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  1. This is more like the Wednesday we know and love. Well done chaps!
  2. Would love us to sign him permanently but I know that's dreamland stuff. However, stranger things have happened. At the moment I hope he stays fit and we have him all season.
  3. Well played England. Tougher game than the result suggests and abhorrent crowd behaviour. Sick of the booing, monkey chanting and racism.
  4. Was the man of the match for me and we've got some really good balance now assuming he starts on the left when fit/available. Said it earlier, gobsmacked by where we are now compared to even 6 weeks ago; things are so positive at the moment so lets hope that Chansiri does his job of keeping the cashflow going and leaves DM and the team to do their talking on the pitch without distractions.
  5. Going to go with 9/10. Genuinely gobsmacked by it, to be honest. Fair play and kudos to everyone involved; especially DM.
  6. Lets hope DM knows what he's doing; no reason at the moment to think otherwise and he's earned our support and trust with the way he's conducted himself since becoming our manager. Berahino just needs to work hard, keep out of trouble and always try his best. As long as he does those things he should have our support. Any f*** ups and he's out the door.
  7. As long as no one goes with pineapple, I'm fine with whatever we pick.
  8. Yes, that was my point. They'd only recall for cover due to injury or if someone makes a transfer offer so lets hope there's no such clause.
  9. ... Especially considering where we were just a few weeks ago - that was frightening too! But for the opposite reason. Need to keep the stand out players like Iorfa, who could easily get an offer coming in for him. Also, I really hope Bailey Peacock-Farrell doesn't have a recall clause in his loan deal.
  10. We would have definitely lost this last season, totally agree. I went today, with a Rotherham mate so wasn't in the away end. We didn't play at all well, in fact we were pants in the first half, but we're proving very difficult to beat and we have a strong group of players. Come the second half we improved and you can actually see what DM is doing and his plan for building the team with solid foundations at the back and developing a strong spine. I never thought we'd be top at this stage; in fact, I actually thought we'd have another points deduction and Moore wouldn't be here. We all know it's early days but it really looks like the ship's been steadied, at least for now, and I think a lot of that has to be down to the manager and operational staff as well as the team itself. And that save... quite brilliant. Well done Wednesday! Really happy where we're at and keep it up!
  11. Paul Warne is just a quality bloke all round. I remember him talking about mental health a couple of years ago and he came across really well. Shame he manages Rotherham! Poor guy.
  12. Apparently he's the same height as Iorfa (least when Googling the two) which really surprised me when I checked, because he doesn't look it!
  13. Tempo just isn't anywhere near high enough. Hate it when Bannan just hits the long ball stood marginally ahead of our back line - he should play further up the pitch, especially in this league.
  14. Mark Bright for me too. Fantastic foil for others to play off and also scored his fair share.
  15. Compared to where I thought we'd be at the start of the season this all looks really positive. The signings look like capable players that will benefit from more game time and you can see the progress that's been made of the last few months, especially in the last couple of weeks. I'm really quite... ... optimistic. And I *never* thought I'd being saying that come the season start!
  16. Just get him to smile at the ref and ask for a penalty or just a goal. I bet it'd work 7 times out of 10!
  17. Really (pleasantly) surprised by this signing. Proper quality player for L1. Well done all involved.
  18. He doesn't have the ability to make this club self-sustainable or recruit people to do that. He's utterly useless; it was only his money that he had going for him, without that, he's a total no-mark. Can't resist taking a pop at the fans either, can he, whenever there's an opportunity. What a w*nker.
  19. 'We are the Pigs' by Suede. Let's own it.
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