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  1. Those pics! FFS! The chips aren't even warm enough to melt the cheese slice. And those hot dogs. Sweet Jesus. Almost unbelievable.
  2. If we'd have kicked on from there, then yes, it would have been worth it as it would have been a experience to learn from and improve. We all knew the gaps in the team that needed improving; but instead, we didn't learn and things went downhill very quickly so it has to be a 'no'.
  3. I wasn't thinking of him, but he's a better choice than I was. Ta!
  4. Who's that little sh*t that played for the Blades? I appreciate that I've not really narrowed down the options there!
  5. If performances were resignation letters we'd be losing a lot of our squad based on last night.
  6. I glanced at that last word and read it as 'pedo'. It didn't improve the message!
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