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  1. There are 2 of them , Ian and Malcolm, I'd guess Ian was the pro at Hillsborough. Malcolm holds the record of playing for number of tournament before first win, 509. He played in the Seniors open last week but didn't make the cut. He also finished 5th in his only Open appearance. I made 2 Open appearances, as a spectator. They were the best juniors in Sheffield at the time, hands down.
  2. Hillsborough is also a great course, remember playing the Mackenzie brothers in a competition there ( one of them later turned pro and is still on the tour). Wind was howling like a bugger, we beat them and they said they'd get payback when we played at Tankersley. They lost 7 & 6
  3. Tankersley was my home course. Its a great test.
  4. Maritime museum. If that kind of thing floats your boat.
  5. ^^^ Looks like the wheels have fallen off......
  6. Is he from Sheffield ? Fxxkme !
  7. Great final round by Morikawa. Morikawa putting stats: 2021 Tour ranked 124th 2021 Open 1st. You just keep hitting it hard, Bryson my son.
  8. Hope it blows and peeees down with rain. Lee Westwood step up and bring it home.
  9. Maybe it's his covid incident that pissed people off.
  10. Yes don't think they'll get the sweep but they'll probably clinch it in 5.
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