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  1. trevdi9

    Surely bloody not!

    and me chuckin em out
  2. I want this to be steaming across the finishing line in glory not 6th,5th,fourth .third or second but at the top of the lot
  3. trevdi9

    Surely bloody not!

    I heard he was never the same player after his injury
  4. give over , they are herring gulls with tuxedo's on
  5. might have had a can of Red bull FFS
  6. same place as these probablyexcept the last one doesent work
  7. trevdi9

    George Hirst

    if he ends up at Leicester he will be in for a shock wage wise , my lads mate was on the verge of the first team wages =3 grand per week
  8. trevdi9

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    not the blooming farmers wife again
  9. England sums up Swfc we usually do all the build up right then never get there
  10. trevdi9

    #SWFC Vacancy

    I like his sister E CLARE
  11. trevdi9

    Bell of the season -Championship

    any that cheat get the accolade