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BREAKING - Owls announce five year season tickets

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The Owls are delighted to announce the return of the Multi-Year Season Ticket, giving supporters the opportunity to secure their seats at Hillsborough for up to five years.


There are savings for all age groups through the duration of the deal - and for each year fans commit, the cost comes down in price.


From the 2018/19 campaign, as well as the usual Early Bird options, supporters will also have the option of purchasing a two, three, four or five-year Season Ticket.


Owls chairman Dejphon Chansiri told swfc.co.uk: "The three-year Season Ticket launched in 2016 was a very successful initiative and warmly received by our supporters.


"Many have asked if we would do something similar in the future and I am pleased that we are now in a position to release the five-year Season Ticket.


"The feedback from our supporters is very important to me as chairman and I will always do my best to give the fans want they want where possible.


"Loyalty to me is a big word with deep meaning and it gives me pleasure to reward the fans who show their commitment to our team and our club over as many as five seasons.


"Of course, I know that not everyone will be able to buy for the full five years so supporters have the option of buying a Season Ticket for any duration from one to five years.


"It is also important as a community club that we are positioned at the heart of pioneering initiatives so I would like to make this offer to all our fans, across all age groups.


"The key thing for me is that the longer our supporters commit, the better the value they receive.”

Aside from the benefit of the cost decreasing with each year, the offer remains irrespective of the division in which Wednesday are plying their trade.


So, for example, if the Owls are playing in the top tier in year five, you could be watching Premier League football at Hillsborough in 2022/23 for less than you pay for Championship football now!

Prices for a full five-year Season Ticket equate to attending each and every game at Hillsborough for just £18.04.


Supporters who have one year left to run on their existing three-year Season Ticket can also extend by a further one, two, three, four or five years.


The Multi-Year Season Ticket is on sale now until Monday 19 March and can be purchased in person only at the Ticket Office or by telephone on 03700 201867 (option 1)




CLICK HERE for the full FAQs.


Due to financial regulations against Credit Card purchases against such products, we regret that we are unable to accept Credit Card payments for Multi-Year Season Tickets but we can offer a finance product to spread the cost over 20 months with V12 finance*.


Note - Due to the payment restraints these are only available to purchase in person at the Owls Megastore.


The Ticket Office will be extremely busy during the Early Bird and Multi-Year Season Ticket period, so supporters are advised to purchase as early as possible as the nearer the deadline, the busier staff will be.


Supporters can request a call back from the Ticket Office by emailing ticketenquries@swfc.co.uk with their client ID, purchaser request and daytime contact numbers. A member of the team will then call back at the earliest convenience.


* Six, ten and 20-month options are available to spread the cost of your Multi-Year Season Ticket. Each option includes an administration fee which is taken on the first payment 30 days after signing up. Rate for six months is 6.25%, ten months is 6.5% whilst the 20-month option is 7.9%.


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In general I like the ability to buy for future seasons.


i took up the 3 year one and I might commit to a 5 year one.


2 main points:-


1.  I just cannot get my head around how year after year the club only give supporters enough notice to take in one pay day.


They have given supporters a deadline of 17th March to potentially spend £2,500.  Why do they not make the deadline 31st March?


i know it’s a small point but it drives me mad every season. It’s just crazy.


2. We really really need to trust Mr Chansiri and hope that this isn’t because he has no more cash to put in. Because if this all goes t1ts up this will present a major obstacle to any new buyer.  Honouring thousands of season ticket holders with the income spent by the previous owner.


Not to mention that if we end up in Administration the season ticket holders are technically just unsecured creditors that could be left high and dry.

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Is there any guarantee that the 5-year ST will be the most cost affective way of seeing every home game for the next 5 years?


The 5-year Kop ST averages out at £415/season. If we were to get relegated this season and spend the next 5 years in League One surely the club wouldn't be charging over £415 per season to appease the fans that took out the 5-year option.

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Clearly the club have not learnt their lesson have they they want the fans to pay for a season ticket up to 5 years in advance no matter what league we are in and don't get me wrong we could still be in league 1 next year if we don't get more wins.


I sit on the south so for me giving my money 4 years early the club will knock me £40 off the normal price of £640 for the season. I think i will keep my money in my pocket and buy them year by year thanks.


The attached was from 2017 looks like someone forgot to change the article when they cribbed it, the prices for some areas have frozen for other increased not exactly the price reduction all fans were expecting. It would appear we are still using the fleece the fans policy next season.



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1 minute ago, vulva said:

Buying a season ticket feels like hard work there days. Can someone just tell me the cut off date to keep my seat for next season. 

Should everyone not bother to sign up till the end of the season and we know what league we are in, do you think the club would extend the early bird period or do you think DC would spit his dummy out and make everyone pay more.



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