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  1. I'd love us to sign Marcus Maddison if possible and a couple of loanees similar in ability and potential of the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Grady Diangana
  2. Would someone like Uche Ikpeazu be worth going in for? Seems like a tall, powerful and pacy forward, that's supposedly generating interest from a few Championship level clubs, by the sounds of it.
  3. Hope he keeps it up. Admittedly he wasn't my ideal choice to replace Bruce to be honest but so far it's working and he seems an astute good fit. On the other hand, watching Soccer Saturday is like a visual representation of our bizarre post-Bruce and pre-Monk managerial betting list.
  4. I'd love us to get someone like James Collins (Luton) and Marcus Maddison (Peterborough) for example + we need one or two loanees, preferably a pacier energetic full back and/or a younger version of Hutch from the top flight too.
  5. Striker, full back and a defensive midfielder beast. I'd look at the lower leagues or abroad for bargains or try and get in a couple of quality loanees from the top flight. If we spend anything, I'd ship a few out and spend on a astute quality striker on the rise. But rather than spending big, we would be best off being smart and sniffing out some bargains or young loanees, if possible.
  6. Luongo is another player I was delighted that we signed. I wanted us to sign him a couple of years ago. He's proven at this level and internationally, he's very good at this level. Once he breaks into the team, I think he will become a brilliant signing and one of our better players, like Harris and Borner have become already.
  7. One of my sister's is a Cardiff City fan and she liked Harris whilst he was there. She was disappointed, that he wasn't played more in the top flight after scoring against Fulham. I saw a bit of him during his time at Cardiff and rated him before we signed him. It was a smart signing. Potentially one of our smartest signings in a fair while.
  8. A brilliant astute signing. For once I was right about a player we should sign. Back in the summer when he was released by Cardiff, I thought he'd be a smart signing if he could stay fit. He's arguably been our most impressive and most consistent player so far this season, along with Borner, another brilliant free signing. I'd like to see more of Luongo in the side, as I strongly believe he could have as big an impact as them.
  9. Solid effective team performance. Difficult to pick a man of the match. Was particularly impressed with Fletch; Bazza, Harris, Palmer, Iorfa, Borner and Winnall. For his part in both goals and for terrorising them at times with his pace I'd give it to Harris.
  10. Personally I'd bring Luongo in and would go 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 at home and would stick with 4-4-2 away from home. Wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more changes at the back but most importantly I'd bring in Luongo or Lee for Murphy and would have Reach and Harris on the wings.
  11. We should get more than 1 goal if they're starting without a keeper?
  12. A good solid ruthless away performance and result. A good competent start for Monk and something to build from. Yes, there were some creases and weaknesses to work on but to get a clean sheet; a couple of well worked goals, three points, a response and a solid team performance is a fresh positive base to work from. Well done Wednesday; the whole team, staff and Monk.
  13. Great work as always Snoots. Hopefully we'll kick off the Monk era in style... C'mon the Wednesday!
  14. Aye, 4-3-3 is his preferred formation. He played 4-4-2 out of necessity at Birmingham. However, to play two upfront here wouldn't make sense, especially when you consider Forestieri's banned, our summer recruitment and our strengths so far this campaign. I think with our current squad 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 variant are the formations that suit us. We simply don't have the players to play two upfront effectively or any other formation. That may change when Forestieri returns or when the transfer window reopens but till then it's highly likely we'll stick with 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 but with more emphasis on pressing teams; counter attack, width and linking up the target man to better effect. More along the lines of the opening couple of games and the way Bruce wanted us to play.
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