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  1. I had a triple leg break as a kid , told i wouldn't play again retired at 56 and even turned out at 60 for owlstalk against owls online ,point is if they want it bad enough they will get back to what they were
  2. why should he though it was his choice not to take it , different players do different things ,taking penalties is a different situation than say a one on one or taking a shot in a split second , who knows what was going on in his mind , the point is as i said above if he did not want to take one so be it ,but to use it as a stick to beat him with what does that prove other than he does not like taking penalties , , football consists of many aspects in the game ,you have those who love taking penalties and those that don't , he doesent , whether it is that a penalty gives you time to think about where to place the shot ,or whatever else that is something for him to figure out ,but it was way back so why do people worry ,it's not as if he gets much game time to refuse another is it
  3. I don't doubt it sweet love and hugs 💝
  4. we could have had both at the same time during Megsons spell ,
  5. I never knew any of this Tinks thank god you fought through glad you are home , god bless you girl take your time and get back to fighting fit , loads of love from myself and Di our heart is with you xx
  6. I never wanted to take penalties as a centre forward either, some players do not feel comfortable taking penalties , but lets turn it around what if he had taken it and missed because he wasn't confident , He would be slaughtered on here , fact is the player is damned if he does and damned if he doesent
  7. yep we do cause that is how bad we have come
  8. passing w ill be good they can't see each other in the normal kit , So a cammo kit they have no chance
  9. orrible waste last season
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