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  1. In for me; give him until Christmas. Needs to hit the ground running this season and have us playing in a more expansive way. I think he's nearly there. I'm not confident though having seen what happened with him at WBA but I think he deserves to be backed in the summer as these are now his players. Would love us to bring in a assistant though that compliments him and can get the team really firing.
  2. Got to see progress in the transfer market over summer and hit the ground running right from the off come next season. Automatic promotion this time.
  3. Is Chansiri back in town, giving one of his motivating team talks. Upsetting the the established match prep?
  4. Who's more happy with that result based on the performance? We are. Definitely.
  5. Did Chansiri say owt to the players recently? One of his motivating speeches?
  6. We look really flat, lacking energy, little fight. Not impressed.
  7. I genuinely thought there was more chance of us in a relegation battle this season than getting in the play offs. Do I think that our side is better than 4th place? Yes, I do. But we had a really poor first half to the season with lots of key injuries with Moore keeping us in the chasing pack... once most of the team got fit, well, look at the runs we've been on. Moore brought all these new players in and has them playing really well with those that were left. We were in an abject mess when relegated, don't forget. An absolute shambles. I suspect there are still issues with the club and finances and, if so, then Moore and the team getting this far is a real achievement. We have a really lovely balance to the side now; good keeper, solid centre-halves, two really good wingbacks, a quite brilliant midfield trio, and a proper lead-the-line forward up front. This is the happiest I've been with our first 11 since, well, that first season under Carvalhal. And don't we have the top home record in the league with 16 wins, 5 draws and only 2 losses? That's f*cking brilliant. Top stuff. I'm not Moore's biggest fan, he does make mistakes (but who doesn't), but well played to him, his staff and the players. I'm dead chuffed we've got into the play-offs and Sunderland won't be looking forward to playing us. I genuinely think we're better than they are. Proper delighted with it and just hope we play to our strengths and put in the effort over the next 3 games. If we do then we'll be in the Championship next season. Brilliant stuff!
  8. Bargain of the season. He's been brilliant.
  9. Absolutely blown away that we're in the mix! I really thought we'd have an awful season but we have a great first team, when fit, so just say the lads have a proper go and we play to our strengths. Great season considering the mess we were when we came down into this league.
  10. Do we need to sacrifice any virgins to make that happen? Any round where you live? None here!
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