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  1. I agree. City's bench doesn't have depth, grealish hasn't performed and Stirling needs to be moved on.
  2. Anyone got him in the 2022 Deathlist ?
  3. I'll be in bed sleeping off a few pale ales and an Indian takeaway. Kick off is 4.30 am here, I prefer to wake up log into Owlstalk and get the result that way.
  4. Are you going to the fight ? 7.15 Costa coffee. @Pughies Jockstrap vs @casbahowl
  5. Count me in, Netflix. Interesting documentary about drummers and drumming. 8/10
  6. I'm a grass. What you going to do, send your dad over to sort me out ?
  7. Truth about Pam, very good, Renee Zellweger is excellent.
  8. Cam will catch him tomorrow.
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