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  1. Was watxhing the game live at home with our lass and a few seconds before the goal I said "F*ckin' Forestieri! What's he fannying about at here?!?!" then no sooner had I finished he smashed that home. Never felt so proud of feeling so stupid.
  2. Players can be transformed for the good (or bad) under the right (or wrong) manager and coaching staff as we often witness. I personally wouldn't write him off - I think there's potential there for a good player.
  3. Love how they've had such a fantastic season, got promoted to the PL after only 2 seasons in this league and yet, judging by the "we hate Wednesday" banner, we are still residing rent free in their porcine minds. Great stuff.
  4. If we aren't hamstrung by FFP I do think Steve Bruce will take us up next season. I really like the guy. He's tough but also has a warm and endearing personality. He really knows the game and has transformed us since taking over.
  5. Unfortunately the previous few years of bad management and running of this club my scupper any success Bruce could bring to it. Will have to see what happens in the summer but I'm personally not optimisitic as the concerns over FFP and P&S have not just vanished, they are still there and still huge issues for us.
  6. Andy Sinton for me. Not the worse player to turn out for Wednesday, even in that period, but really should have been the last piece of the jigsaw so was sooooooooooo disappointing.
  7. That's the spirit, you crazy cat, you.
  8. We still have Leeds and Norwich to play. Away.
  9. C'mon Wednesday! Get a win against Derby! ... Except, you know, we're Owls and it isn't a beach its a footy pitch, but you get the idea!
  10. Agreed mate. Just looking at some of 'em on ebay and I've just pissed my pants seeing some prices. Have about 4 or 5 that have sold for over 100 quid each. Rough calc, I think I'm sat on about £3k worth of them because many of mine don't look read. Crazy stuff.
  11. On a brighter note, I was clearing out some of my stuff and came across some of those old gamebooks from the 80s. Started flicking through one and bugger me if I didn't spot a pic of old Atdhe Nuhiu! !!!
  12. Haha. I do actually have a beard. My ginger bits have changed to grey now... vast improvement.
  13. All the people talking of a clearout and replacing with better players... Will that even be possible considering the financial challenges we are facing?
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