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  1. Like it or not, this is a ridiculously subjective bit of bias masquerading as "fact".
  2. It's all a crapshoot isnt it. Who's to say he wouldn't have been more Stoke than Millwall here Would have been happy with hire tbh, but I won't cry like we missed out on Jurgen Klopp or something.
  3. Please. We were bringing in everyone at any cost then. Don't rewrite. Please. We're sixth in top netspend over the past 5 seasons... And that's with utter penury as of late. https://www.transferleague.co.uk/championship-teams-last-five-seasons/transfer-league-tables/championship-last-five-season
  4. This is shockingly shallow understanding of his reign here. At a bare minimum, you should understand WHY he was hired (out of utter anonymity) and why he has no business coaching a build-up, which is where the club is now positioned.
  5. The Rowett that laid an egg at Stoke with all their resources and recent PL glory?
  6. Carlos consolidated poo. The form dropped off a cliff when he needed to imprint his coaching...
  7. For a team that hovered around the drop too much before he got there, it was a solid consolidation job.
  8. Tomlin getting his licks in on Twitter. What an utter bell.
  9. Was given a solid amount of time, can't argue there.
  10. Lol did he get dismissed? I feel that he's run his course at Bristol City
  11. Dangerous precedence being set with this. No, sorry, the deduction should be ironclad.
  12. Why? What about him convinced you that he's up for a build job here? He coasted by on some pre-made veterans and when things went pear-shaped, he had neither the skill or tactical nous to reverse course.
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