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  1. Yeah, but apart from that…………?
  2. The whole system was brought into being to clear up clear and obvious errors by the referee. Things he or his assistants should have seen themselves. It would be a lot better if the var staff had a maximum of ten seconds to make their decision and if they can’t make it in that time, the goal should stand.
  3. We won’t do that again. We prefer them with broken legs these days!
  4. For me, on playing ability and experience alone he would get a contract. His injury record is a doubt and also the question of whether or not he has been a disruptive presence in the past. I would imagine Darren Moore already knows the answer to those last two questions, so if he gets the gig I would trust in DM's judgement.
  5. Exactly this. Messing about at the back with the ball is a pretty risky strategy when you don’t have the players to do it. We’ve just witnessed a season where Gareth Ainsworth came within a whisker of keeping his cheaply assembled Wycombe side in the Championship by playing the percentage game. The analysis in this link is very interesting, apart from the very last line where he predicted they’d stay up! They came close though. Surely Ainsworth will get the chance to show he can do this with a bigger club sometime soon. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/article/wycombe-wan
  6. Paul, if that’s your dog’s poo - get him down to the vets straight away. They’ll probably be able to see him this aft. If it’s yours....book one of them zoom appointments with your Doctor. Hopefully, you’ll still be with us if it happens in the next month or so. Fingers crossed.
  7. I always wondered why Harris had a perpetually worried look on his face, even before he came here, always frowning and puzzled. Now we all know - he’s been in a total ph000king quandary as to whether or not he should decide on a career change.
  8. If that’s so, their request hasn’t been met very often. We’ve played down there seven times this century and six have been on a Saturday!
  9. Can’t see him signing for Ipswich - might as well stay with us as go to them. I’d imagine he will have 2 or 3 good offers from Championship sides, so it’ll come down to who is prepared to pay the best signing on fee and contract. Cardiff wanted him on loan so I wouldn’t be surprised to see big Mick come in for him. They have Kieffer Moore a big lad, a bit like Dave only with ability and mobility, with 20goals this season, but I don’t think anybody else got in double figures for them. Could be a great partnership in the making.
  10. Jordan Rhodes was comfortably our best player and showed effort and commitment lacking in the usual suspects. I’m going to be sorry to see him go (assuming he won’t be wanting to play in L1) and I remain convinced that for whatever reason, he didn’t get a fair crack in his time at S6. I feel fairly sure that his next manager, quite possibly Mick McCarthy, will make much better use of him.
  11. Or maybe a nice, wholesome refreshing cold drink -
  12. Here’s where a lot of the Charlton lads get their expensive prematch hipster coffee. Real place!
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