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  1. We must be rich again ah Jesus what’s he sold now to fund this
  2. Hopefully chansiri has played a Brucy style transfer and this will fix our financial issues 6m compo or legal action
  3. Last out of contract player we signed after release from them worked well...
  4. Emotions all over the place so hard to watch
  5. I thought he played well he was positive with passing, brought the ball forward, didn’t just hoof it long thought he was the best defender yesterday
  6. We totally stopped tracking any player runs and marking - it was so hard to watch, no one picks up a man - the midfielders just point at a player from every set piece we are defending rather than mark anyone. Harris puts ball out for a throw in, runs and stands infront of the throw in taker, he’s the only Wednesday man near and he’s marking the throw in taker leaving their players totally in the open. (Just a single example of the inept defending) Urgohide had a shocker for me (I don’t blame the kid, he’s developing but get him out the firing line). Lees was poor, actua
  7. Be happy with 4 point at Stoke would be a good result
  8. Westy, reachy, Rhodesy, pato, kads, dunks love our new signings
  9. The last season or so was bad enough The last weeks were difficult The last couple of days are unbearable...
  10. Have I got owl specs on? Didn’t think it was a pen at all...
  11. So the team / formation monk would probably be playing apart from Westwood?
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