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  1. Daveyboys fightclub members will sort it.
  2. You can run

    @pauli @Eastleigh Owl If you look in the "Club " section of Owlstalk we have a Daveyboys fight club specifically for you, join and start fighting.
  3. Food-related Owls players

    Black Forestieri gateaux
  4. To Leeds

  5. Forestieri not in the squad

    If he's the " rotten apple " he's made out to be then yes, sell him to one of our rivals.
  6. Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu

    Annoying and disappointing. How did they react when Winnall scored ?
  7. tonights fans forum

    Did anyone ask DC about the behaviour of the wheelie bins ??
  8. A trip

    is not a fall. Carry on Carlos Come on Wednesday !
  9. Trouble in the crowd?

    15 to 20 mins. That's 6 rounds of boxing.
  10. Mine are always at it.
  11. iFollow

    Match pass not available in Canada, even though they are advertising the price $9 cdn
  12. Sam Hutchinson

    Happy Birthday Sam, hope you have a great year !
  13. A Certain Romance - Blog Post 5 - Let's Talk

    Font is too small.
  14. There appears to be momentum in the idea: http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40391764