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  1. I’ve just given up with this whole football club at the moment. Im trying my best not to care, but I can’t help myself. This club, from the top to the playing staff has mugged us off all season. David Jones and Jacob Butterfield playing together at home to Ipswich Town makes me want to give it all up.
  2. Wildsmith needs dropping ASAP

    I still think Wildsmith is a good goalkeeper. Probably one of our only shining lights this season. His confidence is obviously shot from playing behind an absolute car crash of a defence week in, week out.
  3. I honestly don't think there is. Other than Birmingham, all results are all going against us, with teams below us now having games in hand. We are in an absolute freefall - the players don't look like they have the metal for a relegation scrap and a manager who simply looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Recipe for disaster.
  4. So presumably that determines the length of the transfer embargo / fine?
  5. Could cry at these accounts. However, a quick question with any possible consequences. Is the severity of the punishment the same if you’re 2 million over or 20 million?
  6. This Is Shocking

    Roll on May. Sick to death of this season. It’s been completely traumatic and one that could still end in tears. I saw nothing tonight (from an essentially “free hit”) to suggest we have got what it takes to scrap and fight for our lives when it counts. We don’t look up for it. The only saving grace is that there could be 3 worse teams than us, but 8 wins all season is completely unacceptable. One home since November!!! Happy 150th Birthday Sheffield Wednesday!!! FFS.
  7. Jacob Butterfield

    Did he actually make a successful pass all game? As in a pass to a team mate? Ive said it before, this was arguably the worst bit of transfer business we have done in a long time. A complete sham of a footballer.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Sick of it this year.
  9. I am very nervous tbh. What is it - 2 wins in 18? 8 wins all season? One win at home since November? That stinks of relegation. Don't matter how well we are playing - its all about rolling up and sleeves and showing a bit of a character, which is something we have not shown all season. Hopefully with returning players - we will hopefully just have enough to get over the line. What a shambles to think we are even thinking about going back to League one!
  10. Just cannot wait for May. This season has been truly horrific and I will be glad when it all comes to an end. Traumatic.
  11. Maybe so. I actually watched that game in O’Neils in York. Cracking pub.
  12. Imagine if we go a goal down early on! Deary me. Riots on here!
  13. He did. But that team had pace and could get in behind. Could get that. Plus Antonio did play up front for us a while. This team has left me scratching my head as to what it’s going to achieve.
  14. Not sure if I should laugh or cry at that lineup. Dont think I’ve ever seen Wednesday play without a recognised striker before!
  15. So......

    Is it fair to assume had we been further up the league and going on what was said in the survey - would we have seen a price rise? But even DC could see he had no option but to keep them the same, whilst trying to keep the club on a “stable” footing?