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  1. 1. Striker(s) Wickham and/or Adams, for example. 2. Too many but especially all the current remaining strikers should go barring the only consistent one, that's injured. 3. fizz knows. Worth trying some youngsters. 4. We're desperate for strikers. Atkinson & Hirst or Bright & Hirst would be ideal in today's game. 5. Costs, travel & tickets, difficult living far away. 6. The stadium, wish we could do something like the proposed World Cup plans from a fair while back. 7. Constipation
  2. Can't see anything happening until nearer the close of the window or on the deadline day. We'll still be desperate and some teams will still have players they want rid of, no longer feature or need minutes elsewhere. We also need some of our own players out but teams are offering less wages for them like we're offering less wages for players we want. Nearer the deadline deals might stand a better chance of happening when other teams are more desperate and willing to deal? My guess would be two or three loan deals incoming and 1 or 2 outgoing, if possible.
  3. Love the optimism but it's hard to keep the faith when every time we have a good spell we fall apart. We're far too inconsistent, way too fragile and atrocious at home. We really need some better attackers for this level. I'm fed up of all the false dawns. Difference between the early 90s and now, back then we had characters; top class players, leaders, multiple playmakers, a bit of everything, goals throughout the team and lethal attackers. I always felt back then, we would come good again whenever we lost because look at the team we had. This century, apart from a few occasions it's been atrocious and it seems, the next wee wee tail up is always lurking around the corner whenever things seem to be going well. I feel most sorry for our younger fellow fans, that have never known it to be as good as the early 90s was.
  4. Our attackers for this level are atrocious and far too inconsistent, apart from the injured Fletcher.
  5. If only we had signed him after the euphoria of the Brighton and Leeds games.
  6. This and it's a pattern of inconsistency, that mirrors Carlos and also mirrors Monk's previous jobs especially the ones he's had at this level. To be honest I wasn't excited when we appointed Monk due to his record. Was more excited when we appointed Bruce due to his record of getting teams promoted. Yet, they both don't stick around long in jobs. Come to think of it, the majority of managers we've appointed during the Chansiri reign, have been managers that seemingly don't stick around long in a job? Whilst we've got a long term owner that constantly thinks short term, yet he's held back by FFP/P&S but at the same time he's held himself back with poor recruitment and a self harming refusal to sell players. Yes, the overpaid inconsistent seemingly poor attitude of the players needs addressing but we've long had issues at the top. Constant poor decisions that harm ourselves. The buck usually stops with the manager, yet we've hired two experienced managers of this level now after the two leftfield appointments. It's difficult to say what we need short term but long term we clearly need a fresh approach and to buck up on and off the pitch, and to start thinking more long term, yet acquiring players with re-sale value and selling them on for a profit like many other clubs seem to do. Hopefully we'll do something pro-active but seems like over the years we've come to accept it and grown tired and apathetic despite the numerous false dawns. I feel sorry most for the younger fans, that this is basically as good as it's been for them and never seen us in the top flight or seen genuine top class players in a Wednesday shirt. Things change in football, just look at our nearest rivals, who'd have thought a few years back that they'd be where they are but as an example, they seemingly got lucky with Wilder but appointed someone who knew the club and changed the culture at their club on the pitch and with recruitment, and somehow it got them up the League's. That's just one example, not all get it right, it's the harsh nature of football but there are many other clubs that have gradually built themselves back up by being forward thinking or thinking more long term or doing things better with regards with selling players on for a profit, etc. It seems almost inevitably we'll never go up unless we start doing things differently and having a more savvy forward thinking long term approach.
  7. There's hope with the players brought into the first team picture the past couple of seasons and the improvements with the academy side of things. Plus Monk was at Birmingham not long ago and seemed to speak highly of their youth prospects and gave them encouragement there too it seems.
  8. Nowt special. Doesn't seem as impressive as other attackers they've been linked with. Looked very poor whilst on loan at Cardiff. Not done much of note since joining Everton. About 12 goals in around 4 years, none whilst on loan at Cardiff and all you ever do is complain about our strikers and wingers lack of end product.
  9. Arguably been one of our most consistent and most improved players ever since half way through last season. If he stays in form and injury free, he could end up being our player of the season. Deservedly as won over his doubters and deserves a new deal. Wouldn't be surprised if he makes it into the Welsh squad for the Euro's too.
  10. Yeah, that's right, mis-read it. He joined the youth set up around the time that Wickham left. Bordeaux are managed by Paulo Sousa.
  11. I didn't think we had a realistic chance after Bruce left us in the lurch to be honest. Monk and Bully have built upon Bruce's foundations and progressed upon it. Some decent signings were made in the summer window. Past recruitment; high wages, embargoes and EFL FFP/P&S as held us back. We missed a great chance during the Carlos era. We've since done some much better business, harking back to the Gray era and the team Carlos took to the play off's. Plus we've learnt from past mistakes and been more savvy in the transfer market and finally hired managers with Championship and top flight experience. I'd say unexpectedly we're in a good position, albeit with the EFL threat overshadowing the progress on and off the pitch. We've got a good mix of experience and youth, defensive solidity and a good midfield and width for this level. Losing Fletcher is a big blow for any team at this level but especially with our set up (which he suits) and with him being our only recent consistent striker. To push on this season we need to complement our solidity and creativity with more goals. At the least we need a Fletcher replacement (someone like Wickham seems ideal) and maybe something different or a wide attacker with some pace (such as what Monk had at Birmingham with Adams). We can make the top 6 and give the play-off's a good go this season if we can add some more goals to what we've already got and if we replace Fletcher.
  12. Rumoured interest online via newsnow from Bordeaux for Wickham. Apparently they got a striker who played alongside him at Sunderland and a former Championship manager too. Hopefully interest from other clubs is just agent talk to speed things up or something. Agree it would be disappointing to miss out on Wickham, as to me he seems the most suitable replacement for Fletcher.
  13. A pity about Nketiah, although Bristol City always seemed a more likely option, would have liked him here. Personally, still hoping we can get Wickham, Adams and Sims on loan or similar, as well as getting a few more out if possible?
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