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  1. On a separate note what has been the outcome of our complaint to the PL about Newcastle? Have i missed it?
  2. Not from what i've seen he isn't. Sad state of affairs if he is KEY given the number of games he will miss.
  3. I agree apart from I'd have Lee instead of Hutch. Hutch offers nothing apart from the Headless chicken impression. Loved as he is on here he contributes very little.
  4. And shudder to think we paid 2m for JVA
  5. They purr over Leeds and Fulham. Everyone else they don’t really give a throw. Who cares
  6. Said last week, money talks. Only one reason he’s gone there
  7. I see Murphy is the latest whipping boy At least Fox and Dave can have a rest
  8. Came across well. Hopefully we can get him the staff he needs/wants and then it's game on. Good to have a manager who speaks well and he seems a very honest and hard working bloke.
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