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  1. Good idea. When we went to Fulham last year, we were stopping over for the night, but you could drop your bag off at a school (basically a glorified cloak room around the corner from the ground), pick up a ticket and it collect it after the match. Could the club do something similar? Might only raise a few quid but could be helpful for people and particularly with away fans as well who are stopping over in Sheffield for the night?
  2. Happy 50th Kevin Pressman

    The sole reason why I support this football club. I have no ties to Sheffield, nor to indeed Yorkshire, but my dad (a Man City fan) introduced me to him when I was 7 years old in the Algarve. I'm 30 now. And somedays I curse the day I met him, but more often than not for days like Saturday, it was just meant to be.
  3. Owls 2 Villa 1 extended highlights

    I would if you can! Ps - cannot stop watching those goals. Absolutely sensational. Yesterday was class.
  4. Poppy badge with owl

    Yep - I got mine from eBay.
  5. Bannan

    Thats exactly what I mean! Thats how I remember how Lees scored as well. I appreciate sometimes there isn't much on and it can be quite congested in the midddle so he is probably left with no options, but it's frustrating, particularly with Hooper not being the tallest.
  6. Bannan

    Been our best player this season. Although that's not saying an awful lot, he is always the one trying to make things happen. Just needs to stop those annoying little 10 yard dinks into the box that Hooper can never control.
  7. Butterfield

    Thank the lord. Just not sure what he brings to our side and Butterfield looks the better replacement.
  8. Liam Palmer

    If only he could beat the first man when crossing! How many times did he get to the byline and fail to get it across!? Proper frustrating. Thought Palmer was left exposed a few times, but did well considering. Just pretty steady tonight. I still prefer Jack Hunt if truth be told.
  9. Butterfield

    I personally think he offers a lot more than say David Jones who you would argue plays a similar role. Think Butterfield will be suited a lot more away from home when we need to dig in and be a bit more physical. Could be a good replacement for Hutchinson until he is back for. Id still have kept Winnall - but Butterfield was good tonight.
  10. Tonight’s performance

    Thought Wednesday were ok tonight, should of taken more of our chances, particularly Rhodes headers and Fox's in the first half. But millwall were jammy with their equaliser and didn't create an awful amount. Bannan has been our stand out player for me all season and I thought he was good tonight. Just needs to stop those annoying little 10 yards dinks into the box. Honourable mention to Reach, Fox and delighted for Rhodes. Hopefully he will kick on like Hooper did and grab a few more. Solid enough tonight. Point at villa will do me.
  11. Loovens

    First time tonight where I've seen him look majorly suspect. No idea if he is fully fit, but deary me he has lost some pace. I know he never had any really in the first place, but that one chance in the 2nd half that Millwall had - he was so slow to react. We still look so shakey defensively and 2 clean sheets all season is shocking.
  12. We look absolutely shot

    Had to work today - and thanks to South Yorkshire Police moving kick off, I missed it. I'm almost appreciative of them. Ive gone past caring now. I'm going to Villa next week, mainly to have a few beers after doing Sober October. We're an absolute laughing stock and I just don't know if I should laugh or cry. An absolute shambles and I just can't wait until May already.
  13. I go to a lot of away games, but that on Saturday was some of the most intense searches I've ever had to endure. Not saying it's a bad thing at all - just a sign of the times I guess.
  14. I was genuinely surprised people managed to get smoke bombs into the ground considering the amount searches and security outside the ground. Must have been searched 3 times before even getting to the turnstiles and there was dog handler walking up and down the queues as well. Certainly not condoning it whatsoever mind. But seems a couple of fans have been arrested already.
  15. The Away end was toxic. Saw one of the fights break out at the back of the stands near me and another one the other side. Loads of people shouting at each other for not getting behind the team and it got quite aggressive at times. It was dreadful. Then I'm pretty sure (although not 100% certain) someone threw a smoke bomb and plastic pint glass into the home end at FT. Saturday was horrible.