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    Absolute shocker that. Nothing against Butterfield personally, but letting a proven ST go to one of our promotion rivals and in return getting a midfield who offers virtually the same as Bannan, Lee and Jones is criminal. Im sorry - but what an appalling summer it's been (on and off the pitch).

    What does Butterfield add that Bannan and Lee in particular don't? I cant understand this signing (if it happens). Why cant the powers at be see that for the love of god its pace and power we need! Not another similar type of central midfielder!
  3. Anyone wish the football season was over already?
  4. Welcome to Talksport Peter! Or Benin sports or something.
  5. Shef wedsneigh

    Agreed! Needs to be at least 150/1 that!
  6. Shef wedsneigh

    Sky Bet offering 50/1 for this horse to win and Wednesday to beat Sunderland tomorrow!
  7. Burton Away Ticket Details

    500 left this morning!
  8. Burton Away Ticket Details

    That was for the first stage of sales this morning, but there was another phase this afternoon. I don't reckon there will be many left tomorrow morning.
  9. Forestieri not in the squad

    Maybe Forest away last season? Other than that, im struggling! Got to go now.
  10. Burton Away Ticket Details

    There is both options available I think mate.
  11. I could scream seeing Bannan outwide yet again. It didn't work last season, it certainly didn't work in the playoffs and I don't expect it to work now!! Bannan is a good midfielder, but a CENTRAL midfielder! Come on Carlos man..
  12. Trouble in the crowd?

    I was told, quite aggressively, to "f*** off", several times, by a fellow Wednesday fan sitting in front of me at the end of the game because apparently I was criticising the side. I have been home and away many times watching the team and I have never been spoken too like that by a fellow supporter. Win, lose or draw. Going to put it down to much beer and sun, but it was certainly unnecessary. Seems the away end was a pretty posionous place yesterday.
  13. Next season kit

    I think both look great. Soz.
  14. Fulham away

    If anyone would like a ST with probably enough points for first day - then let me know. Be happy to help out any Owl who needs one. I just can't afford to go this time.
  15. Meeting Nuhiu

    Saw Adthe and Joao pretending to be students whilst attempting to pull some lasses in Revolution. Being absolutely hammered, I immediately went up to the girls (who were totally oblivious to who they were) and explained they were actually Sheffield Wednesday players, not students. The girls then got up and left. My bad lads.