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  1. Given that we play a different team and formation every game pretty sure DM would have issues getting all the names right
  2. I'd love to know what he says to the at half time. Probably just "we go again"
  3. Its football culture and it's pathetic. Grown men who can't see that the referee is a kid trying to gain experience in a very difficult and challenging role. Sometimes I dream of watching my son out there on the pitch. Other times I hope he never goes near one.
  4. Nice. Thanks for that. Haven't seen the game or any highlights so that was an insightful summary
  5. Isn't Jaden Brown the one we've numerous threads about lately demanding that he starts because we're far better when he's in the team? Moore has been criticized for not including him for a good few weeks. It's the first time I've seen people slating him. Is it a one off bad game or have I missed something? Genuine question btw
  6. To be fair, most of the fans need therapy after the years of watching this lot
  7. Think this is the problem. If it was a case the football was dire but we were water tight and a one goal lead was enough it wouldn't be enjoyable but it would be acceptable. At the moment, were just awful in every department
  8. I got a bird mixed up with a fox once. Tbf I was absolutely plastered but it was still very awkward
  9. Awful news. Hoping he makes a quick recovery. Very talented lad indeed.
  10. I only realised England were playing because someone posted a comment on twitter about grealish being subbed
  11. I don't understand where people got this idea from that we'd be playing beautiful football. League one is about getting results and that's it. Moore's record so far has turned any trees up but it's also not disastrous. He shouldn't be under fire at this stage and circumstances
  12. Why would Steve Bruce go from managing Newcastle in the Premier League to managing Sheffield Wednesday in League One? I think Steve Bruce is a bit optimistic tbh
  13. Before I send congratulations can I ask how many levels there are?
  14. GOAT (over the past 20 years for anyway)
  15. No doubt they'll go back to United with an improved understanding of how to play left back
  16. I wish I'd purposed instead of making the mistake of proposing
  17. Not really fair when quite a lot of people in hospital are there despite having both jabs. It's not a guarantee, it's a reduced risk
  18. It's about weighing up and balancing risk. The risk to your kids is absolutely miniscule, it's practically zero. The same level of risk applies to them suffering dangerous side effects of having the jab. Until one massively outweighs the other I'd suggest doing nothing.
  19. I've had both jabs but I would be appalled if the club (or any club for that matter) implemented a mandate that discriminated against people who don't want it. It's their choice if they want it or not. You can protect yourself so it's pretty simple really. If it was proved that jabs stopped you getting covid and eliminated transmission I'd probably feel slightly different in that I'd see people who refuse as being selfish BUT thats not the case so it's not worth arguing over.
  20. Kind of the point when it comes to hypothetical questions
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