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  1. Yeah, think Owlstalk should take up politics with disingenuous replies like that. Forgot to mention that Wigan got a 12 point deduction having been comfortably safe, plus dodgy goings on behind the scenes.
  2. They'll be the ten percent who voted Monk in FFS. They know we are probably down if he stays. For me, nothing less than two wins out of two should save his skin now, but really DC ought to pull the trigger and get someone like Cook in. He’s got tactical nous and also passion in spades. Gets himself sent to the stands a couple of times a season and really looks like he cares, unlike Monk I’m afraid who has less life in him than a tin of Andrews.
  3. Meanwhile Lucas Joao scores his 7th goal of the season
  4. Three goals in six and a half games tells its own story. Now down to ten men. Christ on a bike!
  5. Where are you now? Can we come and watch? I'm sure your broken down motor looks better going forward than Wednesday!
  6. Topic, Snickers, Bounty - all made by Mars not Cadbury. Please stop promoting the opposition Now give us a Twirl!
  7. I think this thread is dead in the water - barely a float. It’s rudd-erless, past-tench, it’s fallen off its perch, it’s shot. It’s crawling in maggots. We should put it to rest.
  8. Think this topic is going off the boilie.
  9. Can you imagine how many bad days he’s had on the M1. Perhaps he stays at the Meadowhall Premier Inn during the week
  10. I thought Monk was trying to get rid of all the helmets in the squad!
  11. As Macbeth said to Hamlet in a midsummer nights dream - we’ve been done up like a couple of kippers Rodney.
  12. Two weeks off now, hopefully get some more players in before a five match run that we really need to be getting some serious points from. Birmingham (a) Brentford (h) Luton (h) Rotherham (a) and Wycombe (a). We need to be getting a minimum of 8 points from those games. The last 3 alone we ought to be winning at least two of em. Trouble is, if we lose the Birmingham and Brentford matches, the pressure will be really starting to build. A good return would be 10 points but if we don’t sign somebody who can put chances away, I can’t even see us getting 8. Hope I’m wrong.
  13. FFS Whitechapel. When you posted that, I thought reyt let’s brave this weather and take dogs out. Good 1-0 win even if a bit scrappy. Come back in to find we’ve drawn. Unbelievable!
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