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  1. Next year's Champions dinner should be interesting.
  2. Windy conditions, this is wide open.
  3. S W Kim putting with a 3 wood.
  4. Westwood and Rory struggling.
  5. If you're on a sinking ship you'll grab anything.
  6. We'd have to change our name to Huddersfied Town for that to happen.
  7. Im sticking with the favourites: DJ Justin Thomas Speith.
  8. I remember the whole ground exploding. It was like that back then. Remember the time when they linked derby day tickets to buying tickets for their next game, they were playing Grimsby after us and some cad hung a banner from the Wednesday end: " For sale: 12,000 Grimsby tickets"
  9. Northampton at home circa 1967, think we won 3 0r 4 nil.
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