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  1. we need some bugger who will go round the players and kick their arses out of bed at 2-30 pm on a match day an make sure they are awake for the 90 plus minit's to follow at kick off
  2. needs to find the reason why we do not turn up at home, it has happened under various managers so to blame Monk is a bit rich , too many players think that they can go out and be half arsed and do a job by the look of things and they are getting punished by it , be all and end all the players need a kick up the arse if needs be whether its a mental thing or a fitness thing it needs sorting quick ,being second to everything does not work ,Unless the other team implodes like Leeds last week ,
  3. He is the chairman of the holier than though brigade,therefore the sad git is commited to having a dig at those who can't get , but don't be to hard on him mate he can't help it ,
  4. being as he is a pensioner who doesent travel very well and lives in east Anglia and also the cost will hammer him , I do not think that would be feasible ,
  5. doubt any will sign until the window is nearly shut as they will all hang around for the best monetary option
  6. great player , fiery temperament , take that away and you get half the player ,On the incident he was a fool to himself ,sadly the gifted back then all had flaws , Cantana (M U standing by him saved him) ,Gazza , Best. all in some way Tried and some did ruin their lives to some degree, but whatever why can't we embrace the enjoyment He gave us, instead of banging on about what happened in the past .. rather him on the pitch now than some of out team tbh
  7. contact Dunsbyowl he looks into these things he could be of help bud
  8. having played rugby , I hate the game with a passion , 3 point's it is then
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