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  1. But 23 is leaning forward and the other is leaning the other way So looking at the photo I imagined if we had car his elbow would be offside That's the way I saw it on the piccy above
  2. He seemed shaky since that goal last week. Up to that he seemed unbeatable Goalkeeping is a confidence thing. I think he's an awesome goalkeeper, but I do think if it'd had been wildsmith or Dawson they'd get crucified I do want to stress that I think bpf Is the best keeper in the league though
  3. Tbf I did say I didn't see it as some idiot walked between the WiFi extender and the telly So I was just going the picture shown above Fair play then, but tbf it shouldn't have been an issue if we could do the basics
  4. Some ******** walked between the TV and the WiFi extender, so I didn't see it but 23 looks off to me
  5. The argyle commentary was bumming about how great we were, so when they lost they could say we knew it But when they took the lead, they were saying how poor we were ( which we were) and all the usual But how many times did they say Hutchinson at 32 wouldn't want players running at him. Bloody 32 not 39, he's in his prime really I lost my poo big style when the third went in with hie they were
  6. Ifollow Iptv maybe But woop ******** woop you hardcore true fan
  7. Pretty much how I feel Just said to missus that I wouldn't put one player on a five or above
  8. I'm weeing furious with this result 2 poo games in a row and I wouldn't score any player above a 5 today Also Plymouth commentary are lobbers as well
  9. After he gave away a penalty Considering that's his job, j would expect him to do well occasionally I thought he'd do well this season, but I think we have much better options for his position on the bench
  10. We need to get Paterson off and bring one of the others on
  11. I don't know what the 'bestiptv' is for you mate that shows you live games. It's affecting the club or something
  12. If it's Wednesday it must be Wembley. Funny story maybe not, but tricky dicky who sang it was sat about 5 metres from me in Sheff derby at Wembley
  13. I hadn't seen this rant, I thought it was a pisstake at first, wow just wow
  14. The way they said he can't look at it, and the way the camera never went on him, and the look on reachs face..... I'd say it's very bad unfortunately
  15. Walsall if near corner flags, I would have seen more of the game watching a radio. Dell was bad, couldn't see plus opposite stand is that low I had the sun in my eyes all game Qpr as people have said, on upper tier could only see far goal
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