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  1. The standard week in week out “bell end” style routine never bothered me, in fact made me chuckle every so often stood screaming “slag” over and over and threatening physical violence against a young (under 20) female steward for most of the first half, ignoring his mates who looked shocked and were trying to calm him down, then ignoring a steward who he must know who came and spent 10 mins trying to calm him down - all the while looking straight through them all to hurl abuse at the same young lass.... 2 year ban is the least he deserved
  2. This - flag should have gone up as soon as the striker, who is offside, runs towards the ball
  3. Agree - awful decision by officials don’t think ref had any control from start to finish tbh
  4. Looked a pen to me although thought lees might have been fouled in the lead up but haven’t seen replay Before the pen - odabouja keeps turning into trouble, losing ball under his own feet etc - trying too hard
  5. Bar keepers friend cleanser, available on amazon - worked a treat on mine
  6. A lot of talk of ‘sell and reinvest in squad’ we have all seen the accounts I can’t see Bruce’s compo / the odd player sale (unless real large amounts) getting reinvested in playing squad - expect it will just offset some of our losses 3 players signed this window, all appear to be first teamers, can’t see us getting more than a loan or two.
  7. As much as we all want hughton I’m sure he wants another crack at the premier league and deservedly so IMO Im sure by November when the first premier league manager is sacked / on his way out, he will be in the frame
  8. What a dirty, underhand way of doing business if true.
  9. Imagine he’s using our phone credit to ring all his new target agents, printing out Newcastle contracts in colour and emptying the stationary stash before he goes
  10. Think Mr Chansiri is absolutely right to expect a fair compensation package we are deep into pre season with the most successful championship manager there is, who we have invested heavily in (his own extremely high wage, his coaching teams wage, the players he wanted wages) we are losing £35million a year... wtf is 1million? Has zero impact on the club yet losing Bruce, at this stage, has a massive impact on our promotion chances this year. The whole idea is we should be fairly compensated - I hope 5million is the minimum Chansiri is expecting, if Newcastle fail to pay bruce should be angry at Ashley for wasting everyone’s time and trying to bully as usual... not Chansiri who on this occasion seems beyond criticism IMO
  11. Blue and white stripes, not black and white
  12. With / if reach playing wide left throwing balls into 2 lads who should be thriving on balls into the box that doesn’t look all that bad to me with what we have to chose from. (assuming winnal isn’t fit enough to start)
  13. Looked like he was about to burst into tears...
  14. Unpopular - but apart from genuine naivety I struggle to see where chansiri is to blame He put money in,he backed what was sold to him... probably should have been better advised he isn’t responsible for his 50million pound investment underperforming - what happens if he says enough is enough? Who pays the debt? personally no issue with him - issue with the footballing people who have let him down
  15. Frustrated after seeing us try and pass it out from the back with a back line consisting of developing kids and a centre back who hates playing with the ball we will be getting into self damaging situations as per - we we will be rushing a ball back to Dawson to kick under pressure when half the team has come deep knowing we are under pressure / relying on Bannan basically becoming a ball playing centre back causing no danger to the opposition crowd will be screaming about it, we will continue to do it apart from the extremely rare occasion where Dawson will do the 5 mins to take a goal kick routine where he waves the defence out for a couple of mins with some exaggerated hand flicks and gives the opposition as long as it needs to get into position Regardless - I’ll be trying to back the lads while dying inside
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