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  1. Reminded me of journeys to Cornwall as a kid. Are we nearly there dad? At least on those journeys, we eventually did make it.
  2. Maybe it should have said HA HA instead of Ho Ho
  3. https://theterracestore.com/products/sheffield-wednesday-ho-ho-crest-christmas-sweater
  4. Quite simply, Wildsmith was in the middle of a nightmare. We’ve all had them for sure. In the nightmare, you are faced with incredible danger. All it takes to escape said danger is to simply run in the opposite direction, but no matter how hard you try your legs won’t work properly and the zombies manage to catch up with you, even though they can’t run very fast. If you’re fortunate, you wake up in time. Which is WTF Wildsmith should have done when the ball started rolling past him!
  5. This was the one to have - JPS V6 3 litre. Worth a mint now
  6. Come on Danielle. Admit it. Your sudden capriciousness is due to the fact that Lowe has lost three on the bounce
  7. So we were Massive as usual. Highest 2 crowds in Wimbledon’s ten worst PL gates. Proud to be a Wednesdayite
  8. I daren't ask what your sister OR your brother thought of your cozy reminiscence. See what I did there. I’m wide awoke this morning.
  9. Coldest I remember was v Watford in the FA cup in 98. Yes, the one where Di Canio was sent off for contesting a throw in with the linesman. He didn’t even dare look at big Ron as he trotted past him. I was sat on the right side of the Kop with the wind howling in there. I had long johns on under my jeans, a wind stopper fleece under my Mera Peak jacket and a folded over copy of the Daily Telegraph under my vest. I did at the time wonder how often a copy of the Telegraph found itself on the Kop. Double walking socks under my Berghaus boots completed my ensemble, but I was still fukkking freezing. To add insult to injury, the game went to extra time AND penalties but it was worth it to see that Kevin Pressman penalty nearly tek net out. Got home at about 3am.
  10. Wycombe launch it long some of the time and have the combination of pace and power up front. Their keeper Stockdale rarely fanny’s about with it at the back. Our defenders need to concentrate all the time and particularly when Wycombe players are being treated for ‘injury’. They often spring fast attacking moves immediately after. They aren’t just a hoof ball team either.
  11. Forget the brakes. Is there even a fukkkin’ driver? THAT’s the elephant in the room
  12. Ah yes true, but just think they’d all be within Werther pelting range
  13. Far too early to say. Would you mind asking me again at about 5pm on Saturday 30th April 2022.
  14. The people in the posh seats in the grandstand were chanting 'what a fukkking liberté'.
  15. With regards the loud ruined orgasm noises - were you sat towards the back of the Kop by any chance?
  16. I’m sure the Wednesday scout will be reporting back on Wycombe's rope a dope technique. Defending a corner late on, Wycombe defender goes down with 'head injury'. 3 minutes or so getting treatment whilst players have the drinks break ie coaching on the sidelines. Plymouth switched off big time and from the goal kick, Wycombe swept upfield and scored another goal. Meanwhile wycombe player with head injury, has been led gingerly off the pitch, does a couple of star jumps and races along the touch line like Usain Bolt to join in the celebration for the goal. Comical but effective. Wednesday - do not succumb to such mental weakness on Saturday.
  17. Know what you mean, but they look a useful side. Hope we do smash 'em but I somehow doubt it. It will be tight, but I would expect us to come out on top. Ainsworth is no fool though and his side will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. Not so sure Argyle will be.
  18. What a difference a week makes. Really did feel that Moore had to go, but two wins in a week Makes such a difference and it is just churlish not to say well done and be pleased for Darren Moore. Let’s hope he and the team have really turned a corner now and go on to a third win in a row on Saturday against Wycombe. Really pleased to see that Windass got the winner and I think he is going to make a huge difference if we can keep him fit. Well done Darren Moore and the Wednesday.
  19. Was at the Argyle v Wycombe match tonight. They will be a test for us on Saturday. Strong, extremely well organised side, quick on the break with power up front. They do sit back and let you come onto them, but their keeper didn’t have a shot to save as Argyle were woeful up front. There was the odd bit of time wasting from them but nothing that justified the almost hysterical behaviour from the home crowd, which I think got through to the players. Gillingham were far worse.
  20. I predicted 15 goals for the season for him before his lay off, so I reckon he will get 9 or 10 (for the season, not tonight)
  21. Can he string a pass or two together? Sorry, it’s early
  22. When I saw you’d started this thread Danielle, I thought Oh, maybe Lowe the Wednesday legend is on his way. Only to find out Chansiri has been seen at the airport! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  23. What job do you think he could do though? Club shop need a new manager? (I don’t like to call it a superdoopermegastore)
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