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  1. Are you insinuating that this poster is Doom Howson? Cause I did a quick check of his recent posts, and calling it a stretch would be too generous
  2. God forbid the taxman take a little break during a global pandemic
  3. A lot of pub league extracurriculars from that club. Wolves were never in trouble, even if they did let off the gas.
  4. I'd rather get hammered with consecutive FFP punishments than give that club any meager lifeline.
  5. Stupid pigs now on their inevitable 2nd season descent and I'm utterly here for it.
  6. Didn't try to hold a lead with 30 mins left. And say what you will, found it absolutely refreshing we didn't need to resort to "hold up play" with our former super sub.
  7. Big Time Charleses wouldn't have listened. Esp that lead weight Westy.
  8. Lord what is that b-grade Killers trash they're playing post match Oh that's right, 2004's finest, "Dakota" by the Stereophonics. Had nearly wiped that song from memory
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