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  1. Ooh, bold. Better than retreading David Jones
  2. Let's get real. Embargo or not, they aren't going to play these loanees. Their system was never to supplement the first team. It was always to serve as a middleman broker for other teams to sign their "starlets" at a premium markup.
  3. All that new age egg chambers testicles Monk talked up before he fell on his face there? Great expenditure.
  4. Gladly take him on, along with Aarons and Lazaar and Big Hector. Best recruitment in years.
  5. Ultimate shocker: Carlos gobbing off yet again.
  6. Him and daddy needed to use the loo
  7. No holds barred! Loins be girded for the savagery
  8. We'll see. Heard this same line about many English clubs. Who has actually gone under, except for minnows like Rushden&Diamonds?
  9. Brizzle was ham cheese and mediocrity for months, now they ride a good form into the playoffs. We might be too late, but it ought to be fun trying!!!
  10. The hell you talking about? Young, commanding backline generals are just all over the free transfer market. Good christ, some doggo being spouted here.
  11. When was the last time we were up 3 nil before the half?
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