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  1. There’s no way you can do a top 3 - impossible task. Top 10 would have been better.
  2. Aw Anna Karen (Olive) passed away recently aged 85 in a fire at her home. She was the last surviving member of the On the Buses cast. The Olive thing masked someone who was a sexy woman back in the day.
  3. Can’t agree Manwe. Who the f000k cares what Forest Green fans think. If you go to clubs, who unlike FGR, have some history themselves, for instance Plymouth, then of course their players and their fans are up for it when Wednesday, Sunderland,Ipswich etc come to town. Hence there’s usually a bigger attendance, more atmosphere from their fans and the players are more up for it. So I had the displeasure of witnessing both our abject surrenders down at Plymouth last season and anybody who says their supporters weren’t up for it, can’t have been there. Even in the FA cup match they had a good crowd and great atmosphere, when most clubs are struggling to sell tickets for those early round games. All this self flagellation is more annoying than the bragging that we are bigger than we actually are
  4. Tbf you weren’t. You made a statement that we wouldn’t have got the same coverage. I think the Beano was mentioned. FWIW I think if it’d been us at Wembley, our history/backstory would have got just as big a coverage and if we’d won the pundits would have been saying exactly the same stuff as they said about Sunderland. Some reyt Mary Annes on here
  5. Any road, what was it you taught Bridport?
  6. Blimey Bridport - you walked into that one
  7. Blimey, that shopping centre's looking a bit run down
  8. Ha, they probably think we’ve chopped our National Forest down to plant quinoa
  9. Imagine how gutted they are when they see the National Forest sign then. Massive withdrawal symptoms and homesickness
  10. Or tourists from the Black Forest Gateaux region of Germany. Where is zis forest of which you speak.
  11. I always laugh when I’m on the A42 from Tamworth to the M1 when I see the National Forest sign. Not a tree to be f00king seen. You can imagine it gives any tourists from the Amazon rainforest a reyt laugh
  12. I reckon he will retire now and write his memoirs. If he reveals what really went on at the Christmas party, he will sell shed loads
  13. I think Lee Johnson fell foul of his reputation for blowing up in the latter part of seasons with previous clubs. I must admit, it must have been hard for him to take if he watched the game yesterday, with the Sky lot talking about Alex Neil as if he was some sort of football genius. Especially as when he was sacked, Johnson had them in third place two points off top spot. In the final table, they were in fifth place and six points off top spot. Hardly a revolution really and doesn’t compare with when Jones replaced Megson here.
  14. It’s sad when old warhorses reach the end of the road. In the military they put them out to grass or even worse if they have a bad injury record. On Owlstalk, there’s always plenty who want the likes of Cahill and Flint to come and sample our green stuff.
  15. That’s right, todays the day to slate our own side. Ffs
  16. Congratulations Sunderland. Deserved to win that. Pressure on us now to follow them up
  17. It’s not a great advert forL1 this, despite what the commentator just said about the number of teams on 80 points
  18. FFS can somebody tell Ainsworth it’s just not cool to bite your finger nails
  19. WTF Stockdale! Powerful shot but he should have easily dealt with that.
  20. The other unknown quantity is where this fuel, energy, cost of living crisis takes us next winter. There will be some who have to give up some things just to make ends meet. Hopefully with strong season ticket sales, we will keep our attendances fairly constant at 20k+, but I’m not totally confident on that.
  21. I’ll definitely be watching. Otherwise I’ve got to cut the grass which takes about the same amount of time as the match It’s a win win really. Sort of hope Sunderland win because they’re like us, a huge club who should not be plying their wares with the likes of Forest Green. Also of course, they’re up against Wycombe - the most diabolical, cheating side we’ve seen since the original Wimbledon. Then again, should Sunderland lose it’ll be their own fault because they are also a bunch of shithousers under one of the archetypal shithouse managers Alex Neil. Unlike Wycombe, they have no excuse for their brand of footballl as they have the resources and proud tradition which should make them want to play the game properly. Great supporters who deserve better.
  22. Do they still have hyper inflation out there Doc?
  23. Their main rivals are Belgrano. Good luck to a Brit playing in THAT derby match
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