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  1. They've already banked a play off spot from the nations league so doesn;t really matter Except it's a good laugh for everyone not scottish
  2. I can't see a negative side to Hooper coming back available for the last 8 games. We are a stronger squad with him in it. As for his contract then that's a different matter. For me, if he proves he's fit, then it's a contract on much reduced terms. Take it or leave it.
  3. Points deduction is meaningless this season as they are down already. Needs to start from next season Hope they survive though as they are a proper traditional club.
  4. Tough run in but in this league who knows. I’m just delighted we’ve stayed up because if we hadn’t made the change we’d be doomed
  5. Break coming at a good time. Should have FF, fletch, hutch and hooper to choose from at stoke
  6. Couldn’t make it up when it comes to us and injuries
  7. We’ve got ice baths, what more’s tha want? Mind it’s only cos the boilers broke
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