaarrdds!
  7. Come on Dennis…if only we could spell your last name right..
  8. Was there for that game, didn’t have a cushion to lob though…very disappointing The mighty Emlyn Hughes no. 6 for Liverpool and behind him Johnny Fantham, (I’d know that hair cut anywhere, probably did it himself!)
  9. Was it /is it Concorde Park that slopes every which way? Remember playing up there a few times as a yooft!
  10. Ah, 5 years my junior, so I wouldn’t have been in their age group.
  11. I’m not sure of Sterlands, Shutt, Williamson ages? They could have been in my age group, would have to look up their ages.
  12. Just wish I could remember which junior team we played there…it’s all a blur
  13. Rarely, would you ever get all 11 players at 100% energy and effort for 100% of the time. Pie in the sky cloud cuckoo land if you ask me
  14. It was the Three Feathers pub on Bowden Road…it’s all houses and what not now but there used to be a pitch behind the pub.
  15. Think of the Werther spillage with that tilt
  16. You see….I’m much better at remembering ancient history then when I go upstairs for summat and haven’t a clue why I’m there
  17. Oh and wasn’t there a team who played down Prince of Wales Road near a pub with Feathers in its name not far from what was then Waltheof school.
  18. That’s about right I think …used to hate Hackenthorpe’s ground it was like a postage stamp. Remember Halliwell playing somewhere at Greenhill behind some flats, and deffo remember being a bit worried when we played outside Hyde Park flats, I think there was a community centre under the flats where we got changed…terrible pitch an all! 68/69 I would have been 12; 69/70 I’d have been 13 so I’m not sure if we were still in the Eckington League then. Maybe moved to the Sheff and District for under 15 level? Another team played at Beauchief on the old De La Salle college ground, remember you had to put the pitch together before you played there, no markings at all!
  19. Ah that’s the one. Father always called it Firth Browns ground. We used to go up that way on match days to park on Penrith Road/Avenue by the school.
  20. Think you’re right about the landlord in the photo, now I’ve seen the pub sign. Don’t think I’ve ever been in the Devonshire at Middle Handley which is criminal when I used to live in Ridgeway and all my grandparents lived in Marsh Lane! We did used to sneak down the Plumley bridle path to the British Oak and sit in the beer garden supping Shipstones when we were illegal drinkers. Remember Shipstones ale not being very nice, but I should have been drinking orange squash by rights.
  21. The inside picture of Curran and Jimmy Mac is a better view of the mystery man, he’s a bit toothy sideways on? And what is the badge on his tee shirt, clue? McCalliog’s hair style same as it always was.
  22. Blimey that’s made me feel reyt old…One of the first competitive matches I played in aged 11/12 was Ridgeway Boys v Base Green. Roger Wylde played for Base Green and scored about 7 in a 13-0 victory. It was a mixed age group thing as Roger was a bit older than most of us. Actually, it may have been one of the first junior matches played on a Sunday round about 1967, certainly the first junior match played at Ridgeway. Soon after, the Eckington and District Junior League was formed I think, the Ridgeway team of that age group Under 13/14 moved to the Sheffield and District League ( May have been Hallamshire in the title as well, would have to look in the loft at the medals) Hackenthorpe Throstles also did the same as I recall, David Herbert and Steve Ludlam in their side, Bill Squire in the Norfolk Park team I think. I have one Kodak slide of Dave Rotherham leading the Ridgeway side out in a Cup final v Halliwell Rangers(?) final was played at that ground up Shirecliffe which is now the Blunts training ground. Can’t remember what it was called back then, maybe someone on ‘ere can remember? Would love to know who that is next to McCalliog wearing the shades?
  23. There might not be a next time, what with Plymouth being promoted at the end of this season! Have tin hat- will travel!!
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