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  1. we can only guess what went on but the three best managers (Inclusive of Bruce) with Gray and Carlos , got the best out of him , monk and Jos didn't apparently , but no matter sad to have lost him as a player but we move on, to places yet to be seen
  2. she's Steves double , and jumps fences on motorbikes
  3. great idea Daz owlstalk are usually very good at these things ,must be many oldies that are suffering around Sheffield that need help ,this self isolation is no easy task especially when essentials or medication are needed and you are tied to the house , could do food parcels by donation via the new trust or even the remnants of wednesdayite just a thought but perhaps the logistics of such an idea would be too big ,
  4. thinks he is Bruce Lee ,,,,,,,,,,,,HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYE YA
  5. then why would Monk say that we need players like Da Cruz
  6. Did not wednesdayite try to do this and end up hated by some just because they were called wednesdayite LOL , taken from owlsonline back in the day , tbh I can't see it working there are too many differing views on things about the why's and wherefores on anything Wednesday related,and the share issue If it ever came about I can't see DC going for that if it ever raised it's head those days are long gone and lets face it if it come to selling we would be back at square one going down that route and could be construed as a kick in the teeth for the original shareholder fans who let the shares go for the sake of the club ,
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