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  1. Hope you’re right Neil. It would be even better though, if we signed a striker or two this week and one of them went on to score twenty goals to make the choice of POTY a real contest. I think we might have a shaky start due to the sheer number of incoming players and we supporters need to show patience if that’s the case. Come Christmas though, I think we will be in the top eight and poised for a real push in the new year. It’s great to feel optimistic as a Wednesday fan for a change!
  2. I’m sure you don’t really believe that Neil. However, if you do I suggest a good holiday might help
  3. I know the Cypriot league is far superior to EFL1 and the Championship and possibly even the Premier League, but having given this as much thought as it merits - ie a millisecond FFS NO!
  4. So if this lad turns out to be any good, we can resurrect the Carbone chant.
  5. Have any of you dads had the experience of that poignant day, when having sat on the North or South with your lad ever since he was five, you have to deal with that lump in the throat moment when, with a much deeper voice than he used to have, he tells you he wants to go ont’ Kop. The thought of him going on that den of iniquity, leaving you behind must be every bit as traumatic as it is for their mother when they fly the nest for Uni.
  6. Sit theer worrying if he knows how to check your browsing history yet
  7. That’s very true. I often go on my own and will usually get chatting to somebody sat next to me. One of the last matches I went to before lockdown was v Swansea at Hillsborough. We’d been trailing most of the match to an early goal and then Forestieri and Fox scored in the last ten minutes to put us 2-1 up. A couple of young uns I’d been sat in the South with (in their 40’s - I’m 65), jumped up when our second went in and one of them hugged me and give me a slobbery kiss on the cheek. They then left before the final whistle to get their tram. I of course remained, sucking on a Werthers, to witness the inevitable Swansea equaliser which came in injury time. It's the Wednesday way!
  8. I always love reading about dads and their lads (and lasses) and their history of supporting the team they love, through thick or thin. Always makes me wonder what I missed out on, as my own dad wasn’t the slightest bit interested in football or any other sport. He never once came to watch me play football or rugby, despite me playing right through the schools system and into mens football at age 15. Never took me to a single Wednesday (or Rotherham) match. One of his workmates got me started at Wembley 1966. Probably one of the reasons we never were close. So, chuffed to bits for you Owlsman and I hope you and your lad have a great season together. WAWAW eh!
  9. Pleased with all our recruitment so far, with hopefully more to come. Wing should be great at this level. That neck tho’! Wonder if he’s got a wardrobe full of those Harry Hill shirts with the massive collars. Be reyt funny if they made a special one off Wednesday shirt for him. They’d sell loads in the club shop.
  10. As an ex RN man, I have to be on this particular ship. We are staying, sorry, going up!
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