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  1. Going on last season, I'd prefer us to keep Gregory over any of our other strikers. He looked the sharpest in front of goal, linked up well with others at times and looked by far our biggest threat upfront. Hopefully we can keep him and get a decent partner for him, think we need some pacier younger legs around him to get the most out of him.
  2. If Windass does go, then in my opinion, Alfie May would be an ideal replacement. Dunno if we're interested in him or not, there's reports that he might be available for a six figure sum and that he had a good working relationship with Darren Moore, whilst they were both at Doncaster. May impressed me at Cheltenham last season, stood out against us and caught the eye enough to be among the League One player of the season nominees. I reckon he would be a very good signing, if we were interested in him and if we get him.
  3. Alfie May is among the best attackers in the division based on last season. He probably wouldn't be cheap? But if we did sell someone like Windass, then we could potentially reinvest it on someone like that, at this level, below or via top flight or 2nd tier loan. It would be daft to throw money around again, after the years of decline and off the pitch trouble it as caused us in the past. I personally hope we learnt our lesson this time and carry on the smart business and progress achieved last summer and last season. Whereas Ipswich threw money at it and didn't even make the play offs.
  4. I'd hope we would accept but only if it's s good deal for the club and if it helps us to reinvest in the team upfront and at the back are key areas we need to strengthen. If he does go I'd like us to consider going for the likes of Alfie May, Vadaine Oliver or Dom Telford from the lower leagues.
  5. I'd say yes but only if his wages don't break the bank and if he can get back in form. If not, look to bring in someone younger. Ideally I'd prefer us to look at bringing in young top flight loanees and players that can provide us with more energy in the team. We do need more defensive options but hopefully we'll be smart in the summer transfer and build from the progress we made last summer and last season. Hector's a player we know well and who knows the club well, he could be a good fit on the right terms but it's a risky one, if his wages are hefty and if he can't get his confidence and form back on track. Vadaine Oliver would be a good option to bring back upfront and would give us some physicality and something different upfront too.
  6. I'd keep Dawson as back up after he did well for Exeter City on loan but I would hope we bring in someone else to replace BPF. The Shrewsbury keeper we've been linked with sounds a good shout or I'd look at trying to loan in another keeper from the top flight, someone like that Bazunu who was impressive on loan at Pompey from Man City, if unrealistic, then someone similar that needs competitive games.
  7. I like the looks of the linked names so far, a mixture of young athletic or combative League One and League Two players, along with the exciting Elliot Anderson loanee link. Tucker and Oliver impressed against us for Gillingham and Shrewsbury's Marosi sounds a good keeper at this level too. I think we need an injection of younger more athletic and reliable players, at the back and in attacking areas to realistically be in with a better chance of getting into the top two next season. Young loanees from the top flight would be our best option, along with some out of contract players and if we can I'd spend what we can on a more mobile and effective attacker. A player that stood out for me against us and quite a lot this season at our level for Cheltenham Town was Alfie May. We could do with some more energy upfront, I don't know if he'd be unrealistic or not? But that's the type of striker I'd like us to go for to partner Gregory or play in behind him along with Windass, with someone like Oliver as back up as a smart option to offer us something different upfront.
  8. DC's plan for a new lucky mascot, badge and nickname?
  9. Could do with extra cover in midfield and attack but also need to trim the amount of loanees we currently have
  10. Nothing to moan about after a solid team performance, clean sheet and three points, without any late drama. Just need to find some more consistency and to go on a run to cement a top six place. It will be far from easy, making up ground in a competitive top half but it might be more possible now with the new centre backs and if we can keep the likes of Luongo and Windass fit.
  11. Good solid team performance, looked stronger defensively as a team and decent going forward too
  12. Chris Bart-Williams; Paolo Di Canio, Michele Di Piedi, Gilles De Bilde and Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu, spring to mind
  13. At the time I didn't want Rowett, feared he'd be similar to Monk and preferred us to get Moore but in hindsight, Rowett would've been a smarter choice. However, I believe the one we should've got was Ryan Lowe, I think he's got something about him and he's already got a couple of promotions under his belt and looks a decent manager.
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