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  1. Really (pleasantly) surprised by this signing. Proper quality player for L1. Well done all involved.
  2. He doesn't have the ability to make this club self-sustainable or recruit people to do that. He's utterly useless; it was only his money that he had going for him, without that, he's a total no-mark. Can't resist taking a pop at the fans either, can he, whenever there's an opportunity. What a w*nker.
  3. 'We are the Pigs' by Suede. Let's own it.
  4. One of my dad's mates wouldn't eat bacon. Red and white stripes. Couldn't see it myself but there you go! Takes all sorts doesn't it? ... which, funnily enough, brings me back to my first post in this thread:
  5. ... What?!?! https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Beholder ... We got everything on Owlstalk!!!
  6. Or print out the list of away fixtures on it. Owls on Tour!
  7. Pink is actually a tint of red so people saying that its close to red aren't really wrong. Now whether someone thinks that enough to hate it, well... beauty (or not) is in the eye of the beholder.
  8. That's because anyone who wears it looks like a c*nt. It's just confusing your old pecker.
  9. Going to download and install TIE Fighter Total Conversion at the weekend, all being well. Some clever people have remastered the old TIE Fighter game so itching to try it out... ... Not much to look at by today's standards but this game was just fantastic back in the day.
  10. To be fair, he doesn't play far off that position on the pitch. Get him on stilts and we may be onto a winner.
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