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  1. If the situation with our points deduction had relegated us to league one I'd be in the yes camp. But given we will be in the championship next season it's sadly a no from me. We need to move on
  2. If you read my comment properly you should find the answer to that question
  3. Remember that they don't stand together anymore. You have to do that pass back thing so it would be a first meet at a distance
  4. Rumour has it (could be wrong) that signing goal scorers is often more difficult than the other areas. Possible reason for delay.
  5. Amazing how FF hasn't been immediately snapped up by someone given that he's the greatest footballer who ever lived.
  6. Even when we get relegated to league one we will still have fans thinking the owner is doing a great job because we got to the play off final 5 years ago.
  7. Really pleased to see monk get his own staff and especially the appointment of James Beattie. It's shame it's taken so long. Feels we could have done with these guys last season but oh well, they're here now
  8. His face when he finds out the current position compared to what there was when he first came. "What's this -12 thing?" "Ah don't worry about that. Just sign at the bottom here..."
  9. Think Sheffield has a slightly smaller population though. Like 7m less.
  10. I'd be staggered if there's something in police conduct that says running up behind someone and smashing their skull in with a baton is merited in the following scenarios...
  11. Nuhiu could score 8 goals in the first 3 games all directly assisted by JR and Monk would drop JR for not scoring. It's clueless management that will seal our fate next season. Not Nuhiu
  12. I don't buy the argument that teams buy their way up to the premier League. Getting out of this league to the promised land is about exceptional management in my view and that managers ability to get the best out of the players. Bielsa has done it this year, Parker has done it and Bilic has done it. Wilder did it last year. If it was just about gambling by spending a fortune there's plenty of teams still in this division who shouldnt be. Carlos was fantastic in that first season and I genuinely think we were on to something with Bruce but other than that we haven't come close to getting that bit right and that's the bit that matters most in my view
  13. This was the question I wanted to ask. With -12 from the start it's hugely important we start well. How long do we think monk will be given. Is Chansiri going to sit and watch us still on minus points at Xmas retaining faith?
  14. If you're realistic its unlikely that a player is going to have a Premier League club after them but they decide to go to a club in the league below starting on -12 points whilst probably earning half the salary. Chris wilder isnt the type of manager who signs players to sit on his bench all season. With what he's done with the players at United it would be a crazy offer to turn down.
  15. He had a lot of people on the edge of their seat. But they were also covering their heads to avoid getting smashed by one of his crosses
  16. I think he could be a good player in this division with the right manager. So it's a no from me
  17. Maybe he could see that coming and thought I can do better than this
  18. He deserves huge credit for this and I with most others applaud his commitment to his people at the club. It's a big deal for people's lives and he's done what so many can't or refuse to do. But splashing cash is the easy bit when you have it. Spending money has never been an issue when it comes to Chansiri, he's always done it. The problem is everything else i.e. the overall running of the club. That's the hard bit and he's been a disaster in that respect.
  19. He was nothing special and did nothing flashy. He was just a good old fashioned English defender who stuck his neck (or nose given how many times he broke it) on the line every game. Have very fond memories of him
  20. I was going to say this was the most ridiculous post I've seen on OT for a long time but then you saved yourself by mentioning the elephants
  21. I was disappointed when Gray was dismissed but I understood it as it's pretty normal for a new owner to want their own man. If Chansiri had said "I'm sacking Stuart Gray and replacing him with a manager you've never heard of but he will guarantee we at least get to the playoff final next season" I can't see many fighting to keep stuart gray at the helm. It's just a sad state of current affairs where we are 5 years down the line dropping like a lead balloon thinking we'd like a manager like Stuart Gray to come back. I'd certainly have him back.
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