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  1. Lazio; Gremio, Bologna and Blackpool home shirts are the stand out classiest shirts so far in my opinion.
  2. They generally have a nice shirt. I like their colours. That's their new shirts I think.
  3. Exactly what we've needed for quite some time, biggest positive is that they seem like Darren Moore signings, rather than DC and Paxo signings
  4. Think they're after Stephen Humphrys from Rochdale too? Humphrys is the type of player I'd have liked us to have been interested in but there are many more attractive and stable clubs than us, even at this level. Moore will probably have to be shrewd, like Chris Turner years ago by signing or loaning some decent young players cast off or loaned out from some of the top flight or second tier clubs.
  5. Didn't they finish 100 points behind Rangers or something, signing all our players and celebrity fans, they must be going for 200 points behind them or something next
  6. They're even signing our celebrity supporters for free or peanuts too
  7. Their first team was a load of pish last season but ours was and is on another stratosphere level of pish
  8. Why do all our keepers play like goalkeepers on some online PES match plagued by lag or the keepers on the old PS1 Champions League game which was full of bugs and the keepers on that would stand behind the line and let it in when they tried picking up the ball
  9. Yep super sub, done myself an injury warming up, they said run it off and still get on the pitch for the last 30 seconds
  10. I'll see if I can manage the last 30 minutes, probably will be knackered before getting onto the pitch, like a lot of our players last season apart from the Cardiff game
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