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  1. This is exactly what we needed

    capitulation is not nice to watch at all ,and 30,000 + had to endure that yesterday a wednesday reject and an unknown kid ripped us to shreds ,Sorry but things have to change and change quick , if it takes a new head coach then so be it , the thing that hurts most is we can play and do the buisiness so why can't they be constant in doing so , in patches we can be brilliant yet then throw it all away in an instant and harping on about last season and the one before dosent cut it yes we climbed to the dizzy hieghts of the playoffs , and then what , we failed misserably by not turning up ,twice we did this and sorry but if that is the yardstick then it isn't a very powerfull one ,
  2. been reported as so on face book x
  3. taking the blame and appeasing the players mmmm WHY??? . if the players fecked up then they should get a rocket, and not cat foot around the issue ,30'0dd thousand fan's deserve better than that much better ,, would rather him play players who want to where the shirt rather than primadonnas who don't deserve to
  4. The CC Out Crew

    No arguments from me mate , i was peed off with Huddersfield and our big game capitulation
  5. The CC Out Crew

    carlos out is all over the facebook wednesday forums also , but keep flogging a dead horse
  6. the team is to complacent at times and sadly Carloss seems at a loss to change the mindset ,him taking the blame just appeazers how bad the players have performed , he is not a strong enough manager or (head coach) on that footing and big games pass him by ,people say well he finished in the play offs yep i accept that but sadly we failed misserably both times we never turned up . and in essence that is becoming the norm in just about every game we play it takes the team 45 damn minutes to warm up ,just as it did yesterday only they capitalised on the fact and took us apart , so he has to go sorry to say as otherwise DC ain't going to get the prem this year unless we have devine intervention
  7. Team for brum

    Van aken will come good my thoughts are he was shunted in to early ,needed time as a sub to adapt and get use'd the difference in football styles in the uk
  8. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    yes we have been rubbish before but those games are far gone , today was diabolical and gifting them a result like that when with we know the players are capable of so much better is a pathetic result , anyone neutral watching that performance today would think we were the lesser team and united were the ones who had challenged the play offs the last twice ,that's how bad it was
  9. Team for brum

    Pick 11 out of the crowd there will be more effort shown
  10. Woman stadium announcer

    she was annoying me and i were'nt there
  11. Jordan Rhodes

    as you get older you lose pace yes you do not lose your scoring skill or control if you get the right service when in the right place you will find the net , rhodes was never a lone frontman he is a poacher he has a poachers instinct play to his strengths and he will shine
  12. Calmed Down Thoughts

    Great post SD it had to be said
  13. First half tactics

    if tactics had included waking up and getting out of bed we may just have been at the races , but having a lie in like most weeks we were caught flat footed and on todays scenario on the pitch then promotion is a hell of a lot further away than we realize
  14. love that promotion shirt means hell of a lot to me