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  1. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Yes I was a season ticket holder for a few years also, then I moved to North Saanich. Don't think I'm the only Owl in the area I've seen a car in Sidney with Owls stickers on it.
  2. Consilio et Animis - really?

    MLS fixtures out yet ??
  3. Derby tho

  4. pm me if you can't work that out.
  5. Fernando

    He'll be gone before he gets back.
  6. The pitch tonight looks amazing

    Shame the ground won't be full.
  7. Current SWFC Injury list

    Simon Whatisname, the lad we bought from Celtic. Is he still injured ?
  8. Terry Burton

    I think he's retired and living the expat life in Spain.
  9. Expats & the Christmas games - Thoughts?

    I came over for the Wembley play off final from Canada. Would take something major ie promotion, cup final, to get me back again.
  10. Mike Green

    Don Kiddick ? Anyone ??
  11. The Shipping Forecast & SWFC

    as an aside... Canada 150 years old.
  12. Anyone wanting to fight should click on the "club " section of OT. We have a fight club already set up and me and Daveyboy are waiting for you.
  13. Simon Coleman

    Quick get a battery I'm sat here waiting for you to start on Pleat, is it worse than we all expect ?
  14. Hope we get Pigs in play offs.