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  1. I'm expressing my own opinion; when I read we'd done this I thought it sounded dodgy. When others have done it I've thought the same thing. Of course will wait to see how it unfolds but my opinion won't change on what I think is right or wrong about this.
  2. It could be more severe than Birmingham's in order to make a further example and to dissuade others and considering what SWFC has done being worse. Potentially could be a deduction of points in the high teens or even more. I don't like FFP, I think there are other ways sustainability of clubs could be achieved, but I knew selling the ground to the owner was dodgy so it doesn't surprise me this has happened and I blame nobody but our owner and anyone who has advised him to do this.
  3. Current circumstances, ground is too big for the club. Apart from the occassional blip it has been for a long time. Other factors (pricing, etc) have started to add to this but that is the fundamental issue.
  4. Suits me personally. Fly under the radar all season. F*ck 'em.
  5. Be hilarious if another Sheffield club pips L**ds to 2nd place with a few matches to go.
  6. Can't decide. Thought they all played really well. Iorfa was immense, Bannan played really well. Both Fletcher and Nuhiu worked hard up front. If it wasn't for Fox's block on the line then we'd have lost. Westwood made a superb save. Thought they all worked hard for each other and played well as a team.
  7. Well done Wednesday. Thought we just shaded it but a draw is a fair result.
  8. Always said this set of games would show us our true worth. I realise footy is often unpredictable but, personally, I think we should be far higher up the table at the moment considering the relatively straightforward set of games we've already had with regard to mainly not facing the tougher teams in this league. If we can hold or improve our position after these next 6 games then I'll be amazed and really happy!
  9. I'll wait and see until after we've got November and up to mid-December behind us as we've had a pretty easy run so far.
  10. The nature of Monk-ey was... ... Irrepressible!
  11. Hubbah, hubbah! (don't f*ck this up, don't f*ck this up... Please don't f*ck this up!)
  12. I'll signal the death knell here, but... Can see us winning this by (at least) a two goal margin.
  13. Lack of composure in front of goal - loads of chances and shots but none taken. Think we were unlucky, if I'm being honest, but you do make your own luck. Should have come away with at least a draw though.
  14. C'mon Wednesday, put the web-toed f*ckers back in their box Saturday. 7-1 Owls.
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