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  1. Strangely every time Stainrod or Oldham riot comes up in a topic its mentioned he's an Owl. Just trying to knock this on the head before we all take it for granted. Kudos to Stainrod, he was one of only two pigs at Ecco comp, he always wore his piggy shirt for PE and a pig scarf around school, despite the fact he got a shoeing now and again. I bumped into him late 90's in Manchester, he was like a brick shithouse, glad I never was part of the shooeing ! Oh and by the way he married the best looking girl in school.
  2. Wasn't there a comp called the Fairs cup ? Don't know if you qualified for anything if you won it.
  3. Anyone think we and the others (Derby, Reading and B'ham) cut a deal with the EFL ? Punish us next season or we vote against this season being resumed.
  4. Big Jack would have put him in row Z south stand after 5 minutes. littlecuntfacedcheat hope he goes to Manure.
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