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  1. Get in, a proper experienced number 9 who should excel at this level, surrounded by an attacking; ball winning, energetic and creative set of players to supply the service he needs. He could thrive at this level and was useful in the second tier and as done well at this level before. Even though, I'd have been happy with Cosgrove, this potentially looks a smart signing.
  2. Another brilliant signing for this level. It's the first summer transfer window since the back to back play off seasons, where I've genuinely been excited about a forthcoming season. To think of the state we were in the past few seasons and especially last season, this is a remarkable turnaround and the biggest masterstroke of the lot looks like being appointing Darren Moore.
  3. To be honest I'm more excited, optimistic and hopeful about Wednesday for the first time in a few years, not since the two play off seasons in the Championship. The level of our recruitment as vastly improved this summer compared with recent previous seasons. I don't expect promotion at the first attempt but with the way the squad is taking shape and with Darren Moore at the helm, we've got a decent chance to be in the mix for top 6. Wind the clock a few weeks or back to just after relegation, and we looked a mess and a decent bet for another relegation but now somehow we've turned things around and we can be optimistic again. Hats off to the recruitment and for me appointing Darren Moore is going to prove to be a positive turning point for Wednesday.
  4. To soon to say but he's a cracking signing for this level as are most of our other new signings too. He looked decent at Championship, catching my eye quite a few times at that level. Shocked by the vast improvement of our recruitment. It gives me hope, excitement and optimism about Wednesday for the first time in a few years, not since the back to back play off seasons. Our recruitment at this level would look decent even at Championship level and compared with the mess we've been on and off the pitch last season and the past few seasons, it's a remarkable change for the better. But for me the best bit of business this club as done in a long time, I believe, will prove to be appointing Darren Moore.
  5. I'm a lot more optimistic and looking forward to the future of the club for the first time in years, since the back to back play off years. It's been grim ever since on and off the field, the recruitment this time looks smart, I like the look of lot of our new players. I ain't getting carried away, as this level can be a slog and the League looks arguably more competitive than our previous stints at this level. No idea how we will fare but considering the mess on and off the pitch we were in the past few seasons, it's nice to have an optimistic forward thinking feeling back. In my opinion the best signing we have made in a long time could end up being Darren Moore's appointment.
  6. Sounds a decent prospect. I like the look of signings like this, even though it's a season long loan with little chance of signing permanently, he's the extra but of quality on loan we need. Liking the recruitment so far, just lack a number 9 but the squad is taking shape nicely. Got a good feeling we'll look back in years from now on the Darren Moore's appointment as a positive turning point in Wednesday's history.
  7. When confirmed an very impressive signing, along with the likes of Wing; J Hunt, Adeniran and BPF. The squad is taking shape and better balanced than it's been for some time. Would love us to sign Johnson and Sims, as well as a couple of strikers. All we lack is a decent striker or two, then we would stand a realistic shot at promotion. DM as a decent eye for a player and without breaking the bank, the ideal and smartest appointment we've made in years, that will be proven when we start to rise again.
  8. Haven't followed the pre-season games that much. Not sure if any players aren't up to speed, carrying niggles or something? I'd keep at least a couple of key players on the bench, incase we lose them to injury for the opening game. A decent League start could be the making of our season. Lots of Cup games at this level could be a distraction, especially if our squad isn't that big. I love the Cups and a Cup run is exciting, however the League as to be our main aim this season, to be in the mix at the right end of the table. It's achievable if we get off to a decent start and get another striker or two in. It will be a long season and the marathon begins away at Charlton, which is a tough start at this level.
  9. BPF; J Hunt, Hutchinson, Dunkley, J Brown; FDB, Adeniran; Green, Shodipo, Wing; Adedoyin. 4-2-3-1 A few key players, possibly might be on the bench and saved for the first League game instead?
  10. I'm pleasantly surprised by the recruitment so far. A few more of that mold and it could be an exciting season for the first time for a few years. I like the look of Wing and Shodipo both could be handy at this level, as should Jack Hunt and BPF be but the signing that excites me the most so far and which could be our smartest signing in years is Dennis Adeniran. We've lacked a bit of blood and guts and energy in midfield for quite some time, I'm hoping he'll provide it, allowing us to see the best of the likes of Bannan, Wing and Shodipo. I'm looking forward to Dennis Emmanuel Abiodun Bamidele Chijioke Adeniran bossing midfield, in a similar way as Jose Semedo. My most exciting signings last season were FDB and Izzy Brown, so I hope I do better this season with my predictions.
  11. Can't say I have heard of him or seen him play before, bit of a surprising signing. Sometimes the signings you expect the least from turn out to be gems. I'm hoping DM as seen something about him that can thrive in League One and click in DM's squad. It surprises me more that we used up another loanee allocation, hopefully that doesn't stop us from bringing in any more? It's an important position that needed strengthening and needs different options. Hopefully we can still bring in one or two more attackers if possible? Good luck to him, if he does well it could prove to be an canny signing.
  12. My favourite out of all of those is number 20, I also like numbers 22 and 25. Number 20 is the most iconic and smartest shirt out of and stands out the most, out of all those for me. I'm also quite fond of the Chupa Chups era shirts, even despite it being a dire era on the pitch, I like them mostly for the iconic Salvador Dali designed sponsor logo but admittedly prefer the home shirts. Worst shirt, is more difficult to choose, we've had quite a number of horrific shirts since relegation from the top flight. Went for number 7 but any number of them, with just a few exceptions, would be worthy worst shirt votes.
  13. Another very good signing for this level. He looked decent and dangerous at Championship level whenever I saw him play for Middlesbrough and Rotherham. I think he'd fit in well and would give us some much needed dynamism and something different in wide areas and attacking areas. Personally delighted with the signings so far, considering the past few seasons and the mess we were in last season, just need a couple of strikers now to give Darren Moore a fair shot at it.
  14. Pleased with the signing. A problematic position strengthened with an international goalkeeper at a good age that needs game time. An improvement on Dawson and Wildsmith, can't see what's not to like about this signing at the level we're at its a very good signing to be honest and not one I thought we'd be able to make.
  15. I like the home kit, could've done with black trim on the home shirt but it's still a nice shirt. I'm not a fan of the away and goalkeeper kits, the colours are fine but the designs could've been a bit more interesting. Would've preferred orange for the away kit and pink for the goalkeeper kits. They're not bad overall. Just think the home kit looks smarter than the other kits.
  16. Lazio; Gremio, Bologna and Blackpool home shirts are the stand out classiest shirts so far in my opinion.
  17. They generally have a nice shirt. I like their colours. That's their new shirts I think.
  18. Exactly what we've needed for quite some time, biggest positive is that they seem like Darren Moore signings, rather than DC and Paxo signings
  19. Think they're after Stephen Humphrys from Rochdale too? Humphrys is the type of player I'd have liked us to have been interested in but there are many more attractive and stable clubs than us, even at this level. Moore will probably have to be shrewd, like Chris Turner years ago by signing or loaning some decent young players cast off or loaned out from some of the top flight or second tier clubs.
  20. Didn't they finish 100 points behind Rangers or something, signing all our players and celebrity fans, they must be going for 200 points behind them or something next
  21. They're even signing our celebrity supporters for free or peanuts too
  22. Their first team was a load of pish last season but ours was and is on another stratosphere level of pish
  23. Why do all our keepers play like goalkeepers on some online PES match plagued by lag or the keepers on the old PS1 Champions League game which was full of bugs and the keepers on that would stand behind the line and let it in when they tried picking up the ball
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