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  1. Worse apart from hopefully the next candidate won’t be a turdfaced, lying, 2 timing, fat, bentnosed, cabbage faced, Mrs doubtfire lookalike, 2 hat
  2. Bullen and gray may not be a bad shout As such
  3. We must have otherwise he’s not allowed to sign up for them?
  4. Hope so I’m so tempted to cancel my sky subscription... but I’d miss the cricket and box sets!
  5. I have a good gut feeling about our current situation For some reason this whole thing has galvanised the fans, DC and hopefully the players. I’m more proud to be an owl tonight
  6. He can’t takeover at toon until we accept his resignation Which will only happen once they have coughed up compo
  7. Exactly He wants to go. Up to clubs now if they can compromise
  8. Here’s mine. Dear Steve, I f you would rather not be manager of Sheffield Wednesday then do us a favour and F u c k off regards
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