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  1. gonna keep abreast of this one
  2. bump , great thread and great initiative by opening it up to owlstalkers will give the disabled amongst us a chance to partake in and be a part of something good
  3. Mauled by a Minority

    doing the job he was bought in for at the moment ,thing is how long will it last , tbh would keep him as a squad player for effort and if we can't get better
  4. Saturday.

    if the mrs is well enough and her daughter turns up will be off to watch the lad
  5. should have kept him on in some capacity at the club for that point alone , a happy dressing room breeds dividends
  6. mmmm the word procurement sounds a bit risky to me ,can't the players pull their own women
  7. Wherever I lay my hat ,currently Mablethorpe