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  1. Anyone wanting to fight should click on the "club " section of OT. We have a fight club already set up and me and Daveyboy are waiting for you.
  2. Simon Coleman

    Quick get a battery I'm sat here waiting for you to start on Pleat, is it worse than we all expect ?
  3. Have the clocks gone back in England ??
  4. and we'd have safe standing..
  5. Probably a couple of local IPA's Lighthouse Shipwreck and Driftwood Fat Tug. Then swill down a Big Rock with my Pad Thai.
  6. Some will end up in the Don.
  7. Pigs tho

  8. Daveyboys fightclub members will sort it.
  9. You can run

    @pauli @Eastleigh Owl If you look in the "Club " section of Owlstalk we have a Daveyboys fight club specifically for you, join and start fighting.
  10. Food-related Owls players

    Black Forestieri gateaux