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  1. Wow, be still my beating heart. Love how everyone forgot Westwood's poo distro and poo attitude.
  2. Twaddle. Redknapp was a mediocre manager. Given a pass by the media he was so chummy with.
  3. Bottle job at Leeds? He did extraordinarily well at that cesspool. Sainted coaching legend Bielsa has yet to do more himself there.
  4. Some of you really have an overinflated sense of self-importance. I sure hope your severe tut tutting and stern lack of applause really learned that lad. Get over yourselves.
  5. Laudrup sure is setting the coaching world alight since then, isn't he. He rode an insanely in form Michu that one year. Similar to CC and FF
  6. Actually respect the move even more. It's telling that Monk's willing to ride out any bad form (however long it takes) and potential unemployment instead of reintegrating them. It must have went past the point of no return.
  7. That doesn't mean a thing. I suggest you go read up why he was released, it's not for the reason you think.
  8. Tbf, Laudrup just continued what Rodgers set down. Wasn't adding much.
  9. Absolutely. And a good lot of the players, too.
  10. Yes. The routine apparently has fallen on deaf ears as of late.
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