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  1. After next 4 games if we're on +5 points then we'll be on course. These back-to-back games against Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe are must wins. Good luck to Garry and the lads.
  2. ... And I think most of us think this is going to be the case considering the quality of players, squad size, lack of spending power (FFP), etc we have. So with that understanding and acceptance we're tempering our expectations when assessing, critiquing and supporting our club. There's no way around it, we're in a relegation battle and it will be all season. We just don't have the talent at the club for it to be anything else.
  3. Said it in another thread, first team is mid-table Championship. At best. Rest of squad are League One. At best. A mid table champ side will, likely, not be good enough to overhaul a 12 point penalty and stay up so add in to that all the times we'll need to replace our first choice players with squad players due to lack of form, injuries, suspensions, fatigue etc. It's therefore very reasonable to presume that we won't get out of the bottom three. Give it 12 games and see if our position supports this view.
  4. I think people on here just need to realise that our first team is mid-table Championship at best. The rest are, on average, League One. See where we are after 12 games to get a real feel for the season and our performanances/results can be compared against more teams we've played and against other teams' fixtures, form, fitness across such a sample size. All those that have been thinking we're going to be okay because we started out the blocks well are in for, I believe, a rude shock. I still think we're going down and we won't ever get out of the bottom three; we don't have enough quality pl
  5. Clint Eastwood. A club's gotta know its limitations.
  6. Greg Fee... New tax on sausage rolls and steak bakes. No thanks.
  7. Lets waits and see where we are once the team is established, a decent amount of games have been played so that easy/hard runs of games etc for us and other teams have flattened out, form and fitness is a little more bedded in, etc. So, overall, I'd say I'm... I dunno, 3.5 because that points penalty is still f*ckin' nasty.
  8. That's it. Good result that. Would have snapped your hand off before the game for a draw.
  9. Really hope we don't regret not scoring. We were the better side there, byy some way. Well done Monk and the boys, well done. Same again second half though or we'll get punished.
  10. We're the better side here. Hope we're rewarded with a goal.
  11. It's a decent amount to get a gauge of how we've been playing and to apply consistency to that view as it's less of a snapshot. You know, considered view and all that. Appreciate that's a rarity here, but there you go.
  12. Hard work, team work and positivity is far more valuable than just talent. Talent without application is worthless. I still think we're going to get relegated but I couldn't have wished for a better start to the season. Will see where we are after 12 games but all the signs at Hillsborough are so much better than previous couple of seasons (even counting the points deduction). Will gladly eat my hat if we stay up. Really hope we do. C'mon Wednesday!
  13. It is only Rochdale, its only 3 games in, but these are all matches on previous occassions we'd have made really difficult for ourselves or, worse, gotten turned over in. Long way to go but you can only measure yourself against the teams you play.
  14. Or both. Thing about being a liar, you need a good memory.
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