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  1. Much wider goals and bigger goalposts in Scotland?
  2. From what I remember of Venancio, he seemed a solid ball playing centre back. He reminded me a bit of Borner before Borner and the teams form and confidence dipped. That said, if we can get Venancio back, he'd offer some decent competition for places, which we'll need if we play 3 centre backs next season. I'd like us to be more balanced and to play players that suit how we set up. Iorfa is the key centre back for me, as he often had to use his pace to mop up at the back. I'd still like us to get another athletic centre back similar to Iorfa for better balance but we should have decent options at the back. A midfield beast type of player I still think is needed, along with more pace out wide and our attacking options are worryingly threadbare at present, especially without the likes of Murphy and Fletcher. But I hope we will be more sensible off the pitch and more effective on the pitch, going forward with a more progressive long term direction.
  3. Murphy for me at times was one of a few stand outs for us last season. Along with Iorfa; Bannan, Fox and Fletcher. It would be disappointing to have only a couple of those stand out players next season. I hope we can somehow get Murphy back on loan if possible but on the other hand, I'd like to see more of Luongo and to see more athleticism; pace, solidity, ball players and battlers in the team. The likes of Murphy, Luongo and Iorfa, showed what we lacked in the team ever since Wembley, and we need a bit more of those types of athletic dynamic players. Murphy suited us as did at times Harris and Windass. If we can get some more athletic dynamic young players in like Dele-Bashiru and mix it up a bit with some solid battlers and versatile dynamic attackers, replace Fletcher and finally get a midfield beast. We'd potentially be a more balanced side. It would be disappointing to not get Murphy back but if we can't we could still get someone similar or younger in on loan or out of contract. I think the most important thing going forward is getting players in to fit how we want to play and having a good blend of youth; experience, solidity, pace and goals in the squad. It will take time but hopefully we'll be more forward thinking and more effective as a team, and build something sensibly and progressively, on and off the pitch.
  4. This ^ It's hard to believe we're the same club of my childhood that had top class players with real pedigree the likes of Waddle; Nilsson, Sheridan, Francis, Harkes, Walker, Anderson, Palmer, Hirst, Di Canio and Carbone, etc. Exciting and brilliant players to watch, players that entertained and/or gave their all for the shirt. It seems like a lifetime ago. Sadly, I doubt we'll ever see players of that calibre in our colours ever again during my lifetime.
  5. Yeah but we don't have player drafts over here. Instead the top clubs and richest clubs hoover up most of the top young talent.
  6. Personally I'd prefer us to have a young vibrant energetic team. As long as we mix it up with some experience and some physicality. To be more effective at this level I think we need a far better blend of ball players; battlers, solidity, creativity and goals. Looking at many of the recent top 6 sides and the ones that almost made it, they seemed to have a good solid mix of youth; experience, battlers, ball players and goals, throughout their teams. I'd prefer us to build something like that over time, sensibly. If it as similar results to those clubs or clubs that seem to be progressing steadily on and off the pitch year on year.
  7. I'd say in American sports, it's player drafts, that arguably make the most difference, more so than salary caps. For instance in the NHL you can struggle and finish bottom of the League but then they get boosted by some of the top young talent and in less than a few years that struggling club could become a Cup contender or could bring in sponsorship and merchandise by having a top young star on their books. A decent draft could turn an average or poor team into a play off team. Whereas in football a lot of the top young talent gets shovelled up by the top teams or the richest teams. A wage cap for clubs in football wouldn't make much difference throughout the Leagues, when some clubs still get rewards for being relegated and the top clubs further up the ladder get more TV and sponsorship money just for being in the top flight or for making it into European competition. I don't know the answers but football seems broken and ever since the re-branding of the old top flight and the European Cup it's only got itself to blame. Whilst the ordinary fans paying for overpriced overhyped uncompetitive rubbish are the ones who suffer the most.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if all three clubs that go up will be any three out of those several teams. Could see Brentford giving it a go again but apart from them it seems inevitable, that two or three of the parachute payment clubs will go back up again. Whilst the non parachute payment clubs all struggle to remain within tight FFP/P&S limits without failure payments. It's looking more likely that other clubs will face points deductions before or during next season, along with us. Even one or two of those clubs you listed with parachute payments are facing the possibility of a points deduction or transfer embargo too. One of whom I have heard rumours about possibly facing an impending transfer embargo. What hope do the non parachute payment clubs and lower League clubs have of staying within unfair limits and being competitive, when clubs with failure rewards and even some top flight clubs are feeling the pinch? Football is broke and as fizzed itself and it only as itself to blame.
  9. Just happy that the season is finally over but another one is not too far away
  10. He was a beast and the sort of player and character we lack in the current team.
  11. Frustrating player. Exciting at times and could occasionally make things happen by himself. Preferred Antonio, had bags of pace and skill too but had more end product and more consistency.
  12. I think it might get reduced. Hopefully. Would love it to be overturned but to be honest I don't understand it, how we got away with two of the charges but lost the one? On the other hand, I can see other clubs getting points deducted for various reasons before the season starts or during next season.
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