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  1. Matteo had one year fluke, you melt. Benetiz has kept a threadbare side MIDTABLE for multiple seasons. Good runs? The flipping point. Come on, it's like debating a chuckle brother.
  2. Prat. Wagner is twice the gaffer Clueless ever was. Sealed a flipping deal, did he.
  3. Jesus wept. He made a competent premier league footballer out of Jamal Lascelles, and made Ayoze Perez look like a top 10 striker with ZERO midfield. This was a paperthin squad that Rafa worked miracles to keep them solid midtable. And now they're significantly worse (Rondon was the MVP) and Steve Bruce is the answer. High comedy.
  4. Get the fizz he will. Rafa had them organized and somewhat-scoring. Steve Bruce won't better Rafa's work.
  5. I get proper proletariat sizing. Small. No bourgeoisie excess.
  6. Rightfully so. He's a neanderthal. Him and Andy Gray together on the telly made the Spitting Image puppets look reasoned and intelligent.
  7. Damned shame what happened to their atmosphere. Maine Road was a cauldron. Etihad is a giant Westfield Mall.
  8. I never faulted SWFC for waiting, seemed like the proper thing to do with a bereavement. Then Bruce is seen chillin at a cricket match looking quite tan and comfortable, and the club is dangling near the wrong end of the table?
  9. Let's move on from posts trying to tell us to move on. In other words, when we're damned good and ready
  10. Could also do without his campaigning for the permanent slot everytime he gets a caretaker nod.
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