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  1. The yellow and pale blue shirt is a beauty. Out of those 4 it's my favourite, closely followed by the yellow and black pinstripe shirt. I also love the black and yellow puma king shirt and the yellow and blue bukta shirt. The majority of our smartest away shirts, in my opinion, have had yellow on them in some degree. Also the badge and the collars stand out to me too on our old shirts, overall old shirts seem far better made and more longer lasting.
  2. Some proper kits those and the badge is iconic. Bukta, Umbro and Puma did some beauties back in the day. I loved the stylish early 90s kits too. Our last truly great kit in my opinion was the late 90s home kit. The retro kits and track suit tops are far better quality and much more stylish than the modern ones.
  3. The most exciting and complete partnership I've seen us have during my time following Wednesday in the modern era was our first strike partnership I saw in David Hirst and Dalian Atkinson. For me they'd closely be followed by David Hirst and Dalian Atkinson's successor Paul Williams. However, Hirst and Atkinson, seemed to have everything a partnership needs, in goals, pace and power. Modern era I'd say Hirst and Atkinson out of the forwards I've seen, although statistically many other partnerships bettered them but all time I'd think it would probably have to be Andrew Wilson and whoever partnered him in the pre-war golden era or John Fantham and Keith Ellis or David 'Bronco' Layne in the post-war era?
  4. Came across a colour team photo on eBay, which says it's from 1960-61 too and Redfern Froggatt is on that one. It's also got the name of the players on it. Historically that's our best post-war side.
  5. Who knows but they're talking as though they will finish it behind closed doors without fans. Fans, players and emergency services have already been put at risk during behind closed doors European competition games. Even if the lockdown is over and the virus is easing off or over by then, which I highly doubt, it would still put unnecessary demands upon the emergency services. Football as shown it cares for one thing only and that is money, everything else including fans it doesn't give a stuff about it. It already as proved that over the years with ticket pricing and kick off times. Once the virus as eased off, will fans even be able to still afford to follow their teams live or on TV?
  6. A total farce and a disgrace. The only way football will save any face is if governments and/or UEFA or FIFA step in and say it's unsafe for fans; players, staff and the emergency services and demand that all Leagues cancel the 19/20 season. If football resumes without fans behind closed doors, it would still be putting people at risk. Ffs, where is the common sense, there are far more important things than sport and TV money. Football is as good as dead, I have lost all respect and love for it, I won't be surprised if many others lose their respect and love for it too. Stay safe; human lives and health, and families are much more important than this trivial out of touch deluded nonsense.
  7. Hector if possible, if not Venâncio. Bruce leaving us in the lurch and missing out on Hector, were big blows that in hindsight signalled the disaster of this season. However, by the looks of it, the season will be cancelled soon and we will do it all again, whenever football eventually returns. Can't wait for another season of false dawns and turmoil on and off the pitch.
  8. Don't know if it were a weakness that some of the better sides took advantage of around that time but re-watching highlights of that time, although we played some brilliant football at times, we did look vulnerable defensively especially with headers. Not sure if it were our goalies fault; an issue with our defensive set up, being too attacking and open or age or injuries? That said, I did prefer Pressman back in those days. Despite our defensive lapses, it was still a brilliant and exciting season and the football we played was a joy to watch.
  9. Guy Whittingham looked class at times too, not sure how popular he was or not? Doesn't seem to get mentioned among our better players in the 90s, when at times like Degryse he looked class and unstoppable.
  10. I liked Degryse a lot. Wish Degryse had stayed longer. Could have been one of our best ever foreign players, at times he looked top class. Remember him in particular looking unstoppable in a memorable thrashing of Leeds.
  11. That was a brilliant season one of my favourite seasons ever, even though we never won any silverware. The football at times was the most thrilling and exciting I've ever seen us play during my lifetime. When the likes of Sheridan and Waddle were on it, we looked top class and near unstoppable, their passing and creativity was beautiful to watch. The League Cup Semi Final first leg and the FA Cup Semi Final, are among the most exciting, memorable and brilliant performances I've ever seen us play. There was also shaky times when we struggled defensively for numerous reasons, we also suffered numerous injuries it seemed and yet we got to two Finals and played some of the most exciting football of the season. The early 90s were a brilliant time to watch Wednesday and football in general.
  12. The Premier League have quickly denied those void rumours but it still looks increasingly likely that it might happen: https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/football-news/coventry-city-season-scrapped-18063218
  13. Health and lives are far more important than sport. It's looking increasingly likely that the season is going to be voided with a statement rumoured to possibly be imminent: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/serie-chief-claims-premier-league-18060945 Clubs across the Leagues, are also looking at ways of easing P&S and points deductions restrictions and putting in place measures to protect themselves from getting plundered by vultures, if administration becomes widespread too but they have to come to some sort of overall majority agreement: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/championship-clubs-considering-group-administration-18060778
  14. First games back won't be this season and many clubs will have gone under. Football is immaterial during a time like this. At the end of the day football's greed and deluded ignorance, as meant many clubs and Leagues are under prepared to cope and won't survive the economic effects of the pandemic crisis. How can the season be finished without many of the clubs that started it? When football does eventually return it needs a good long hard look at itself and it needs to reform many things, clubs need more protection and wages need capping or something, and football in general needs to get real and be more sensible. Football also needs to start thinking about the fans, football without fans is nothing and playing games behind closed doors will be an insult to every football fan, and prices need to become more sensible in the future, if fans will be able to still afford to follow the sport that they love.
  15. My favourite Owls memorabilia are of a football programme, that was given free to me from a very kind fellow OT member of a match we played and won against Luton Town on the day I was born in the early 80s; the brilliant Owls 150 years of history painting by Alan Rolfe and the classy Bands FC Pulp Disco 2000 charity shirt.
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