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  1. contact Dunsbyowl he looks into these things he could be of help bud
  2. having played rugby , I hate the game with a passion , 3 point's it is then
  3. that was deliberate the trajectory of his arm needen;t have gone there he knew what he was doing
  4. I am going with three mates we just got a barcode of Owkstalk , get in .lol
  5. no matter what would happen Ref's are a protected species form grassroots up they very rarely get challenged on their decisions , and on the rare occasions that they do then the punishment rarely fits the crime
  6. He has the shirt and Lees will have to win it back could be the end to complacency we sometimes see , makes for an interesting spell to come I feel
  7. you could say that about any of our players if the truth be told
  8. according to that with a bit of luck we could have easy trebled our goal
  9. make them leave the field, give them 5 mins recovery time if there is no show then bring the sub on that will make the shysters think twice and I daresay the managers would take notice of the cheats ,you can't be too carful over head injuries because one day the injury might be true and the ref ignore's it
  10. I nearly lost the Mrs late last week , nowt much worse than that but it didn't make me hate the world or make an idiot of myself ,
  11. Reckon he needs a spell on the side lines with Banan there also as their places have been cemented in the side barring injury and complacency could have set in , A spell on the bench could be just what's needed to kick start what we know they are capable of ,
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