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  1. I judge him on every outing I’ve seen. Lazy and virtually non existent
  2. I don't really care what it looks like from the outside. From inside the north is a magnificent stand, the kop, of course i'd lose the pillars but it's still an impressive sight. Agree on facilities. As with all our commercial business, they are a shambles.
  3. Have to agree with that. Rhodes lost me at that dreadful Bolton away game a couple of years ago. He had two pinpoint crosses to attack for certain goals and he bottled both. Didn't want to put his head where it might hurt. Showed a complete lack of desire and commitment. Left me fuming.
  4. The only thing that’s shabby is the west stand
  5. Gayle does it most of the time. Of course the example you posted of FF was poor. Like having a weed addict and a heroin addict. Both are addicted to drugs but i'd suggest one is viewed significantly different to the other.
  6. Forestieri is not in the same league when it comes to diving and cheating. FF has lots to do to prove himself again for me. He's been a passenger for way too long and has let himself and the fans down too many times.
  7. Yeah true but i was thinking more a goalscoring gem. Just didn't put that in my post!
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