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  1. Well I'm happy to sit in dream world then. I think before his injuries he could have easily played at Premier League level. That's very different to saying he'd get in to most PL midfields though. Glenn Whelan is mentioned on here a fair bit to be honest and there were people debating a chance to re-sign him upon leaving villa. He's always been highly regarded by most wednesday fans
  2. Best player to wear the shirt since Waddle. Will remain my profile picture until we get someone else who comes close. Expecting it to remain for a long time
  3. This is wednesday mate. We'll smash Brentford ,3-0 with 10 men draw at Luton and then lose to Wycombe and Rotherham
  4. Van the man. Simply for that block which was so vital
  5. Great result. I assume both strikers get dropped next game as punishment for not scoring though?
  6. At our prices isn't that who Hillsborough is for these days?
  7. Experience has proven that even when a partnership does form Monk is very quick to tear it apart
  8. Was thinking this myself. Whilst I agree with the old cliche that there are no easy games or dead cert 3 pointers in the championship our next 6-7 games really are our chance to get rid of this minus points and get moving up wards
  9. Definitely Antonio. Losing Ben Marshall derailed us and we slumped. Megson lost his job as a result but just before leaving got Antonio in to get us promoted making Dave Jones look like a good manager.
  10. Windass and Rhodes. Was that the one where we got 4pts from 6 in the opening 2 games? Pleased Monk broke that partnership up quickly to get us back on the form we had last season.
  11. Someone might need to explain the comedy sketch to me. Mark obviously cant stop peeing himself about it but is it one of those jokes couples have between themselves and then forget it doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else?
  12. For me an International break is the same as the been no football on at all. Il have a look at the England result and laugh at the Scotland one. that's how far my interest goes tbh
  13. He's been doing his training over Zoom for years
  14. They've been playing with additional limbs for years and nobody complained about that
  15. Not jealous. Not one bit. Rubbish manager. Always said it. Pleased we have Garry Monk.
  16. Garry Monk leaving for the soon to be vacant man utd job?
  17. I think most people are just annoyed that we chucked it away last kick of the game to be honest
  18. Windass didnt score today and neither did Patterson. By Gary Monks management both should be dropped for the next match as punishment as it seems to be the case for JR
  19. As I keep saying. Spending money has never been a problem. Opening his wallet has always been something he has seemed very capable of doing. Unfortunately it's everything else where it's been a disaster
  20. All the Real Madrid ones told us to shove it
  21. I actually forgot he was on the pitch
  22. Brian Laws answered why. Bristol City have both of their main CBs injured and were using a make-shift defence which was slow. Monk went went for as much pace up front as he could to take advantage. Rhodes will be back
  23. Personally, I thought his performance summed up the team performance. Good in the first half Shyte in the second
  24. To be fair to Carlos he brought him over here and he was totally inexperienced in English football or this level. Hes had a fair few seasons to progress and gain that experience now so I don't think its necessarily a failure of Carlos
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