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  1. Laid zero foundation, bled zero youth, sat many, many players brought in to help, and ultimately left us in a worse state than when he found us. Hope those playoff losses were worth it. CC scorched the proverbial earth in getting there, and there's a massive cleanup job required.
  2. FF had a season for the ages there, like Wood at Leeds last season
  3. McLaren did that for Derby and no one wants him for their open jobs. Jaap Stam had Reading nearly in the PL and now he's being run out town. Billy Davies had Forest in the playoffs alnost every year. That credit doesn't nearly hold as much currency as you think it does.
  4. Rodwell

    Utter failure. Both Rodwell and this thread.
  5. Bovver??

    Flat caps in solidarity.
  6. Disgraceful Scenes...

    Barney barred entry at the door. Lol, saddo.
  7. Disgraceful Scenes...

    Ozzie propa nawty, Tru lad tho.
  8. Disgraceful Scenes...

    Incredible scenes!!!! Shake it shake it shake it

    Fair do's, had an excellent showing tonight. Long may it continue .