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  1. Did they call from 0114 number? Only just so I can keep an eye out if it’s something different as I’m getting hammered with spam phone messages at the minute and blocking loads.
  2. You don’t sack a manager by holding a press conference, so I can’t imagine it’s that. I doubt we can even afford to sack him anyhow. When he wants to speak to us fans, he usually releases a statement at about 11.45pm on a Saturday night and gets posted on our official site. My guess it’s something quite serious to have the national media called. Got to be something to do with our appeal / takeover or dare I say it, administration?
  3. Still fully behind Monk and I think his recruitment has been very good. However, our home form is a major concern. We won’t stay up if we carry on picking next to nothing at Hillsborough. Got to beat Luton.
  4. Yet some “fans” loved to boo him - seem to remember away at Nottingham Forest one year in particular. Never understood why! He carried us at times and is one of our best signings of recent years. Quality on his day.
  5. Agreed. Appreciate that things are a bit difficult with the current climate, but not having one phone call or one email since June is a disgrace. Wonder this is why Chansiri has taken that loan out against Hillsborough to help pay for it all?
  6. So our new mortgage lender is a person who is currently banned from football? Im sure this will end well.....
  7. What an absolute s**t sandwich. We deserve everything that we get - we can’t even cheat right ffs. This buck stops at one mans door and it isn’t the manager. An absolute disgrace. Shame on you DC.
  8. https://www.footballlaw.co.uk/articles/the-owls-and-the-rams Interesting article - a reason to be optimistic by the looks of it!
  9. I know we keep saying it - but us supporters deserve so much more than this half arsed effort, a looming points deduction, league one football potentially on the horizon and the one of the most highest priced tickets in the entire country. We would have sold out that away end 3 times over and would have been served up this rubbish.
  10. Obviously dislike Leeds, and the thought of the pigs and theM playing each other in the PL makes me what to be sick. However, Biesla is an unreal manager. Will be fascinating to see how he does in the PL - hopefully not at Elland road and at another club mind as I reckon Leeds will do well next year.
  11. Yep - I’m in the same boat here lad. I’ve done an england trip before, but can’t imagine what it would be like with Wednesday. What an experience it would be.
  12. Id take a weekend away in some backward Bulgarian city and a 6-0 defeat any day of the week. What an experience it would be. I would be unbelievably jealous.
  13. Let’s just hope Man City win their appeal on Monday.
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