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  1. Hope he had his tetanus jab before doing that!
  2. I remember when Francis brought him here and many said he was a waste of money. Still can't believe he played for us.
  3. As per the title, have £50 of SWFC vouchers that I won't use so if anyone is interested in getting them for £40 (20% cheaper) then just DM me here and we can sort something out. Redeemable at Sheffield Wednesday Official Club shops. Cheers.
  4. To get automatically promoted you can only lose around 10 games and also draw a similar amount. Obviously there's a little wiggle room/variables there with regard to combinations and permutations but that's how it goes. So every game that isn't a win has an impact and means we have less room to mess up in the rest of the season.
  5. Said it when we were watching it: Utter genius. Top stuff.
  6. More than half full here. I'm really impressed how quickly we've moved in the transfer market this summer and who has been brought in.
  7. If he stays fit this coming season it'll feel like signing a new player. Fingers crossed he does.
  8. Happy Forest have gone up; watched them a few times this season and have been very impressed with them. Hope they stay up too.
  9. Get rid. Hardly ever plays. We need to learn lessons - we've seen this kind of situation countless times before at Hillsborough and more often than not we hang on to players that just don't contribute enough to cover what they cost. It has to change.
  10. In for me; give him until Christmas. Needs to hit the ground running this season and have us playing in a more expansive way. I think he's nearly there. I'm not confident though having seen what happened with him at WBA but I think he deserves to be backed in the summer as these are now his players. Would love us to bring in a assistant though that compliments him and can get the team really firing.
  11. Got to see progress in the transfer market over summer and hit the ground running right from the off come next season. Automatic promotion this time.
  12. Is Chansiri back in town, giving one of his motivating team talks. Upsetting the the established match prep?
  13. Who's more happy with that result based on the performance? We are. Definitely.
  14. Did Chansiri say owt to the players recently? One of his motivating speeches?
  15. We look really flat, lacking energy, little fight. Not impressed.
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