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  1. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    Proletariat approved sustenance.
  2. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    Absolutely decent prices. Moaners, stick a Hendo Pie in your gaping maw.
  3. We lost a preening egomaniac manager, for starters.
  4. FAO Just Visiting

    I'd rather Lids have smashed 40 on those insufferable turdwombles
  5. FAO Just Visiting

    Will never celebrate any pig achievement, sir.
  6. Back when players were paid in boxes of Dunhills.
  7. Another great day at leeds

    We just got served by an utterly shybo Ipswich tractor dung squad. So, I'll take a breathing room victory over a subpar Lids anytime, sir.
  8. First time going to L**ds

    I wore a jester hat to Leeds and I never got any trouble - just a few phone numbers thrown my way.
  9. Dejphon Chansiri

    He's pitch side. So fecking what?
  10. Lutv live stream via a vpn

    Absolute shiite pop crap tunes on the periscope stream ATM.