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  1. #boycottthekit

    This whole saga is a reflection of the way the club is being run i'm afraid. And we aren't alone. Football fans are just being taken for granted left right and centre. We are paying customers? Problem is the clubs know we are a captive audience because we are loyal. If Tesco let me down i just go and shop in sainsbury. Calling for a Geoffrey is just silly. It's down to personal choice.
  2. Jva needs to get on the gym. Madine brushed him off the ball easiky on sat. Also at 6'6 he's not very commanding in the air? Work in progress. Loovens starts every time if fit
  3. The one whose captain we just signed and can't even get in the u23's
  4. Ask your next customer...
  5. I blame myself for last week.. enough honey was not drizzled in the pre match soup. The opposites clearly ate well before the game. Maybe fish maybe potato perhaps even both with batter round them..
  6. Our USA USA chant to John Harkes appears to have caught on in the ryder cup....
  7. I'm normally quite a reserved character and not one for flouncing at games but i have to say i completely lost it at the end of the game saturday. Whether i was still wound up from the non penalty decision i'm not sure but i've never been as livid as that after a football match. I feel a bit ashamed tbh because it's just a football match but enough is enough. I've already decided i won't be splashing another £1000 on 2 season tickets next year. First time in 12 years since the lad was 5. 12 years of 200 mile round trips in the vain hope we might turn something round. it's the hope that finally kills you! If I'm going to feel as angry as that after a football match then it's time to walk away for me.
  8. Carlos pre Bolton appeared to know exactly how Bolton would play, they would be scrapping for their lives. We come out seemingly totally unprepared for that type of match. He seems to know what's coming yet still can;t set us up accordingly.
  9. There are a lot of dart flights in that truck..
  10. Why did we buy Fox? Baffling
  11. After watching Ameobi skin him on numerous occasions it doesn't say much about all the other left backs.
  12. Matt Penney - goals

    Leave him where he is until we get a manager who can manage No point ruining him along with all the others
  13. Matias / Boyd

    More the waste