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  1. Have I got owl specs on? Didn’t think it was a pen at all...
  2. So the team / formation monk would probably be playing apart from Westwood?
  3. 5 games with 10 men due to red and at least one game with 10 men due to injury... we are only 15 games in ffs not gonna win many if you play with 10 men for a third of your games...
  4. Watching those goals upsets me cant remember the last time we actually created any chances like those
  5. Can’t imagine Jos or Monk ever getting into the team like that old pulisy has the pashun
  6. That bit really annoys me when things aren’t going right you should be absolutely desperate to get stuck back in and help out the team instead sloping shoulders happy not to be involved not what I would have thought of him.
  7. Reckon half of us would have picked the same if not a v similar team
  8. He does not run into space for that ball to happen - he stays back to goal wanting ball to feet to turn and run at the defender literally never runs past the defender wanting the ball played over / into space
  9. Feel what you’re saying but when your plate has owl on it you’re living in pure fear for the next week or so :/
  10. Was great second half The only thing I want to see him add to his game is for him to try and run in to space behind defenders & have the ball played in front of him - always seems to want it to feet and to turn and run at defenders
  11. The standard week in week out “bell end” style routine never bothered me, in fact made me chuckle every so often stood screaming “slag” over and over and threatening physical violence against a young (under 20) female steward for most of the first half, ignoring his mates who looked shocked and were trying to calm him down, then ignoring a steward who he must know who came and spent 10 mins trying to calm him down - all the while looking straight through them all to hurl abuse at the same young lass.... 2 year ban is the least he deserved
  12. This - flag should have gone up as soon as the striker, who is offside, runs towards the ball
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