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  1. If DC was gonna name Thompson, he’d already have done it
  2. I suppose when Bruce has been fired and he banks 2-3 million quid in his savers account, he may wonder if he should have stayed at S6. Obviously finished at PL level where he’s been found out really, but there’s about as much chance of DC re-hiring him as taking on Chris Coleman……
  3. So actually he hasn’t steamed at all. He’s dropped back from 5/2 to 6/1. If anybody’s done any steaming it’s Keano! The only thing Coleman has got going for him over Cook, is that he’s got a full head of hair and is better looking, so all the lasses in the office would like him.
  4. Here’s a Keane quote after his stint with Ipswich, which didn’t go that well. (“I don’t like ******** blue. City were blue. Rangers were blue. My biggest rivals were blue. Is that childish?”).
  5. I do remember being at Hillsborough when we played Keane's Sunderland team and they played some very fluent, exciting football. I wouldn’t be dismayed if he got the job, but on balance…………
  6. Fair enough, but I meant compared to the rest. I think the inference by Jim that his odds were on the slide was what I was questioning. Theyve just moved slightly that’s all.
  7. It’s all a bit pedantic though isn’t it. He’s still massively odds on compared to anybody else!
  8. Not on Skybet he wasn’t. He’s been 4/11 for the last two days with Coleman at 11/4. Would prefer Keane to that poser.
  9. What do you mean drifting? He’s come down to 2/5 on with Skybet
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