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Community Answers

  1. Finally joining Stoke in the discarded PL detritus bin
  2. How dare you! A club is a sacrosanct covenant for its locality. Moving them to where they can make more money is rank commodification.
  3. Some of you are way too entranced by prawn & sarnie bars and heated seat cushions
  4. Honestly, having the club go under would be a better pill to swallow than seeing them pack up and assume a new guise.
  5. Disgusting. Posh layabouts bloating about in their edifice to craven consumerism. Hideous club, hideous postcode.
  6. I enjoy Warnock's routine, and I always thought he was a solid gaffer. Wilder is a tail.
  7. If they're not able to pay top dollar like they once were, that "pull" becomes irrelevant. Its why they are so desperate for the breakaway league.
  8. We Love to see it, real fans not plastics in Chelsea or United shirts
  9. Galling hypocrisy. fizz that club and their fans. Strip all post-2003 honours
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