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  1. Big Jacks maggot

    We all hate L**ds scum

    Its actually sung by Rangers fans to Celtic and says, 'fizz the pope and the IRA'
  2. Kieran Lee (marine boy for our younger audience!)
  3. Big Jacks maggot

    Jon Shaw

    Loved his mother Sandie; feet stunk though.
  4. Big Jacks maggot

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I go in home ends. Very easy to register on their web sites and order tickets.
  5. Big Jacks maggot

    Chelsea Away

    Was on the kop. L**ds stuffed us for 85 mins.
  6. Big Jacks maggot

    Sheffield Wednesday Playlist

    Blow me....voted down. Please vote up 6 times to get me to zero. TIA
  7. Big Jacks maggot

    Sheffield Wednesday Playlist

  8. Big Jacks maggot

    Dylan Kerr

    I know his other brother Jim
  9. Big Jacks maggot

    Sean Clare

    Think he is in London getting specialist treatment for an injury (Isokinetic). Deffo free agent.
  10. Big Jacks maggot

    Memories of this guy

    Doh! just seen earlier post who agrees with me
  11. Big Jacks maggot

    Memories of this guy

    Don't remember Hodge and Mirocevic ever playing together???
  12. 2018-19 Match Ticket Prices Match-to-match ticket prices for the 2018-19 season will be as follows: Match Category A B C D E F Match Category Adults Over 65s Under 18s Under 11s Under 5s A £30 £15 £10 £5 £2 B £28 £15 £10 £5 £2 C £25 £15 £10 £5 £2 D £23 £15 £10 £5 £2 E £20 £15 £10 £5 £2 F £15 £15 £10 £5 £2 2018-19 SEASON CARDS! 2018-19 Season Cards remain on sale and are priced from just £279 (£12.13 a game) for adults and from as little as £23 (£1 per game) for juniors. PAY MONTHLY: We also have a pay monthly option on 2018-19 season – find out more here More information on 2018-19 season cards can be found by [clicking here]. https://www.wiganathletic.com/tickets/ticket-news/
  13. Big Jacks maggot

    foundation membership

    Unfortunately season ticket is not an option this year. Would like to know if anyone on owlstalk has foundation membership and what views you have towards it, i.e. privileges (if any) etc.
  14. Big Jacks maggot

    Looking for 1 Hull ticket

    We registered with Hull City and bought 2 home tickets no problem. Sooner be with the massive of course but beggars can't be choosers!