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  1. Is it possible that Brown has been knocking on the manager’s door asking why he’s not playing regularly? I can only think that’s a) why Moore picked him and b) why he allowed him on the pitch in the second half. If that’s the case, our manager is weak as a pint of p1ss…some of our players and staff should not be allowed any where near a football, a pitch, a changing room or a pint of p1ss.
  2. If we believe what was typed on ‘ere yesterday they were world beaters up to 45 mins plus 1…then the wheels fell off a bit. As a manager it’s not just who you sub on sometimes but when. I don’t think our manager gets this right at all…ever. Clearly the defence needs working on hopefully with Storey training all week he will get a chance soon with Sam and Palmer. Don’t see Johnson or Brown as defenders at all I’m afraid…but Moore should have sorted this out ages ago if he knew Iorfa and Dunkley were long term sick, lame or lazy. If they don’t start being consistent soon the chance will slip away and once more SWFC will be the nearly men…getting pig sick of it nah!
  3. Amazing what a settled first team line up can do.
  4. Come along now you blue and white (occasionally pink) wiizzzaaarrdds
  5. Tha’s kiboshed it good and proper nah! Wazzock.
  6. Hope you’re wearing your blue and white scarf in a “jaunty over the shoulder student” kind of way.
  7. Nice one Andy. Hope the showers are of anything but sh 1 te for you today.
  8. Well done Snoots old bean! Another meandering stroll through the curlicues of your grey matter Owlstalk ….classic optimism on ‘ere so far…we all know how that usually ends! It usually ends round about 2pm when the team is announced, however last week’s shock selection of Sylla worked out well, In the words of the great Chuck Berry, You never can tell “Sheffield Wednesday FC ..keeping the world on its toes”
  9. Two pubs are the Trout, at Wolvercote and the Perch on Binsey Lane …both right by the Thames where you can throw Werthers at the rowing club toffs as the scull by. Don’t think they would welcome association football supporters however…so probably a good reason to pay them a visit.
  10. Don’t worry mate, we only feed them Werthers or Nuttalls Mintoes…they’ll be extinct in a matter of weeks!
  11. Preston! Preston!…still delusional abaht Tom Finney FFS Preston!…I don’t know abaht you lot, but I’ve definitely poo better than Preston. . Christ on a bike!
  12. I think “Squirrel in t’South” should become a euphemism for some secret sexual liaison… like “ Oh yeah, he’s/she’s off for a bit of squirrel in t’South.” “Really?” “ Oh aye, they’ve been at it for months!”
  13. I was only saying this today to a work colleague who is a “janner “ (Plymouth boy). If only we could put a run of results together we would be flying, draw your away games and win your home games and you’ll be right up there come the end of the season. We are still in a good position despite the poor results we’ve had, possibly because it’s a poor league and all the teams are struggling for consistency…time to put a run together and stop farting abaht!
  14. Tripped over that dead squizzer in the South stand.🐿
  15. They don’t look like a bunch of psychopathic squirrel killers do they?
  16. “Oh dear, never mind, bye bye everyone…”(in the voice of Sooty’s puppeteer)
  17. Is this an example of our owner squirreling funds away?
  18. Kick out Ozzie Owl, get Tufty Club restarted.
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