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  1. I wrote him off after the abysmal Bolton game 2 years ago where we capitulated to a team that had gone 58 years without a home win Dont mind admitting it But apparently I am thick so that’s my excuse
  2. Has forest manager been sacked? Usually happens when we dish out a drubbing
  3. Stonking performance from Rhodes Lads confidence will be sky high now
  4. It’s just all so predictable Getting boring now
  5. Is it something you take your car for every 12 months?
  6. Bony and Borner in the same team...
  7. I expected it Brentford are everything we aren’t
  8. Losing 7m is a good result compared to us and probably all the others..
  9. Pot the reds and screw back for the yellow green brown blue pink and black Snooker loopy nuts are we
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