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  1. Socialist_Owl

    Clare tho!

    Thought so. You're a biscuit.
  2. Socialist_Owl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Would rather have an attitude adjusted Winnall than Fletcher. Can't really rely on anyone earmarked for just 40percent of a season because he can't stay uncrocked.
  3. Socialist_Owl

    Clare tho!

    Enlighten us or shut your trap.
  4. Socialist_Owl

    Forest Away

    I want to believe.
  5. Socialist_Owl

    Clare tho!

    If he feels the club offered a derisory contract, he's free to fizz off at his earliest convenience.
  6. Socialist_Owl

    Jos trimming the squad

    Good. Fine by me.
  7. Socialist_Owl

    Clare tho!

    I'll personally drive his flipping arse up to Edinbroughggh in a poo Vauxhall if it means an end to l'affair du spoiltbrats at our academy. Charter member of the Borukov massive right here.
  8. No hate at all, just odd to claim he somehow deserved "better" here. Did we forget all the first team selections his performances didn't merit? I wish him well at Norwich.
  9. Get to fizz with this utter tosh. He deserved better? He was paid handsomely for performances commensurate with a fraction of his wages.
  10. We'll see where he's at, mentally. He should realize he's been stealing a paypacket for the last few years. Even his staunchest supporters should have no issue with that statement. His recent contributions have nowhere been commensurate with the contract he signed on for. Does he continue living off the largesse, or does he try to prove himself one last time?
  11. Socialist_Owl

    Venancio not coming back

    We move on.
  12. And fizz James Corden.
  13. Finally a national side devoid of ego, players coasting on "name", managers coasting on "name", WAG parades, poo keepers, and flipping nonsense usually associated with the national team. Youth, fresh thinking, fresh approach. Long may it continue.