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  1. I don't really rate Monk; still a young bloke but has had lots of clubs. However I really don't think changing the manager will really solve anything - changes need to happen further up and also that are far more deep rooted at the club with many staff, playing and non-playing, that are really taking the p*ss. If that doesn't change then it really won't matter who is in the managers seat.
  2. Fletcher gives so much to the team when he plays; he leads the line and drags opposition players out of position all the time. He ain't perfect but if he wasn't he'd play at the highest level because he has a great football brain; knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Good to hear fellow professionals singing his praises.
  3. I think the biggest problem for Rudi was that we'd been spoilt over the last few seasons and our expectation was still high from that previous era when we were obviously on the decline and we still hadn't accepted/realised it. He'd walk into the current team and realistically any from the past 20 years so he certainly wasn't that bad and he really wasn't anywhere near the worse player from that particular era either. Fair bit of talent, good workrate, a little bit of a wet fart in the tackle.
  4. Personally, if there isn't an agreed consensus to restart then I'd do a 2019 to 2021 season. I'd run the remaining fixtures of this season currently outstanding in 2021 and therefore not have a fulll season this one or next but effectively have this season finished off in 2021. It would mean the wait until games start again being into next year but you'd maintain the current standings and effectively finish off this season without the risks to life and well-being of restarting it too earlier (ie, in the next couple of months), playing at neutral venues, putting players at risk, etc. Its a tough one and there are a lot of drawbacks to any solution but organisations should really consider ones that would likely result in the least amount of litigation and not the most. Alternatively, just cancel this season and let Liverpool play Leeds behind closed doors at Old Trafford. Just to see who cries the most. 🙂
  5. ... Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. Except when its digital as then the batteries would be flat and it just wouldn't display anything. You get the idea though! 🤫
  6. Bit of a strange 'action' photo. Looks like he's on an invisible fair ride. You know, one of those swingy-things! 🙂
  7. ... Bingo! Tink's is being a cheeky little fairy. Keep an eye on her! 😄
  8. Do you remember when Hirtsy was on the front of magazines... Sure it was Esquire or something. Nope, bloody FHM: I mean, I couldn't even dream of that happening now for our club and a player. Apart from maybe Barry Bannan on the front of summink like this: 😁
  9. Would take him over DC. I find Ashley to at least be competent, I don't feel the same way about Chansiri.
  10. Only thing I regret about Chris Waddle's time with us is that we didn't get him for longer.
  11. We really were spoilt in the early 90s. Some fantastic players for any English club. I look back on that era and sometimes don't believe it happened, feels like a dream almost...
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