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  1. And as a lovely capper, Bournemouth are now officially in the post-Howe void.
  2. ******** off, DC. I'd wallow in League One if we get our crest, our brand, our ground, our soul back.
  3. The Turin city crest also has a bull on its hind legs, exposing its manhood.
  4. Busy, crudely-hewn, and no brand identity.
  5. Never cared for DC after that. Not once did he consult fans on a potential badge change. Par for course with his stewardship, as it turns out.
  6. I'd tell you to fizz off and do your own research, but I'm a new man this year. Enjoy https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11715/11663470/marcelo-bielsas-history-of-burnout-is-it-a-myth-about-the-leeds-boss
  7. I don't think it's accurate but it's not like her statement was completely out of line. Bielsa squads do break down late, and I'm sure the covid break helped them regroup. Completely inocuous statement
  8. Odious. The club absolutely threw the lit match on the puddling petrol here. No reason the official team twitter needs to be so confrontational and trollish. What did it matter what she said? She's a pundit, you just won 5-0. And for the owner to double down? So stupid.
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