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  1. Properly. Not defending DC, because I think it's a fool's throw in selling your own ground, but I can't defend anyone doing it "properly". Sounds like circumvention, no matter what arbitrary timeline it was submitted in..
  2. Didn't get an invite, my emails are laden with expletives and Marxist doctrine, tho
  3. Did the Selected 5 achieve a state of fulfilled enlightenment? Attained nirvana? Hand selected they were, as if touched from your chosen deity
  4. The usual hectoring towards the fans, this time for not ponying up for ridiculous 10 year season Tix or overpriced "club" initiatives.
  5. Tbf, do we have any choice in the matter? It's not like there's been a mobilisation of any sort anti-DC yet. Blackpool had this down to a science. We're still diddling about at fan forums, softball questions, and 'good intentions' excuses.
  6. I'm very ok with dropping leagues if it means we have a transparent plan and competent ownership.
  7. The road to football purgatory is paved with good intentions. DC can fizz off.
  8. fizz Brentford, I just want a development-sourced outfit.
  9. Hoping for reasonable action from the EFL is a fools errand. They were content to let Oyston lord over Blackpool for decades. Absolved themselves from the Bury FC fiasco. Bolton dying without a finger lifted. EFL is utter uselessness.
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