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  1. Need to give the lad a chance. We were all raving how good he was when he first started with us and we finally had a cultured centre half who could ping a pass. He then got embarrassed and humiliated by Sheff United (along with a few others) and with a long standing injury, he has never recovered both mentally and physically. I trust Bruce whole heartily with this one to see if he thinks he is good enough, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him. I’d defo give him a chance.
  2. Brilliant post that. Sums a lot of us perfectly.
  3. Wednesday bobble hat in Dead Mans Shoes. Quite subtle, but it’s there!
  4. Fletcher for me. Been brilliant. Can’t remember a bad game he has had all season.
  5. Waste of half a season. But, would we have got Bruce so quickly if he had been sacked sooner? A fully recharged, focused and hungrier Steve Bruce after all his family troubles and bitter ending at Villa - I’d say probably not. Even if Bullen came in - could he have made any difference? Did well in the games in charge for a short spell, but only have to look at it the year before when we were awful (0-4 at home to Burton). So absolutely no guarantees. Would we have seen players like Penny, Dawson, Thorinley breaking through without him giving them an opportunity? Definitely not. They would be still confined to the reserves. Yes - he made some shocking decisions, but we’re in a much better place now. He’s confined to the history books. Roll on next season with a proper manager.
  6. Think we will fall 3 or 4 games short. But to be even with a sniff of the playoffs which seemed a long, long way off when we lost at a freezing Swansea a week before Xmas (the lowest point of the season for me) is a huge achievement.
  7. Sell Reach for 5/6 million and bring in Aarons and Hector back on loan for the full season would do for me. Settle FFP and add those two. Sorted.
  8. I’m just glad it’s all over for another season. That pressure in the last 15 minutes... horrible. I said before last night that 4 points from the next 2 gives us a small chance of a late push, so beat derby on Saturday (although it’s a ground I’ve never seen us win) and who knows.
  9. I will be at work today in body only. My mind will be preoccupied with tonight’s game, so not a lot of work will be done! I am reyt nervous. I hate derby days.
  10. He has a really short time now to prove his fitness - he can’t afford anymore setbacks otherwise he will be released in my opinion. Time is ticking. I will leave it to Bruce to make a decision about him in the summer as I genuinely don’t have a clue what I would do.
  11. Usually 2nd phase on the second day. So Tuesday pm.
  12. I’m just sick to death of us hard working, loyal fans being asked YET again to put our hand in our pockets. We've been bent over time and time again - and accepted it, through nothing more than blind loyalty. Highest tickets in the league, most expensive ST’s, ridiculous pricing of merchandise etc and now this. Yet we accept it - through gritted teeth at times, all because of the club we love and want to do well. And then, amazingly, to cap it off, if my memory serves me correctly- I’m pretty sure DC said our money doesn’t cover practically anything at our football club. Cant wait to see how much ST’s are in the next month or so. An absolute shambles if you ask me.
  13. Makes no difference to FFP I don’t think, but aren’t Early bird Season tickets due for release very shortly? If Bannan, Reach, Westwood etc are all sold, we’re languishing in the bottom half and an embargo potentially looming surely he can’t/won’t put the prices up? I just cant see how us fans are yet again being asked to stump up more cash. We’ve done our bit and then some. When does it end ffs?!
  14. Lets be reyt - we aren't (or never have been) playoff contenders this season. The fact we wasted half of season is the reason for that. We will probably settle now in upper mid - table, 11/12th or so would be my guess come May. Who is here on the 1st Feb and next summer will be key. I suspect we are going to need to be ruthless - e.g Lee / Hooper etc.
  15. Two wins and two draws over Xmas / NY. Considering where we were - I would say that's a decent return. Rest a few of the first team next weekend - then go again! Hopefully might have a manager by then.
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