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  1. I liked the thin stripe finlux.. Loathed the big shoulder sheath on Wandisco.
  2. Absolute claptrap. The top6 is only a top 6 because moneybags have descended on Albion's shores and have little care or disregard for any of the rest of the FL. And as for the most equitable distro, thats certainly not for a lack of trying to change from the usual big-time charlies. Just wait for the next tv deal to get cut. Ostentatious London palaces need paying for.
  3. Charlie Adam has turning radius, and now the talent of a beaten carthorse.
  4. Or the Guardian big upped for no real reason. Their yearly top-starlet for each PL squad is grim reading 3-4 years after the fact.
  5. I've never understood this sentiment. The top6 have done all they can to hoard and accumulate wealth at the pointed expense of everyone else in the FL. They are worse enemies to us than any CL squad from Spain, Italy, et al
  6. Algonquin Roundtable wit on display here
  7. It is 100 percent imperative we sign him. He is worth breaking the bank over and worrying about consequences later. To lose him now would be a worse fate.
  8. Thanks for a cracking song (love me somw Depeche Mode) and St Andrews with the gobsmacked boxholder.
  9. Can't argue with a single inclusion. Thanks for your service, lads.
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