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  1. Nah. Lost at Donny today. They are rubbish now. Please try to keep up!
  2. I'm not banging the 'give bullly the job' drum, but I'm interested to know... If we had someone like Hughton or Rowett in charge now and had the same results would we be calling for their head? I doubt it...
  3. You have to laugh at people who seem genuinely surprised that this was going to happen
  4. It was me. I had a Gary Rowett hidden in a McDonald's food bag.
  5. It's an awful service. Truly awful
  6. "...realise how incredibly thick and clueless some of them are - and a fair few are on their forum by the looks of it.." Hmm... now that I tend to agree with
  7. Not in the team and doesn't deserve to be. Pretty simple really
  8. I can see straight through him. Definitely signed a 2 years contract and will be announced in 45mins
  9. To the Messiah the plan for defending an opponent's set piece is no different to that of a new garden water feature
  10. On what planet would anyone expect Sheffield fecking wednesday to win all four of our opening games regardless of who we were playing? I wouldn't expect this team to win all four of their opening games if we were in league one. Millwall away is very very tough game for anyone. The den is a horrible place to play in for away sides.
  11. He played well. Hardly MOTM but he did well. The stick he gets before he's even kicked a ball is pathetic.
  12. Can't disagree with this more. Stupid statement
  13. I have requested a full refund. Awful service. Spent the whole game relaunching the video feed over and over again
  14. I just put it on. Lasts for about 2 seconds and then the screen goes black saying 'error occured' Hopefully doesn't do that in half an hour
  15. Prutton is one of the better pundits. Why is a prediction of 1-1 so wrong? Seems fair to me. Will be a hard game tonight
  16. Do you need me to explain everything thing thats going to happen throughout the entire game? Unfortunately I think the score will be 2-1 to Luton
  17. People who let off People who smell like p!55 People who shout racists remarks People wearing man city shirts
  18. The problem is that we have seen bullen in this position on two other occasions and neither have exactly filled people with confidence. So for that he's under excess scrutiny. I do however agree that he wasn't to blame for the loss at Millwall and it's just one of the those things. I'm happy to let him have more time. 2 wins and 1 loss in the opening 3 games is a good start. He doesn't deserve a crucifixion. He just needs support.
  19. Can you cast it to watch on your TV? Or do you have to watch it on a mobile device. I'll give it a go regardless but was just curious
  20. Are you telling me that Huddersfield aren't undefeated anymore? Can't be true. Fake news
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