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  1. Lack of composure in front of goal - loads of chances and shots but none taken. Think we were unlucky, if I'm being honest, but you do make your own luck. Should have come away with at least a draw though.
  2. C'mon Wednesday, put the web-toed f*ckers back in their box Saturday. 7-1 Owls.
  3. Mind you, I'm more interested in why Bannan's sat down with the kids. (Front row on the right)
  4. What happens when you've been out of the top league for so long.
  5. I'm not sure Bullen's got what it takes to be a manager but I LOVE the guy's honesty and straight talking in interviews. And that kind of thing goes a hell of a long way. He really has a great relationship with us fans too. With some good coaches around him he could actually be what we need.
  6. I'm sure the guy is some kind of Vampire; sucks the life out of attractive football sides rather than drinking the blood of buxom wenches.
  7. Nice one, Kadeem! Great strength and pace to finish and on his debut. Looks like he could be an exciting signing.
  8. Really hoping that Lee and Hutchinson can forge a successful and season long partnership in central midfield. Doubt it though considering how injury prone they are. Would be great if they could though. Come on Wednesday! Lets get off to a flyer!
  9. I had a tattoo of a Ferrari done on my wee wee tail years ago. I wouldn't have minded the pain 'cept it looks more like a bleedin' mini.
  10. Yeah, you're right. This'll save me a boat load of dosh then, until (if) we go up. :)
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