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  1. Hope so His energy, box to box running and appetite for a tackle have impressed me so far maybe not the finished article - the odd stray pass and the odd stumbling over the ball but need him or Luongo in that midfield 3 for me
  2. Look like a team who haven’t been paid if they have it needs fkin returning
  3. “early hours” - he had a game that day
  4. Not showed a replay so hard to see the clash but the Charlton lad was jumping and screaming for the physios straight away so knew he’d caught him badly
  5. Pack a bottle opener lads - you know they’ll have forgotten that bit of detail! but jokes aside fantastic news and can’t wait to get back in tomorrow
  6. Dont worry, Kitty don’t bite… not once she’s been fed…
  7. For the love of god can we practice throw ins this pre season even just the basics, of throwing to our own player
  8. We have talent also https://m.facebook.com/elev8sportswear/videos/internationalrunningday/1255450348180004/ unless her contracts up and she’s moved to Celtic on a free
  9. I don’t recognise most of them but who’s this lad
  10. Personally a little bit gutted… Seeing the lass run up the hill for the elev8 ad before / during half time was the only thing that got me through watching last season on iFollow maybe she hasn’t had any pay and can join macron
  11. We must be rich again ah Jesus what’s he sold now to fund this
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