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  1. wouldn't surprise anyone
  2. Dean Smith for me. But it won’t happen with DC in charge Att will choose our next manager
  3. Recruitment

    If JVA was the best of the bunch then not very long. Did you see the defensive marking for the 2nd goal yesterday? Couldn’t believe my eyes
  4. Recruitment

    Carlos said it. So must be true... As for the he 4m i’m only quoting what I’ve read
  5. Awful Conditioning

    100% right Pre-season is supposed to be a mare for players. For us it was a holiday with friendlies against L2 opposites. We have looked miles off the pace all season
  6. Recruitment

    Club captain he was, hardly a kid! Add Buckley, mcmanamanamanaman, abdi, urby rides again, winnall and the rest
  7. Is our season over already?

    It was over after the Bolton fiasco for me. Both on and off the pitch
  8. Recruitment

    We looked at 200 centre backs in 12 months. Then decided JVA was the pick of the bunch and paid 4m for him. I’d love an explanation for that one
  9. Christ I’ve seen it all Pot calling kettle in the extreme
  10. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    How does a boardroom make a decision? Do we have the cleverest boardroom on the planet? Is our boardroom blessed with AI? Intrigued

    John Pearson?
  12. Player Ratings

    Are they all minus scores?...
  13. The Fans are to blame.

    Most definitely
  14. He may get the message when there is a disastrous take up of early bird season tickets. Other than that I think CC will walk at the end of the season. When we are in L1
  15. Chansiri is as clueless as Carlos. He’s proving it admirably at the moment.