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  1. Monk is intelligent enough to know that the average football fan is a moron.
  2. All week we've talking about dawson and signing him up long term. He was rubbish yesterday. So in that case let's get rid. He's not up this level. Needs to go to league 2. Waste of a pair of gloves blah blah blah. Utter nonsense post. But as expected I suppose
  3. If you cannot cannot something does that mean that you can?
  4. Slam dunk da Monk A put it up If ya got that feelin Slam dunk da Monk
  5. Fox is one of those where you could use the old argument of "we need better if we are serious of challenging for top 2" On the flip side you ask who then? Who could we get who's available within our budget and is better than Fox. I can't think of any New deal should be offered for me whilst also looking for some good competition for him to keep him on his toes. Real question is would he want to stay?
  6. Ah FFS I thought we'd been promoted for a second and I hadn't noticed.
  7. I get sick of highlight videos. They really don't prove anything about a player. They are complete nonsense and hold no ground whatsoever. So stop looking at them and grow up! What's his FIFA 20 rating though?
  8. I know it's not the point youre making but when you buy a million pound house you can pretty much guarantee it will be worth more than that in 10 years time allowing you to make a profit on your investment. Buy a 10 year season ticket for Sheffield Wednesday and all you have in 10 years is the option to buy another to watch another 10 years of championship football
  9. Despite "I'm lost for words" I'm lost for words
  10. We can't win at home cos we're everyone's cup final. All these little clubs come to s6 and raise their game and time waste. That's why we're rubbish at home. That's right isn't it? Any l**ds fans around here to check with?
  11. It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that as soon as you play our best player we improve massively.
  12. Number of people have commented on our time wasting but at the end of the day that shouldn't stop the European Champions beating a small club like Sheffield Wednesday
  13. What a strange thing to come out and say. So I assume they only raise their game against sides bigger than us then? How many of those are there in the championship?
  14. Prefer Mike Bassett England Manager
  15. For the prices we pay it should be arranged by the club
  16. I was going to post an outrageously funny joke that the match had been postponed due to an electrical fault found in the away dressing room. But then realised that the game was at the DW stadium so I'm pleased I didn't bother posting it.
  17. I always remember the statement the Leeds owner made about FF when he's signed for us. Something along the lines of "he didn't fit the culture or leeds utd" and that's why they didn't sign him and he came to us. I've always believed that since FF's second season. FF issue isn't fitness, it's his over inflated ego. In the first season he was the main man, the ultimate fans favourite. We were below average without him. I'd assume he was our highest earner aswell which is obviously very important to him. In the second season we brought in new faces like Fletcher which toppled FF from his throne and he didn't like it. Hence the refusing to get on the bus and resulting new deal for him. But he never recovered and couldn't handle the competition. He has no heart despite that little hand signal he makes all the time. He's been finished for me for about 3 seasons now
  18. I've just had a brilliant idea. Kids cost £5 and all you do is drop them off. They get a seat in the lower leapings lane stand and get looked after by David Bates. It's a kind of swfc crèche.
  19. The cost of tickets is a factor for me. The prices are ridiculous. It's not so much that I can't afford it, it's more that I just don't think it's worth the money. I can't justify spending 35-40 quid plus the cost of driving up from Leicester to go. I have a young family and I work all week. It's not easy for me to tell the missus I'm working all week and then I'll disappear for most of Saturday while she had to entertain two young children on her own. It's not worth the money, time or hassle it would cause me at home. Once my son is old enough I will bring him to a game but not until I know he will sit down and watch for the duration. My daughter is a long way off yet. Until then I'll follow us from home, watch the highlights, listen to radio Sheffield and talk to you lot if that's ok.
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