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  1. Actually, I reckon we should have got them both as they worked extremely well together at Barnsley. With a better quality set of players around them (at the time) I think those near misses would have ended up in promotion.
  2. Agree with this and it's happening more and more. It's a nasty approach used by many to close down discussions and to put people off giving their views/opinions (ie, if I say this will someone insult/attack me).
  3. Brown is the epitome of everything wrong in the modern game; tippy tappy talent, f*ck all application.
  4. Can see us losing this now. Players aren't marking or tracking their opponents. There's enough time for Boro to get a couple.
  5. It isn't a problem, there's no money to bring in anyone new anyway.
  6. Not my club anymore, it's Chansiri's. F*ck him.
  7. I agree and if we look back and can say we at least tried then collectively we can hold our heads high and know we had a go and tried to do something. By the way, the letter really does read well; clear and straightforward so really do appreciate you/whoever put this together and shared. Thank you.
  8. Have signed it but doubt it will do anything - Chansiri just isn't interested in working with others/sharing, he's a dictatorial prat. Letter will likely end up in the bin.
  9. That fact that I could actually see this happening is crazy.
  10. I'll have a go at that... Chansiri employs another manager yet doesn't give him the support he needs or lies about the support. Players don't get paid again. Relegation. Club continues to be mismanaged at the highest level. Points penalty next season due to issues with player contracts and/or club as a whole. Plummet further down the league, perhaps relegation into 4th tier. Chansiri puts club in administration. Club ceases to operate as no one will meet his valuation. Some small time conglomarate reform the club as "The Wednesday" Langu
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