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  1. trevdi9

    Kop children

    he was the milkman running late
  2. my thought's are the first season he did great up until Wembley, second season he nearly destroyed the team ,I can't even think of anytime that we have had so many injuries and bringing them back before they are fully fit can lead to big complications which in some cases it did ala Kieren lee and to a lesser extent Hooper I think And add that to the dismissal of bringing the youngsters through and using his pals no matter what gave us a partly abysmal season ,So sorry he had to go even though we scraped the playoffs and blew it again
  3. trevdi9

    Well this is awkward

    well obviously the woman gave a throw or she wouldn't be doing it
  4. on the market ,what's he selling
  5. apparently he has nice teeth seriously though I feel their is a good player in there skill wise
  6. trevdi9

    Rowetts right.

    sorted mate won't cost you owt it's in my mates front garden just up from Golden sands you can even have meals on wheels , He owns a wheelbarrow
  7. same here mate was like listening to Rob Static if I could hear it at all
  8. trevdi9

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    yep that would give us as MOUNTAIN of debt
  9. trevdi9

    Bronco Layne

    He was Wolfie was spot on
  10. trevdi9

    Sean Clare

    he got there and threw it away ,that's where he is at present ,good luck to him if he resurects things for himself but there are many young kids out there who would jump at the chance he had, and that is what pee's me off with those like him who think they can run before they can walk
  11. if he had longer studs he wouldn't have had to stretch the full 6 inches
  12. trevdi9

    Best boss?

    from what I heard Megson wanted both Marshall and Antonio and MM said no that is when the profanity from Megson happen'd that said no one knows the why's and wherefores of the situation or the same whether Megson could get us promoted or not so I believe that is a mute situation ,and as for Dave Jones , Ryan Lowe stated that all he did was let the team play with freedom well that is fair enough because it worked ,there was no magic formula It was Megsons team that largely got us promoted,so i'm going for Megson , And if true what other manager we have had chased a player to the airport halted his departure and got him to sign for us ,