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Official Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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To be fair Leeds were very impressive attacking and pressing a quality side like Liverpool. Salah was very sharp and won them the game but they don't look as strong defensively recently as they have been in recent years, sort that out and they will be formidable and the same for Leeds, strengthen defensively and they could do well but Norwich and Fulham in recent seasons should serve as a warning to them.


Yet playing like that they could surprise like the Pigs last season or really hold their own to be fair like Wolves. It will be impressive if they can carry on that work-rate and play over the season, especially if they can be more compact or solid defensively as a team. But it will be a lot harder to play their way over the course of the season against tough opposition.


Enjoyed that game to be honest even though both teams were shaky defensively, it was like a throwback to the Keegan; Dalglish, Fergie, Wenger and Big Ron days of the first decade of the top flight. 

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55 minutes ago, NorfolkNChance said:

Leeds could do with a new keeper I reckon

Agree with that. They will easily finish top half. Wolves signed Patricio and that made a big difference. Leeds need to do something similar.  

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Leeds were good last night. 


It's so early on though that it is early to make any real judgement calls on anyone. Appreciate they gave the champions a run for their money last night but still. 


Liverpool look all over the shop defensively at the moment. Van Dijk was woeful. 

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