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  1. If hutch and Luongo aren’t available (which I agree really is awful news) then I think that’s the best team to start…
  2. The midfield 3 have been superb. but I cannot wait for fizz to be back, just so we have someone to bring on in the last 20/30 mins. Byers / Luongo just back from long term injuries and are running through walls 90 mins a game - be absolutely gutted if one got injured.
  3. On my third pie and a pint, confirm it’s a fiver on the north
  4. Like most I was disappointed with losing Theo - fantastic potential, looked dangerous going forward but I’m amazed at the level of meltdown we’ve seen. It was a loan, it’s not like he was ours and we’ve sold him cheap losing all the future potential - within a couple of years I’m sure he will be playing in the premier league but right now he’s a decent league one winger with strengths and weaknesses. *tightens the tin hat strap ready for the incoming missiles*
  5. I’ll give it a miss, we all know it’s been a poo show… I kind of like how this season is more focused on the football, more outrage at a crazy starting lineup than fear of if the bailiffs are turning up to take the goalposts. Yes I know the problems haven’t disappeared and we are still well and truly in the middle of financial ruin, don’t own our ground or have hardly any playing assets but just focusing on playing Accrington Stanley on Saturday and looking forward to watching the bald bloke slurp tea is way more fun for me this season!
  6. I get the feeling there’s a bit of the old man flu kicking around the squad - maybe he just wasn’t fully fit and as shopido didn’t play bad corb wasn’t worth the risk - might have thrown him on if we went down as a last resort
  7. Can’t imagine he would even consider coming to a mid table league one team with no money and not allowed to pay for players… A top end championship club will have him before long I suspect
  8. Think he’s a very good player at this level have absolutely no idea how he would fit in with the system we play though maybe a loan player or two is going back in January
  9. It just can’t be… surely… it would make absolutely no sense nailed on that’s gonna be it
  10. I’d settle for a throw that went to our own player - honestly, our throw ins feel like a set piece for the opposite team…
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