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  1. Best ten pound ever, said nobody Dont think I'll bother in future....
  2. My youngest sons birthday is the 28th and I'm wanting a shirt but dont fancy paying 45 quid for a 7 year olds football shirt Hoping that itd come down in price He did want full kit but told him I havent learnt the art of pooing money I'm sure it was 70 quidish
  3. I'd love Bristol Rovers as my wife and her family are Gas fans and from darn there At home this would be amazing for me Otherwise I'll have some premiership team at home
  4. Just on a side note Markowl all you post is crap and argumentative, you really do press my buttons I can't ever remember a post about the game or a player You seriously are nearly a bigger wee wee tail than Belfast and that's saying something
  5. Haha I can't believe I've been negged to death for saying Fletcher is a very very poor Andy booth Booth did it much better at a much higher level Yeah he holds the ball up but what does he do with it and he isn't and hasn't ever been a prolific striker So a very very poor Andy Booth and that's being nice
  6. Fletcher is garbage and as I've put on another thread he's a very very poor man's Andy Booth and that's saying something
  7. I'm not the hulk YET But I did expect more from this evening. I would have accepted losing if we looked like scoring Sorry for those Fletcher but he frustrates me as much as Booth. He really couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo and what we put our faith in players as bad as him then we won't ever be a free scoring team Imo
  8. Sorry but that was flipping grim I'm very angry tonight with that performance
  9. I was very conscious of this yesterday, after a couple of times, I even made my boys out their feet behind my legs so they couldn't touch the chairs in front as it annoys me someone kicking my chair behind. Problem solved, now as for the verbal diarrhea and not shutting up and talking rounduns, I do apologise to the people near me in the grandstand sorry
  10. I don't ever check ticket prices anymore as I've been out priced. Whilst watching the highlights I saw this offer, and with Jos gone and these prices, I've just bought 4 tickets then actually checked the Luton tickets and bought 3. How many other fans no longer check prices like me due to the extortionate prices of the last few years
  11. Ffs How can it get any worse Top dollar for worse football than under turnip Ffs I only need to wake up in the morning to find chansiri finger blasting my bird.........
  12. Yes of course and I agree, but equally it doesn't make me a pig or an idiot, which is how this all started
  13. The tattoo comment was to show that my love of the owls, I showed by having their images permanently on my body I haven't been all season. Does this make me less of a fan??? I have followed us to 46 away grounds in the past, but obviously we don't count for that in the abuse hurled to fellow fans I have to pay marital debt and maintenance of 1/3 of my wage which leaves after general living costs not much, and definitely not enough to warrant wasting 39 quid watching a game of football plus the fact that 2 kids tickets on tops. I suppose I could stop the payments and not see my kids ever again and then I can m afford to come to the games and be seen as a real fan again I got dragged into this as I negged abusive comments by posters on here. Due to my work I stopped posting on here in 2008 mainly but still read it and like to agree with posters when they post good comments. I just think abusive comments to other posters is wrong just because you disagree. WAWAW don't make me laugh.
  14. So if they have money issues or other commitments and can't go then we aren't Wednesday fans??? I'm a bit disappointed if that's true, I shall go to the tattoo removal place on Monday and get all my Wednesday tattoos removed then and I shall dispose of all the Wednesday clothing and items I've accumulated over the years. Sorry if I or my other fellow can't go for whatever reasons ex Wednesday fans have caused you true fan ™️ any upset
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