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  1. Where Carlos lost it for me was - Not finding what needed after the hull defeat - the inept tactical strategy against Hudds - The blasé attitude towards the derbies - His handling of injured players
  2. Not really Just what I see out on the pitch Doesnt look a whole lot better. Lets see where we are in May For the record I’m no Carlos fan.
  3. We don’t look any different now to Carlos last season. Don’t think you can blame him for that. He did well, then it turned sour. Hardly a new concept for us is it
  4. The player who rolled about like a giant flange should be retrospectively banned
  5. Gartside wasn’t in favour of PL2. He wanted to end relegation 2 different things
  6. All this because of Gibson IMO Terrible waste of time and money
  7. All clubs should just start spending what they like.. what are the EFL going to do? Relegate everyone? Deduct 12 points from every team? The number of clubs under investigation now means this is starting to bubble up and something has to be done. PL 2 get's my vote
  8. I think we'll sell double the amount of these Vs the 1867 tickets. So that'll be 2
  9. Dear Nico/Alan Fuckoff Kind regards Sheffield Wednesday
  10. Are you back in the UK yet or still hiding under a bush?
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