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  1. Away from the disaster of a game yesterday, has anyone else noticed the price hike at the Chinese chippy on the corner. Same meal as Donny game cost approx £2.50 more. Some increase that.
  2. I was in home end unfortunately (hate priority point system) Wednesday fans were loud until first goal went in. Players were poor on the field with no stand out performance. Was hoping never see big Dave in a Wednesday shirt again. Left when 3rd went in so at least I missed the queues. Overall view.....must try harder.
  3. I was drinking in a pub in Holloway....think it was called the Holloway inn....can't remember. Someone put Bananarama nah nah nah nah on duke box and the place irrupted, Wednesday fans singing and standing on the bar waving flags, then the place got smashed up a bit and we left. Remember a guy stood on the pool table with his trousers round his ankles seemed to be conducting the fans!.....first time I heard the 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana song.
  4. 30k Wednesday fans, 25k Brighton fans. I stood on the Northbank. Remember going in a pub in Holloway. We were stood outside pub clapping Wednesday coaches coming in and waving at Arsenal coaches going out. Pub got smashed up a bit!
  5. Was at Hillsborough. Mi big bro went to Leicester for first game.
  6. last year at Hull there were 2 or 3 fans near us that the stewards let in the away end, but we were fine where we were anyway.
  7. last year just to the left of the away end.....this year just to the right. No problem what so ever, just sit on your hands.
  8. Get in the home end......thats where me plus 1 will be.....same as last season
  9. Its actually sung by Rangers fans to Celtic and says, 'fizz the pope and the IRA'
  10. I go in home ends. Very easy to register on their web sites and order tickets.
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