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  1. Oh this old tired canard. Been a lament as old as time, no? A gaffer's remit is to galvanize team and pull the entire org out of any prolonged absences of form. CC could not.
  2. Socialist_Owl

    Hayley - Update

    Damn. Terrible news. Thoughts and love go out to her family.
  3. Carlos also said he supported Swans as a kid.
  4. Socialist_Owl


    Jos is a pro and keeps it in house. The last guy was a joke, prone to bleatings at pressers. There's the difference.
  5. Jaap Stam got to Wembley. Left Reading a dull shitshow. The footballing world is full of few year flukes. Who cares. He neglected youth development, played his faves to no end, and showed absolutely no tactical nous ever. Those negatives still affect the club, and they far outweigh some fleeting bit of brilliance that was more on the collected players absolutely clicking than some managerial acumen.
  6. Socialist_Owl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Mods, delete thread. This is a complete affront.
  7. Socialist_Owl

    Sean Clare Signing for

    This is where the old negative review marks are sorely needed. Soul, Hillsborough has it in spades. Wider concourses and a spiffy videotron make a better ground? No thank you.
  8. We should have had the win save for a stupid rush of blood 2 mins in. love the fightback though.
  9. Socialist_Owl

    Sean Clare Signing for

    They averaged 18k last season . We averaged 25k. Couldn't be arsed to look up Swansea, but do you think a freshly relegated PL squad wouldn't easily exceed 18k? #socialistflair
  10. Socialist_Owl

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Boyhood Jambos fan.
  11. Socialist_Owl

    Stoke were quite good

    I wasn't impressed. That first goal was a complete gift, and Afobe was 100% offside for the 2nd. Second half they fell apart. They'll be down here for awhile. Brentford looked head and shoulders above, they comprehensively bossed us. Carry on with the bizarre Rowett love in.
  12. Socialist_Owl

    Sean Clare Signing for

    At face value, it's an obvious step down
  13. Socialist_Owl

    Credit due to stoke city fans

    Always nice to see, but you'd have to be utter scum not to do so.
  14. Socialist_Owl

    Sean Clare

    So no compo? Figures
  15. Back when we'd sell off prized youth to Burton