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  1. I'm the same. The club and Chansiri can sweat for my £500 until we know what is going on. Bringing forward to February is just mental. I honestly cannot be bothered with another season in league one.
  2. And some of us clapped the players off at FT at Oakwell on Saturday! Even after that shambles of a performance. I’m not saying booing is the answer, but deary me, no wonder some the players are comfortable - we just seem to accept mediocrity.
  3. Fully trust Monk to sort this mess out in the summer. We just need to limp there as best as we can and get over the line. I just hope he has some room to manoeuvre with his own transfers as I think he is the right man for us moving forward. Although playing one up front at home to Millwall is not going to do himself any favours.
  4. I agree with this. I suspect he isn’t the first manager we’ve had to notice this (I suspect even Jos did), but seems to be the first to say out loud to the media. Way too many players are far too comfortable at this football club. There is a cancerous element that needs to removed before we can move on. It cannot come soon enough as I’m losing interest in every passing game. Those players don’t care, so why should we.
  5. No it hasn’t affected me in anyway, but again, even the idea to ask us fans to stump up more cash is wholly wrong. It’s like Groundhog Day, the same time, every year with these “initiatives”. DC should of sold a player or two and we wouldn’t be in this mess we are now found ourselves in. But yet again it’s us fans who have been asked to sort it out again.
  6. Absolutely this. Playing on our sheer blind loyalty as fans of this club is now really starting to grind. How much more can we do?! We’ve done everything and accepted all that has been asked of us, but there has got to a be a point where enough is truly enough. And now we’re being courted with the idea of having to stump £4.5k in one of the most deprived parts of the county just shows how out of touch DC is.
  7. Does anybody know if the V12 finance option is available after the early bird period has ended on yearly ones?
  8. Isn’t it renewing time very shortly for ST’s? If the EFL issue hasn’t been resolved, good look to our marketing team to sell it to us to buy one. I can also see a price rise too, considering they were held at the same price last year. Feel like this probable points deduction will be the straw that broke the camels back and the uptake will be way down on what it has been. Added to which the sheer amount of dismay and empathy that is clearly evident in our fan base.
  9. Already sick of this season. This whole Xmas period has well and truly drained the enthusiasm tank after a brilliant performance at Forest.
  10. And those pot holes around Sharrowvale / Netheredge are an absolute disgrace. Car breakers.
  11. Gutless. No matter what level you play at, even if it’s Sunday league, you don’t lose a game by conceding two goals in injury time. It really is quite a worrying habit we’ve got ourselves into.
  12. Tammy Abraham when he played for Bristol City. Never seen Tom Lees get bullied as much as he did that night.
  13. Can’t get the song out of my head. Dont ya know.....
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