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  1. Hope we do not get stuck with the ******** up twins as our only option
  2. had to virtually beg them to come watch my lad , yet other clubs sent scouts out weekly
  3. we have an employment stall set up at the Halamshire hospital in the Orthopaedic unit ,
  4. mmmm are they not the team who have gone into admin a few times ,
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstreamja.com%2FR3XvM%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0jjZav2M9WQZpwRAf6uhaEBMaBQmVSp-lng5an_3CL7xaD2FwIpn8Qu8A&h=AT2Ryn8SI-gPu5jVgMGXRp4_zTTGFw3fR2N21ivtjIYgZ8EUFYkyY8F7Te30451V-fDrhJRkUWuk5NLE09HeEnvDzuP1aD94Aym1tkvxlLVdAVFZThi8wobeg4IMPlgPapN2ls0Tikw1jwpRECD9&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT37oUjC3L_empsgYZHKSxdZPFb-VS-IASoO_PLh23zTXd1URzfSsIaJepDPSi6XyPeA95Awv-nq35ftgXWuTq0xjLKfOJ_PPUO6cWQ2OqatABqLjrHBmATSyXXHQ1vh-gQTTuxCaTDRvVxGlaX7Olyui6ZiLGVxPC7csL2BchIc3dxAuTG1LJUGlQBnzw8r3N3CGQ3J1Jo
  6. football is a simple game but is often overcoached , But that said the game changed when playing for the love of the Game was lost and the Era of the big money was ushered in , And sadly that loss affects us all in one way or another
  7. velvet purse out of a pigs ear is not possible ,stick Glitter to a turd and it remains a turd , when i played if you didn't give 150% on matchday someone else got the shirt next game , doing your utmost on the pitch was a given ,this lot do not know what the word "UTMOST" means
  8. mmm can see the court cases being filed ASAP LOL
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