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  1. trevdi9

    clive betts

    spot on how did you guess ,
  2. trevdi9

    clive betts

    you would
  3. trevdi9

    Scouting policy

    if the scouting is anything like when they came for my lad where they sent methusala out to watch him who was adamant he had watched my lad play before ( which he hadn't ) but still persisted to base his performance on that passed game
  4. did I mention Friday don't think i did I meant in general but if you wish to think only Friday counts then so be it
  5. trevdi9

    The Big Issue.

    Sadly Wednesday at the moment remind me of my lad, one of the best footballers I have ever seen yet no ambition , no drive, is more content to sit back and play tippy tappy with his mates which is I feel where Wednesday are at the moment we have the wherewithall to do well if he(Chanciri ) would involve someone who knows what he is doing yet we keep getting ballsed up in one way or another because he won't and it goes on and on the same old same old, and then people on here are insulted for daring to have an opinion in some threads so probably stay quiet on saying there bit but that said I doubt anyone is really happy at the situation we are in or we wouldn't be over the moon at taking a point at the sty yet being hammered to oblivion ,
  6. what's so wrong with wanting the team to do better than they are doing when we have players that can do better and have proved it ,not much to ask is it when fans are paying a good lump of their wages every week to see turgid football cause the team can't be arsed, or the manager isn't doing his job ,whatever the cause it needs sorting or we will end up being irvinesque and dare not pick a team without fear of losing no matter who we play
  7. but we are not allowed pens it is written in the ref's association hand book rule 397 paragraph 4
  8. try krackers knackers our lass says it's a very succulent tipple
  9. Rhodes is a poacher we rarely used him that way if at at all played properly his goal tally would have been decent , a one up front player he ain't but there you go
  10. that's what I meant Tinks x
  11. Boyd was a decent player before he came here though And daft as it were so was Abdi by all accounts so where did it go wrong