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  1. Walsall if near corner flags, I would have seen more of the game watching a radio. Dell was bad, couldn't see plus opposite stand is that low I had the sun in my eyes all game Qpr as people have said, on upper tier could only see far goal
  2. Sky cameras are there Great performance, it will make going down harder to take. It's the hope that kills you
  3. I'm wanting us to have a fresh hungry squad and with Moore I have more faith than I have since Bruce I don't expect anything from this lot except disappointment We really can't go on as we have, and now have a younger more knowledgeable manager for where we are going to be
  4. For what it's worth I completely disagree with sticky, but is never use that terminology I believe Moore can shape us in league one I'd chancer and Paxo let him
  5. Never mind that Neil im disgusted with what I've read on this thread
  6. I do hope Belfast is banned for those comments, I screenshotted them Disgusting
  7. Just had to purchase goalie shirt for my 8 year olds birthday in a couple of weeks, and yes the site is complete rubbish Which is a shame as the clothing range when you go in is better than it's been in a long while imo As for the special stuff, less said about those the better......
  8. Met Steve a few times and agree with 100% of Neil's description of him. Very sad if he has said that about our situation I knew it, bit didn't think someone like him would say actually say it
  9. I meant as a player ,a target figure and someone to take on fletchers old role and maybe improve it Saying that worse than him have been out forward as manager......
  10. Amazing scenes Walked past bottom of my drive a few months ago and we just casually nodded to each other
  11. All the best strappers I don't like admitting this but you aren't a bad un, other than you play football like petter rudi
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