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  1. You could make an unforgettable dream eleven of forgotten Wednesday players, if only you could remember them, Jos and Pulis can be the formidably forgotten dream team coaches
  2. Liked Hutchinson during his time here, felt we needed to bring in a similar but more reliable player after Wembley. Luongo's seemed like that player recently but he's been missed too whenever he's been out. Shaw could become that player over time but think we should snap up someone like Huddlestone to fill that role, till Shaw makes that role his.
  3. Each of those 10 games felt like a lifetime, just like when Monk and Jos were here too, following Wednesday makes you feel ancient
  4. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen...
  5. How many wingers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Perhaps we'll get a striker after we've signed all the wingers and Cardiff reserves or maybe we're waiting until after the season finishes to bring in some proper strikers, like the head coach appointment
  6. Seems increasingly likely that Thompson might keep it till the end of the season, with one of Alonso's clients getting announced after the season finishes... Someone like Roberto Carlos or Luis Figo or one of his own brothers Xabi or Mikel
  7. Seems like a foreign head coach will probably be announced at the end of the season, after Thompson keeps us up. However, wouldn't be against giving Thompson a chance or appointing someone like Cook or Moore. Not sure a foreign coach is what we need at this moment in time, unless they've some previous experience of coaching over here.
  8. Would be an interesting appointment, the likes of Cook and Moore sound ideal for us to me, rather than defensive dinosaurs or leftfield journeymen
  9. Wished at the time that we kept Big Ron, in hindsight we should have kept him longer or got Houllier or someone similar, instead of Wilson. Hopefully then we would've stayed up but the club was being poorly run back then, in a similar way to recent years.
  10. This ^ Seems increasingly the most likely outcome, with each passing day and after each game. If he continues to get results, it almost seems nailed on. It would possibly be the best outcome for the players and would give DC more time to find the right man, especially if true about wanting a foreign head coach, that would be more likely after the end of the season.
  11. Would've liked the likes of Watters or Ng here, some quality in the lower leagues, I'd consider the likes of Pigott, Jephcott and Abrahams, too from the lower leagues
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