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  1. How did you rate the players

    Agree except nuhui and Fox. Nuhui does a few things ok but he’s way out of his depth and doesn’t win nearly enough headers for his size. Fox is just an awful player. Slow, nesh, poor in the air, poor positioning sense.
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I’m not usually one to berate refs but that was an astonishingly bad display. Worst ive ever seen
  3. Decent by his standards which are pretty low from what I’ve seen.
  4. Controversial..

    If Carlos was in charge we’d never have been in front. I wouldn’t say it was a clusterfuck but we could have defended the first better and the 2nd was nuhui giving the ball away
  5. Sean Clare

    Very talented lad MOM by a country mile
  6. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Owt but the one we've got now.. This seasons kit will forever be linked to the abomination that has been our 150th anniversary
  7. League one football

    Peter Shilton letting one in from 40 yards...tw@
  8. Feel sorry for jos. What an absolute crock of sh/t he’s been given to work with.
  9. It's all part of the game mate..we all know Neil swings more than someone who swings a lot...it's just a forum...
  10. League one football

    Why do you think that?
  11. League one football

    That's what i think.. Our GD could be key factor. Personally think we need another 9 or 10 points
  12. Is Lucas Joao injured?

    I think he's unfit rather than injured..