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  1. Don't get salty and you petulantly claim he's my hero and talk about fan boys? Reyt. And there is no reasoning in dismissing set pieces and imagining us winning games based on fantasy situations with Paterson and Kamberi performing heroics at the back and up front. We are a better team when our better players like Gregory, Bannan, Luongo are playing. I mean dismissing all our good performances on the idea it was only down to set pieces? Give me strenghth. Didn't you claim Paterson and Kamberi would match his goal total despite inferior all round play and finishing. His goal v Pompey was fantastic forward play. And you crave attention by spamming a forum all season with your nonsense. I would give it up.
  2. A game we needed to win to ensure playoffs and they werent on the beach after 15 mins. Indeed we won away to MK which was pretty crucial. Did I say or did anyone say he would fire us to the Championship. One player can't do that. You derided and slagged off Gregory while he banged in goals. You derided him in comical fashion even resorting to berating types of goals. All sorts of twisting and distorting and fantasy situations. You looked a complete kn*b with not one person backing you up at any stage. Oh and you didn't predict the playoffs. Stop with the delusion. You see yourself as some sort of genius but in reality you are an attention seeker on a forum. How sad.
  3. Such as the Portsmouth game? At the end of the day we got 85 points and lost in the lottery of the playoffs with a key player clearly not fit. If only Moore believed in your fantasies about how games definitely would have panned out with Paterson and Kamberi. You embarassed yourself with your anti Gregory poo so maybe take a step back?
  4. Hope not. A major issue of last season was finding a formation that worked. The fannying around cost too many pre Christmas points. Recruit players to suit 3-5-2 and get off to a flyer.
  5. Late 30's is a ridiculous age to pass away. No age at all. RIP Neil Monk
  6. No brainer if the wages aren't massive. He would boss League One and 30 isn't ancient. But his wage demands will be too high.
  7. Its amazing when Liverpool and Man Yoo fans call all Chelsea and City fans plastic who only started supporting them when they got rich owners. So when did they start supporting Man United and Liverpool.... And the Emptyhad jibes from those who never go to Old Trafford or Anfield.
  8. Ridiculous state of affairs at Old Trafford. From winning all before them to this. Thry finished with a zero goal difference as well. https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/ralf-rangnick-man-utd-bully-behaviour-337670
  9. The poor sods suffer so much misery we could never understand.....
  10. Give over with your info. Your team news you gave me that time shows you don't have the contacts you would have us believe.
  11. Enjoying this. All the Man United gloryhunters reduced to cheering on City to win a title race they had no chance of winnning.
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