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  1. This season has been positive

    Positives out of this season for me.. CC gone Youth had been given a chance Joao stepped up Nuhui has goals in him Thats all I can muster
  2. Five wins in seven games

    Before we scored the first Jeff stelling actually said we weren’t assured of safety?? Muppets on sky
  3. Season Ticket question

  4. Hi, question I didn't renew because the lad is going to Uni in sept and as we live 100 miles from the ground i didn't want to travel over by myself every week. My circumstances have changed somewhat and actually now the daughter has got the bug (she actually fancies Pelupessy...) Whilst i know i've missed early bird can i still stay in my seats or is it now a free for all?
  5. Time for an Experiment?

    We have to try against reading as they are still in the mire Wolves and Norwich are dead rubbers
  6. Manager

    Can you drive though?
  7. Player of the Season?

    This thread shows just what a cluster f u c k this season has been
  8. Venancio & Lees

    An Anthony Gardner type
  9. Wilson and McBurnie

    He’d join us and suddenly become crap Thats how it works isn’t it!
  10. Safe at last

    Nuhui has been pivotal in ensuring we retained our championship status FACT
  11. Mathematically safe now

    I will though Don’t give a throw about it!
  12. Mathematically safe now

    The 150 debacle is nearly over Sunshine, beer, cricket and golf all the way Thank f u c k it’s over and we are still in the division
  13. Blunt at QPR

    Was it Geoffrey?
  14. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Hopefully we will stop doing both