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  1. What's up with that? Digest - thinking about/analysing something that I wrote.
  2. Owl Be Back

    That 'Penalty'

    Yeah, agree with this. These get given a lot and I'd suggest more often to the home side than the away one. If roles were reversed, we'd be saying it was a pen.
  3. My girlfriend, well partner; sounds weird calling her girlfriend when we're in our 40s and have been together for over 20 years, but then partner makes me sound gay - which isn't a problem in itself but, well, I digest... Anyhow... She's a blunt and after watching Wilder's interview said he just came across as bitter what with the comments about salaries and the big name players we have. I mean we may have some big names at the club but arguably they had more for this league in their team. I don't mind Wilder, usually, but he just reverts back to a blunt when commenting about us and the archetypal blunt that lives in our shadow even when they're doing better than we are and have a really good chance of promotion. Silly tw*t, really, but there you go.
  4. Should be changed to "Forged in (Pig) Sh*te"
  5. Sweet Jesus, talk about mixing your ethnics! Taste buds won't know what's hit 'em. Like our defence in the first 5 mins of the game!
  6. Owl Be Back

    Adam reach

    Considering other clubs know the financial difficulties we're in I think we'd let him go for around £6 - 7m and the fee would be undisclosed.
  7. Owl Be Back

    He’d be worth a fortune now

    Bloody love this comment and agree! Massively underrated player and his effort from box-to-box was like having 11 outfield players rather than 10. Had a great attitude to the game too - always remember when he was out Southampton and Le Tissier was being criticised for being lazy, Charlton said he'd run for him as well - he did the same for Sheridan with us; protecting the playmaker. Spot on player and got loads of undeserved criticism because he did the thankless unglamourous stuff that doesn't get spotted by the average supporter. Would kill for a player like him now.
  8. Owl Be Back

    Team for Blades

    Reckon it'll be... Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Thorniley Pudil Penney Pelupessy Bannan Reach Chewbacca He make try and sneak on a couple of extra players too and just hope the ref doesn't notice.
  9. I looked at that and thought "That's one f***ed up game of Tetris!"
  10. Not sure how to parse what you're saying there. However it isn't just about charitable requests, we've had practically a constant stream of things happening at Hillsborough that are alienating more and more people. The club is a sh*tshow at the moment and has been for a couple of years. Granted, it's been utter gash in the past too but at least basic things to do with the club were mostly okay - eg, shirts, ticket prices, local charity work, etc. I'm feeling more and more of a disconnect with this club with each thing that happens and I can't remember ever feeling like that in the past 40 years of supporting Wednesday.
  11. No it isn't. This club's link with the local community is slowly but surely being eroded. Once its gone then there really isn't much point supporting it, we may as well all go and support teams that play the best football. If you kill the link between the club and the local community, for all but the biggest clubs, then that's pretty much the beginning of the end for such a club.
  12. Way too solid to describe what's happening at Hillsborough!
  13. Yet more evidence that SWFC is a badly run club. It's also this kind of attitude and behaviour which will drive folks like me away from the club and to supporting another team eventually. I can put up with being crap on the pitch but sh*t like this is something I don't like at all. First hand accounts here can't be ignored/discounted unless you think those making them are liars.
  14. Whether we fluked some results or not there's absolutely no doubt that a team is hard to break down when they have a settled defensive structure that doesn't swap and change every game. It benefits from being stable, well drilled and understanding the abilities and roles of each player within it. A great defensive line is always better than the sum of its parts for 99% of teams with few exceptions (clue: we aren't one of those). We definitely don't have anywhere near this stability as Jos is breaking this fundamental rule of football and changing things around at the back far too much even taking injuries into account - the only thing he's been consistent about is the keeper! Which is pretty weird, considering.
  15. Owl Be Back

    Can we afford to sack jos??

    So are we. Financially going down to League One would be really bad, particularly with the setup we now have. I don't know what you mean by 'morally'; there's nothing morally wrong going down a league, teams that get relegated are simply not good enough; it happens.