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  1. That's the spirit, you crazy cat, you.
  2. We still have Leeds and Norwich to play. Away.
  3. C'mon Wednesday! Get a win against Derby! ... Except, you know, we're Owls and it isn't a beach its a footy pitch, but you get the idea!
  4. Agreed mate. Just looking at some of 'em on ebay and I've just pissed my pants seeing some prices. Have about 4 or 5 that have sold for over 100 quid each. Rough calc, I think I'm sat on about £3k worth of them because many of mine don't look read. Crazy stuff.
  5. On a brighter note, I was clearing out some of my stuff and came across some of those old gamebooks from the 80s. Started flicking through one and bugger me if I didn't spot a pic of old Atdhe Nuhiu! !!!
  6. Haha. I do actually have a beard. My ginger bits have changed to grey now... vast improvement.
  7. All the people talking of a clearout and replacing with better players... Will that even be possible considering the financial challenges we are facing?
  8. Don't do well against Derby do we? Really are a bogey team for us. Yeah, people say Arsenal were but to be fair they were sh*t loads of other sides' bogey team as well! We never get owt outta Derby. Yep. We've been storing it up for years, so... Owls win by 4 goals to nowt.
  9. There are very few clubs in all the leagues that aren't selling ones. It's just common sense to see that's the reality of the situation. Every player purchase should have a cost/benefit analysis performed with clear ideas as to why, beyond the player improving the 1st team/squad, the purchase is being made. There are lots of variables - future development potential, investment/sell on potential, etc but at our level a large percentage of the playing staff should be seen as assets where their value is expected to appreciate and therefore improve the club's finances once they are moved on. That's the world that we exist in, it's a reality, so its pretty foolish to not model your business plan on it.
  10. If we play the team we did against Brentford, with the same tactics, then we'll beat them.
  11. Fletcher for me as well, which is pretty obvious considering his brace of goals; I thought everyone played really well - the high pressing and energy reminded me a lot of that first season under Carlos and was extremely enjoyable to watch. Importantly, play like this against the pigs and we'll beat the dirty scrubbers.
  12. Those dropped points against Reading and Millwall really do look costly now. Such a pity.
  13. We really should have won against Millwall and Reading in Feb but didn't. Even just those extra 4 points would give us a shout at the play-offs. Two sh*t sides and we couldn't get a goal in either game. Ifs, buts, and maybes... Bleedin' Wednesday way, isn't it. That, and someone starting another thread about making the playoffs after just one win. Gotta love it!
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