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Here is how to commit football suicide

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4 minutes ago, Devonstrix said:

If this is true, then DC deserves plenty of flak. 
However, on the previous occasions when this happened, how long have the players been kept waiting for their money? Have they all been paid what they’re owed within a couple of weeks.? Genuine question. 

So whilst DC absolutely deserves plenty of flak for the way he has been running the club for the last couple of years at least, I’m sorry Neil but I can’t just absolve the players and staff of any blame at all. These are all very well off people and most of them will be able to absorb this sort of issue without too much pain. They are by no means in the same boat as the Bury players and staff were in a couple of years ago, when they went unpaid for several months (actually not paid at all) and still won promotion. 

These players of ours know they will be getting their not inconsiderable sums of money fairly shortly and there was no phoooking excuse whatsoever for that shambolic display yesterday, from players or staff. Sorry. 

If you weren’t paid for 2 months would you be happy? 

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1 minute ago, ANDY said:

Two months mate. 

two months 


imagine if your gaffer didn’t pay you for two months. 

would you be happy. 

No I wouldn’t. Is that a fact that they weren’t paid last month either? (I genuinely don’t know). 
However, if I was a player for a major football club, where the hopes of thousands of supporters rested on my commitment for 90 odd minutes once or twice a week, then too right I would put a shift in and do my best for those supporters. We’re talking about millionaire footballers here in the main ffs. 

DC deserves his own level of vitriol from the supporters and I doubt we will see him at Hillsborough again. But nobody can convince me that it’s right for the players to lay down arms and allow the club to be relegated, when its in their hands to prevent it. At the end of the day, the supporters suffer, not them. 

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