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  1. sweetsheri

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Roger Wylde?
  2. Thanks for reminding me of the most inept, one sided, unprofessional performance I have ever witnessed by an official
  3. sweetsheri

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Kieran Lee looking good in retirement...
  4. agree, there's was a spozzy goal too and FF should have scored in extra time. However, if we'd matched them for fitness we'd have smashed em. No doubt
  5. sweetsheri

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    Westwood, ff, Bannan, lees, hutch...
  6. sweetsheri

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    We won’t be weaker on paper or grass now we have the long term injured back.
  7. sweetsheri

    Getting the best out of FF

    Issues with injury? Understatement of the century so far. Yes he’s a good player but his reckless style means he’ll probably miss 75% of the season. We know this before it even starts
  8. sweetsheri

    Getting the best out of FF

    I'd swap Hutch for Joey and find a decent CB for JVA Otherwise looks good
  9. sweetsheri

    Getting the best out of FF

    Spot on. Hooper has been injured since boxing day. No way can he be relied on to play a full season. Fletcher will be gone.
  10. sweetsheri

    Elev8 done it again

    Come off it FFS, Commercially the club is a joke
  11. Fletcher above nuhui and Joao?
  12. If you’d asked England to win World Cup or Wednesday win the championship next year I’d go with the latter every time.. Not for 3 points though
  13. sweetsheri

    Jack Hunt statistics

    Also how many did we concede from failing to stop a cross...plenty i bet
  14. sweetsheri

    Sean Clare

    I'm surprised him and George didn't make the England world cup squad?