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  1. Cakeball; Monkball, Pooball and clownball is the cherry on top
  2. Never-ending D-Clowns, a dystopian horror/sci-fi nightmare and a Wednesday reality
  3. ... and run a country or a football club
  4. Wouldn't be surprised to see us smash all of our worst ever records DC loves breaking records, sadly they're mostly monumental as the largest cakeball variety
  5. Same, when I was a kid in the late 80s/early 90s and innocently still loved everything about the game. Nowadays everything about modern football feels repulsive, over-hyped and out of touch
  6. FC Mulhouse? He should fit in well with our other strikers...
  7. We've seemingly been saying the same things every year and every transfer window, ever since Hull and Wembley.
  8. Spot on and if DC's reckless short term mentality continues in the third tier, it could prove disastrous. Meaning we'll be stuck in the lower leagues for a number of years. The time is now to start rebuilding and thinking long term, on and off the pitch. Sadly, it seems DC will never learn from his numerous mistakes and change his ways.
  9. It's been clearly over for us for weeks. Moore's appointment to me, seems more for next season and the future, rather than to save us this season. If that's the thinking behind his appointment, then give him time, cos he could be a smart long term appointment.
  10. I see we're finally implementing an sensible long term approach with young players and lower league players on the rise...
  11. We sure do love Huddersfield and Cardiff reserves for some reason?
  12. And the likes of Sunset Boulevard; Ace in the Hole, Double Indemnity, Spirit of St Louis and The Apartment too.
  13. I think Moore will prove to be a smart appointment, if given a chance and time. If he was appointed has a long term option, then he'd be a wise choice to go with a more sensible long term approach. However, we have rarely done anything sensible during DC's reign and he'll probably mess it up and lose patience with Moore before he's even started to reap the rewards of a more long term approach.
  14. Yes, has Wilder has a better record, especially in the lower leagues. Although Moore's less experienced, he could be better suited for a long term approach and if given a chance to rebuild he could ultimately prove to be a smart appointment, in the long run.
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