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  1. Ive heard people say they will be fine... will get big names in during January? Who are they going to tempt to a relegation battle with massive pressure to survive. They won't risk playing 2nd tier football next season. The fact they havent won yet is madness.
  2. Messi is the greatest of all time in my opinion. And 40 goals in a season not counting as one of his best helps prove that . But the reason he won it is due to fact he won the Copa America. There is an obsession that somehow an individual has to win an international trophy to be a great. We have seen it in the arguments about best players before many times. I think someone else apart from Messi and Ronaldo will have to win it next year. But it doesnt have to be someone like Modric who was never good enough to win it.
  3. Paterson made a daft foul for their equaliser. However apart from that I was impressed, stepped in and played the role of a traditional League One centre back.
  4. Try listening to Man United fans going on about their suffering or Liverpool fans claiming winning the league ended 30 years of suffering ( minus 2 Champions Leagues, UEFA Cup, Super Cup, FA Cup, few league cups, consistent top 4 finishes, having talents like Gerrard, Suarez, Torres, Alonso, Van Djik, Salah etc).
  5. Only seen Messi in CL v City and he looked sharp in those games. I see he only has 6 league starts, has he been injured or dropped?
  6. The literally stood back and let them pass it into the net.
  7. I know numbers sold was higher but Plymouth away in cup looked very low. 300 or so? Fair f*cks to those who did make the journey
  8. Its mad isnt it. If I see a replay later Ill maybe change my mind, but to me was another costly errror.
  9. Agree. The past 5 games have been a real improvement and Wycombe were lucky today. Compare it to the performance1-0 win v Bolton when laboured to a win. I know Luongo and Windass are making a difference but Dunkley, Corbeneau, Gregory Kamberi, Hunt, FDB to name a few are all stepping up.
  10. That was one post Ive made commenting on one player. We played fantastic today and deserved the win. Go look at the thread Ive started and go figure...
  11. Rotherham -W Sunderland- W Wycombe - D Wigan- W And beat MK Dons who are 7th. This a fantastic record and we played well in these games. Keep up the improved performances and beat teams below us and we will be up there. This record v top teams would give you confidence for the playoffs. Plenty of games left as well.
  12. He's not a scapegoat, I'm just giving an opinion based on his performances this season. He is no better than Dawson or WIldsmith and if a loan isnt working cut it short. You really don't like other peoples opinions do you?
  13. Happily cut short his loan, after a promising start he has become a liabilty.
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