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  1. This, 3-5-2 only seems to suit us away from home. However unless we can bring in a couple of out of contract players, that suit playing in 3-5-2, defensive midfield and wing back need strengthening. I'd switch to playing 4-3-3 at home. We need to go at teams more at home, without leaving ourselves exposed. We should have brought in an extra defensive midfielder because apart from Luongo our options aren't good enough and we miss Luongo whenever he's out.
  2. I dunno about playing players out of position. Would prefer us bringing in someone out of contract to cover for Luongo or to make the position their own. It would make sense to bring in someone like Jackson Irvine if we can? Think Paterson as played there before? Otherwise apart from Luongo our options for defensive midfield aren't strong enough, especially if we persist with playing 3-5-2, same could be said of our wing back options too.
  3. Exactly and it wouldn't break the bank, if we spotted them much earlier in their careers. Potentially it could do the club a lot of good to if they can kick on and increase in resale value.
  4. Think Luongo was the biggest miss. Missing Iorfa's ability to mop up at the back but when Luongo is out we miss his tenacity and defensive protection. Even though he's more of a box to box midfielder, Luongo is our most effective defensive midfielder. We should have brought another defensive midfielder in during the window our other options aren't as effective as Luongo.
  5. Would have liked to have seen him here, think he would have suited us and would have given us stronger depth. Could do with picking up a couple of out of contract players if we can, in particular wing back or defensive midfield could still do with strengthening to effectively play 3-5-2.
  6. FDB clearly as ability for a young player, he needs time. Still have high hopes for FDB. We'll see the best of him in time.
  7. Probably not the first time in our history but that's some achievement to be our MOM when not even playing
  8. Paterson, stood out to me. Ahead of Bannan, Harris and Reach. For once we were better going forward than defensively. However, we missed Iorfa and Luongo, who generally give us more solidity as a team. It was a decent performance considering our absentees against a strong opponent. Performance wise, we've been slightly improving at home, though our home is atrocious. However, we really need to start picking up wins at home in order to give ourselves a better chance of staying up. I'd go for a back four and a 4-3-3 formation at home against the weaker sides in the League. 3-5-2 seem
  9. Our home form is atrocious. Away from home we look decent. If we don't start winning at home, our home form; lack of goals, inability to kill teams off and conceding of late goals could be our undoing this season. Some of the home games this season have been a slight improvement or closer, yet we're still winless. In our situation being still in negative points, we can ill afford to play so negatively at home or to have such a weak home record. Draws will kill us, especially at home, we should go for it more at home and play 4-3-3 or something similar at home and 3-5-2 away from home.
  10. Aye, losing to teams like Brentford is no surprise, at home or away. However, we can't afford to carry on our poor home record in our situation. Games against the sides expected to be down there are going to be huge, especially at home and if we persist playing the way we do at home and reaping no rewards from it, it's a recipe for disaster. I too think we can and should stay up but our home form, lack of goals and late goals could be our undoing.
  11. Wish we could spot players like Toney or Watkins, etc early in in their careers before their value sky rockets. Said it during the window, that we should have taken a punt on someone like Tristan Abrahams at Newport, by the time of the next window his value might have risen.
  12. That could still work if we played to their strengths of the players we currently have? There are different ways of playing. Some ugly teams can be very effective at this level. Playing 4 at the back or 3 at the back, putting it away or passing it around can get results at this level but we just can't seem to get results at home. Something has to change about how we set up at home, it's clearly not working and hasn't for a very long time, even with or without fans. Murphy is a big miss too, he seemed to thrive towards the end of last season. Iorfa and Luong
  13. Been saying this for ages. It's clear that 3-5-2 only suits us away from home. At home we need to take the game to the opposition more and at home we should go 4-3-3 or something similar. Said it during the transfer window that we didn't have the players to effectively play 3-5-2, that we either needed to bring in players to suit playing 3-5-2 or to switch formation to suit the players we currently have. Clearly 3 at the back isn't working at home and hasn't for a long time.
  14. Exactly why it would have made sense to have brought in someone like Hector, Clarke-Salter or Sanderson before the window shut, if we persist with 3 at the back
  15. Football is finished sod it. I'm done with it. Football showed how much it cared for the fans and smaller clubs by carrying on without fans. Football as showed time and again that it doesn't care for history, tradition or fans. It's a business and not a sport. The top clubs just want more and more money, so they can spend even more obscene amounts on overpriced players. The game was ruined when the old First Division and the old European Cup were rebranded. It's been progressively repulsive, even greedier and less competitive year on year. RIP football.
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