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  1. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Haha really Did anyone who heard that song think, mmmm I'm frustrated they've given me an idea I'm gonna batter the wife when I get home Seriously is that your first away game?????
  2. Donation by SWFC

    I know some of her family are Wednesday fans As for her i couldn't say But should any weds or utd fan want to show their respect then go to the event and release a balloon in her memory
  3. Armed police

    We walked past the ones outside the chippy at four lanes I thought flipping hell them taser guns are big at first But they did say hello to my 4 and 5 year old. To which I said to my kids if they didn't behave they'd shoot them. Strange how they walked back to the car how I wanted them to......
  4. Wolfmanjack

    Don't really post on here that much anymore but in the past I did But he knew about hoyland owls and the birdcage which we spoke about a bit and Moffat Rip wolfmanjack And I don't say that often due to what I am
  5. This has been coming for a while

    Sorry you remind me of davey Just wanna be number one fan and illusions of grandeur Patrick you disappoint me......
  6. Haha but that's the point I don't know about those except for what I've seen on TV so I won't pass comment on players I know nothing about Hence the point I was trying to make earlier You may have gathered woods was my hero though :] I hold my hands up ( if only Chris woods had in 93) he made some bad high profile errors but let's not forget than man.ure goalies errors,beasant who at a time was a great keeper and any keeper I can think of has made amazingly bad blunders, even golden balls kieron and Joe this season..... I remember being at the walkers stadium and I've forgot who was in goal and he kicked fresh air.....
  7. Could be wrong,as its a long time ago didn't he suffer from concussion that game.... I'll apologize if wrong just my memory ....
  8. Or if hadn't been frosty that week when cantona joined us, or hirsty didn't like to drink and smoke in the whispers,or Williams was bright,or the pitch didn't slope or whatever We weren't but to slate an england international goalkeeper, who saved us on many many occasions, just for the sake of it, I will never agree with
  9. I was on about 1991 when we signed woods tbf as people stated we didn't need him, as we had better already and pressman wasn't ready back then and turner was past his Best England b appearances, well obviously england managers didn't have the same faith as Wednesday managers but they had more to pick from What about woods england a caps.... Do they not count And ffs he can take a penalty, so could weaver, but he was employed to stop them I feel like I'm talking a foreign language tonight Neils done well as he knows this is a moot point People saying pressman's better etc and he got b caps, and played well against them, and didn't drop the ball at Wembley..... Err I must not have been at the Game when he was the second ever fastest player to be sent off Or when the ball had hit the net before he fell on the spot he was actually stood on Now I don't accept people will ever change their minds about woods, and I use to joke that it was Hyde's fault for kicking it in the net, but come on seriously we wouldn't have finished 3rs that year with pressman or turner in the net FACT
  10. Hmmm you know men exaggerate about inches... I'm sure he wasn't taller than me..... Anyway that's beside the by..... Woods wasn't as bad as made out in this thread
  11. I take it you are on about 5 foot 8 turner One amazing save from mcclair doesn't make him great, he was a good keeper but that's it Surely you aren't on about pressman, he wasn't good enough then, if he ever was.....
  12. Chance to get back on track

    Bristol (A) - win Wigan (A) - Win Birmingham (H) - draw Blackburn (H) - win Forest (A) - draw
  13. Yeah I agree but with avfteb and that and mole stories and his qpr reputation, I was one if the thousands singing eff off to sampdoria Not knowing what the future held Hindsight is a great tool and weapon, but unfortunately at the time we don't have those...
  14. Absolutely mmm As I said earlier we remember a goalkeeper's faults like young wildsmith the other week. Doesn't matter what he did before or after, that's what's remembered
  15. Haha so you're wanting to fight now as you've asked me to pm you to take it further I take it all back now, I'm sorry that I've Upset you. I didn't think it'd get to this. I have never had a fight in my life and don't want to over a comment on the net