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  1. sweetsheri

    Chelsea Allocation

    I'm on a plane Land at 6.30pm
  2. The mind boggles maybe they are going on the end of last season when he was playing for a new contract
  3. Exactly. It's Wednesday we are talking about!
  4. I totally disagree. We have everything to play for. Survival
  5. I think the bookies are right. It's the type of game where our wet lettuce set of players get rolled over.
  6. sweetsheri

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Local A&E on standby
  7. sweetsheri

    How are we feeling ?

    I think most of us realised that back in August mate. Like i've said before, the sooner we get to 50 points this season the better
  8. sweetsheri

    Agnew on recruitment

    What’s up with onomah? Does he have a slight groin injury that = 10 years out?
  9. sweetsheri

    Joao, Hutch, Bannan injury update

    I've heard it's going to be 14 days, a fortnight or 2 weeks.
  10. We need another steven around the place...It's the new Johnson
  11. Brooks is better than Reach from what i've seen. Although be interesting to see Reach when he's got better players around him like Brooks has now.
  12. sweetsheri


    Some good courses over there too
  13. Surely must be. Sadly