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  1. Yeah I know our signings last season were more astute than the previous couple of seasons. It's a good sign, if we're smarter with whatever budget we have but can also still find gems or bargains. Having Bruce, with his contacts and experience, etc should help to find the players we need and attract them, regardless of how much or how little we have to work with.
  2. Moses could turn out to be one of Bruce's smartest signings? Seems a clever signing and a good fit like Iorfa. Should strengthen our squad and his versatility will come in handy too. Don't know anything about Borner but hopefully he turns out to be a gem or a useful squad player.
  3. Yep, plus other numerous links. No doubt we will miss out on some targets but we'll have plenty of options. We're in good hands in Bruce, with his experience; knowledge, eye for a player and contacts. Borner is a relative unknown but could prove to be a good find, whereas Moses and Harris, are both experienced at this level and still a good age. The likes of them could prove to be astute signings like the likes of Iorfa and the Hector loan. Whether that's the only market Bruce can deal in, who knows? But be it bargains; frees, sales, astute fees or loans or whatever, I'd trust Bruce to bring in what we need.
  4. Whether we can bring in anyone for fees or not, remains to be seen. But regardless, we're bound to miss out on some players, as we obviously won't bring in every target or rumoured player. However, Bruce has shown he can wheel and deal and can spot a talent. We've been linked with a mixed bag but what's most important is bringing in players that fit into how Bruce wants us to play, regardless of price or where they're from or how well known they are. Two deals, albeit out of contracts, look done and dusted already. I'd have patience and would trust Bruce build find us the right players, regardless of how much he has be work with or whoever might have to be sacrificed. Having a manager like Bruce, is better than any potential signing at this level.
  5. Were we interested in Vaulks? Personally I'd rather someone like Morsy but Vaulks, should be a decent signing for Cardiff especially for that price. Seems like a bargain but parachute payments would help them offer more wages, along with Colin having had managed Rotherham not long ago too, I can see why he'd choose them over some other clubs at this level.
  6. Yep, that's it plus if they don't get him, they don't want to appear un-ambitious to their fans. Blaming the player and agent, is an easy way to avoid criticism, when it looks like they can no longer afford or attract decent players?
  7. other than Westwood and Bannan, I'm not against sacrificing anyone to be honest, has I feel they are the most important players for us? But regardless of who we might have to sacrifice, in order to bring in whoever Bruce wants, I'd trust Bruce to build the team he wants, all for the better. It's going to be an intriguing window and season.
  8. Valid fears. But on the other hand, he looks the real deal and his age, it's a no brainer, if we really can afford the deal? Plus Bruce got McGinn for Villa from Scottish obscurity and look at how class he was too.
  9. Yep, think it's the difference a proven manager makes. His eye for a player is class and his contacts are up there. I had ever heard of McGinn either but look at how he took the League by storm last season and he too was spotted by Bruce and signed by him. Exciting times are back, no matter who we sign, it seems we've finally got the manager we've needed for years and he means business.
  10. I too hadn't heard of him. But going from his age; the reports, his record last season and footage of him, he looks and sounds like he would be a coup if we got him? The kind of player that could improve our midfield and potentially substantially increase his valuation over time. Don't know if we'll get him but if we somehow did, then it would look like we mean business.
  11. More than any signings, I'm more excited about Wednesday, than I have been since the two failed play off seasons. Now that we've finally got a proven manager, that knows the League and knows what he's doing, it feels exciting again. Who knows what players we will bring in and how we will fare next season. But if we're patient and get fully behind Bruce, then eventually our time will come because I honestly believe bringing in Bruce is by far the best thing DC has done during his reign and we're lucky to finally have a manager of his calibre.
  12. The Sun is reporting that we've entered the race to sign Motherwell midfielder David Turnbull, after his move to Celtic fell through. Apparently we've had him watched for months and had an interest in him for a while but it was expected he'd join Celtic. Anyone know much about him, seen him play or rate him? All if's and maybe's, and maybe just agent or paper talk but if that report is true, then we must have something to spend? https://videocelts.com/2019/06/blogs/latest-news/agent-odonnell-cant-find-an-epl-club-for-turnbull/ *edit* missed the thread about him by going straight to this thread, apologies, thought no-one had posted about it
  13. Exactly this. To be honest I remember scratching my head when we signed the likes of Hector and the Newcastle pair on loan. Bruce got results when we most needed it and turned a bottom 6 bottom half mediocre team into a hard to beat effective top half side. It will be interesting to see what he can do after a full pre-season and during his first full season. It may take time but I believe we've got lucky in getting a manager like Bruce when we did. I trust in what he's doing and in his ability in this League to make us stronger as a team. You're dead right, it's about the team effectiveness and fitting into how Bruce wants to play, rather than fancy big money signings. If we have to be astute, then I trust Bruce to find more Iorfa's and Hector's, and other hidden gems for us for low fees, out of contract or on loan. I don't think some of our fans truly realise what damage reckless spending did and how lucky we are to finally have a proven manager after the last couple of unknowns? Bringing in Bruce, no matter how long it takes to get us finally back up, will prove to be the best thing Chansiri's ever done during his reign.
  14. Depending upon whatever budget Bruce is working with or potentially planning with (i.e ground sale or player sales, etc). I imagine if we can bring anyone in for a transfer fee, going on the names linked so far, then Hector and Morsy, should be top of the list? Other than that, I'd expect a few astute bargains and out of contracts similar to Iorfa (Borner and Moses already suggest that) plus hopefully a couple more quality loanees similar to Hector.
  15. If we can get more astute signings like Iorfa and more quality on loan like with Hector, then we'll have a shot without needing to break the bank. Odubajo in particular, if we get him sounds like a positive sign of exactly that, to me that would be a smart signing.
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