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  1. I’ve always thought Lowe would come here in a heartbeat, but not so sure now. Argyle are top and obviously it’s early days, but the longer they sit in the top 3, the less likely that he would drop that project for us. Come Christmas, they might have dropped a few places, but if they haven’t then I’d be surprised if he would come here. Best chance of getting him would be sooner, whilst even he, confident guy as he is, may think Argyle will eventually fall off the pace. If we don’t take at least 4 points from the next 2 games, maybe DC will pull the trigger. In which case, go out and convince Lowe that he can come here and take Wednesday up. Automatic!
  2. Fantastic preview as always m’lud. I see that the name of Wimbledon’s ‘stadium’ almost made you choke on your Horlicks, or whatever it is that you imbibe whilst concocting your marvellous repartee with Stubbs. I for one can’t wait then for the Cheltenham MDT in two weeks time. I reckon you’ll spit your brandy int fire
  3. What’s the betting that the yoof hooligan element will soon be wearing Pink checked Stone Island jackets not dissimilar to the one that Fifi is wearing. Rival firms will then be able to taunt them with………
  4. Maybe the sleeping giant has woke up. Sorry
  5. Do I think we would still be in the Championship if he’d stayed? Absolutely yes. Probably have been in play offs the following season at least. Would I want him back now? Absolutely flucking not. Treacherous get
  6. Yeah, but there is method in DM’s madness. If he hasn’t got a flucking clue how we’re gonna play, neither does the opposition. Genius, Pepesque stuff. Promotion here we come
  7. Er, more than a bit harder with Kachunga. Perform bloody miracles if they want to make a striker out of him
  8. I'll tell you what though, I would love it LOVE IT if after all this Newcastle got relegated.
  9. I’d rather we were bought out by one of the many altruistic British billionaires, who care deeply about their employees and don’t just line their own pockets. Phil Green for instance.
  10. There’s a sad irony about the delirious celebrations by the Newcastle fans. They’ve got rid of Ashley who is despised for running his businesses with workers on minimum wage and zero hours contracts and not spending enough cash on players. Replaced by business people who may or may not have connections with Saudi rulers. A country where lip service is paid to human rights and people who disagree with them run the risk of being snatched on foreign soil and butchered. A country where women have only just been allowed to drive and where foreign workers live and work in absolutely inhumane conditions. Rejoice! Rejoice! WTAF is football coming to in this country?
  11. They also probably take the same size track suit. Ashley could supply them with those Slazenger XXXXXL ones that they always seem to have too many of
  12. Would you want the pilot, co-pilot and any other staff to survive the crash or can they perish with him as far as you’re concerned? Just asking
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