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  1. MBMitchell

    Sad but true

    He is behind his team . The grunters
  2. MBMitchell

    Sad but true

    Cool story bro
  3. I've bought 2. One for my 7 year old soon and 5 year old soon They kept asking for it I do really like it but hey how I won't get upset by net geeks thinking it's pants..... ffs the irony
  4. MBMitchell


    I've defended him because his dad is a mate and I met him many years ago But I'm sorry, today we didn't create much but all he did was fall over I'm sad but he isn't the way forward....
  5. Haha She is a Bristol Rovers fan so is well dirty to be fair
  6. I was getting a blowie when i heard it in sky sports news I did have to halt proceedings to hear what they said That is 100% true
  7. 2 adults and 4 and 6 year old I could only afford all 4 in early bird but wont risk the cash for another season of this I havent had a season ticket in about ten years due to kids and divorce I looked at barnsley at home but for the 4 of us it would have been a £100 potg No thanks, id expect a kick around with the players before the game for that money
  8. For the first time in a very long time, i have the funds to get 4 season tickets in the early bird I dont have confidence that carlos wont still be here, so ill stick with jeff stelling and be a £1000 better off
  9. MBMitchell

    What would you buy Carlos for Christmas?

    Mark stop trying to be number one fan When Allen was here we were probably too scared to lose our houses to openly slate him and i was one of the yobs on the bridge Carlos deserves this critism imo, he brings it on himself. His statements get more annoying every week You need to give your head a wobble. Then again just keep clapping like daveyboy and all the true fans out there Also id get him a lump of coal and an orange as hes been a naughty boy
  10. MBMitchell

    Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Haha really Did anyone who heard that song think, mmmm I'm frustrated they've given me an idea I'm gonna batter the wife when I get home Seriously is that your first away game?????
  11. MBMitchell

    Donation by SWFC

    I know some of her family are Wednesday fans As for her i couldn't say But should any weds or utd fan want to show their respect then go to the event and release a balloon in her memory
  12. MBMitchell

    Armed police

    We walked past the ones outside the chippy at four lanes I thought flipping hell them taser guns are big at first But they did say hello to my 4 and 5 year old. To which I said to my kids if they didn't behave they'd shoot them. Strange how they walked back to the car how I wanted them to......
  13. MBMitchell


    Don't really post on here that much anymore but in the past I did But he knew about hoyland owls and the birdcage which we spoke about a bit and Moffat Rip wolfmanjack And I don't say that often due to what I am
  14. MBMitchell

    This has been coming for a while

    Sorry you remind me of davey Just wanna be number one fan and illusions of grandeur Patrick you disappoint me......
  15. Haha but that's the point I don't know about those except for what I've seen on TV so I won't pass comment on players I know nothing about Hence the point I was trying to make earlier You may have gathered woods was my hero though :] I hold my hands up ( if only Chris woods had in 93) he made some bad high profile errors but let's not forget than man.ure goalies errors,beasant who at a time was a great keeper and any keeper I can think of has made amazingly bad blunders, even golden balls kieron and Joe this season..... I remember being at the walkers stadium and I've forgot who was in goal and he kicked fresh air.....