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  1. Was comparing two young managers in Neil and Rowett. No, I wouldn't want Pulis, has his best days are long behind him like the likes of Ollie. More interested in results and promotion, personally to be honest. I don't remember his Norwich team being dull? Personally Hughton was my first choice along with high profile foreign managers like GVB or Tedesco but I would be equally excited by a forward thinking appointment of someone like Cook; Neil, Cowley or even Bully. I do agree, that we need to stick with our current way of playing but some coaches and managers can adapt to what suits their resources. If Bully can adapt, then maybe others could too?
  2. Baffling how some fans want the likes of Rowett, that have never achieved promotion. Yet turn up their noses against the likes of Neil who've achieved promotion.
  3. would be a very good appointment if we can get him
  4. Good young manager. Got promotions at Hamilton and Norwich. Done well at Preston too. He was wanted by West Brom. I rate him at this level. He'd be an ambitious and smart appointment, if we could get him.
  5. Wouldn't mind the likes of Neil and Cook if possible but still think Bully will get it, depending upon how we react to defeat. Would rather us consider the likes of Cowley, Neil and Cook, instead of the usual out of work names.
  6. We just gotta keep playing to our strengths, stick to the same philosophy and over the season we will win more than we lose. The first big test will be how we react to defeat. We don't have to score shed loads to make the top 6, I remember Hull being low scorers but still making the top 6 and getting promoted. Despite not taking more of our chances against Barnsley and not taking any against 10 man Millwall, the main positive is that in all three games so far, we're creating chances. We just need to stick with it and be more ruthless like we were against Reading.
  7. Said before the game, Bully's main test to show if he's up to it or not, will be how we react to defeat. If we can bounce back quickly, that's the sign of a decent team at this level.
  8. Welcome back Snoots, glad to see you're still in tip top OMDT shape after lumping your fortune away. It seems as though you kept yourself busy by taking out all the other managerial candidates one by one, leaving just yourself and Bully, the Snooty and Bully dream team. Let's hope we keep the good start to the season going. C'mon the Wednesday.
  9. True and I agree about teams like that, Wolves etc if it's an all time League but think they mean by an ultimate Premier League, since 1992?
  10. 5-5, we'll give them a 5-0 head start and comeback in the 2nd half
  11. Agree, especially if it were an ultimate top flight but as it's a ultimate Premier League, then I guess they're talking about since the Premier League started? If so, then I would look at the all time points table since 1992. Teams like us; Norwich, Forest, Leeds, Blackburn and even the old true Wimbledon would be up there I would think? But if it were an all time top flight, then it would take into account title wins and major honours, and more historic teams would be included, along with the most successful clubs.
  12. I'd take Palace, Fulham and Birmingham out and replace them with the likes of Norwich, Blackburn and the old Wimbledon. Bearing in mind it's the ultimate Premier League, not the ultimate top flight and football started in 1992 for Sky and TalkSport.
  13. I think we need to stick with our current playing style this season, whether we stick with Bully full time or not. I can see it becoming Bullen's job but if not, we need someone to come in, who will play to our strengths and not drastically change too much.
  14. I smell ostriches it must be true. Brilliant player but wouldn't want him to be appointed. Here he is on his way...
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