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  1. Not with our reputation. We're a laughing stock in the football industry; "stay away from SWFC" is the mantra.
  2. We'll be lucky to field a first 11 and complete subs bench of seniors this coming season. Our recruitment over the summer will be shambolic at best.
  3. A far easier solution to FFP would be, in the case of cash rich owners, for them to deposit money into a club controlled account that covered all player contract, costs etc for a rolling/ongoing 3 or 5 years. Something akin to retained profits or a trust fund that once deposited could not be taken back or skimmed/stripped. Something like this would allow for rich owners to inject money and therefore guarantee the payment and ongoing costs of the club which is really all FFP was really about. Not perfect but given enough checks and balances to avoid it being exploited it seems like a better opt
  4. Shocking that police in Sheffield haven't got to grips with crack usage in the city.
  5. When you have a clown in charge then the ring master could be the best football manager in the world, you'd still be at a circus.
  6. I'm not going back to Hillsborough until Chansiri has gone but if I was one of those crazy supporters that wanted to I don't think I could with all the outstanding refunds. If there was ever a reason to not go and send a clear message to Chansiri it would be this and, for me, I think showing solidarity with other fans that are out of pocket would be the right thing to do.
  7. It's a nice article. Ch*nsiri won't understand a f*cking word of it, let alone do anything it suggests.
  8. On principal and solidarity with the fans getting screwed and ignored regarding refunds those supporters thinking of going back shouldn't until Ch*nsiri has honoured his promises. He really is scum, hate him for doing this to hardworking people.
  9. It does or a complete change in ownership can have a similar impact. Ch*nsiri won't change so until he's gone this kind of shambolic chuckle-brothers recruitment is here to stay.
  10. Yep. The damage that Ch*nsiri has done to the SWFC brand, as detailed within The Athletic article, means that our recruitment will be utterly awful and likely will mean Moore not getting the players he's asked for; resulting in a mish-mash of players. Players who have any desire to further their career will give us an extremely wide berth.
  11. We have enough points to stay up. Every Wednesday fan: yes we did. Without the deduction which YOU caused.
  12. Two sets of fans that have had, or are having, their clubs f*cked over by useless owners taking pot shots at each other.
  13. Couldn't give a sh*t as it was inevitable. Until Ch*nsiri f*cks off it will only get worse so more concerned that it doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon.
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