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  1. Sorely disappointed in any supporter that would pack it in over this.
  2. Amazing thread. Discourse here already at a higher pay grade than the constant moaning all over the other front page hot threads
  3. Properly lol. Either you can use this loophole or not.
  4. So we're nailed on an arbitrarily-designated criteria, not the actual act itself. Good to know. Or is Derby going to get theirs later? I doubt it. EFL : crooked
  5. Bring on the pain, I'd have it no other way My masochistic bent is why I support the Wednesday
  6. Maybe maybe not. But a net positive for the club that someone's developing an old ratty carpark opposite our ground.
  7. I can count on two fingers the examples where atmosphere improved after a move to modernity (i.e the relatively recent spare of circular shitbowl). Odds have been abysmal.
  8. Gawkers attracted by a new stadium won't stick around once the novelty wears off. Foolhardy to try and attract casuals long-term with that. Improve atmosphere and keep casuals engaged? Win. It's simple.
  9. You're not serious. Atmosphere would be a tomb in one of those new bowls.
  10. This. Harris is not the problem. He is getting. ZERO help and looks knackered.
  11. Lol, like Fletch/Nuhiu are banging them in?
  12. FF and Winnall. I'm ok with not seeing Fletch or Nuhiu for a long time
  13. Nuhiu needs to be a deep reserve and Fletcher needs to be supplanted by FF at the top. And reintegrate Winnall. It's been wholly dire from our supposed top two strikers and they can fizz off for awhile.
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