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  1. trevdi9

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    fed and pissed all in one go
  2. trevdi9

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    just heard we might be selling Fletcher to PIEathiniakos
  3. trevdi9

    Back from Lincoln

    A1 Newark Lincoln jobs a good un
  4. I had a panathinsausages earlier
  5. if it's on sky sports it will be on kodi probably sports devil
  6. trevdi9

    Ricky Moate Update

    ah thank you mate much appreciated
  7. trevdi9

    Ricky Moate Update

    i'm a bit old for these things what does it mean
  8. first half we played well and should have been 2/3 up if the truth be told the rest of the game apart from one or two bursts we were stagnant, sorry but we put it on a plate for Croatia sitting on a 1-0 very rarely works ,that said we will get better as the kids get a tad older if we keep them together , but that is for another year
  9. some of the backpasses were atrocious putting Pickford under to much pressure
  10. the kids did well to get there we had the chances to win it but blew it if I have learned anything in my 65 years watching and playing the game is take nothing for granted, fans media and uncle Tom cobley went way over the top ,Hopefully if the team and manager stay together then we can build on this and see it through the next time around , the biggest +of the tournament for me is that Southgate didn't take Rooney
  11. trevdi9

    Ricky Moate Update

    So happy for you Ricky , get in touch if you can with Realondonowl I know he has something to discuss with you mate ,but with you having the transplant he obviously couldn't get in touch with you earlier ;)
  12. well it keeps moving abaaart I aint seen it yet