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  1. He needs to lose the bug eyed idiotic sidekick Barney and get back with his lady.
  2. Struggling to think of a worse individual play than Brown's wholly uninspired backpass right into the net
  3. I thought we understood this. Bringing him back was complete nonsense.
  4. Wish this absolute melt would hit the exit door at Hillsborough for good. Sticking around like ******** stain on an Ikea couch.
  5. There's Schmichel and Cantona, and then there's Hutch and Westy. Lololol
  6. Colin for Man Utd, fire up the tractor and get Ronnie Jepson - we're driving up from Cornwall
  7. He said CC basically let him do as he pleased. An indictment on both, frankly
  8. It was nonsense to ever bring him back. Too many here falling for his "pahshun" routine.
  9. Cooper. At least has 21st century tactics
  10. Will always be amazed at how much some people here give a poo about these fat cat clubs. I'd sooner they all go bust than dissect their transfer dealings or managerial foibles
  11. Really enjoying the fact that Mendes/Ronaldo overpriced themselves right out of the market.
  12. First year. FF was brilliant. Second, the rot set in
  13. 50 million for Ben white...lololol, astute business
  14. Leicester would finish above arse with half a squad
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