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  1. I'm a bow legged chicken I'm a knock kneed hen I haven't had a wxnk since I don't know when, I walk with a wiggle and I wiggle when I walk Doing the Wednesday boot walk. Nah nah nah nah......... Who on earth dreamt that up ?
  2. 9c here on the rock. Positively balmy.
  3. Chelsea game live on tv next week. Yeah !
  4. I agree, also when he dives he doesn't seem to have any "spring " in his legs.
  5. I hope so, in the sense that tomorrow might turn out to be one big "clusterfuck" The owner, manager, all those associated with the club AND the fans might regret this forum ever taking place. I would very much have preferred Chansiri to issue a statement rather than stand up in front of 100's of "passionate" Wednesdayites.
  6. Thanks for the reminder, I ended up in hospital, 9 months off work !
  7. I'd be surprised if they are still available. Mine was a present from 2 years ago.
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