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  1. Been brilliant for us, but another one who id let go. Looks leggy, lost all confidence and if I don’t see those floaty 40 yard, pointless, diagonal balls ever again I will be delighted. Iorfa and Borner should be first choice CB’s as it stands.
  2. Loved the shhhhh’s from the crowd, the scoreboard showing the “T” and then the United score coming through showing them losing and then the roar from us fans. It gives me goosebumps thinking about that when we finally knew it was going to happen. That will always stick with me, but the day was just brilliant. You couldn’t have written a better season.
  3. Would be one of the first ones to released for me. Pointless midfielder, who passes the ball sideways and stifles the other CM playing alongside him, usually Bannan. Can't tackle, doesn't score enough, not creative - just runs around. No where near good enough.
  4. We won at Brentford in Carlos first season and then I seem to think we’ve beaten Millwall a couple of times - possibly under Gray in mid-week being the last one?
  5. Boro or Forest Away (didn’t make Leeds ffs). Genuinely can’t actually think of a home match that I’ve enjoyed this season. Fulham was good with the last minute equaliser, but it’s just been so rubbish 95% of the time.
  6. Still haven’t forgiven Jeffers for bottling that chance. Leon Clarke booting the hoardings and going off injured ffs. Shambolic!
  7. This isn’t my photo - just found it on the internet and thought it was a good one . Any ideas where it is?
  8. I wasn’t even born in 1983 or 1986 and I was 6 in 1993. So yeah, it did hurt seeing United spank us in our own back yard.
  9. Sheff Untied embarrassing us at Hillsborough under Carlos. I have never been so angry / upset about what I had witnessed. I still get a nervous twitch whenever I see somebody post those “bouncing day massacre” videos on social media.
  10. That’s me in the light blue jacket! Just remember when I saw him that he was an absolute unit. Wouldn’t fancy a 50/50 tackle with him that’s for sure!
  11. He also stood in the away end at Forest when it was Semedo day. I know this as he nicked my seat and asked me what song to sing when Tango was chanting “Reda give us a song”.
  12. I always felt that he was a good player, but performances dropped when he signed his new deal. Which is not uncommon with a lot of this squad in all fairness. I would definitely have him back with us next season - our full backs are pretty mediocre as it is, so this can only help.
  13. Take it steady mate. Think everyone thought this whole thing had been blown up out of all proportions, but now it’s happening and becoming very worrying. Although the panic buying is ludicrous. We advocate #bekind and all that, yet we can’t even ration toilet roll between ourselves and argue over hand sanitiser.
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