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  1. No one cares about that. 4-2 is fresh, real, and completely and utterly unforgivable.
  2. We didn't turn up at all. Or have a plan b. CC laid a flipping egg on two counts, biggest match of his career. And then to follow that up a few years later with a 4-2 drubbing? Should have been served his walking papers on the touchline. fizz that. "Family". Please. He's got no room to welcome anyone to SWFC. Keep the club name out of your mouth.
  3. Stability in doing the wrong things. The usual suspects on the teamsheet, the usual tactics. With the older guard on last legs, we desperately need a fresh set of eyes and ideas.
  4. It's enough. "Welcome!". Come on. Still forever angling. There's a reason his CV has 40 different bulletpoints
  5. Those hapless schmucks usually don't insert themselves in the club's current going ons
  6. He's a crass opportunist. If you fall for the schtick, that's on you.
  7. Bleat would have been my choice, but ululate, nice.
  8. I hope you kicked over some full priced garden gnomes.
  9. So Monk n Clotet, the modern Clough n Taylor.
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