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  1. To which I said well done on the day, live by the sword and doe by the sword, so when it's bad he gets criticised I don't know, I can't put my finger on it. I was probably wrong to say no tactical nous, as that's a sweeping statement. Just that he's like a rabbit in headlights if plan a doesn't go to plan. I just don't know if he can do it, some I find baffling at the time and then the execution of them in the match confirms what I thought and very rarely do I go too job We have arguably the best squad and for me we aren't utilising it If we don't go up this season then what good we have, no matter how loyal will think we've tried and off to pastures new and then we are in the doo
  2. Out best spell if I remember was when we had no players returning My memory is crap these days, so I could be wrong Equally regarding injuries, we didn't recruit in the areas where we had more players on the pitch eg centre halves, and had loads of wingers which we needed nil I'm not against Moore at all. I would love him to stay and help with recruitment and do things, but his tactical nous isn't there, and we need someone who can sort the players and tactics out I was laughed at loads on a post at the end of the season where fans said it was cos we needed to gel and next season will be different, I said with loanees and others leaving it'll be a new team and need to gel and the amount of laughing emojis I received was pathetic I'm just not convinced with how we have played in the games, 4 league matches and not a bad return, but it's be so disjointed and they say wait till we start to play well, what happens if we don't and this is it (I'm sure it not, but saying it will improve on the internet doesn't mean it will and there's no guarantee it will, but these fans won't hear anything what I and others like me have to say
  3. Great tally, but we are still in league one mate In ten years or so, noone will be talking about that season we got 85 points and stayed in the same league. I saw this trotted out loads yesterday, and yes it was impressive but ultimately meant nothing
  4. I think he hits the nail on the head, he's not ranting and raving. It wasn't an impulse thing, he just said what he felt Not had much love for him these last few years but fair play for saying it and shame more don't follow his comments
  5. I can't give scores as I missed bits because my boys were bring knobs, so could score some unfairly Did think Gregory was mom as he was upfront, midfield and back in our own box at times. He didn't stop and did some good bits too Terrible management of the game by DM, I would have liked to put his hands up after the game and say it was his errors as I've seen other managers do. For me can't complain at red card and I would have wanted their player sent off for same offence, late and high, doesn't matter if it wasn't studs that caught him. Not getting on at James but he gave the referee chance to pull out the red by being late and high
  6. I had the Peterborough commentary on, so didn't know that. I hope so as there needs to be answers to some of the frankly bizarre decisions so we all can at least see what he was trying to do, and then maybe he wouldn't get so much flak tonight if we can see what he tried to do
  7. Sorry Bridport, not sure if I misquoted you, between the match and my kids annoying me all the game, my head is mashed tonight Higherstate, I meant that if we moved say Paterson back into a position he could play in the defence for James or something along those lines and leave the midfield as it was till at least halftime, and with Gregory just uptop on his own till we could get back in at half time and have a proper tinker with it, and try to come out with a way of playing and trying to sneak one goal on the break in the second half. As you say DM will have to answer to what happened and I just get the feeling it will be whitewashed and not really gone into it and I can't ever see Moore holding his hands up and saying I got it wrong. I think tbf I would respect him more for that
  8. At last a decent response, and yes it's probably rare but when it happens you hear about it, or from memory when opposition go down to ten they seem to rally, or that could just me with its the Wednesday way of thinking I know it's easy to say in hindsight but the substitution was baffling, we had players that could cover that position on the pitch I just think that we collapsed more than we should have done by being reduced by one man and imo we could could have plugged the gap and made a game of it still??
  9. Because the dynamic of the team changed imo with the substitution We were at sixes and sevens and how we held out to half time I don't know Personally as I've said elsewhere I have to blame the tactics for us to be so lacklustre as we took off a battler in the middle of the pitch when we needed one and the teams who fight when going down to ten men, fight for it and we had noone on the pitch to do that
  10. Why do I hear so many times that going a man down and the team fight for everything and actually win or draw We responded like a fart after a extra spicy vindaloo I don't think Moore should be sacked but there are major alarm bells ringing after that performance
  11. I praised Moore for the subs and the way he used them on Saturday Equally live by the sword, die by the sword The substitutions and lack of them to change the game was shocking. Unless the subs are that injured they can't play then why didn't we change the midfield. If they are injured why out them on the bench That was woeful tonight, and the James incident is 50/50 and I said he could go for this and I can't complain too much. Very high and late is a red card and I'd be screaming for one vice versa This is certainly one to forget, but remember that we can't play and manager like this in future
  12. Yeah, but if he had spoken to him he could have probably stopped the spat or minimised it The one good thinking like about Moore is his connection to his players
  13. Sorry mate Most managers would have gone to them, I did think he was good with man manager but he just blanked him
  14. I think from what I've read that no-one has really grumbled about bannan not starting, it seems the inclusion again of Paterson and a couple about James playing I for one am not keen on Paterson at present, I thought after he did ok/well in the championship he would smash goals in league one. He just seems to want to barge into folk and that. It's like having a nightclub bouncer playing at times I am sometimes perplexed by moores tactics, and am hoping that he's pulled off an amazing tactical decision against one of the league's strongest teams away from home I would have preferred sow for his speed and to run off Gregory's knock downs but I'm not a football manager, and as that is the case I will go with that team
  15. This is the second time, shame you like giving it out and not receiving it Arthur Weasley
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