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  1. Socialist_Owl


    We really do have a collection of dull witted thickos in our fanbase. Beggars belief.
  2. Socialist_Owl


    Immense. Absolutely vital to our backline. Sign him at all costs, instant captain. Hopefully Sarri's ok with letting him go.... Fingers crossed.
  3. Socialist_Owl


    Missed the part where our litany of injured strikers had miraculous recoveries and were on the bench.
  4. Some of our fans are so easily pliable.
  5. Socialist_Owl

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    No, he's constantly in the wrong place making the wrong move. The final straw was him bringing 4 Canaries onside on what led to a goal yesterday.
  6. Socialist_Owl

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    Would take Mick or Ollie. It'll probably be Thomas Christenson, late of Leeds. Or something nonsensical like that.
  7. No doubt. It's difficult to sift thru, I'm sure. But is it just me, or does the other club seem to be doing more and gaining more exposure with charities, events, et al?
  8. Community above profits, always.
  9. There's no sarcasm from me. A club is a sacred component of community. Any dereliction or abandonment of that responsibility earns my ire.
  10. That's good to hear for some counterpoint. But it's beyond distressing that our marketing is complete testicles, esp. compared to United's.
  11. Absolutely flipping unacceptable, this. Does this flipping club WANT to lose young fans to the Pig side? Say what you want, that club seems to be actively courting community involvement, whilst DC and crew wee pipe around with their noses in the air and their extortionate pricing. I'm livid.
  12. Socialist_Owl


    At this point, I agree.
  13. Socialist_Owl

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    They've been "reassigned".
  14. Socialist_Owl


    Neither do I. But he's got some absolutely terrible advisors.
  15. Socialist_Owl

    Thats me done

    I won't tell you how to spend your money or time, but I'd never pack it in. I'm here because I love the club and I'll be here long after the players, chairmen, managers, and evidently some fans come and go. If you're looking for trouble-free ease of mind whilst supporting a club, I hear Man City is the well run steamroller at the moment.