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  1. The corners Joey took at Blackburn this season made Potters look like a thing of genius
  2. The majority of clubs won't give a rats ass if the season finishes or not. The majority of fans won't either. This is all about the minority of both who have something to lose. The decision must be what's best for the majority. BTW i'm in the rats ass camp. And not just about this season but football and footballers in general.
  3. Why? MP's get what £60k a year? Half a weeks wage for a prem player
  4. Football isn't it Look at Spurs today. What's the weekly wage of that squad? £20m? And the club are taking taxpayers money to pay the cleaners and the like. Disgusting
  5. Taking getting value for money to the extreme of outer space that
  6. I'd give up some of my salary if it meant one of our cleaners got the full pittance of a salary she gets. Be glad to. In fact I've offered. Would cost me about £600 over 3 months. You read that our players have put in £20k to a fund?... What is the weekly wage of our first team squad of 18? 3? 4 hundred grand? Pathetic
  7. What choice does he have sack them?
  8. You've posted crap in the wrong thread. Well done. Some achievement that!
  9. Won’t take years And pretty soon existing medicine will be proved effective. To some extent. I agree however that the season should end now. What scares me is the mental fallout of all this. Homes destroyed, businesses destroyed. It will be too much to bear for a lot of people
  10. " We're going to pay you £50k a month for the next 4 months and then you'll get the balance back a bit later, OK?" What a dilemma that is. Not even a choice is it? Why are they "asking"? Just tell them. This is what you're going to get. There are some great stories out there, like Pep donating 1m euro to a spanish hospital, Neville and giggs hotel being opened up to the NHS staff and many more BUT these are the tip of a massive iceberg. The wake up call for football is coming. Most of us can see it and it won't be long
  11. Puma king moulded Stylo matchmakers The Nike ones with Nike written on the heel Adidas beckenbauer with green stripes
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